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Default Occidentalism vs Orientalism

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Orientalism: is Mandarinism, obsequious kowtowing to external authority, slavish servitude towards the overarching master, the omnipresent eye of Sauron which casts its glare over their antlike activity as the struggle under their burdensome exertion being the brow-sweat which they consume as their ambrosia, delighting in a moderate and socially acceptable way in the humdrum and mundane life of placid mediocrity. Anthill society where ‘all are one’, all ‘pulling their weight’ to the extent of societal expectation without thought for any possibility outside of the limited capacity they have been assigned by the state. Orientalism is imitation of the occident in attempts to supersede its better; to miniaturize the creations of the latter in hopes of defeating the sun which outshines itself. Orientalism is vainglorious pride in conformism, is replication and parroting of the Mandarin, The Imam and the rabbi in collectivistic rites and ceremonies. Everything is an over-refined ritualism, micromanaged and standardized by the authority that purports to derive his authority from divine inspiration by an ethereal deity who legitimates thereby the standards, weights, and measures which serve the anthill society in its perpetual motion.

The Orient purports to be the bastion of the spirit on earth as in heaven but is merely the stagnation of occidental impetus in the original cultural form (their societies having been created by the white man thousands of years before and having been barely sustained by the Oriental denizens of that region – themselves a product of miscegenation and/or conquest by racial strangers from without). The globalization of this anthill societal blueprint devolves through this same stagnation the creative genius of the white race to the level of apathy and deluge within the floodtide of yellow hegemony. From thence the end of history is truly reached once the white becomes yellow; the analects of sterile forms of rites and ceremonies, of over- refined Orientalism (martial arts, decadent culinary practice, exquisite décor, etc.) all intertwine to create an entropic system of rigidity wherein only elegant corpses are displayed to the onlooker who would inevitably be whatever abstract monotheistic deity gazes out upon a world of death (what is trumpeted as ‘peace’) as it circles through the cord for eternity.

Occidentalism: Creedo of the hero the occident looms forth as the juggernaut of cultural imperium imposing its refulgent dynamism upon the earth, influencing all with its ripples as it sallies forth in conquering strides to bestow its virtue of enlightenment upon those it deems worthy of its nobility. The dynamic forces which comprise its bulk are forever vying with one another for supremacy thereby spurring on this structure of adamant. The creative force, the willpower which manifests those products of genius that constitute the creation of the world, establish on the earth the creator’s proper place of supremacy. Hence all who have – through observation of the occident, admiration and perhaps a jealous desire for like status, have sought to vie with the occident for dominion over the earth ever as they ostentatiously bow in feigned obeisance to their would-be master, all the while sharpening their knives for a backstab when the moment is right. The occident, too blinded by egotism and naïve in its childlike adventuring, believes the world outside its scope to be a non-entity and the entire world within its scope to be within its control thus incapable of understanding how it is viewed with any critical distance.
The heroic personality always wears rose-coloured glasses and so doing blinds itself to those who do not overtly give it combat as no guile exists within it. This dangerous naiveté threatens the death blow of the occident and to topple its towers and statues made seemingly of indelible adamant. The underhanded guile of the dark forces ( the Orient and their witless brute slaves) forever looming in the shadows to assassinate the victorious hero – especially when this hero grows soft, unchallenged and unchecked by a worthy combatant. Given that the fight is merely subterfuge and never attains until the last moment (what the dark forces would consider the ‘death blow’); the occident languishes in decadence oblivious to the threat. However not sufficiently dulled of consciousness as a dawning realization that there may exist a threat kindles in the alcoholized mind of the occident which then swiftly reacts against the creeping foe. This scenario though fanciful would hopefully be the consequence and the foes of the dark side subjugated as quickly as possible…however the blonde beastie continues to play in idleness, his weapons having been laid aside, dulled through lack of use, his sinews having grown flabby and weak. A call to arms is necessary if he too is not to be subjugated – a necessary condition of survival.

see more at ARYANH8.COM

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