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Robbie Key
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Robbie Key
Default World National-Conservative Movement

[google translate, pardon me]

New cross-national conservative movement has been formed

The editorial staff
The editors, 2015-12-29
[email protected]

NATIONALISM. After a long conference, a new business where the idea is that national and conservative parties, organizations and individuals to cooperate for common goals formed. The movement's English name is "The World National-Conservative Movement".

In December, a conference held over the Internet where national and conservative individuals and representatives of major parties and organizations participated. The conference's goal was to create a worldwide national conservative movement, which also made.

The new movement calls itself in English "World National-Conservative Movement" and adopted during the conference a manifesto, program and statutes that govern how the movement works. Further, formed a number of committees to work on various issues such as ideology, information, demonstrations, legal, military and volunteer activities and humanitarian work.

The following individuals and organizations are included in the new movement:

Jean-Marie Le Pen – Honorary Chairman – France.
Golden Dawn – Greece
National Popular Front (ELAM) – Cyprus
Falanga – Poland
Serbian Action – Serbia
ARMINIUS-Bund – Germany
Action Francies – France
Acción Identitaria – Chile
The People’s Alliance for Democracy – Thailand
Syrian Social Nationalist Party – Syria
Front Nasionaal – South Africa
Bulgarian National Union – Bulgaria
Traditionalist Worker Party – USA
American Freedom Party – USA
American Renaissance – USA
Národní demokracie – Czech Republic
Dr.Tomislav Sunic – Croatia – USA
Serbian Radical Party – Serbia
Dr.Kevin MacDonald – USA
Russian National Cultural Center – Russia
Russian Imperial Movement – Russia
Council of Conservative Citizens – USA
The Movement of Vladimir Monomakh ”Rus” – Luhansk People’s Republic
Destra Sociale – Italy
Society of St John the Goth – USA
Traditio-Еuropa – Spain
Philippine National Front – Philippines
The Union of Orthodox Bannerbearers – Russia
Republican Social Movement – Spain
Association ”Fidelity” – Bulgaria
The national-patriotic movement ”Russian World” – Russia
Generation identity – Switzerland
Generation identity – Canada
MIÉP – Hungarian Justice and Life Party – Hungary
Generation Identity – Germany
Zwart Front – Netherlands
Autonomous Nationalists of Serbia
Movimiento Patriota – Venezuela
Generation identity – South Africa
Euro-Rus – Belgium – Russia
New Resistance – USA – Brazil
Simion Radu (independent activists) – Romania
Ivars Muravskis (independent activists) – Latvia
Eugene Montsalvat (independent activists) – USA
Aleksey Shirokov (independent activists) – Lebanon -Russia

The following individuals are included in its board:

Andreas Sapatis Giallourides (”Golden Dawn” – Greece)
Lazar Milić (”Serbian Action” – Serbia)
Elie Hatem (”Action Francies” – France )
Hassan Sakr (”Syrian Social Nationalist Party” – Syria)
Lenel Cotty Wessels (”Front Nasionaal – South Africa”)
Plamen Dimitrov (”Bulgarian National Union” – Bulgaria)
Matthew Heimbach (”Traditionalist Worker Party” – USA)
Ladislav Zemánek (”National Democracy” – Czech Republic)
Yuri Lubomirski (”Russian National Cultural Center” – Russia)
Nickolas Truschalov (”Russian Imperial Movement” – Russia)
Aurikka Abulencia (”Philippine National Front” – Philippines)
Stephane Dinev (Association ”Fidelity” – Bulgaria )
Quins Wittewel (”Zwart Front” – Netherlands)
Marko B. Gainovich (Autonomous Nationalists of Serbia)
Manuel Aurelio (”Movimiento Patriota” – Venezuela)
Kris Roman (”Euro-Rus” – Belgium -Russia )
Raphael Machado (”New Resistance” – Brazil)
Mike Romano (”Society of St John the Goth” -USA )
Leonid Simonovic-Niksic (”The Union of Orthodox Bannerbearers” – Russia)
Simion Radu (independent activists – Romania)

Short excerpt from the manifesto:
When soberly considering the current political situation in the world, the question arises as to why none of the national conservative movements or political parties have come to power recently in their countries?
In the case of even the smallest successes of such a movement in a country, against it are quickly arraigned the forces of globalization, both within the country and without, in terms of money, media, and organization. The power of our enemies lies in their unity and it is necessary for us to use this same tactic. As a response to global challenges, we must reply using global measures.

Between many of us remain many unforgotten historical grievances, religious disagreements, territorial claims and other conflicts. However, in the presence of such serious menaces on the global scale, as a result of which we all suffer, these conflicts are less important to the existence of our nations, cultures and religions.

Victory of the conservative revolution even in one country without fail will provide an example for other countries. For this reason it is necessary to support each other in terms of information and organization. For that purpose it is necessary to form a worldwide national-conservative movement.
In the program of the movement says that the movement's aim is to safeguard Nations national identities and interests as well as the movement's followers to share information and knowledge and support each other.

As ideological ambition has movement "to develop a national conservative doctrine under modern conditions". More practically, the goal is to, among other things, organizing conferences, sending delegations of nationalist gatherings in different countries, conducting joint operations in several countries at the same time, supporting national activists imprisoned by the system and organize training camps.

Nordic Resistance Movement was invited to the conference and observed what was said during it. NRM is open to future collaborations but has chosen not to commit itself formally in the cooperation.


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