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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Enemy Vocabulary

The point of this thread is to teach you, the innocent, to decode the loxism, or jewish hatred of non-jews, especially Whites, hiding in seemingly ordinary terms. But they are only 'ordinary' because their application is absolutely rigid, in order to preserve Semitically Correct stereotypes. Every significant matter covered by the MSM is framed to advance the jews' anti-White agenda. You already are familiar with the double standard in the application of 'racist,' but there are literally hundreds of terms that are just as invidiously aimed, but not as obvious.

discredited - applied to anyone who has achieved professional success who holds opinions jews disagree with. An historian who confutes the Big Lie that is the 'Holocaust,' for example, will be labeled discredited in the controlled media.

ex. So, it's okay to campaign against a discredited gobshite who thinks the Holocaust never happened but they couldn't be bothered protesting against a dangerous man who actually wants to start another Holocaust?

ex. A bold proposal, based on similarities in stone tools, revives the discredited notion that ancient Europeans crossed the Atlantic to settle the New World. At a meeting called "Clovis and Beyond," held last month in Santa Fe, New Mexico, an archaeologist presented evidence of technological parallels between the Clovis people, long thought to have been the first to settle in North America some 11,500 years ago, and the Solutreans, who lived in northern Spain some 20,000 years ago. Some archaeologists dismiss the notion, but others are intrigued. [Discredited is applied to a person or, in this case, a theory the jews themselves wish to discredit for political rather than objective reasons. In this case the theory, for which evidence steadily mounts, that Europeans came to America before Asians is dangerous to jewish interests, which rely heavily on inculcating guilt in White American children by blaming their ancestors for 'genocide' of 'Native Americans.']

pseudo-scientific - this label is slapped on any social scientist whose findings run against the jewish plan for goyim. Any Ph.D. who describes jewish behavior factually can expect to be labeled a pseudo-scientist in any medium controlled by jews. If the victim of this type of aattack lacks formal academic credentials, a different word might be used, such as unqualified, but if the victim has a Ph.D. in the sciences, he will always be stuck with this label. 'Pseudo-scientist' is jewglish for: anyone who reveals a fact jews prefer hidden because knowledge of it will cause normal White people to look at them in a different light - as predators and liars rather than heroes and victims. As always with jewglish terms, the exact opposite is the case. The real pseudo-scientists are the jews like Ashley Montagu who knowingly propound false science because it advances the jewish agenda, in jew Montagu's case, the pseudo-scientific claim that race does not exist. In general, you might think of Aryans (the formal term for Whites) as the positive , White, or light side, and jews as the demonic, negative or dark side.

ex. [German Jew Michael] Friedman writes, “Horst Mahler’s articulate and pseudoscientific agitation is influencing a portion of our youth and leading them to commit violence against minorities.”

obsessed - applied to those who persist in examing jewish behavior or attributing specifically jewish motives to someone engaged in destructive activity. If you apply ordinary rules of evidence and logic to an examination of jews and their agenda and motives, you will be labeled obsessed.

responsible - a code word for leftist, used against one who resists prevailing taboos. If you argue against anything the jew-lefties support, you're being irresponsible. Opposing diversity or jewish privilege, or supporting White independence.

ex. The students carried signs that read "Stop the Hate" and "Responsible Journalism Now."

ex. Wolfgang Drautz, consul general for the Federal Republic of Germany, has said "school teaches not only knowledge but also social conduct, encourages dialogue among people of different beliefs and cultures, and helps students to become responsible citizens."

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Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,495
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

socially committed - judeo-leftist codeword for faithful toer of the Marxist party line. Used to indicate the the subject is one of the good guys.

ex. Prior to 1994, some universities were sites of critical scholarship on crucial aspects of South African society: disinterested, critical and rigorous, yet socially committed scholarship spanned various disciplines including history, sociology, psychology, political studies, anthropology, philosophy, gender studies and education.
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Post addendum

my 'contribution'.....for WTF itz worth!....

.......most successful MOSSAD false-flag operation to date;

'al Qaeda'
.............. see 'MOSSAD'!;

............. telling the truth about kikes [noun: anti-semite]: a some-what more serious accusation than 'hater' (see below) or, even, 'child molester' ;

'the Bible'
............. (particularly the Old Testament) a compendium of kike myths and fables justifying the status of kikes as 'divinities'; some believe that the few good bits in the OT containing some comfort & wisdom have been purloined from ancient indo-Aryan scriptures and then 'kike-ised' to glorify kikes;

........... a deadly philosophy concocted by kikes to kill the best of the White Race, steal the wealth of the White Race(and return it to said kike Wall Street bankers) and destroy the infrastructure and assets of the White Race(those that couldn't be 'stolen'!) [see: 'privitisation', 'globalisation' & 'economy'!];

....... another deadly, but now defunct, philosophy(because it was costing Wall Street bankers too much to maintain) cooked up by kikes in the nineteenth century and financed/funded by kike Wall Street bankers to kill the best of the White Race, steal the wealth of the White Race(and return it to said kike Wall Street bankers) and destroy the infrastructure and assets of the White Race(i.e: those that couldn't be 'stolen'!);

..................rule by kike;

........ another word to describe the 'glories' of multi-culturalism......usually in the form of the illogical and oxymoronic phrase "diversity is our strength".....the same as saying: "chaos is our order" or "dis-organisation is our organisation"!;

...... various means & methods by which the kike expropriates the wealth of the White Race[includes such mechanisms as: the stock market, IMF, World Bank, Gatt, 'free trade agreements','down-sizing','out-sourcing','labour market `reform`' &c......see also: 'globalisation' & 'privitisation'!];

'failed state'
................nation that has expelled all Jews;

.......... a crazy, 'equalatarian' philosophy developed by kikes after WWII to stop the white race reproducing (concomintant with 'feminsim' is: 'equal opportunities'[forcing women to take on employment they are neither physically nor mentally qualified pilots, truck drivers, front-line combat troops &c], contraception[preventing white women from having babies...a sort of 'white man pesticide'] and abortion[murdering those white babies that survive the chemical warfare of 'contraception']...see here for connection between kikes & 'abortion'!);

...originally a beneficient and charitable Aryan organisation corrupted by the kikes in the late 18th/early 19th century to serve diabolical kike goals as an agent for harmful social change and world revolution all aiding and abetting the introduction of the Jew World Order.....utilised/utilises the services of many rich, powerful and influential members of the White Race(perhaps not so potent these days as the kikes are tending to work more openly);

....... obliterating the sovereignity of nations to make it easier for the 'Jew World Order';

'Global Warming'
......the Jewish excuse for inflicting "Sustainability" Measures upon the Goyim; (see: 'sustainability'!)

'gun control'
.........kike euphemism for 'gun grabbing' where the most efficient and effective means of self-defence is removed from the hands of the White Race and distributed to niggers & sub-humans....usually by way of 'the black market'/'mafia' (see below) or corrupt ZOG cops. Usually accomplished by 'stage-managing' horrendous massacres(see: 'MOSSAD') and then pinning the blame on a 'lone nut' patsy thus justifying the guv'mint(see below!) ordering a universal confiscation of fire-arms despite the overwhelming evidence indicating that fire-arms save more lives than they take....

...........euphemism for 'ZOG' or: Zionist Occupied Government......all, or nearly all, Western governments are controlled either directly or indirectly by the kike(see: 'media') and most, if not all, Western political leaders are in their posts becuase the kikes have something on them that can be used as black-mail and because the said political leaders are, generally speaking, people of low moral worth....usually the dregs of Aryan society but 'ZOG-washed' by the kike media to appear as 'popular representatives', 'men of the people' or 'OK guys[or: should that be 'goys?!]'!

'hate crime'
................. 'white-on-black' crime as opposed to 'black-on-white' crime;

'hate speech'
.................. any speech, debate or discussion that questions the benefits of 'multi-culturalism' and 'diversity';

................. someone who engages in 'hate speech'......see above!;

'holocaust denier'
.............. someone who questions the officially-sanctioned kike account of 6 miilion dead Jews gassed by 'the Nazis' in WWII;

................ a bastardised form of 'christianity' that extols the kike as the only mediator betwee man and the Divine;

........another kike euphemism to hide the real ethnic identity of massive, organised crime....a group of harmless sth Europeans is blamed for drug-dealing, prostitution, child pornography, extortion &c when, in actual fact, the real culprits are the kikes......

.......... (print & electronic) the means by which the great mass of Aryans are brain-washed by kikes;

...........inter-national kike terrorist organisation that mainly targets the helpless and the innocent then accuses, or 'frames', others for these atrocities (believed by many to be responsible for: JFK assassination, attack on USS Liberty, bombing of US marine barracks in Beirut, 1982, Oklahoma City bombing, Prt Arthur massacre[Tasmania april 1996], Columbine High School massacre(USA 1996), Dunblane massacre(Scotland march 1996), [1996 must have been a 'boom year' for MOSSAD!],attack on WTC---9/11, Bali bombing, Madrid bombing, Beslan school massacre[Russia], London Tube bombing, various bombings of US embassies in Africa, most of the bombings, kidnappings and mass murders['death squads'] in Iraq [currently]);

............ a diabolical programme to commit genocide against the white race(goes in tandem with: 'diversity' and 'feminism') whereby a white nation is invaded by the dregs of the non-white world and the cohesive community and society of Aryans is fragmented and destroyed(usually by black-on-white crime......see: 'hate crime);

.....Jew or Jew puppet of the Jew World Order;

'New World Order'
.....actually: a 'jew world order' inter-national jew tyranny where, ideally, the White Race has been pretty much 'exterminated' and replaced with a dumbed-down, easily-controllable miscegnated 'mud'/'mullato' mixture;
(see: also: 'ZOG')

'parliament' assembly of kike stooges passing laws 'good for Jews' but bad for Aryans;

'political correctness'
.......kikes manipulate the English(and other white) languages so as to delete any kike-unfriendly bits....originated in Germany in the 1920s Weimar Republic(halycon days for the kikes!) with 'the Frankfurt school' of 'sociology';

'The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion'
................ a condensed version of 'the Talmud'(commonly criticised by kike apologists as 'a forgery' although, what, or where, constitutes the original is never discussed!)

............. selling off the assets, infrastructure and public wealth of a white nation to the kikes at bargain basement prices;

......................... white women who have been brain-washed by the kike to believe that it is OK to murder their beautiful, white baby in the womb(see: 'feminism')...they say they are now 'pro-choice'(as opposed to: 'anti-abortion' which conjurs up images of 'extremism' re: 'anti-' ;

....was debating whether to include this as there are some valid areas in this 'discipline' (re: 'learning theory','problem solving' and 'consciousness')
However, on the whole, that area of psychiatry that stems from the so-called 'Freudian school ' (in particular: 'psycho-analysis') is, of course, totally bogus as would be expected re: its yooish origin. The idea is to 'pathologise' the normal behaviour of white people and label every-one except for a narrow, politically correct sub-set as 'neurotic' Most of Freud's work was plagiarised and/or concocted and doesn't bear up to rigorous scientific analysis. The absurd, reductionist view of the human mind as simply 'matter' means that various vile psycho-toxic drugs are prescribed that seriously damage the health of so-called 'psychiatric patients'. The mind is, in fact, at least partly non-physical and, hence, cannot be 'totally sick' as psychiatrists, particularly Freudian psychiatrists, maintain. White people should avoid these charlatans @ all costs and, if they do have to consult one, try to find a 'shrink' that hales from the 'Jungian' school of psychiatry;

...CLASSIC kike code word meaning 'to change things so they are good for Jews' see: 'globalisation', 'privitisation', 'the economy', 'media', 'schmuel', 'feminism', 'multi-culturalism' &c &c &c;

'revisionist historian'
.......... someone(usually an historian or writer) who questions the officially sanctioned and kike approved account of the origins and history of WWII;

'rogue state'
..................nation that does not 'kow tow'100% to the Jew;

............ the kike-take-over of the education system has caused Aryan 'schools' to become 'schmuels' were such things as 'multi-culturalism','diversity','feminism','holocaust studies' and 'globalisation' are taught instead of real subjects like: history, geography, mathematics, physics, chemistry, logic, poetry, Aryan literature and philosophy.

'shabbos goy' (altrnt spllng: 'chabbez goi' )
.......kike-ish for: 'gentile stooge', 'gentile front-man' &c.....basically: a RACE TRAITOR to the White Race who does the bidding of the kike (see: "guv'mint") Famous exmpls from history: Oliver Cromwell(re-admitted the kikes to the UK), Winston Churchill, FDR.....most current leaders of Western nations.....take yr pick!......'pin the tail' on the 'goy'!

......Keeping the Goyim living in 3rd World conditions so that the Jew Rulers can "have it all";

'sustainable peace'
......peace like they have in the nigger nations where the tribes NEVER STOP killing eachother for hundreds or thousands of years (AKA the "Jew-Managed" War );

'The Talmud'
............. massive compendium of kike 'how to' strategies & tactics on committing genocide against Aryans ;

...........any act(s) which oppose or hinder the implementation of the 'Jew World Order' in any way, shape or form;

.............any-one who opposes the implementation of the 'Jew World Order' in any way, shape or form;

'war crimes tribunals'/ 'international court'
.......when a nation(usually a white nation but, occasionally, a non-white nation important to the kikes' interests) decides to break-away from the kike(see: 'failed state', 'rogue state') it is usually invaded and subjugated by over-whelming ZOG military power(exmpls: Germany/1945, FRY/1990-1995, Iraq/2003, Iran/200?) on either a flimsy or a totally fabricated pre-text. Its leaders/movers&shakers/leading intellectuals rspnsbl for 'khyboshing the kike' are then put on 'trial' or, rather, 'show trial' in a 'kangaroo court' (where legal procedure and rules of evidence are changed to suit the prosecuting kikes or shabbos goys: admitting 'hearsay evidence', retrospective, ex-post-facto legislation, totally biased judges, totally inadequate resources allocated to the defence &c) to serve as an example for future dissenters. The most famous example is, of course, the Nuremberg 'show trials' in Germany, 1946......see: recent examples are: the 'trial' of Saddam Hussein and the(now adjourned sine die) trial of Slobodan Molosevic(sic) In the latter case, when the defendent, despite the almost overwhelming obstacles placed in their path[s] by 'the prosecution', still looks like 'turning the tables' on ZOG, a convenient 'accident', 'medical mistake' or 'suicide' is arranged: so much for ZOG 'justice' ..........the wages of sin is death.....the wages of ZOG is also: DEATH!;

......acronym for 'Zionist Occupied Government'.........accurately describes most, if not all, western governments.....Oz, NZ, Canada, USA[so much so that 'JewSA' is a more apt dscrptn!], UK, France,Germany, Austria &c
(see: 'guv'mint'; see: 'New World Order' inter-locking 'series' of ZOGs basically means a 'jew world order'!)


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Default half truths

Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post

Agree! Those are stupid :[]-words. But...

Dear Mr. Linder,

even though jews will use "obsessed" and "responsible" to attack you personally for your cold-blooded way of telling the for most others unspeakable truths about the kike, those two words have a meaning above the blame of being "leftist" and you of all should be the last to make fun of it.

There would have been no NS mouvement without a deep seated "responsibility". The belief of Hitler as an "obsessed" man is a jew-created fallacy.
Himmler expressly underlined the necessity of killing Nations-hating jews as a responsibility to our progeny.
There really is nothing "obsessiv" about great men like Hitler and Himmler,
they were never taken over by fixed ideas.

Obsession is sick.
Responsibility is healthy.
Both have their place.
Don't throw the baby with the bath water.
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George Dumas
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George Dumas

'Think tank'
Some intellectual Jews and sell-out Whites come together to find out new psychological and manipulative methods to brainwash the masses with their agenda. Passing it off as something 'new and progressive thinking'.
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Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,495
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder


Agree! Those are stupid :[]-words. But...

Dear Mr. Linder,

even though jews will use "obsessed" and "responsible" to attack you personally for your cold-blooded way of telling the for most others unspeakable truths about the kike, those two words have a meaning above the blame of being "leftist" and you of all should be the last to make fun of it.

There would have been no NS mouvement without a deep seated "responsibility". The belief of Hitler as an "obsessed" man is a jew-created fallacy.
Himmler expressly underlined the necessity of killing Nations-hating jews as a responsibility to our progeny.
There really is nothing "obsessiv" about great men like Hitler and Himmler,
they were never taken over by fixed ideas.

Obsession is sick.
Responsibility is healthy.
Both have their place.
Don't throw the baby with the bath water.
There's nothing wrong with either term as term - discredited and pseudo-scientific have intelligible, useful meanings. My point was that they are applied in a pretty specific way by leftists. 'Discredited' normally applies to people who, say, plagiarized or did something else intellectually impermissible. But jews/leftists use it to mean simply anyone who holds an idea they don't agree with and has any kind of serious public profile. Especially if that person is critical of jews, or even if he merely doesn't toe the jewish line on this or that 'issue' or bit of history. David Irving is 'discredited' because...jews say so. Not because of anything he has done. You're 'discredited' in the controlled media if you contravene the jews on the serious stuff: race, history, biology. Whereas you're merely mocked if you disagree with them on the trivial stuff.

'Pseudo-scientific' is the jews' term for discrediting scientists, or science they don't like, for political reasons can't acknowledge. Evolutionary psychology is one of their particular hates. They can't stand the idea that everything isn't plastic, so anyone who points out limits - to female behavior or negro intelligence - incurs their wrath. If the incurrer has a scientific degree or background, then they will attack him/his report as pseudo-scientific. Jews are all about posing as the voice of the community - not just their community but yours and everybody's. No matter how small they are, no matter how alien their agenda is to the desires of the majority, what they say must always be presented as the true voice and desires of all good, normal people. They know this isn't actually the case. They well know they are destroying white society by, say, filling it with 'integrated' negros. And they know there will be resistance. But they know they can render this resistance futile and impotent if they control the authorities. So they bribe politicians. They buy mass media. They control what goes into the textbooks. In this way, they successfully carry off the monstrous and genocidal fraud that they are/speak for the community, when in fact it's the very opposite. We've been stuck in this system for so long that few people are able to see it for what it is. Most just vaguely feel a disquiet.

As a second-level effort, jews deliberately discourage people from thinking by making them respond to pattern-identification or generalization like rabid dogs. This further inhibits people from seeing what is actually going on. At the same time, the jews encourage generalization about anyone who is their enemy. It's a double standard, but the people it's practiced on genuinely don't realize it.

The wise man, the analytical man, can figure out what the jews are up to. When he does, he realizes that any man described by the jews as discredited is very probably worth listening to; by the same token, any finding described as pseudo-scientific very probably represents a truth or fact the jews are at pains to hide from the public since it would show up their anti-white social engineering in favor of impossible equality as a waste of money and time, and just might lead some thoughtful people to question their motives.

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Jim Goad has composed a pretty good list:

ACTIVIST—A person who isn’t actively performing activities at an actual job.
ANTI-RACIST—A person who makes everything about race.
BLAMING THE VICTIM—Daring to suggest that conflicts between humans are often complicated and that it’s therefore childishly na´ve to believe that one person is always entirely guilty and the other is always entirely innocent.
BULLIES—People who must be bullied into silence.
CHOICE—The act of forcing people to pay for a woman’s one-night stands.
CORPORATIONS—Malevolent yet generally non-coercive superorganisms that must be combated with a malevolent and entirely coercive superorganism known as government.
CRITICAL THINKING—The act of swallowing the laughably implausible tenets of blank-slate equality without asking a single question.
CULTURAL IMPERIALISM—An antiquated system that must be destroyed in order to pave the way for the newer, more global form of cultural imperialism.
CULTURAL OTHER—White heterosexual Christian males.
DEBUNKED/DISCREDITED—A topic or idea that we don’t really want to address, because we haven’t actually debunked or discredited it.
“I think they used to call themselves ‘liberals’ until it became clear that they don’t care much for liberty.”

DISADVANTAGED—Dumb and unskilled.
DISENFRANCHISED—People who’ve received a free public education yet still can’t spell “disenfranchised.”
DIVERSITY—A magical incantation used to divert your attention from the fact that it is strikingly similar to the words “divide” and “division.”
DOG WHISTLE—A high-pitched screech from the enemy that only progressives are able to hear. Lately this term has been deemed offensive to canines and should therefore be replaced with “coded speech” wherever possible.
ELITES—Wealthy people on the political right. This term is never used to describe wealthy people on the left who control much of the media, government, and academia.
EMPOWERED—Loud and annoying.
EQUALITY—A concept that nearly everyone believes but no one has bothered to prove.
EVOLUTION—An indisputably true biological process that stopped occurring roughly 100,000 years ago when everyone became equal. Only Christians don’t believe it’s real, and only racists believe it didn’t stop 100,000 years ago.
EXTREMIST—Someone whose beliefs make us extremely uncomfortable.
FAIRNESS—A political strategy requiring that winners be treated unfairly.
FALSE EQUIVALENCY—A real equivalency that suggests our beliefs are false.
FASCIST—One who must not be tolerated under any circumstances and should instead be either lynched, sent to a gas chamber, or stomped under our boots.
FAUX NEWS—A biased news channel that presents an alternative to our preferred version of biased and false news.
FIGHTING THE POWER—Allowing oneself to be used as the unwitting tool of global power elites.
FORWARD—The direction one moves when headed toward a cliff.
FLYOVER STATES—Where the bad people live.
GLOBAL VILLAGE—A concentration camp from which there is no escape.
GLOBAL WARMING—A fashion trend that replaced the global-cooling fashion trend of the 1970s.
GOVERNMENT AID—Money the government takes from taxpayers and then partially redistributes to non-taxpayers after taking a cut for itself.
GRASS-ROOTS—Elite-orchestrated protests that occur in places where there is usually no grass and plenty of cement.
GREEN—Na´ve and inexperienced.
GUN NUT—Anyone who owns a gun yet doesn’t belong to the group that actually commits the majority of American gun violence.
HATRED—Anything that we hate.
HERSTORY—The part of history that is usually ignored because not much really happened.
HETERONORMATIVE—Sexually normal.
HIERARCHICAL—Anything that posits there is true diversity among human individuals and groups when it comes to skills and intelligence.
HOMOPHOBE—Someone with a distaste for sex that involves feces and AIDS.
HONEST CONVERSATION ABOUT RACE—Condescending lecture about race.
INDIGENOUS—Anyone too stupid to figure out how to defend one’s own land.
INSTITUTIONAL RACISM—A persistent hallucination of ubiquitous racism that is so deranged, anyone who experiences such hallucinations should be institutionalized.
ISLAMOPHOBE—Someone so terrified of Islamic retribution, they’re afraid to say anything bad about Islam.
LEVELING THE PLAYING FIELD—Severely tilting the playing field to achieve unnaturally equal results.
LOOKISM—A term used by ugly people to explain why beautiful people won’t fuck them.
LOW-INFORMATION VOTER—A voter who refuses to accept our brand of low information.
MARRIAGE EQUALITY—The act of pretending that two people of the same sex who can’t produce children are equivalent to opposite-sex couples who can produce children.
MISOGYNIST—One who believes that women are human beings who are fully capable of intentionally harming others.
NEANDERTHAL—A term that became acceptable to apply to those of European ancestry shortly after it no longer became acceptable to refer to those of African ancestry as apes.
NEGATIVITY—Anything that negates our na´ve worldview.
NONPROFIT—A tax-exempt organization that pays its staff members handsome salaries.
OBJECTIFICATION—The act of noticing that women possess an object called a vagina.
OCCUPIER—Someone who eagerly flouts the law and will eagerly threaten lawsuits if you challenge them.
OFFENSIVE—Things that hurt our feelings and thus make us go on the offensive, whether through litigation or mob action, in order to counter them.
ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY—Someone who actually understands history and thus can see where all this is going.
OPEN-MINDED—Someone whose mind is closed to anyone who questions modern culture and modern authoritarian structures.
OUT OF TOUCH—Unresponsive to our relentless propaganda.
PARANOID—Justifiably skeptical of human nature and the manmade power organisms through which it operates.
PATRIARCHY—The group who invents everything, does most of the work, fights the wars, is at a legal disadvantage in gender disputes, and dies younger.
PSEUDOSCIENCE—Actual science that makes us pseudo-crazy.
PROGRESSIVE—Someone who sees no contradiction in using the almighty state’s blunt force to help “Fight the Power.”
PROGRESSIVE POLITICS—Politics that favor a government that is progressively intrusive.
PROGRESSIVISM—The idea that progress can only be achieved by transforming the First World into the Third World.
RACIST—A word used by anyone, white or not, who hates white people.
RACISM—A derogatory scare word to describe a natural tribal instinct that is currently forbidden to only one tribe.
RAPE CULTURE—A fantasy society dreamed of by women who fantasize about being raped.
REDNECK—A racial slur used to describe people we assume are always using racial slurs.
RIGHTS—Things we wish to take away from the political right.
SEX-POSITIVE—A term almost exclusively used by someone with whom you would positively never want to have sex.
SOCIAL CONSTRUCT—A term used frequently by people who have never constructed anything of social value.
SOCIAL CONTRACT—A nonexistent legal document that no one in society has ever signed yet which binds everyone under threat of force.
SOCIAL JUSTICE—A fairy-tale belief system positing that the winners are solely responsible for the losers’ plight.
SOCIOPATH—A non-socialist.
STARTING A DIALOGUE—Starting a monologue.
SUSTAINABILITY—A term that applies strictly to agriculture and the environment and is never to be used in economic, demographic, or cultural contexts.
TOLERANCE—Ideological intolerance.
TRANSFORMATIVE—Something in the process of accelerated change, as in when a normal cell mutates into a cancer cell.
TRIVIALIZE—To weigh mitigating circumstances and/or place into a proper historical context.
TRUTH TO POWER—The act of speaking obvious untruths in a quest to gain political power.
UPRISING—A violent riot characterized by looting, arson, rape, murder, and random acts of cannibalism.
WHITE—The color of evil.
WHITE PRIVILEGE—The honor of being constantly blamed for everything bad throughout world history.
WHITE SUPREMACIST—Any white person who isn’t constantly apologizing for their skin color.
WORKING CLASS—A heroic tribe of simple-yet-noble people we’ve never met but have read about in books.
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"Linked to"

I hate that one. Anytime they want to smear someone, but don't have the goods, they just say he's "linked to terrorism".

Obama himself is "linked to terrorism" in two different ways. First through Bill Ayers, and then again through Rahm Emmanuel, whose father was a member of the Irgun gang which bombed the King David Hotel. The difference is that there are the goods on Obama.

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Samuel Toothgold
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Samuel Toothgold

Originally Posted by jimbo! View Post
...'pathologise' the normal behaviour of white people and label every-one except for a narrow, politically correct sub-set as 'neurotic'...

...vile psycho-toxic drugs are prescribed that seriously damage the health of so-called 'psychiatric patients'...
Combining the two is what was once called Soviet Psychiatry.



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