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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

On Strategy
Look North, White Man

By Alex Linder

June 9, 2014

Originally Posted by Donnie in Ohio View Post
Immigrant Song is practically a WN anthem. From the land of ice and snow. That's us, man. Hammer of the Gods, Alex. That's what we were once, and can be again.
Yeah...I guess it's my hatred of cold weather, that Viking shit depresses me. Christ, even April sucks now. I've quit worrying about it, and had a great winter getting-shit-done-wise, but preference is entirely for light-warm-peppy summery stuff...not like the stuff we're talking about isn't deep or powerful or cold enough. I guess I also don't see Vikings as all that great, as some do. They are a true representation of the white spirit, but I prefer its other forms.

Last night I was thinking about the spectrum of whites.

Without prejudice, our gross division's into two poles:

- (Southern-Midwestern) (religious) conservatives...they don't like change. They're comfortable with who they are and how they live.

- (Northern-Coastal) (hipster) leftists...always concerned to be cooler-than-thou, always looking to be on the pushing edge of the next new things. They love change, they're interested in ideas, they generate lots of new practices and thoughts.

Leftism mutates so often that it's not inconceivable it becomes pro-white, if in part and in quiet. The jews are there to make sure that doesn't happen on any major scale. But if the the cutting edge of northern bourgeois thinking is toward something like minimalism, it has to occur to some people to apply that mindset to politics, not just to personal life. And that leads where we are. They probably won't act on this, most of them, but I bet plenty of them will have an epiphany in that direction.

You see how I'm thinking...on one hand you have the Southerners, who represent a base for our political pyramid. But they are comparatively few, comparatively inert/unintellectual. They are to do battle with people who are highly energetic and intellectual and numerically dominant. How must that work out?

So we need to get into the northern types, but get them thinking the way we do, or at least desiring the same ends. Because they won't want to live like Southerners or religious conservatives - I certainly don't. But if they can be brought to agree on ends, that's enough. After all, many of their desiderata are more easily achieved in an all-white society than any other. As their actual living behavior clearly attests, since they clump in white San Francisco or whitest Portland. Perhaps they can be brought to see that whiteness is a necessary concomitant of their preferred lifestyles.

All-white society is:

- cleaner
- neater
- more interesting (LCD is higher)
- more intellectual
- quieter
- better for environment
- better for animals
- less taxing on resources (water, power, air)
- better for women
- better for the poor
- better for the entire left-half of the bell curve generally
- fewer unwanted children, fewer abortions, fewer people
- diversity - an extraordinarily advanced race isn't blended back to mediocrity
- science - evolution is progressing faster than ever in history; racialism is thus on the right side of science and history

Whiteness is not the evil thing the left presents it as but a concomitant and cause of the very things illiberals claim to desire and want to protect. Whiteness is a proxy for pretty much their entire agenda. Even their anti-whitism can be seen as an unfortunate distortion of their desire to steward the natural world. Some of them have been driven insane by their unfortunate religion, so much so that they have taken leave of their sense organs in preference for a world that can only in their heads. They expend much energy in forcing the rest of us to comply with their impossible vision.

Just look at all the leftist stuff, and how compatible it is with our case! Yet you never see what in the software world are called drivers written for white nationalism to hook into leftist causes such as animal welfare. These drivers should be there! Connect leftist agenda items with the white racial cause in an explicit way. Write out the case more from the leftist starting point, with race seeming to be an afterthought - something the writer noticed without even intending it, so 'organic' and 'natural' was the connection. "Hey, didja ever notice that if you save this one species, then all this other good stuff comes along in train...?"

With conservatism, how can it not be based in blood? How can you be all about preserving traditions, but ignore the race that produced them? It makes no sense. It is why the jews are so hot to create false narratives of U.S. history and pass them as conservative, through the usual sellout channels. America was never a nation of open immigration from all points on the compass, though that is the Big Lie the jews try to sell through their tools like Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the Fox crowd. Racialists must attack these lies about race and immigration with a vengeance, savagely mocking them as not merely obvious lies, but pathetic and genocidally stupid ones. Even the dimbulbs who go to mass and worship and snake-shaking hour can see the leftists are maleficient. But they can't make out that they are being lied to by the professional right. That is where racialists alone can supply the truth. The left, after all, has much to gain from a professional/misled right that has given in/doesn't understand the necessary connection between conservatism and race. The professional right has successfully misled the average white conservative into believing that race-free individualism is a conservative policy rather than a wacky and extremely dangerous form of extremism. "All we want for whites in America is what jews demand for jews in Israel." Harp on that theme, we should.

Conservatism severed from racialism makes no intellectual sense whatsoever. The People feel this, but they can't articulate and defend it because they aren't intellectual. And their leaders are purchased by jews. Read this article about the neoconning and anti-whiteism of a fresh clown appointed to lead the Virginia GOP, for a good example of where Republicans have been heading since 1975.

A Virginia Paleoconservative Reports A Disastrous Republican Development In Virginia
April 6, 2014
Re: A Virginia Reader Wonders Why Conservatism, Inc Types Are Decrying Nativism

From: Virginia Paleoconservative

Breitbart actually likes this guy, and this is best photo they can find?In what must be its most schismatic move ever the Republican Party of Virginia has appointed Shaun Kenney as its new Executive Director. readers may know him from recent letter (above) from another Virginia reader, about an article Kenney wrote in his blog Bearing Drift, on February 11, 2014. According to Breitbart, Kenney got his job at least partly on the strength of his “respected conservative blog”. [Conservative Victory in Virginia GOP With Appointment of Shaun Kenney, By Michael Patrick Leahy, April 3, 2014]

Bearing Drift calls itself “Virginia’s Conservative Voice” although upon review it does not appear to very conservative at all. It basically has a “RINO” orientation (big supporters of Rep. Eric Cantor, R-VA), and attempts to channel the 19th century Radical Republicans who estranged the South from the GOP for a century. This is absolutely suicidal for the GOP in Virginia, which outside the Washington D.C. suburbs is still a conservative and Southern state.

Particularly loathsome are Bearing Drift’s commentaries that besmirch any immigration patriots in the Commonwealth, and endorse purging them. Then there’s the obsession to resurrect the GOP as the party of “civil rights” when that movement has degenerated into a grotesque racial and ethnic spoils system with an anti-white bias.

The following are statements from the principals of Bearing Voice.

Shaun Kenney, now Executive Director of Republican Party of Virginia:

“There are 12 million people in the United States today who want a better lives for themselves and their families, whose only crime was that they came to America to do it.”
“I expect to build a coalition of people who aren't racist. Who aren't adamantly opposed to any kind of solution on immigration reform and call any discussion of a path to citizenship "amnesty."
“The nativists have no home in the modern Republican Party.”
“Every time we have purged the ranks of poison, we have emerged stronger,..”
Nativism vs. Conservatism, February 11, 2014

Kenney also endorses Rep. Cantor’s support for reinstituting parts of the outdated and grossly unfair Voting Rights Act after it was struck down by the Supreme Court! [National Journal: Cantor’s Civil Rights Pilgrimage, March 11, 2014]

Brian Schoeneman, Attorney, and former Bush Administration Labor Department official:

“Regardless, I am not going to ignore that when the Democratic Party effectively split along sectional lines after the passage of the Civil Rights Act, we (Republicans) welcomed the racists with open arms in an attempt to gain footholds in southern states that hadn't voted Republican ever.”

What it means to be a Republican, February 17, 2014
And in reply to a comment saying “every other major demographic, growing as a percentage of the electorate (Women, youth and minorities) is gravitating away from the GOP. How do you address that?” he wrote “Simple - stop focusing our policies on issues that appeal to old white men.”

With ideas like these, the Republican Party of Virginia will fracture and continue its recent losing streak in state and national elections.
So that's where the organized 'conservative' party is headed. It's only a bad thing because there is no White Party to say "Awesome...more beer for us!" But the dopey religious, anti-intellectual, slow-witted, slow-moving Southerners/Midwesterners will simply go along with it.

Letists aren't as dumb as religious conservatives, nor as easily cowed. Their cowardice level is much lower, and their knowledge of and interest in and ability to generate new ideas is much higher. They are mentally quicker and more flexible. They are also capable of much higher levels of fanaticism. That is important. They can be dedicated to minority positions and not yield them under great ridicule. That's a valuable character trait. After all, they triumphed from a minority position.

Flesh queers may be disgusting and literally dangerous to species health, but they are spiritually tougher, today, than the spiritual queers who are the christians and the conservatives. So the little Buchanans can write about degeneracy in the West contrasted with Russia, but...from where I sit, these religious conservatives are spiritually degenerate. They won't fight. They don't think. Any fool can believe in the bible. It takes no brains or ability, it's popular with lots of simpletons, so you have the safety of numbers. Where is the conservative who will go against social pressure? Show me him. All you ever get from conservatives is cringing and withdrawing. Cowardly Imnotsees, they are. Moral courage is unheard of among them. Conservatives fear negative media treatment, so they are afraid to walk around with big, goofy, scared smiles on their shifty-eyed mugs. They don't get treated any better for their cowardly circumspection, but they make it another day without the media focusing the gotcha spotlight on their evil hidden racism, homophobia or whatever the witchery du jour the illibs are chasing. Conservatives are the beaten wives of the political system. They're afraid to stand up for themselves, which in political terms would mean forthrightly acknowledging and defending white racial interests. Since they can't do what would be of greatest benefit to their supporters because the media will destroy them for that particular advocacy, professional conservatives content themselves with tinkering with bloodless taxes and careerism. They tell themselves they are being realistic. Didn't as august and undeniable a con as Russell Kirk preach prudence as the highest value? It's ok then that their people and country be destroyed, so long as they have a good career and make lots of money and enjoy public respect.

Concern for animal welfare, eating locally, eating fresh healthy food, avoiding processed food, being careful about what goes in your body - these are more associated with left than right, though there's no inherent reason for that. Being ethically responsible (even if you get it White-wrong, feeling that it is important to live ethically), living by rules for a purpose, actively considering every aspect of life - these ideas or ideals are stronger in the north than in the South. The Southerner feels no need for consistency. He acts one way Saturday night at the bar and another way Sunday morning in church, and thinks nothing of it. It's not that the north is a lot better or different from the South, it's that it's marginally, somewhat better and different. It has more better men and better better men than the South, I would say.

Is it not self evident the north contains a larger pool of white men capable of fanatical, purpose-driven commitment, informed by comparatively high intellectual values and unwillingness to yield to social pressure? If so, then we should work harder on turning these into the service of the racial cause, and give up pipe dreams about creating serious political change out of the milieu of the Southern Baptists.

Eugenics came out of the left, or at least eugenics was early seized on by it. After all, what's better for people than...better people? Pretty direct way of solving a lot of the problems in the seed rather than plucking the weeds.

Racialism is hardly at odds with the planned society and the purpose-driven life, in which everything the liver does is thought through. While selling our cause to all who listen, whitists should be adopting successful outlooks and practices from the left, as these -- atheism, concern over food's production values, environmentalism generally -- aren't inherently leftist, they're just sensible or rational for all. Best practices/personal (minimalism) + best practices/political = healthy society. In many ways, racialism is personal minimalism on a societal scale.

Trying to sell our cause to people who are more or less cattle, like the Southern religious man, is useless. Those people will be with us, if we ever lead. Until then, they will continue to serve our enemy as cannon fodder. The best thing whitists can do for the midwestern/Southern religious conservatives is to encourage them to keep their children out of the military. Withholding consent is something passive yet effective which our cause has failed to do. Here again we see the danger in mixing with professional conservatism, which celebrates the brainless military fodder as 'heroes,' when in fact they should be derided as tools. Everywhere among overt racialists you find Southerners who think that "we're fighting men" is a perfectly fine explanation for Southern proclivity to serve in the military of its enemy. It's another example of the unfelt need for consistency characteristic of Southern mentation. Bitch about the yankees, but join their army. Get angry when this contradiction is pointed out. This is a real problem. But it is not felt to be a problem by Southerners themselves. They're simply not in the game, except as tools. That must be taken into account by racialist leaders. The people who are in the game as more than tools, as real men, as agenda setters, are northerners. More focus on them might pay off for racialism.

And as for going after these northerners, it's not a matter of respectability, as dimwitted Ph.D.s and other professionals always think. We want fanatics, not when-does-supper-start? how-my-stocks-doing philistines. Leftism is full of fanatics. Many of them smart. Many are active. Even if some of their activity tends to be sticking their dicks into other men, or liberating ferrets.

This is why I've posted/talked on the minimalists lately. If you read through their short essays at the link above, and observe their wholesale personal changes (body, mind and career), you see how rapidly leftists, or northern whites more generally, can switch course. Southerners don't do this nearly as much, indeed they're proud of their inflexibility-which-resembles-principledness-but-ain't.

I think we do well as a cause not just to focus on the physical crime, but at same time emphasize how much cleaner, nicer, better organized Whiteland would be than neo-Nigeria we're building here. We should focus on how fat and disgusting and dirty niggers are, not just their crime. Focus on them as a source of visual and aural as well as environmental pollution. Leftists hate pollution. Not saying we shouldn't talk about hush crimes -- we should and do emphasize them -- I'm saying they should not be all we talk about.

Because WN has been led by intellectually limited religious conservatives, or, more accurately, by those appealing to them, it has never been able to get beyond the bugbear of respectability. But appealing to selfish bourgeois, no matter how smart or rich they are, doesn't work. It's not me saying this either, it's men who've actually done it - Hitler and Michaloliakos, to name two. It's not just Southerners who don't understand this. MacDonald and Johnson don't either.

The character traits of the men we need for our cause to win are the same in all times and places: they must be tough, mentally and physically, they must be fanatical and determined. Their respectability doesn't matter, their loyalty does. Their being christian doesn't matter (on the upside), their fanatical determination does.

All the South will ever do is take abuse while hoping and praying its enemies ease up or crack up. The South is congenitally incapable of initiating effective action. Hell, I've even lost interest in bashing it. The South just doesn't figure in anything, except as a small pond. We should worry much more about the big pond.

We need to fish where the fish are, and they're not in Southern Baptist pools. The only serious political effort we need re the South is a campaign to get Southern white men to stay out of the military. It is so classically Southern to complain about ZOG and damnyankees yet serve in their army. And it is equally classically Southern -- anti-intellectual -- to be bewildered when this contradiction is raised. I really believe the concept of living intentionally, and acting in line with chosen principles, is simply beyond Southerners. It's all about manners and appearances, down there. Say the right thing in public, do the dirty thing in private. Ninety percent of Southerners are like that, compared with only about 80% of northerners.

Anyway, these are my thoughts. There I go again South-bashing, right? Maybe so. But just tell me where I'm wrong junior, cuz I don't give a flying fuck about anything else.

The reason I got onto this theme was the music. It needs to back up what I'm saying above. That tired old draggy shit doesn't cut it. Do you understand that our cause is not conservative? We need dynamism, not backward-looking lugubriousness. We need speed, power, fearlessness, principledness - yet tactical flexibility (think intellectual form of blitzkrieg), we need fanaticism, fanatical dedication, imperviousness to social pressure.

Anything that ties WN to conservatism is the opposite of what we need. Anything that smacks of that dreary lugubriousness one associate with the church of losers, no no no, a thousand times no. Maudlin, self-pitying, look-at-me-on-da-cross, that pathetic stuff has to go. High spirits. Confidence. Faith in purpose and mission. Dedication. Fearlessness. Highest intellectual and phsyical ability. In one word? Strength and commitment. Well, that's two words. The music has to reflect good stuff - vibrancy, energy, power, sheer awesomeness. The dynamic change we need comes from the young - it's their future. Old people live the same in any system, pretty much. It's the young and trying who feel the brunt of the screwed future.

All these things need to be taken into consideration, just as jews do when they prepare propaganda for younger whites.

P.S. It's not just that leftism can be compatible in many of its particular lifestyle ends, with white racialism, but that in practical terms, conservatism isn't incompatible with anti-whiteism. The jews have given the preacher set incentive to promote race-mixing. The preachers, being catfish of god, rose to the stinkbait. The Southerners, being intellectually inert, evince no more than a vague discomfort, as a cow reacts to a man entering a field, that they're being preached something racially destructive. They don't leave the church. They keep putting money in its coffers. Parallel to the way they keep joining the military. That's what they've always done. It hasn't worked in the past, so they have every reason to expect it will keep on not working in the future. If it's effective, it ain't Southern. Losing is their tradition, and they're nothing if not traditional. Need I spell out the dangers of this mindset to radical racial politics?

I mean, is this type not hopeless? Without outside leadership? I don't see how you can conclude otherwise. The northern post-Puritan liberals are much harder to control because they're smarter, more fanatical and quicker moving than the religious conservatives. They may be fewer in numbers, but they are dominant. Conservatives have no proven success strategy than to withdraw.


That should make your head explode, that we who want serious change are supposed to treat them and their ideas and politics with respect. They suffer endless abuse in the media, and pay heavy taxes for the small space of control they get - educating their kids at home, basically.

The bottom line here is that the character type we need to win is found with much greater frequency among puritanical liberals than religious conservatives. If I take one of the (two) minimalists and explain our cause to him, I know he will get it almost immediately. He won't go along, of course. He's got a good personal thing going, and doesn't want to disrail it. He's not going to make racial minimalism his bliss to pursue. But he will apprehend within seconds what I'm talking about, and indeed if he's thought about politics at all has probably already concluded roughly the same as what I've outlined above himself. He might not join us, but he wouldn't get in our way if we were taking power. And he might join us if we got something going. The NS had clubs for all sectors of society - sexes, occupations, hobbies, etc.

All whites should join the religious cause. The rightist religious types need to get past their fears of being immoral; the leftists need to get past their fears of being uncool.

If I talk to a religious man in flyover (not just in the South, but anywhere in the middle), unlike the minimalist he may even agree with me - but he is afraid to do anything immoral. He is, to use the correct word: hagridden. He can't overcome the ghosts in mind set loose by priests. His biological inability to overcome his need to submit to authority is too strong.

These are thoughts about our white political situation, and I will spring fresh columns as fresh ideas occur to me, or as I come across instructive examples.//
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Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,573
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

Book Notes

by Alex Linder

June 9, 2014

Scoop (1937), by Evelyn Waugh

Back when this was published, you could call niggers niggers, and make fun of pretty much whomever you wanted. Nearly every reference to what are obviously African blacks is slighting. They're savages, wogs, boys, and everything in between. Scoop is pretty well known among intellectual conservatives, as Evelyn Waugh is a big name in their crowd. Scoop doesn't so much satirize as life the cover on journalism, foreign reporting in particular, and pretty much everything else. Everyone is incompetent and driven by motives other than the ostensible ones. Good solid 6.5/10.

The Blooding (1983), by Joseph Wambaugh.

Non-fiction recounting by the author of The Onion Field and The Choirboys (L.A. cop fiction) of the first use of genetic fingerprinting. Using the new technology developed outside the detectosphere, was discovered one Colin Pitchfork, a 'sociopath' who raped and murdered two teenaged girls and was hard sought for long hard bootless fruitless twelvemonths by reams of coppers, a search that involved a wrong fingering of a dull one, who was the first to be informally acquitted by these newfound DNA tests.

Reproducing Rape (1993), by Gregory M. Matoesian.

Study in the verbal encoding of patriarchal modes of domination simultaneously at multiple levels but with particular close focus on language as formally and interactively employed or occurring in rape trials. What leftists see is what they will try to do themselves. So, this ostensible examination of legal-institutional/social-cultural patriarchy in practice offers a better framework for understanding how leftists will try to structure discourse to achieve and reproduce anti-white/anti-'male' outcomes. For one as interested in language as I am, this was a particularly interesting book. I doubt most readers could stand a page of it, and I'm not exaggerating. Matoesian, who must be a professor or a trial lawyer himself, or both at some point, has mastered the minutiae of political leftism and academia. It's incredibly intricate. More intricate than anything I've come across. He's not so much wrong in what he's saying as that he only gives you have the story, in that every single verbal privilege the prosecutor employs against the rape victim is counter-employed against the defendant. Yet he doesn't cover that aspect at all. Yes, he is right: the one doing the interviewing can force the one being queried into one-word responses. I've eperienced this first hand; it's incredibly annoying. But that's why both parties have chances to lay out their case. In the end, it comes down to what most people in society consider a reasonable person would have done or how he would have acted in a given situtation, and nothing short of totalitarian dictatorship by feminists, which isn't as unlikely as it sounds, could change that. If what Matoesian describes is indeed patriarchy, yet he never even brings up what would be a neutral or female-centered system, how it would look. I can't imagine. Perhaps a woman's feelings would be the standard. It would be illegal to ask if she were drunk, to consider how she was dressed, to consider how many sex partner she had in the past. This last I believe has already been achieved: sex history is off limits for questioning. It is fair to observe what Matoesian does up front: that most rapes are committed by men known to the victim. Only about 20% of the time is it a true stranger rape; the rest of the time it's either a friend, boyfriend, husband (if you accept marital rape is a thing), coworker or someone within at least the acquaintance circles of the victim. Calling this date rape I think is a bad idea, it's not a good or useful term. So again, not a particularly useful book, but an interesting one. To be honest, Matoesian would have to answer my charge above: that the defendant is subject to precisely the same controls in the cross-examination as the victim. I leave these 250 dense pages with not even a vague idea of what Matoesian would consider a non-patriarchal system, or what specific changes he would make to the courtroom pattern.

Theater in a Crowded Fire (2010), by Lee Gilmore.

A look at Burning Man through a number of different but left-tinted lenses. White thirtysomethings from norcal seek a pseudo- or semi-religious culture to be part of; very much reminds me of Hillary Clinton on her generation's seeking more "penetrating and ecstatic modes of being" in her commencement address, although that was some years before Burning Man got started. Basically, a bunch of California types, from Silicon Valley to hippies, gather on dusty distant mesa to have a near-religious experience, produce imitation art, and debate the usual boring questions about authenticity that the type's ever concerned with. Ok book if you want to know more about Burning Man, otherwise no reason to read it.

Mapping Ultra-Right Extremism, Xenophobia and Racism within the Greek State Apparatus (2012), report from the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung.

Golden Dawn leaders were arrested after this 100-page report sponsored by a German-jew-communist-named association came out. Notice the "mapping." Given technology, leftists can now witch-hunt at the ultimate level of granularity: right down to the individual witch. Can identify his name and location, for easiest capture and burning. The five analysts inspect the church, police, judiciary and military for guilt of loyalty to Greece rather than the anti-white New World Order proper elites are supposed to be a-borning. There's also an overview of Greek history. You can read the report in full online free here:

[Excerpts with my comments in Excerpts sticky thread in books section here.]

Just After Sunset (2008), by Steven King.

Collection of short stories. Most of them not very good. Cuts:

There was another meaty smack and another cry from the woman. There was a beat of silence, and then the man's voice came again, and you knew he was uneducated as well as drunk; it was the way he said hoor when he meant whore. You knew all sorts of things about him actually: that he'd sat at the back of the room in his high school English classes, that he drank milk straight out of the carton when he got home from school, that he'd dropped out in his sophomore or junior year, that he did the sort of job for which he needed to wear gloves and carry an X-Acto knife in his back pocket. You weren't supposed to make such generalizations -- it was like saying that all African-Americans had natural rhythm, that all Italians cried at the opera -- but here in the dark at eleven o'clock, surrounded by posters of missing children, for some reason always printed on pink paper, as if that were the color of the missing, you knew it was true." (p. 100-101) "Rest Stop"
"I want her to come back," he said. "I want another kiss." (p.295) "Ayana"

Zamachowski gave me the mysterious smile doctors reserve for clueless plumbers, housewives, and English teachers. (p.299) "Ayana"
King edited the Best American Short Stories series. Forgot how to make them (short stories), trying to relearn, he says. "Willa" about life after death. "Stationary Bike" - only good one; "N"; "The Cat from Hell"; "The Gingerbread Girl," running up beach. "Harvey's Dream"; "Mute," about husband of lottery winner; "A Very Tight Place" - escape from pit toilet escape. "But writing stories is what I do, and this story came to me about a month after the fall of the Twin Towers. I might still not have written it if I had not recalled a conversation I had with a Jewish editor over twenty-five years before. He was unhappy with me about a story called "Apt Pupil." It was wrong for me to write about the concentration camps, he said, because I was not a Jew. I replied that made writing the story all the more important -- because writing is an act of willed understanding."

One of King's tiresome themes is the thinness of reality, and the bad things underneath struggling to get through. Also not interesting is pages and pages of the psychology of woman bound to a chair by rapist.

"Blaze" by Richard Bachman (King pen name - 2007 'trunk' novel written in '70s). Too many of these stories contain boring psychological stuff with no real depth to it, as opposed to real-world observations of particular types, or the facts of particular situations. This is where good stuff begins:

"Blaisdell's a crook, he's an idiot, and he's lazy." That crooks were lazy was an article of faith in Albert Sterling's private church of beliefs. (p. 216)
Interesting descriptions of the various scams practiced by Blaze and George, especially the wallet scam and setting up picked-up queers.

[more coming accidentally chopped my notes and thought they were lost forever but got them back now editing]

Rules of Deception (2008), by Christopher Reich.

Author appears to be a Swiss-American living in L.A. Ordinary spy thriller. Best-selling author. Neocon-friendly plot. Typical bourgeois-philistine fodder. Cuts:

Theodor Albrecht Lammers was born in Rotterdam in 1961. After earning a doctorate in mechanical engineering at Utrecht University, he drifted in and out of jobs at several undistinguished firms in Amsterdam and The Hague. He came to the notice of the authorities in 1987 while working in Brussels as an associate of Gerald Bull, the American armaments designer. At the time, Bull was busy creating a "supergun" for Saddam Hussein. Code-named Babylon, the gun was actually a giant artillery piece capable of lobbing a shell hundreds of miles with deadly accuracy. His work for the Middle Eastern potentate was a matter of public record. All the same, Bull and his associates (Theo Lammers included) were considered "persons of interest" by the Belgian police.

"Von Daniken knew the rest of the story himself. Gerald Bull was murdered in 1990, shot five times in the back of the head by an assassin waiting in the foyer of his Brussels apartment. At first, speculation had it that it was the Mossad, Israel's intelligence service, which had killed him. The speculation was incorrect. At the time, the Israelis had kept up a distant but cordial relationship with the scientist. As prospective clients, they were eager to know exactly what he was up to. It was for this very reason that the Iraqis had killed him. Once the Babylon gun was built, Saddam Hussein did not want Bull sharing its secrets with anyone, especially the Israelis." (pp.34-5)
"Von Daniken respected the consitution as much as the next man. Never in his career had he strayed from either its letter or its intent. But a policeman's job had changed radically in the last ten years. As a counterterrorist, he needed to stop a crime before it happened Gone was the luxury of collecting evidence after the act and presenting it to a magistrate. Often, the only evidence was his experience and intuition." (p.84)
Guts of story is Iran getting nuclear weapons, threatening Israel. Reich repeats lie about wiping Israel off map. No mention of Israeli nukes. Only political twist is an American general evangelical named Major General John Austen who wants to equip Iran so the biblical end-times scenario Gog vs Magog can play out. "He, John Austen, who had not set foot inside a church since his confirmation at the age of thirteen, a user of alcohol, a womanizer who trampled on the sacred vows of marriage, a gambler who took the Lord's name in vane, a heathen in all senses of the word, had been chosen to usher in the Second Coming of his almighty Lord, Jesus Christ." (p.361) Austen is face of religious right, which has a cadre through all four services.

The God Delusion (2006), by Richard Dawkins.

The English biologist and atheist contrasts moral philosophers with religious. Cuts:

"...we have a pusillanimous reluctance to use religious names for warring factions. In Northern Ireland, Catholics and Protestants are euphemized to 'Nationalists' and 'Loyalists' respectively. The very word 'religions' is bowdlerized to 'communities', as in 'inter-community warfare'. Iraq, as a consequence of the Anglo-American invasion of 2003, degenerated into sectarian civil war between Sunni and Shia Muslims. Clearly a religious conflict - yet in the Independent of 20 May 2006 the front-page headline and fcirst leading article both described it as 'ethnic cleansing'. 'Ethnic' in this context is yet another euphemism. What we are seeing in Iraq is religious cleansing. The original usage of 'ethnic cleansing' in the former Yugoslavia is also arguably a euphemism for religious cleansing, involving Orthodox Serbs, Catholic Croats and Muslim Bosnians. (p.21)
Jefferson: 'Ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintellible propositions. Ideas must be distinct before reason can act upon them; and no man ever had a distinct idea of the trinity. It is the mere Abracadabra of the mountebanks calling themselves the priests of Jesus.' (p.34)
Ambrose Bierce's definition of 'to pray': 'to ask that the laws of the universe be annulled in behalf of a single petitioner, confessedly unworthy.' Promotes the idea of descent by degree, backside of the cliff/mountain, gentle slope, intermediate eyes, wings.
"St. Augustine said it quite openly: 'There is another form of temptation, even more fraught with danger. This is the disease of curiosity. It is this which drives us to try and discover the secrets of nature, those secrets which are beyond our understanding, which can avail us nothing and which man should not wish to learn' (p. 132-3)
Dawkins asserts man does exhibit design flaws, citing the laryngeal nerve; also, walking upright causes certain problems that a designer would have foreseen and avoided.

"Luther was well aware that reason was religion's arch-enemy, and he frequently warned of its dangers: 'Reason is the greatest enemy that faith has; it never comes to the aid of spiritual things, but more frequently than not struggles against the divine Word, treating with contempt all that emanates from God.' Again, 'Whoever wants to be a Christian should tear the eyes out of his reason.' And again: 'Reason should be destroyed in all Christians.'

That's the religious mentality. It's the same as John Dewey on intellectual education. The christians and the post-christian pseudo-secular socialist both harbor a hatred of learning, and see in it a danger to faith and to conformity, respectively.

- hate mail from god fans:

"I'll get comfort in knowing that the the punishment GOD will bring to you will be 1000 times worse than anything I can inflict. The best part is that you WILL suffer for eternity for these sings that you're completely ignorant about. The Wrath of GOD will show no mercy. For your sake, I hope the truth is revealed to you before the knife connects with your flesh. Merry CHRISTMAS!!! PS You people really don't have a clue as to what is in store for you . . . I thank GOD I'm not you. (p.212)
The bible is the favorite book of people who don't read books.

Jesus: 'If any man come to me and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.' (p.250)
- Love thy neighbor meant love thy fellow jew. Big deal out of Hartung's paper. jesus as jew and jewish racist. (p.253). Jew-kid morality in poll. They agreed a people should be destroyed, but not property that jews could use! (p.255-6)

- Religion as child abuse, mental worse than sexual but never mentioned. Not catholic children, children of catholics.

- Brights vs gay (p.338). "I signed up to the Brights, partly because I was genuinely curious whether such a word could be memetically engineered into the language. I don't know, and would like to, whether the transmutation of 'gay' was deliberately engineered or whether it just happened. (Dumbest statement in book, almost shockingly stupid).

Searching for Whitopia (2009), by Rich Benjamin

Author is a sort of high-end black, a reg'lar Hootie (of Blowfish fame). Cuts:

"The five towns posting the largest white growth rates between 2000 and 2004 -- St. George, Utah; Coeur d'Alene, Idaho; Bend, Oregon; Prescott, Arizona; and Greeley, Colorado -- were already overwhelmingly white." (p. 7)
"Most whites are not drawn to a place explicitly because it teems with other white people. Rather, the place's very whiteness teems with other perceived qualities. Americans associate a homogenous white neighborhood with higher property values, friendliness, orderliness, hospitality, cleanliness, safety, and comfort. These seemingly race-neutral qualities are subconsciously inseparable from race and class in many whites' minds. Race is often used as a proxy for those neighborhood traits. And, if a neighborhood is known to have htose traits, many whites presume -- without giving it a thought -- that the neighborhood will be majority white." (p.8) -- dubious assertion 'subconscious' and 'without giving it a thought'
"Since the early 1990s, at least five hundred white LAPD officers and their families have fled Southern California for North Idaho, forming an expat community complete with bowling tournaments, potluck suppers, and monthly camping trips." (p.9)
"Think of Whitopia in three ways -- as small towns, boomtowns, and dream towns. Some Whitopias are fiber-optic Mayberries, small towns and counties that take pride in their ordinariness. Other Whitopias are boomtowns, entrepreneurial hotbeds that lure a steady stream of businesses, knowledge workers, and families. In the low-tax, incentive-rich boomtowns, the costs of living and doing business are cheaper than in the big-shot cities (even during the present recession). Finally, there are the dream towns. Whitopias whose shimmery lakes, lush forests and parks, top-notch ski resorts, demanding golf courses, and deluxe real estate trigger flights of ecstasy, luring the upscale whites who just love their natural and man-made amenities." (p.13)
"Today, L.A., with its litter-strewn, billboard-cluttereed boulevards, its business-unfriendly reputation, its lack of green space, and its congestion -- even on residential streets now jammed with development -- is driving out many who can vote with their feet. And the data show that LA excels at drawing in the poor," the LA Weekly, a left-leaning alternative publicaiton, noted in 2009.

When Mrs. Sears would visit her two sisters and their families in Southern California in the early 1980s, she began to observe "the graffiti all over and hte trash on the ground. Californians didn't do things like that. One thing that's in the culture of hte Hispanics is to have Saturday night cul-de-sac parties with the boom boxes going and all that. Americans didn't do things that way. It was not in our culture to disturb the whole neighborhood partying with no consideration of other people." -- Mrs Sears (p.28), leader of anti-invader movement in St. George. ... "The government and corporations "just want worldwide unfettered trade and to build one free highway from Mexico through the U.S. and up to Canada," she says... "Basically, Mrs. Sears adds, "the powers that be want Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. to become one entity -- like the EU." her favorite protest sign: "He who puts country before commerce is a patriot. He who puts commerce before country is a traitor." --Benjamin Franklin.

"Latinos that publicly oppose amnesty get called Tio Taco." (p.47)
"Since you can only say "gated community" so many times, local Realtors have to hatch an army of Orwellian euphemissms to appease the buyers' tastes: "master-planned community," "landscaped resort community," "secluded intimate neighborhood," "private luxury community" . . . No matter the label, the product is the same: homogenous, conservative, safe." (p.49)
Roy Beck says he's a "race liberal." "We have lived in seven different cities, not in the same state. Every single city we moved into, we deliberately chose racially integrated neighborhoods. In the early seventies, you actually had to force a Realtor to do that for you." ... "There are two ways that white liberals and, frankly, black liberals, too, prove themselves in just how affirmative and aggressive they want to be: where they live an dwhere htey send their kids to school. On those two things my wife and I have always been aggressive." (p.67-8)
- many of the movers are former System people - cops and teachers - who retire to Whitopias

- what happens when browns invade: "Then you're going to see cases of drug abuse in your own population that you never saw before. You're going to know about Mary and Joe and Phil and Susan. They used to be nice kids, but now they're totally wasted on meth. There will be a group of heroin addicts nearby and they're going to have to do stuff to get money for their drugs. It's going to be identity theft, scams, and burglaries galore, all intimately interrelated with the illegal alien issue." (p.81)

..."to my mind, the most dramatic way California ruins North Idaho is to export its high-end racists."

Gutshot Straight (2010), by Lou Berney.

Written during writers' strike of a few years ago. Very smooth. Panama, Vegas. Subtler and smoother than most crime fiction.

The Vigilantes (2010), by W.E.B. Griffin.

Crime fiction based in Philadelphia, pop and drop. Idea of mind-binding, mind-binders.

- never-think-it-through mentality in these crime novels. At most the cop thinks through the personal implication - he could get shot and killed. As for his job, he either thinks job security or crime just continues to get worse or we're only cleaning up a little bit of the problem. Never any discussion of root causes, just some mention of symptoms and Systemic problems, in this case bond.

- vocabulary: 'knurled' - "~ back of the hammer"


"Badde [nigger politician], affecting a bit of a French accent, authoritatively said, "It would have been a faint plea, of course."

Wynne cocked his head as he puffed his pipe.

"A what?" Wynne said.

"You know, a faint plea -- the French saying for 'the cow is out of the barn,' or even 'you can't get the toothpaste back in the tube.' It's a done deal, and you can't go back."

"You mean fait accompli," Wynne said. "An accomplished fact."

"That's it," Badde said.

Wynne noticed that Badde was wholly unembarrassed by the correction.

[Wynne is white prof working for nig pol] (p.232)
"The vast majority of America's biggest cities used the bail bond system, a private-sector enterprise administered by for-profit companies. In contrast, the City of Philadelphia (and the City of Chicago, Illinois, which had a similar number of fugitives from justice) used a system of deposit bail, which was government-funded and government-run. [...] The main difference between the two models arose if hte offender missed or skipped out on his court date. Under the bail bond model, the court went after the bail bondsman for hte deadbeat's forfeited fee -- the company then had financial incentive to find the deadbeat and deliver him to court. There was no similar financial incentive, however, with a deposit bond. The government already owned the deadbeat's IOU. It was funny money, more or less worthless unless they hunted down the deadbeat and collected the remaining fee -- if they could find him, and if he had the funds to pay.

And so, not surprisingly, those who'd blown their deposit bail numbered around fifty thousand -- no one knew the exact number because, due to more bureaucratic blundering, a master list was never kept.

These fugitives collectively owed hundreds of millions of dollars for their unpaid IOUs.

Worse, in the meantime they remained at large on the streets, acting with impunity -- effectively telling the City of Philadelphia and its judicial system to go fuck itself. (pp.22-3)
"The prison had been conceived in Ben Franklin's house in 1787 and opened in 1829. It promoted a new type of incarceration, one encouraging rehabilitation by locking up prisoners by themselves. It was believed that being alone in the cold, hard cells would force inmates to consider their crimes, and perhaps find God as they sought penance -- thus the word 'penitentiary.' The cells even had a small skylight, a simple glass pane -- the "eye of God" -- that was meant to remind the prisoners that they were always being watched." (p.264)
- mention of nig congressman who thought Guam would tip over from navy stationing 8,000 troops and families on it

- Will Curtis, white man in fedex disguise killing deadbeats as he dies of cancer, after his daughter is raped.//

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Alex Linder

Movie Thumbs

by Alex Linder

June 9, 2014

Nueve Reinas (2000) - award-winning movie from Argentina about con men. Pretty well done, although the conclusion isn't all that plausible. Definitely better than average for this sort of thing. The nine queens are German stamps, and the con men are trying to sell them to make a big score, but things are not as they appear, believe it or not. Give it 7/10. Hat tip to Joe for mentioning this film, which I had never heard of.

Gravity (2013) - Sandra Bullock plays mission specialist Ryan Stone. Yes, now women can be named Ryan. Can Russell be far behind? Women can do anything men can do...after men have thought of it, done it 10,000 times, written rules and safety procedures for it. The very nature of space promotes reflection: the silence, the ability to see farther than from any other vantage point, the lack of gravity - the spinning. Seeing things not only farther but from different perspectives - all different perspectives as you rotate. This all adds up to the other meaning of gravity, I suppose. Space is where you realize that while earth seems cold down it, up above it it's hella warm by comparison to the inky nothingness of floatsville. Personally I would rather fight a lion with a 2x4 than go out in space in a NASA suit and shuttle. It may be my overconfidence, but I think I can take that 2x4 away from the lion and smack him in his big teeth. This movie can have all the training and friends you want, but in this've got to save yourself.

Oblivion (2013) - 6/10 sci-fi flick with plot nicked off Star Wars, but considerably stripped down. Two hours of Tom Cruise. He's ok. I've liked him 10% more since he spoke out against psychiatry and head pills. Sofa saltation I'm neutral on. This movie creates a fairly cool world: anti-septic drone-control stations of the usual futuristic look. But then a very cozy, cool outdoorsy mountain pad, complete with clear-running brook with a trout in it. About all that's left of a destroyed, irradiated world.

Fruitvale Station (2013) - This is a dramatization of the last day of black 'man' who got killed by cops up in San Francisco. As WN, we can predict how this nigger will be presented by the controlled media because we've seen the print template a thousand times. He'll be presented as someone who was getting his life together, loved his mother, was her rock if her husband's not around, loved his girlfriend and his/her bastard kids, was thinking about getting a job, was going to be a promoter or producer or rapper. What do we see? First ten minutes the nig-to-be-killed hints at marriage, acts fatherly toward his child, acts filialy toward his mother, who is concerned that he be operating a phone while driving. You know how scrupulous negroes are about obeying traffic laws. It's the patented nigger-be-gettin'-his-life-togeffer-an'-shit softshoe routine we've seen a million times. Every dead nigger was an aspiring rap producer. At 11-minute mark he's over to Farmer Joe's to see his boy working the deli counter, get some crabs for moms's birthday. His boy promptly breaks off convo to serve white female customer, putting this movie squarely into the science fiction genre. He grabs the manager's shirt to get his old job back. The manager says to rehire him he'd have to fire someone who always shows up. "You want me selling dope, boy?" Typical nigger. If you don't help him, then you're responsible for his bad behavior. Niggers have been trained to think like this, which is not to prejudice the likelihood they think like this naturally. I remember when I lived outside D.C. some "youth" coming by selling magazines so he stays off dope. What do I care if you use drugs, coonio junior? Niggers prey on white guilt. The manager in this case appears to be Mexican, but whatever. Everyone else is responsible for the niggers fuckups and failures. You're supposed to put your own life and limb at risk to give the nigger a second chance. Then Nigger jesus is off to sell weed. Just because he needs to help li'l sis pay the rent. He befriends a good-looking dog. It's a pitbull running free. Of a sudden it gets run over by a car. Nigger all up in da street yelling for driver to slow down. Then nigger gets to sale point, but before the customer shoes up, he decides to dump da tree in da lake. Dat nigger be new leaf turning an' shit. How sad and ironic this nigger goes straight mere hours before his death! This film was written and directed by Ryan Coogler. Don't be fooled by name. He's a black, associated with USC film school. This film has mad supports, yo, buhlee u dat. It was "supported" by SundanceInstitute Feature Film Project, for instance. At the very end of the credits, this "OG Project, LLC" movie says: "While the story contained in this motion picture is based on actual events, in certain cases, incidents, characters, characterizations, dialogue, locations and timelines have been changed, fictionalized or invented for dramatic purposes. Certain characters may be composites, or entirely fictitious. With respect to such fictionalization or invention, any similarity to the name or to the actual character or history of any person, living or dead, or any product or entity or actual incident is entirely for dramatic purposes and not intended to reflect on any actual character, history, product or entity." In other words, this movie is lemonade, and at the bottom of the film can we see that no actual lemons were harmed in the making of this drink. This film is exactly what you'd expect: an exercise in mythmaking.

Here, if you're interested, are three articles touching on what happened in the Fruitvale incident, and how this movie's account is, well, to use leftist cant, problematic.

BART_Police_shooting_of_Oscar_Grant BART_Police_shooting_of_Oscar_Grant

Shadow of a Doubt (1942) - 6/10. Cops are after two men for a crime. one of them did it, one didn't. one guy walks into a propeller, so...apparently that proves he was the one. Didn't get that part. Typical forties movie: people dressed much better then than now. They were much more formal and stilted in their behavior, but also more honest and direct than we are today - the opposite of what people claim. Always amazing to see how old parents looked back then. The parents of children and teens look like they're in their sixties as opposed to their forties, let alone their twenties or thirties. Good movie, not great. Movie itself is copyright 1942, other listings say 1943.

The To Do List (2013) - written/directed by Maggie Carey. Pure Frankfurt School, about a she-valedictorian practicing her sex-related activities. Movie is entirely puerile sex dreck with some laughs mixed in. The raunch is a few degrees more than you'd have seen in 2003, and many more degrees along than you'd have seen in, say Fast Times at Ridgemont High in the mid-'80s. Same as it ever was. Some funny moments but I can't get past the politics.

The Boys Next Door (1985) - (h/t Commie Joe on this one, which I can't believe I hadn't seen). A young Charlie Sheen and his buddy steal some jew's lapdog and then drive around L.A. fucking people up. Good movie, 6.5/10. Nothing real heavy, just entertaining... "Nearly all these killers are white males..." opening words of the movie, over visual of Kenneth Bianchi. This is mid-'80s. It's statistically untrue that "nearly all" are white males, see our black serial killers thread. (And our #1 Serial Killers Thread.) The media simply don't lend national notoriety to dark killers. Only whites get the sea-to-shining-sea treatment. Line you probably wouldn't hear today, 19 years later: "That fag...said the dead fag...picked up on two boys at some butt-slammer bar on Santa Monica boulevard..." The L.A. depicted in 1985 was almost all white, and could depute multiple cops to look for someone who beat up an Iranian gas-station attendant. In other words, we are deep in the realm of social science fiction here. Jarringly ludicrous note when Christopher McDonald, the pop-eyed Shooter McGavin from jew Adam Sandler movie guy, is near tears over these murders. From Joe's thumb, I thought these murders were plotted, but they're basically just spur-of-the-moment discharges by a warped guy who's just out of highschool and isn't interested in a factory-prison future.

Crystal Fairy & The Magical Cactus and 2012 (2013) - 5/10. Chilean movie about mescaline trippers featuring a very hairy hippie chick, a jewess New Ager, and an uptight, scrawnily obnoxious Michael Cera, the kid from Superbad. Chilean scenery is main selling point. Otherwise, nothing really happens - to no particular meaning. Like far too many movies. I suppose you could take from it the contrast between the cool, comfortable, relaxed Euro-style Chileans and the at once too-loose and too-tight and always self-absorbed, self-important, domineering American character, represented by both the weaselly-insistent Cera character and the pinwheeling hippie. There's a destructive unsettledness about Americans, the film seems to be showing, yet they aren't unredeemable. They just can't seem to see themselves as they appear to others. This film was made in a two-week period before a supposedly much better horror film called Magic Magic Cera and the Chilean director Sebastian Silva were working on.

Blue is the Warmest Color (2013) - Three hours. French. Young teenage girl rejects normal sexual behavior in favor of lesbian morbidity. How cool is that? Very think the folks who decide these things today. This film received many encomia, but ultimately they can't hide this film is simply an attempted seduction of young French girls into self-destructive degeneracy. The heroine rejects a handsome French boy who's not into books for a blue-haired fine-arts student who looks like male version of James Spader. Has that same sort of squish-eyed leering way. The entire movie is shot from about three inches off the skin of the actors; when these two get to munching clams, you have to wipe the cunt mist off your glasses. Yes, it is that explicit. It's made by a colored. The movie does have some decent parts, but ultimately, like The To Do List, it's irritating both politically and otherwise.//
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Idee Midden: Writer's Notebook

by Alex Linder

June 9, 2014

[What follows are ideas and snippets and concepts and quotes and links - either from me or stuff I've found in reading around.]

article idea: change in culture: german soccer, simona halep (breast reduction at 17), scottish enlightenment - contrast with southern inability to change, tho same genes as scotland. "A few years ago, the idea that a Germany team could boast more technically gifted, creative forwards than Brazil would have been deemed preposterous, but there's no argument now. Only Spain, the one country with as many players in the ESPN FC Top 50 (eight in total) have more artistic skill on a player-by-player basis. The generation of Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Podolski and Per Mertesacker will forever be credited for kick-starting the renaissance of Germany in 2006 under Jürgen Klinsmann. But their countrymen care about trophies, first and foremost. There is no concept of glorious failure in German football, only win or defeat.

The value of feminism is condensing all female mental errors into one big pile, burnishing them, making them stinking clear to all who come near. Basically with feminists, there can never be any unimpeded flow of reality as we discuss something, we have to stop every two seconds because something is problematic. Because of their ideology, not because there's actually anything interesting or any genuine point to be made. We just have to discuss how this or that broad feels about something. Women aren't interested in reality, they're interested in how they feel about X, Y or Z. That's why men invent everything.

fetishising about the color of your skin

No one thinks about how the fat chick is going to feel uncomfortable doing a relay race as a fun team building exercise. ug.

Jew expulsion has been tried 110x. It must be the only "solution" in history whose advocates think that needing to do the same exact thing you did the first time 109 more times is success.

Keeping the floor clean is a problem that can't be solved once and for all times. Jews do not belong to that class of problems.

Glutebund...the New Center. contrast w pussy-bund.

PARALLEL: all-22 cams in sport (NFL) - hiding things from people - the view they don't want to get out - because it's most revealing
What I was yearning for, in the end, was the chance to watch Tebow with God's eyes?that is, with the NFL's All 22 footage, the proprietary camera angle that shows every player on the field at once, and which the Wall Street Journal reported the NFL regards as too revealing and informative to share with the general public: Charley Casserly, a former general manager who was a member of the NFL's competition committee, says he voted against releasing All-22 footage because he worried that if fans had access, it would open players and teams up to a level of criticism far beyond the current hum of talk radio.

The All 22 is what Bill Belichick will be watching this week, as New England tries to solve the particular risk-management problems posed by Tebow's odd skill set and the Broncos' skewed game plans. So the Patriots will get more than a quick telestrator scribble on the Bears' safeties before the back end of Chicago's defense drops out of the picture. They'll be able to get a read on what Tebow really means on the football field. The rest of us will have to get by on metaphysics.

reactionaries must beware lest they become mere backwards-progressives or reverse progressives.

When the complexity and contradictions exist, it is wrong to force fit the person's views into this box or that, but that's what simpletons must do to restore retain their equanimity. They think they can make a contradiction go away by bleating, ever louder, that X is whatever they decide he is. Nuanced descriptions of motive are lost on these people as a book read to quacking ducks.

getting angry at muslims is the same as getting angry at mexicans or niggers. they didnt let themselves in or force themselves among us, the managers of society did. and in every society, those managers either are or are nearly entirely or hugely influenced by jews. that's the part the euros don't want to accept, but the ideology of multiculturalism came from an american jew horace kallen and was used as the 'intellectual' basis of the push that eventually led to American open borders in 1965.

getting angry at muslims is the same as the bull going after the cape rather than the matador. humans should be more intelligent than lesser animals. they're mostly not. hence the derision.

breivik at least, if he read the conservative misleaders like Horowitz et al., at least was smart enough to go after the cause (the offspring and gonna-be successors of the people letting muds invade norway), not the consequence (the invaders themselves). that in turn leads the same dopes who blames muslims rather than jews to whine that he killed whites, as if the mere fact someone is of our race precludes him from being an enemy. it does not.

ok can answer this easily enough. nutshell: why in the hell would anybody want an economy run by a method as historically-documented bankrupt as central planning? we want as little dictatorship as possible. do you really want to go back to some ass-clown figuring out how many size 8 triple E shoes should be produced for lower spotsylvania region? Look at the way the world has evolved with the internet. What in the world could be more retrograde than to go back to a system where a handful of political clowns controls everything and makes decisions for everybody they are better equipped to decide themselves? It's absolutely nuts. There is no serious economic problem in the US that is not essentially caused by government activity, and it's the same elsewhere. Who queers the money? Government. Who subsidizes niggers? Government? Who supports huge standing armies? Who mongers war after war after war? Who runs shitty schools that don't teach people to read but do indoctrinate them that homos and nigs and jews are saints? Gee, government's not doing enough great things, let's give it control over the entire economy!

Oh but, with Whites in charge, WN, it will be different.

No. It won't.

If you could have a long, leisurely dinner with anyone who has ever lived, who would that be? And why.

would like to do that with mencken, and i would tell him that the irony of his writing is that one of the very few things he was wrong about, the potential danger jews as as class posed, is ironically the same thing he's blamed for today: the 'anti-semitism' in his writing. he did critcize jews as jews, just as he did every other group, but his criticisms, while accurate and apt, were not deep or far-seeing enough. (nor were those of belloc or wynham lewis writing on same subject even later time). would be interesting to see what he thought about evolution of US history after his death, and just in general find out if he really doubted that race was the necessary basis of the culture that would produce the civilized man, extraordinary non-white examples of such notwithstanding.

but really my answer would be sam kinison, the only celeb i wanted to meet. i dont care about that part, but he always struck me as someone who would be even funnier than in his act in private, especially going off on his enemies and his friends, in that way some people have. I can just see him sitting in a big ol' circle-c corner booth with scrawnier me sitting nearby and just listening to his massive breathlessness and darting beady tawny pig eyes. i bet he would be just funnier than fuck. if i could be reborn to life 2, i wouldn't mind being a massive-girthed fatman, it would be an entirely different experience than i've had physically.

politically though, i would certainly want to have dinner with hitler and goebbels to hear what they say about communicating with the various classes in germany, and for the nuances of their dealings with the enemy jews and marxists. and also ask hitler why he didn't summarily execute or at least imprison and use the frankfurters and like scorpions, rather than broom them out the door.

I can only wonder how my life would have changed if the internet had been public-available in 1975 instead of 1995. I doubt I would have gone to college; basically a waste of time if you're into liberal arts. Would have understood the jew in a couple months instead of it taking until mid-twenties.

Whether I would personally, or whether others should, those are things for me and them to decide. I never tell others what to do about such serious stuff, nor do I try to pass off responsibility for my own acts onto someone else. Each man is responsible for his own decisions. I provide political analysis to help people understand our social context.

Quote: You do what you do best, you talk. You do great things for our cause, but if and when it is time comes to get our hands dirty, will you be thumbing through the pages of your books looking for the appropriate text.

What your ilk doesn't grasp is that words in such a case are mere piffle in light of the heaviness of the decision. I don't do bravado. I don't do threats. I don't do telling-others-to-commit-illegal-revolutionary-acts. What I do is write, mostly, talk some, and occasionally I do some activism, if I can see something useful and cost effective.

Look what I did at Knoxville. I didn't tell others to do the usual, and follow the cops into the pen, I went to the middle of the street to address the enemies and antis because I know I can win them over. I never told anyone else to do the same, I told them only that 1) I was not applying for a permit, 2) we need to shake things up and stay a step ahead of our controllers, and 3) stay alert for what might happen.

I led by example. I did what I thought was right. It turned out to be illegal. I didn't tell anyone else to follow, I showed them by my actions what I thought was best to do. Anyone who pays attention, which basically excludes the South, could have guessed that what I did do was at the least a very good likelihood to occur.

This is what I mean by these anti-bookish cultures not being able to compete with the powers that be. Is even one in ten Southerns intellectually-genetically capable of paying attention? I seriously wonder. I think it's more like 2-5% that can actually pick even semi-subtle things up, and this was no subtle thing - I made it as clear as you could without overtly saying it.

But y'all do love a ritual. I don't. I guess I'm an evil Northern innovationist - if something isn't working, I get an itch to try something else.

I didn't apply for a permit. How big a clue do you need? I aint playing their game, so far as I can force them, and lead us, I'm playing our game.

But no. No. You be like ol' Smoky. You go get in the pen. Maybe bleat as you walk in.

I'm a fucking American, with no criminal record. Talking about the political media context that lets murderers go free to do it again while honest parents cry over their dead raped tortured mutilated murdered sons and daughters - while honest protestors are call vile haters and distubance makers and "outsiders" who must be penned up by the cops where no one can hear them. To accomplish my goal might mean stepping outside your comfort zone, well, what rally people don't seem to get is this is real-world politics, it aint fucking entertainment.

Political rallies as dumb rituals are useless.

So when it comes to breaking the law, even when merely walking down a public street accomplishes that, I will lead by example, and you can infer my meaning.

But tell other people what they should do? I don't know what they should do. I only know what I should do, and sometimes that's not so easy to figure out.

What do you suppose would have happened if we had, say, 500 people at the rally, and 300 of them went out in the street with me? Honestly.

What do you think might have happened? Do you think it would have helped our cause or hurt it?

Stipulate I'm a coward if you like, or a hero, for that matter - it matters not to me or to our cause. The relevant question is whether my analysis of Breivik's actions is correct. I believe it is. Calling Breivik a pro-White hero does not imply I could or would do the same myself, nor that I would advocate others copy him. It means I think his actions were genuinely heroic, and I also believe they helped our cause, for the reasons I've stated.

We have got to develop alternative local group structures that are far more organic, self-renewing and even addictive. This doesn’t mean these groups can’t back independent candidates at election time and thus contest keep the political ground contested. They can. But the partisan election certainly can’t be the primary focus.

Sean, I spent a few weeks in Haiti and can tell you from first hand experience it’s the same there. There are more American and European white do-gooders there than you can shake a stick at doing everything from feeding them, treating them, helping them give birth, etc. Many if not most of the do-gooders are young white women, most of the white men involved are older. Over a few weeks observing these types, it
absolutely intrigues me as what their motivation is. I’ve came to the following conclusion: For the vast majority it is pure, unadulterated air of superiority they feel when surrounded by these poor, downtrodden, noble savages. They love to be looked up to, fawned over, and feel so much more intelligent than those around them. And as a cherry on top, maybe they can adopt a Haitian baby or bring a Haitian boyfriend
back to the States to demonstrate their moral superiority over their evil bigoted families and communities. At least that’s my initial analysis in the short time I’ve had to observe. It’s not really about the natives, it’s about thier own egos.

Sweezy's The Structure of the Nazi Economy.

The companies that are true Greek yogurt that I am most familiar with are Fage, Chobani, & Greek Gods.

best epithet for Brittanicals?

You can use them all, but only choose one! This is not a formal vB poll, but in your response, pick your favorite. If your preferred term doesn't show up on my list, feel free to invent a better one.

The epithets:

a) island monkeys (German)

b) rosbifs (French - roast beefs)

c) sandbarbarians

d) West Frisians

e) North Portugese

f) Plonkerstanis

g) seemlanders

He's finally discovered the truth about the English mentality; half surly, half cheeky, all can't-be-arsed, will-this-do, and what's-he-on-about-now.

cats i hardly need tell you rely on their feet!!! they RELY on them. for WALKING...SALTATING...POUNCING (a specialized form of saltating, you will now know) and for SILENTLY SNEAKING STEALTHILY in hirsute PURRRsuit of PILEATED WOODPECKERS and other OVERPOPULATED DENIZENS of the WORLD ARBOREAL. ...

After thirty years of studying it, I'm less unconvinced than ever that conservatism is an intellectual cover for a sexual problem.

LEFTIST MEMES: reality is the enemy. pravda, not istina.

Not-so-wildlife, Laguna Atascosa (Texas). Would you believe this deer had the nerve to give me the full Billy Bob Thornton Bad Santa "I'm on my lunch break" when I approached it for a pet?

The Most Basic Failure

Evelyn: Don't worry, Marge. Her idea of wit is nothing more than an incisive observation humorously phrased and delivered with impeccable timing.

no proof except the reasoning-backward I described and which GLR pointedly denounced. l'white nationalism c'est moi, and if anyone disagrees with me, that proves he's a fed or an anti.

TWEET: liberalism is not just a hatred of one's race, but specifically a hatred of one's own relatives. that and hybris, universalism, defines it.

Brilliance is confusing, even frightening, to those raised on nostrums of equality, positivity and political correctness. The jews strive to make it unthinkable for whites to defend themselves physically, and illegal to defend themselves verbally.

fifteen minutes from might already have been dead for ten minutes.

"Thinking is too good for the common people" - joint attitude of Catholic church and public school system.

People who call Bill O'Reilly a nazi are not going to make distinctions between Evola and Hitler.

bates motel - yo-yo mothers - they spin you down and out of their womb, but they experience a strong desire, many of them, to suck you back in. the umbilical cord is a yo-yo string...


because on Team Making-Me-Better, I'm batting cleanup.

The world was created by a sniggering, sadistic god. Or it just worked out that way. Your choice.

It's been a great few years for those who confuse the excretory system with the reproductive. But time is not on their side.

PEN NAME: HELEN HAND-BASKETTE, domestic virtuosoessa lesson - less of a moron if you take it. Three top cooking lessons. OVERseason. DRY THAT MEAT OUT. DRY IT! Use MORE seasoning than you think. COOK LESS than you think. Cook HOTTER than you think. Finally, dry that meat first.

Finding imaginary virtues in blacks is an American religion.

spurifies - the newsmedia make spurious

Depends where your ego lies. I'm not jealous of anyone's possessions, though I like money, because money in large measure = freedom.

I'm jealous of people who think up lines that I didn't. Or lines that are better than mine.

Example: 'An anti-semite is someone jews hate.' --Joe Sobran.

Another one I heard lately:

"Full of myself, but still hungry" --Eminem, in "Rap God"

damn good line.

You can't buy talent. Stuff you can buy, and quibbling over it - that's for the common folk, not for the elite.

But this view is the artistic view; the average person is materalistic because, well, he's a philistine. Everyone can see the value of money. And the value of expensive things - in others' eyes, even if one doesn't fully grasp their quality oneself.

People who down-talk money are fools, but people who worry too much about stuff money can buy are foolish too.

I belong to the school 'things own you.' If you have any kind of impediment, this is trebly true. Getting rid of stuff is one of life's great pleasures. Being a pack rat is a character defect I suffer from, and have tried to improve, only semi-successfully over decades. Have done a lot of reading on minimalism and organization - the general rule most of the 'experts' cite is that if you don't use something at least once a year, get rid of it. Sell it, give it away, trash it. That sounds about right.

It's always good to have lots of money, that's for sure - particularly if you don't want to spend it on something. The minute you start liking buying things, there's no end to it. And you'll never be satisfied because things are never as good as they seem once you actually get them.

But I really think people are born with the predisposition to really like shopping and buying things vs not caring. I look back over my decades, I don't remember a single material thing I wanted at any point. I wanted a pet snake. I've wanted a lot of different books. Oh wait...I did want something. The only clothes I ever wanted - boa boots and a big leather winter jacket. I got both probably twenty years ago. The boots lived up to my expectations, I really liked how they looked. The jacket - it was nice but it was too heavy. Did nothing but subtract $300 from my account and sit in the closet.

Older I get, the more I get off on getting rid of stuff! It truly is liberating. The ideal I like is few things -- and top quality things where that matters, low-priced things where it doesn't -- and as much money as you can save. That way you have maximum freedom - you can afford to travel, buy quality food, help the right people.

Ok...this is just a thought experiment. We've accomplished the revolution. We are sovereign - all muds and jews are vanguished, it's just us whites. Now, I'm never been a fan of eugenics, as it's particularly intrusive, when carried out by the state. Nevertheless, let's say it's a legitimate function to be carried out by The Guardians, the over-group responsible for providing the ultimate 'shell' of racial protection, and racial defense is defined so as to include a genetic screening and improvement component.

The reason I have thought about this is because every time I see something on here or traipsing around in public that makes my heart drop, I think, God, if we could just get rid of everybody below that level, I bet it would be like heaven on earth.

So what are your proxies for this-is-where-we-draw-the-line. Here are a few to get started. The idea is, everyone below the average IQ of people

Any chick with cascading star tattoos (I'm biting my tongue and not saying "anyone with a tattoo")

yes. jews usually use neutral terms or positive terms or deceptive terms, or make them so through repetition. you can do that when you control the media, just as you can do the reverse to your opponents. for ten years i've watched about 80% of WN fail to understand this, as they always think moving to a new name will change the stink. well no. the stink doesnt come from the name but from the dung flingers.

the mainstream/vanguard thing is meaningless. i mean you can read theory about reformists/radicals but what really matters is what i have been pushing alone - the need to perceive that conservatives are not our friend, hence not to be praised and mingled with, but our enemies-competitors, and to be attacked as such. our cause must be like the old testament god - jealous. this is part of a greater problem - the inability to perceive the need to be principled in anything. which leads people to abandon positions they intellectually accept when they come across people they personally like who don't hold them. vital mistake. ive railed about it for years. well my railing wont change anything. only leadership and resulting success will get the awakened to wake up.

as for orgs, our guy chuck pearson put it best years ago with his twist on m. stanton evans (70s conservative, probably still alive): any organization not explicitly excluding jews will in time be taken over by them. (evans said it about liberals). i assume an org is run by jews and pushing jewish agenda until i see proof otherwise.

canadians are known globally as the most submissive of people. sheeplike is the term one normally hears from outsiders who have lived among them.

They do not want to (or do not even know how to) stray from the herd, because to do so is a dangerous and inherently solitary adventure of the spirit. They would rather focus on maximizing the quality of their own lives within the perimeters of the status quo than reflecting and questioning the direction of the whole herd. Because if you set yourself apart from the herd, you risk social outsider status.

If we exterminate termites because they destroy the foundation of our houses, how much more lenient should we be in our treatment of the jews, who destroy the foundations of our society?

It is morbid Christianity and mass-media convention that bid us regard jews and blacks as fellow humans. Once they are properly classified as dangerous animals, all the political problems fade, and the solution to the problems they present becomes apparent.

Funny. I went to school with a distant relative of Romney's. I published one of his letters mocking one of my opinions. I even recall a phrase, and it surely speaks to their clan's mindset, which is the opposite of my own. The candidate should 'not let himself be tied down with rolls of ideological toiletpaper.'

In a democracy, the Romney way works; my way does not. That's because taking a position turns people against you; the art of democratic politics is attracting as many as you can, and alienating as few. This is mainly done by avoiding specifics, smiling a lot, and letting people read what they want in you. The system rewards the glib liar more than any other type, Bill Clinton being the perfect example. This is one reason why democracy is a terrible system: it rewards and produces a really shitty type of politician: lying, double-talking, no-responsibility taking scum.

prospecting for clients for class-action lawsuits against the makers of virtually every drug out there.


Because the average man cannot understand that, he falls for the lie that there is. And he pays a multiple of what he should every step of the medical way. In a free market, you could self-diagnose, self-prescribe. And many times this would lead to self-destruction, no doubt. But most times it would lead to a cheaper, better set of transactions than what we see today with socialist healthcare.

Y'all have missed the main point of the selection, which is that christianity is the source of the white man's racial ills, both north _and_ south. Once you accept spiritual equality you are on the road to political equality. If God is the most important thing, and men are equal in his eyes...well, even the dullest among you can see how that is inevitably going to be used to push political equality. And so it
has. And look where we have ended up. Yet the Southern mind is still caught up in the same old crazy belief system, and that's why the South is going the way of the Boer, who was also laid low by religious superstition.

Hotze's words show that christianity is at the heart of why white men can't come to grips with race and do what needs to be done: the morality they get from their popes and preachers is directly at odds with their visceral reaction to, say, the Jacksonville nigger mob. It doesn't matter whether we're northerners demanding immediate manumission of the farm tools, or we're Southerners quoting the bible to prove
that we are loyally being our dusky brother's best caretakers; either way the battle has already been lost.

It's you all crazy Southerners who are keeping the church alive while it's killing you. The church is already majority non-white. It can survive just fine without you. But can you survive carrying it? You cannot. It's killing you, and you can't even see it. Blame Yankees all day long; after the jew, they certainly deserve lots of criticism. It's the church, though, that has locked you out of doing what needs to be done by calling it 'immoral.'

new white society: white-man-ism. we are both individual and social beings.

buckley excluded anti-jews, birchers, objectivists, eventually racialists.

destroy public schooling and central banking. get the govt out of money.

just because you realize ZOG's lying about race and jews doesn't mean you realize it's lying about everything else too.

Probably it’s just his insecurity that makes him resist factual correction, but it is certainly interesting that he has a hate on for the only school/man able to get large numbers of angry YOUNG white men into a bloc – Ron Paul.

Intellectual maturation is largely the process of realizing things are a lot more fixed than they seem.

Well i'm sure the poor iraqi slob trying to go to his daughter's wedding is proud to play a part in upholding your ethnic traditions.

Johnson's pretense he can separate his attempt to resuscitate fascism from discussions of WWII is parallel in ridiculousness to Jared Taylor's pretense that he can separate the racial question from the jewish question.

leftist is someone who believes he's better than everyone who came before him while refusing to recognize the implication, that he's worse than everyone who comes after him

Let's worry about muslims right after we stop mexicans. This stinks of a trial balloon. Jews would love to an invasion carveout for their second-worst enemy (and the only one actually fighting them), and it makes sense they'd use an all-American tool like 'Ryan' to heave trial balloons for them.

You cannot turn a bush nigger into a human by coaxing it into manpants and opening books at it.

Imagine a state reserved for Whites only. If ZOG created such a reservation, it would be swamped by whites of all persuasion, even if you located it in, say, Wyoming! Catholics, Protestantants, Southerners, Northerners would flock to it. Race is far more real than region or religion. It just burrs your vanity to admit that. Whiteness is the only potentially successful basis from which resistance to the System can be sustained. The System knows that, and that's why anti-White oppression is legally encoded, whereas Southerners are merely laughed at. You can't produce a single politician who will defend the Rebel flag in daylight.

The brains and ambition are in the north, not the south. Remember, you all don't like working for the man, and stamping his time clock.

Such angry young whites as can be found today, and angry young is where the change comes from, are drawn to the principled politics of Paul, which call for the dismantling of Leviathan. He supports your cause indirectly, regardless of the shit he says about MLK and borders, which Romney and Obama and the rest are saying too. But you don't support him. You Southern "men" draw your very subsistence from ZOG, even while bitching about it? And then you wonder why Southerners are looked down on as clown figures, and not taken seriously. A Northerner could give you the answer, but you wouldn't listen to it.

You obviously can't produce a Southern Nationalist movement on your own beyond a couple hundred jew-loving nonagenarians.

Becka Strumpfmeyer of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, is a third grade teacher who voted for ZOG. She is an evil Northerner.

Apu of the Hill People and his pal Stony Shirtlifter fight in wars for ZOG. They are good Southern men.

You see the difference?

Ask any non-white whether Whites exist. You know the answer.

Why not look at where the problem actually comes from, and start the solutions there.

We have a government that takes the side of non-citizens over citizens. That right there is a lot more serious of a thing than people seem to realize.

The left is changing the basic nature of the country in order to ensure a permanent majority. That means the US will become just another brown socialist shithole within a few decades. I think that's a bad thing. I prefer a decent, law-abiding white middle-class country.

The guy who made up the joke was funny. No one after him who repeated it qualifies. At best he has taste / can recognize humor.

New idea: cyntry - not luxuriating in the sweetified sorrow, but straight up truth that the cynical view is right.

- "you're better than the best, I'm lucky just to linger in your life." -- compare to Haggard.

- occurred to me watching Wayans on Nick at nite, nigs talking to teens - that would be dishonest. it has to be explained to nigs why stealing things is wrong, they aren't on the White level. that's why christ-idiots are anti-white and love nigs. not just their dogmatic universalism but because they can have it both ways. They can drag White betters down and lord it over nig inferiors.

- prayer = anorexia of the brain
- the problem with most comedy writing or humor is the writer is afraid to sweat, to try, to go for it. He stays restrained and understated. Mild is the effect produced. Mild, not unpleasant - not even so pronounced a flavor as, say, coffee ice cream.
- Omni wilson omnivorous or omnibus. carnie wilson carnivorous. shooting energy from fingers to ovaries.
- apex creditor
- eharmony irony - someone uniquely right for you, yet it only works for people in the middle of the bell curve
- if you must express yourself externally try this little thing called...clothes. tats are like clothes you can't ever take off. christ, even chameleons shift gears. and clothes warm you too.

- best ever writer or diff between British and German culture
- the walking stick - fm god's minimalist period
- live richly, that others may leach
- what would you call a physician who held out on you like that? played games? well, is a body-political disease any less important?
- Snoop Doggerel
- I'll corruscate your cardboard, Stimpy
- better Adolf Hitler than a filthy Fox lickspittler
- saw Braveheart - better than Jebus, which was basically 'heart by doubled recipe
- tv gives life: Festivus, dumb blonde evil blond
- a genuinely funny movie should produce inner delight bursts like mental equivalent of a squirt out of a filled candy -- none of that w Chris Buckley, he's the ultimate meh-he it's all tee-hee stuff - very much the equivalent of Niles Crane writing fiction, you never get angry at how dumb it is as w so much media(?) stuff, it's more like you're disappointed you're not disappionted, which is called resigned. It's just monolevel shtick, and only a degree and sector different from crime fiction. if you like your humor funny, CFB's not really your guy.
- 'lubricious eyeing of slithery parts' - guy in schlub-supermodel FIAT ad (he was convicted of)
- her entire idea of doing something right was avoiding doing something wrong
- Doestoy in "The Idiot" altho it moves better than others of his works does not repay your 600-page following with enough psych insight - unless you enjoy 19th-century lifetime-equivalent melodrama
- jews call christians cattle (goyim) Christians call themselves sheep. Both agree that christians are livestock.
- parallel to politics - in an article on wedding seating plans it says "separate people who do not get along." simple, obvious, yet illegal when it comes to infinitely greater problem of racial incompatibility.
- "put family member with a history of squabbles on opposite sides of the dance floor -- you'll be happier for it."
- "Again, don't forget about people who don't get along. If your two college buddies aren't on speaking terms, now isn't the time to try to patch things up by seating them at the same table."
---> separation as key to social success is so important they mention it three times. "A Stress-Free Guide to Seating Plans" Yakima Business Journal (June 2006)

- ear rape - Ron White "no means no" great reusable concept
- how would you apportion the intellectual/political credit for overcoming the jew in Germany?
- diff between communism and capitalism: comm produces 45m dead from famine, capitalism produces 45 varieties of knockoff Mountain dew.
- Southerners remind me of bedraggled, poorly led restaurant staff in Restaurant: Impossible. They need leadership.
- What is being principled but intellectual loyalty. Is intellectual loyalty less important than personal loyalty.
- How did libs justify their case for integration? not by law. rather, they trotted out a sociologist who played with dolls. Contrast with WN. How do they do it? They document racial behavior and IQ differences in tomes with hundreds of footnotes.

- and on the eighth day, god created the nigger, to fill the world with violence and shortened lives, that humans might better appreciate the piquancy and evanescence of life. on the ninth day, god created jews, to sic niggers on humans. on the tenth day god created christians, to accept it all and make apologies for it and worship Him.

Nick Cage. You can't tell what he's doing. But you can tell he's doing it badly.

If you put yourself in the mind of a resentful child, you'll find where blacks are usually coming from. The tone that animates most of their utterances, particularly wherever something is in racial dispute.

'racist' - no one likes niggers, not clear why whites should get blamed for it.

The notion that a dope like you can treat with such profundities makes me spit with contempt Eastwoodian.

usedtobesheababylvUSputnik Penguin101L U
Let's see if my comment can get out of the gray by answering you with it:

The problem with Girls isn't that it isn't written from my experience, or that it's about a white girl and her white friends. It's the ridiculous white-washing of Brooklyn. Even though I'm used to it since it's a common thing to do (I'm looking at you, Friends), it is hella odd and hella telling that white people just write the non-white people who are all over New York - and yes, even in hipsterville Williamsburg (they were actually there first and new white money gave their landlords incentive to displace them) - out of the city. The people walking around New York do not look like the whitewashed fantasy that the people who make tv shows about New York seem to long for.

Yesterday 5:35pm

CatFiveHimmicaneUusedtobesheababylv1L U
so what? that's your hangup. art doesn't have to reflect demographics. get over yourself, anyway. whites are more complex and interesting than non-whites. they're the red meat of the people world. Just now

Most people are too poorly articulated to be treated as individuals.


Arnold Slantowitz' directions for NFL/NCAA football camera coverage: when whites drop passes, let the camera linger on them. When they catch passes, particularly TDs, pull the camera off them quickly, back to the huddle or onto something else.

Like all good people, I hate hippies and cops.

Christianity - world's most successful long con.

Alex Linder · Top Commenter · Pomona College
Wiggety, wiggety wack? Asparagus P is underground, annoying the moles. Vice writers are the kind of 'men' who frequent public restrooms with no purpose of micturation; rather they look to the walls in slurpy Michaelsesque anticipation of delicious lickings.

It's not a matter of replacing christianity with anything. Christianity is something you simply drop, like a bad habit.

I mean, yeah, in a technical sense niggers do all the raping robbing and murdering, but we can't let that obscure the fact that racists are the real danger.

We Removed Something You Posted: We removed this from Facebook because it violates our Community Standards:

Ridiculous. No one has to be taught to hate niggers, it's the inevitable result of living around them, whether you're Asian, White or even Mexican. Racial divisions are natural, and we all know the jews, who own the mass media, side with the blacks destroying our formerly nice, clean, quiet, safe white society. all-encompassing psychological attack on our race to break it down into a mass of confused, scared individuals


LINES: I like musicals for their realism.

kooklaUDoug Barry
So, I was helping my mom do laundry one day and my brother's girlfriend happened to have some of her stuff tossed in. My heart literally stopped when I pulled a Nickelback T-shirt out of the pile of clothes. I tried to have an intervention with him, but he's madly in love. 56

minutes ago
Man, that's like the perfect definition of liberal: all-pervading fear of not being cooler than thou. Just now

Liberals sniff at everything common, especially common sense.

Democrats use redistricting by not enforcing borders.

She had the kind of voices that made you feel you were getting a guided personal tour of her sinuses.

christians use "answers" in the same irritating way politicians use "family"


A rugby scrum is the perfect visual representation of human society.

There's no such thing as bad neighborhoods or good niggers.

It's precisely their lack of imagination that leaves women vulnerable to big lies about patriarchy. They can't see things. They can't see, say, a stadium, and conceive the conceptions, imagination, and engineering that went into it. It's just a natural part of things to them.

It was always there. Men had nothing to do with it, they just seized control.

breaking bad: we do things for reasons we dont cant admit to ourselves. good very short title sequence and recaps, much better than dexter, for example. primarily about loyalty. does loyalty mean telling people things - or not telling them? who to tell what - one of life's greatest challenges.

Political Correctness is the mental form or equivalent of violent crime.

Yankee abolitionists wiped out slavery. Perhaps they can wipe out ZOG too.

If something aint working, you dont do more of it.

Most things you either can't make out serious quality differences or else functional is good enough.

Three things where there really is a quality difference

- frozen pizza (which I like) vs real pizza
- fresh orange juice vs orange juice from concentrate (huge difference). I dont believe you can buy fresh orange juice in a grocery store, really
- Tempurpedic vs regular bed (only slept on one a couple times, but it was markedly superior to any other mattress I've slept on)

Where paying for QUALITY is worth it - this can be the case with clothes. You only pay the high price once, but you get the quality and durability forever. BUT I'm talking about quality and style, not just high prices and fashion. It is very, very easy to byy shoddy, high-priced fashionable goods, perhaps even thinking that you are buying something quality. Quality and price aren't necessarily related, nor are fashionability and quality related.

People will always judge by the name. It's the same with everything. They will judge writing by the name of the author, the suit by the name on the lapel

It just occurred to me - worship itself is the quintessentially unWhite form of mentation.

The judaized christians -- to be redundant -- learned over 1,000 years ago to argue like a jews. They say, always, in arguments against racialists, that if we don't worship THEIR jebus, we worship OUR blood. But we don't. No one outside perhaps Creators argues for making a religion out of our race. Our cause is the very opposite of religion,
it's based on demonstrable, hell, obvious facts, and conclusions that flow to most people from them. Most, not all.

Worship in any form is unWhite. If Whites are identifiable with any position, it's thinking. Clear thinking. Clear thinking created the world, not belief. Skepticism and daring, not faith. Every last Apricot and slant-eye and Doogieboo Dingman down by under on in the Grubeater tree fame has <i>faith</i>. But only the white race consistently produces individuals capable of clear and effective thought.

And they are envied and hated for it, as you can see daily on the Gawker ring.

Christianity is a delusional death cult that even now has far more non-white members than white members.

Let this cult die among us, the sooner the better.

What happened to German birth rates under a certain personage? They went up. Why? Because Germanic folk naturally gravitate toward the strong, healthy, hearty and virile. And Celtic folk are no different, really. Not in those regards.

Let us get back to producing strong, confident people. We can't do this in our society with our sicko death cult that makes a fetish of weakness, where we're always supposed to be apologizing and double-clutching our natural reaction.

We should hate jews. We should hate niggers.

Christianity is a cultural skunk. No one walks away from it without stinking for a couple more generations.

Anti-semitism means not treating jews like the gods they think they are.

The christian mental disturbance precludes the view men are divided into warring, hostile, permanently irreconcilable classes. It is a weary desire for a way out of the biological mess the creature they invented as 'god' created - a world in which competing subspecies do not all just get along, they fight until one is permanently driven out of the other's territory.

It must be something close to the heart of liberalism, this instinctive tropism you cultists have away from blaming the personal actually responsible for the behavior.

The funny thing is, if some girl goes out and drinks 10 vodkas, passes out, and gets raped, you blame rape culture. You won't hear a word about her putting herself in a bad situation. But this woman did nothing, but, uh, have guns inside her home. Yet you are quick to label her the guilty party.

Naw. The obsession over *finding* these slip-ups is the greatest evidence that the "issue" is driven by folks desperate to find demons, but only finding obscure verbal artefacts.

Well said. What about jerry-rigged? How many whites were murdered today by blacks? Divide 365 into 8500. Leftists, or cultists as they should be called, are more bothered by white words than black behavior.

No such thing as anti-semitism, let alone 'new.' Just same old shitty jewish behavior - and opposition to it.

Niggers: they're called humans by liberals, but they're more like the stuff that comes out of humans' back end. FUCK YOU LIBERAL CULTISTS, YOU NATION-WRECKING CUNTS.

oleaginouser than fake butter

The middle of what's wrong with feminism is the jewish Big Lie that men through the millennia have oppressed women rather than elevated them. The pervading attitude toward men here, and at every other feminist site, is whining ingratitude. Average women can see that the sex that invented the bra and Pap smear (and everything else) are the best thing that ever happened to them.

three things there's not a dime's worth of difference between: catholic church/enlightenment, reps and dems, english and irish

self-interview questions

sys subsidizes corn and soybeans. regulation prevents entry. skews landscape to big agra.

This violated Guy Kawasaki's 10-20-30 rule: 10 slides, 20 minutes, 30-point font.

Organisation and automatism are the foundations for everything – only if you have that, will the individual quality of your players show in a positive way. I will never underestimate the value of individualism and inspiration – but without a solid system, improvisation is just anarchy. And anarchy can also sometimes bring you a result, sometimes even better than your established schemes, but it cannot be a
long-term solution.

“But when once raised to an equality, they would become the fast political associates of the North, and acting and voting with them on all questions, and by this political union between them, holding the white race at the south in complete subjection. The blacks, and the profligate whites that might unite with them, would become the principal recipients of federal offices and patronage, and would, in consequence, be raised above the whites of the South in the political and social scale. We would, in a word, change conditions with them – a degradation greater than has ever yet fallen to the lot of a free and enlightened people, and one from which we could not escape, should emancipation take place, (which it certainly will if not prevented), but by fleeing the homes of ourselves and our ancestors, and by abandoning our country to our former slaves, to become the permanent abode of disorder, anarchy, poverty, misery and wretchedness.

With such a prospect before us, the gravest and most solemn question that ever claimed the attention of a people is presented for your consideration: what is to be done to prevent it? It is a question belonging to you to decide.” --John Calhoun

"Religion is a disease born of fear which has been a source of untold misery to the human race." - Bertrand Russell

You see that in Kevin MacDonald, for instance. On the one hand, wasps and protestants (go listen on VOR) are hyper individualistic, etc, etc… BUT THEN he’ll talk about jews saying they now have what wasps used to have in the u.s., in terms of social groups, etc. Lol, which is it— the evil wasps and all their “irish need not apply signs” and intense clubbiness (as if there are not many sub-groups of them, also,
which don’t agree)… OR they are hyper individualistic and non-communal by nature?) People always want it both ways— depending on what point they are making.

sandusky - having it both ways. fags push age of consent down. sandusky raping 14-year-olds.

This is my only criticism of an otherwise excellent book: the fact that the Supreme Court was able to intervene and outlaw restrictive covenants (and segregation and much else like “disparate impact”) in the first place only shows that John C. Calhoun was even more right than even Kersey has imagined.

This incorrect. If it was completed by judicial intervention, then there never was a voting alliance between Africans and Northern Whites.

In other words no one campaigned and was voted into public office on the promise of ending restrictive covenants, it was done by judicial interpretation and the evidence is very clear regarding who was driving this agenda.

There is an interesting story regarding the brief filed on behalf of the United States government. [Shelley v. Kraemer] It was written by four Jewish lawyers: Philip Elman, Oscar Davis, Hilbert Zarky, and Stanley Silverberg. However, the Solicitor General’s office chose to omit their names from the brief. The principal assistant to the Solicitor General, Arnold Raum, who was also Jewish, stated that it was “bad enough that Perlman’s name has to be there, to have one Jew’s name on it, but you have also put four more Jewish names on. That makes it look as if a bunch of Jewish lawyers in the Department of Justice put this out.”[2]

“Shelley v. Kraemer (334 U.S. 1 (1948)): This case, a landmark in civil rights litigation, established the right of all citizens to own property regardless of race and thereby invalidated the racially restrictive covenants that had historically prevented non-white people from living in certain areas. In its first amicus curiae brief ever, ADL successfully argued that restrictive covenants and the segregated communities they promoted were unconstitutional and violated the Fourteenth Amendment. ”

churchill on jews
hoppe on health insurance

refuting out of africa
True, but not the meaning most self-labeled “Christians” usually intend. The only true meaning of life, according to Christ’s teachings, is to serve God. Full stop. The only “collective needs” that a real Christian is commanded to subordinate their “selfish individual desires” for are Godly ones.

no college


How bad do you wanna be a Delta? Would you walk on broken glass? Let the shards tear into your Achilles tendon...causing acute achondroplasia... which could lead to non-congenital dwarfism as you got older?

2. I believe the “organizational framework” we need requires what the National Democratic Party of Germany calls the “three tiers” of cultural, community, and political activism. I also believe that these forms of activism require a variety of organizational structures, which David Ronfeldt categorizes as tribes, institutions, markets, and networks, and that these structures should work with each other
rather than against each other.

Cultural, community, and political activism can support and interpenetrate each other in such a way as to create resilient and expansive networks.

"The jews belong to a dark and repulsive force. One knows not how numerous the clique is, how they stick together, and what power they exercise through their unions. They are a nation of rascals and deceivers". --CICERO


Ten lousy bucks can't replace Jill.
How about twenty?
Jill who?

Surrogate won't compromise her morals until offered an extra 10k. wont do it for 5k will for 10k.
I'd say it's not going to work...for Sandra and Wayne! Congratulations, you're having a baby!

PatrickUSamer Kalaf1L U
The problem with Clowney is he isn't that intelligent. Nothing to do with him being black, but his grades and SAT test were way below admitting standards until he got tutors... In fact, he would have qualified for the special olympics. South Carolina had to dumb down their defensive schemes because Clowney couldn't understand them and offenses around the SEC knew this.

IGotABlueberryForADaughterUSara Benincasa181L U
Was I the only one that thought the answer to the first question was a bit condescending? I don't know anything about Reiki, & maybe it's complete hooey, but it sounds like the one asking for help has found a personal benefit from their mentor. I don't disagree with the point

- (she can hang out with whomever, but you don't have to get along with all of her friends, etc.) but it just seemed judgmental. Then

again, I've had a rough day and it's quite possible I read a tone into it that wasn't there at all. Yesterday 7:24pm

wazza1UIGotABlueberryForADaughter91L U
I picked up on that as well and my day has been just fine. Yesterday 7:26pm

IGotABlueberryForADaughterUwazza111L U
Okay, glad to hear it wasn't just me. The second question was so great about supporting the choices of the BFF in question, but the first one likened her choices to complete malarkey. Yesterday 7:28pm

Turns out, you get fewer offers when you sell the package as is, but the people who do make offers? Are pretty excited about it.

FlamesOnTheSideOfMyFaceUTom Scocca481L U
Thank you. I have a friend who was a day player on The Cosby Show playing a teenage friend of one of the kids. She told me firsthand how Bill Cosby made advances towards her, and how creepy he was onset. Apparently it was well known that he would go after the young female guest actors. I have always considered him a creep and have always been impressed by the swift efficiency of his PR machine. Tuesday 4:09pm

SimuLordUHobbesBattery1L U
I work in downtown Seattle and spend most of my off hours there. I sleep in Kent, mainly because the rent in Seattle is absurd.

The parts of 4th I specifically had in mind were the Westlake Center plaza (which was the subject of "Operation Happy Holidays" last November and which I've repeatedly been accosted in by people trying to sell me drugs and/or hit me up for drug money), the stretch in front of the library (where the homeless congregate, especially when it rains), and the shitshow between James St. and King St. Station (there's a bridge there under which the homeless who can't get into the Union Gospel Mission for the night end up sleeping. How do I know that? Back before I got most of my sense of compassion beaten out of me, I used to volunteer, helping out in and around Pioneer Square.)

Yeah, Third Avenue is far worse (and the less said about the neighborhood around 2nd and Pike, the better—-great teriyaki at Osaka, terrible fucking people outside.) The parade was on Fourth, so I chose to focus my attention on Fourth. You don't hit an indisputably nice area at the north end of downtown until you get to Fifth.

(and as to my travel bona fides? I grew up in Boston and was actually homeless there for three months during the recession. In just the past two years I've lived in Boston, Knoxville, Lexington, Sacramento, and Seattle. I went to college in Reno, and I've spent more than my fair share of time in New York, Cleveland, and Chicago. Seattle's homeless are a particularly nasty strain, emboldened by the "compassion" that allows them to outright shake people down with no fear of reprisal by either Florida-style street justice or Los Angeles-level police brutality. Only place I've ever been with a nastier underbelly is Washington, DC (my least favorite city on Earth.) Wednesday 9:47pm

Yeah. I lived on 2nd and Washington for three years. I walked around at night all the time and never felt afraid (i am a big guy, though). a lot of those people aren't victims of capitalism, though some are victims of a failing VA. most are DRUG addicts who chose drugs. The difference is that "black men" of the NFL worked their fucking asses off to get into the NFL. Seattle doesn't have an issue with "black men," it has a problem with Eritrean gang violence and heroin addicts vomiting and pissing all over the street of what would be nice neighborhoods, otherwise. Wednesday 11:37pm

RooriaUkookla21L U
My husband brought home a shelter cat about 18mos. ago. A tabby. He was a kitten then but you could tell by the paws he was going to be a big guy and he is. Weighed in at 23lbs. last month when I took him to the vet. We sometimes have to wipe his butt for him, he needs his anal glands expressed regularly, and he has trouble bathing himself. We came home that day with a bag of diet food and instructions to feed him twice a day a specific amount and he's now down to 21lbs. Hopefully, when he gets down to 15lbs. he'll learn to manage his own hygiene.

Friday 5:22pm

Q: Jim Caldwell’s coaching resume.

2013 Ravens Offense: 29th in yards, 25th in scoring.

Record as college head coach: 26-63.

NFL Head Coaching Record without Peyton Manning: 2-14.

Pulse: questionable.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2014 Detroit Lions!!!
—Noah Kaufman, Kalamazoo, Michigan

SG: I mean … you could always gamble against Jim Caldwell, right?

s3rp3ntsUNeetzan Zimmerman171L U
Been there; done that.

Originally from Alabama, granddaughter of a family farmer... Me and granddad used to sit on the porch and watch the storms roll in. It amazes me to this day how many people just don't know to get the hell in out of what is clearly an approaching lightning storm. You can smell it, for the love of all that's holy.

That's what got me moving during the Tibetan Freedom Concert: I could smell the storm coming. I was in an exit immediately prior to the young lady getting struck by lightning, yelling at my idiot friends who'd decided to stay. Literally in the middle of a sentence like, "Y'all ain't gonna be satisfied til someone gets struck," which was my grandmother's famous last phrase before she'd leave me and Granddad on the porch, in the metal glider. Sure enough...

And nothing smells like a close-by lightning strike, either. Like... the cleanest, silvery-est air you've ever tasted. Tangy and sharp, like a stainless steel knife. Yesterday 1:50pm

“...The German Jews fed themselves on false hope, overlooked reality, dreamed of cosmopolitanism, of the time of Lessing and Mendelssohn.

And this expressed itself in two ways; either they became Liberals, or they became the standard-bearers of Socialism. Both fields of activity furnished new food to anti-Semitism. “In all good faith, to serve themselves and humanity, the Jews began to reach actively into the life of the German people. We trusted to the rights of democracy, and felt ouselves as equal citizens of the State, posed as censors, poured satire upon the Germans, considered ourselves as prophets, made revolutions, gave to the international proletariat a second Bible…The Jew Lasalle organized the masses. The Jew Edward Bernstein popularized the Marxian ideology; and the Jews Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg brought the Spartacist movement to life.

In Bavaria the Jew Kurt Eisner seized power. Against all this the German nation rebelled. She wanted to forge her own destiny and determine the future of her own children. Can we blame her?...” pg.189-190 EUROPEAN JUNGLE by Yeats-Brown.

"There is a trait in the Jewish character that does provoke animosity, maybe it's a kind of lack of generosity towards non-Jews. I mean, there's always a reason why anti-anything crops up anywhere; even a stinker like Hitler didn't just pick on them for no reason."- Roald Dahl

Yockey (who died in 1960) had the essence of the American Empire already figured out in 1949:

The instruments of this assault and the weapons of propaganda, press, radio, cinema, stage, education. These weapons are controlled at this moment in Europe almost entirely by the forces of Culture-disease and social degeneration.

The “chief fount” is Hollywood, which “spews forth an endless series of perverted films to debase and degenerate the youth of Europe” after having successfully destroyed the youth of America.

The message of Hollywood is the total, significance of the isolated individual, stateless and rootless, outside of society and family, whose life is the pursuit of money and erotic pleasure. It is not the normal and healthy love of man and wife bound together by many children that Hollywood preaches, but a diseased erotic-for-its-own sake, the sexual love of two grains of human sand, superficial and impermanent. Before this highest of all Hollywood’s values everything else must stand aside: marriage, honor, duty, patriotism, sternness dedication to self to a higher aim. This ghastly distortion of sexual life has created the erotomaia that obsesses millions of victims in America, and which has now been brought to the Mother-soil of Europe by the American invasion.

Hollywood-feminism has created a woman who is no longer a woman but cannot be a man, and a man who is devirilized into an indeterminate thing. The name given to this process is “the setting from” of woman and it is done in the name of “happiness,” the magic word of the liberal-communist-democratic doctrine.

Just to the west of Palm Beach is the last American frontier: the Everglades. By 1900, this country's wild west had been tamed. There were maps of the prairies, the mountains, and the rivers; the Indians had been either destroyed or shoved into reservations. In 1898, Florida's "outback" was still unmapped; the Seminoles continued to raid the coastal settlements. (They did not sign a final peace treaty with the federal government until well into the twentieth century.) During the last years of the 1800s it was safe to travel anywhere in the United States with the exception of central South Florida... ("Cat Five, by Robert P. Davis, 1977)

You're misreading that. They're not "comfortable with themselves". They're too fucking stupid to realize what they're doing is unhealthy.

These are the same people who'll smoke a pack a day and leech off the disability system when they're suffering from COPD and diabetes in their 40s.

These people are ignorant, mouth-breathing, inbred morons. This is the white Southern version of a minstrel show.

I live in Chesterfield and enjoy everything it has to offer.

lib mentality
You Mincing NinnyUTaylor Berman51L U
I used to be way more of a beer snob than I am now. Frankly it's embarrassing to remember the way I used to be. I'd be drinking these super-dark, mega-flavored Euro-style microbrewery beers. Nevermind that I'd get a headache after the first one; I had *cred* darn it.

weddings/wedding mentality
msfriendlyUCallie Beusman51L U
The only thing more embarrassing than this Ani DiFranco thing is the fact that there are LOADS of event venues (in Georgia at least) that aren't plantations, but they put "Plantation" in the name in order to get people to get married/host an event there. My cousin had an old barn and extra pond on his property and was hiring it out for weddings. No takers. He changed the name to _____ Plantation, and now people
come from all over the state for "plantation weddings." The fact that this is a thing is HORRIFYING to me.

MysticlightsUSmarcus41L U
Warwick, East Providence, Johnston, Smithfield, East Greenwich, Cranston, Pawtucket … the worst provincial racist attitudes I've seen in New England. It's like stepping back 30 years in time with lots of tanning, fake hair, fake nails, Juicy Couture sweatpants on anyone 16-60 and gold jewelry. And really, really bad accents.

RhodeIslandClamChowderUSmarcus21L U
It's just like how CT and MA have weird, backwoods, extra-intolerant, extra-ignorant pockets, usually further away from cities/population centers. I think the further you get from the coast – especially in RI – the more likely you are to be disappointed by the people.

Electra Glide in Blue (1973) - robert blake. "incompetence is the worst form of corruption"

This screenplay follow the two best rules for writing believable dialogue: “People only want what they want” and “Nobody listens to each other”.

To glimpse Salon’s preoccupation with “calling out” white racism, google( racism) or ( white males), where you can select from many fine titles such as :

[found on guardian]
A little story regarding this: I live in Germany and I wanted to take my four-year-old to an animal shelter to have him pet the cats there, since I am allergic and we can't have one. It turned out you need to do a three day course to get a certificate for yourself and your kid before you are allowed to pet the animals.

propaganda offence (britain, frank ellis)

It certainly used to. According to Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Hannah Arendt once reportedly said something along the lines of, “One of the greatest advantages of the totalitarian elites of the twenties and thirties was to turn any statement of fact into a question of motive.”

Any public figure, particularly one in Hollywood, who reveals themselves to be a conservative or a conservative sympathizer should be ostracized and lose his or her livelihood. Vaughn is no exception. The notion of not punishing people because of their objectionable views (or tolerance of objectionable views) is malarkey. These people must be sniffed out and made to pay for their wrong-thinking beliefs.

my skeptic tank is overflowing with your bullshit!

JimP says:
July 28, 2012 at 1:39 am

“Why shouldn’t I hate the damnyankee?”

Because he pays your salary, by your own words. You “hate” the damnyankee so much you serve his war machine, voluntarily, and purely out of self-interest. You don’t even agree with what he’s doing! That makes you, by anyone’s definition, an unprincipled man, and, in common parlance, a sellout. You’re even worse than the Germans and Irish you whine about because many of them actually did believe they were doing the right thing. They weren’t just in it for money. But hey, what are the Iraqis’ rights to be left alone next to Stoney’s paycheck?

The damnyankee and his dogboy shirtlifter are doing exactly the same thing in Iraq/Afghanistan that Stonelifter cries endlessly about when it’s done to the South. What we know from his admitted behavior is that his complaints aren’t principled. His only objection to damnyankee moralistic-warmongering was that it was visited on his people. He has no problems with damnyankee doing same thing to other people. In
fact, he’s the first guy in line to sign up to help them.

This sort of head-twirling hypocrisy, which is pretty much ubiquitous in the “oh, we just like to fight; we’s fahtin’ men, we is” South that is one reason people outside the region find Southerners more than faintly ridiculous.

I apply the ancient criminal law maxim to politics, namely, that people intend the ordinary and probable consequences of their actions.

Saint Reagan signed MLK day into law and gave amnesty to over a million illegal Mexicans.

George Roland Wills Well, the Anglo-Saxon yankees can not stand the Celtic Southerners... and they never could. Celts are most hospitable, they scream when they go into battle, they are a slower, more deliberate type of people, and they enjoy quality over quantity... and they suffer from none of the 'pelf' of the Anglo-Saxon coupon clippers!



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