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Old December 5th, 2013 #1
Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Handwriting and 'Common Core'

BlissletUMadeleine Davies311L U
Writing things by hand facilitates important neurological connections that are crucial to retaining information and learning in general. It would be a great loss to humans if this dies away. I think it's kind of serious. Today 11:24am

Interesting, never heard that before. If true, that would be an example of doing away with general tools, as per my recent essay. Making it more difficult for intelligent opposition to arise by depriving it of the knowledge and basic techniques required for normal development. It would be classed with the look-say method of teaching English. Another form of mind-binding.
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Hunter Morrow
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Hunter Morrow

Look-say and the Department of "Education" have spent more than 700 billion dollars since 1980 and that tandem has produced
a nation that cannot read. 23 percent of the country reads at a 4th grade level or less which is termed "gross functional illiteracy,"
to say nothing of the millions of "pure" or "true" illiterates.

Who cares about Common Core? These fuckers can't even teach children to read and write a phonetic language.
The U.S. literacy rate has not improved in the past decade despite jaw-dropping technological advances and a 70 billion dollar
a year budget at the federal level alone.

The thing these inefficient, officious, jew-tools really want to "liquidate" is genuine standardized testing and IQ testing. The IQ test is already blasphemy and mentioning race performance on IQ testing in The Kwa is like practicing witchcraft in 16th Century Salem's town square. Have you ever noticed how these cretins complain about things like the FCAT that show that Whites are smarter than niggers and the 21st Century Niggers, the spics, in all regards?

These mandarins, these high potentates producing "curriculae" and "pedagogy" CANNOT PRODUCE PEOPLE WHO CAN READ AND WRITE.They are failures, whether by incompetence or malice, and they must always dummy it down. These tests never get any harder even though we have record amounts of expenditure and jaw dropping technological wonders. You'd almost think the ZOG didn't want people to be smart.

Finally to conclude the long post: Writing by hand, but especially writing cursive by hand, has been definitively proven to increase the speed and efficacy of literacy training. With cursive writing being such a proven, sensible and cost effective winner of course the government want to get rid of it. Who needs that when we all have cell phones and Kindles and iPads, anyhow?
Who needs the cheap thing that smartens children up and teaches them to read better and faster when you can drop 70 billion dollars a year on fads and twaddle and jew-babble like "Common Core" and not even get functional literacy?

Last edited by Hunter Morrow; December 5th, 2013 at 11:29 PM.
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Thomas Edward
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Thomas Edward

Hunter Morrow - Sir, I go to my BOE meetings and often bring up IQ testing. Of course, they go out of their minds when I ask if it's because of the black and mexican students would grade out worse than the White students when they (the school superintendant) refuse. The thing is this with me. I don't want anything and I don't care. I'm their worst fear. Just about every word they say is a lie, or at least a fib. Sometimes, it's like kicking a puppy, the things i say to them. Too bad for them.


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