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Randolph Dilloway
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Default Delphic Maxims inscribed on the ancient Temple of Apollo at Delphi

The Foundations of Rational Hedonism
From the Temple at Delphi

Inscribed on the ancient Temple of Apollo at Delphi were the Delphic Maxims.

Although not divine commandments, they were wise, short, to-the-point sayings guiding people to a good, virtuous life. They are either attributed to the Oracle of Delphi or to The Seven Sages or "wise men" of Greece (620-550 BCE). Over years, through public and political upheaval and pressure, more sayings were added, however, only those relevant and not contrary to the tenants of Rational Hedonism are observed.

The Delphic Maxims (listed below) serve as the groundwork and Foundation of Rational Hedonism, taught to our children and studied by adults.

Without these preliminary understandings as a strong foundational, centering base, the Beliefs (or Columns) of Rational Hedonism may collapse on someone who uses them as justification (or excuse) for self-destructive behavior such as being obnoxious or a narcissist.

It is unfortunate that so many people hear the word, "hedonism" and not the "Rational" which comes before it. Rational Hedonism is centered on living a life of pleasure, happiness and no regret. The ability to live with "no regrets" comes from living a good life.

Know your opportunity.
Work for what you can own.
Do not trust fortune.

Love whom you rear.
Do not curse your sons (children).
Teach a youngster.
Respect the elder.
Care for your parents.
Crown your ancestors.
Do not make fun of the dead.
Do not wrong the dead.
Associate with your peers.
Test the character.
Be kind to friends.
Guard friendship.
Watch out for your enemies.
Guard what is yours.
Respect yourself.
Be yourself.
Speak plainly.
Do not be discontented with life.
Praise the good.
Be courteous.
Honor good men.
Praise virtue.
Exercise nobility of character.
Act without repenting.
Live without sorrow.
Be grateful.
Use time sparingly.
Give a timely response.
Do what you mean to do.
Be a seeker of wisdom.
Do not tire of learning.
Perceive what you have heard.
Know what you have learned.

Heed the law.
Yield to justice.
Make just judgments.
Consult the wise.
Judge incorruptly.
Rule yourself.
Be superior to anger.
Pursue honor.
Do not abandon honor.
Despise evil.
Shun murder.
Despise strife.
Despise a slanderer.
Accuse one who is present.
Do not oppose someone absent.
Do not depend on strength.

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