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M. Willis
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M. Willis
Default The Militia

Rather surprised this was not on here so I am going to post it as this thread is dedicated to fighting, guns and weapons. No force better exemplifies these and other virtues than a militia for unlike a traditional military a militia is in no way limited in their scope or reach. No gun is too unorthodox or useless. No tactic or strategy is ruled out because a militia does what they can, when they can, where they can. For a militia has no combat operation rules or limitations, their only limitations are those imposed by the lack of imagination by their commanders. By comparison any traditional military forbids a great host of activity, hamstrings its members in bureaucracy or a strict and choking leash held by those higher up. Opposite of this is a militia which operates in small team or platoons and does whatever they want and such forces have driven militaries up the wall for millennia. However, lets cover some aspects starting with why the militia is important in any fighting scenario faced by whites be it against ZOG or foreign troops.

1. Why the militia is important

We can look around us and see that the military does as it is told, that is just the way they are. Decades of research into mind control by the government starting in WW1 when some units refused to fight after realizing the truth scared the War Department so badly they changed doctrine and began to burn nothing but hatred into the minds of recruits. That orders were not just to be obeyed, but obeyed or be shot on the spot, whole new systems were drawn up to scare everyone into obedience or to just accept things as they are, to never think, just obey. By doing so they have created a force that willingly runs back and forth across the planet slaughtering one nationality or another for no reason what so ever, and whatever reasoning they have is so shallow a toddler can see through it. Yet, they obey. Back in the 1860's the federal army was called to put down southern states for daring to say that they should have equal access to tax revenue for improving their economy, after all 86% of all taxes were paid by the south and not the north! In response Lincoln dispatched the military and navy, the rest becoming history. How many soldiers turned on their officers? None. How many officers turned on the government? A few, very few in fact. By far the overwhelming majority sided with the federal government that signed off on their paychecks and WILLINGLY shot down white Americans. Not only that, they raped, burned and butchered their way south during and after the war bringing horror and terror everywhere they went.

Yet, despite this precedence, today people believe the military will come to Americans aid. Once more we can see this as false such as during the infamous assault against veterans camps in DC after WW1, they wanted what the jewish government promised: their pay. The government flatly refused under any circumstance to pay them. They therefor camped out and the military was dispatched to put them down and DID. At bayonet point. We can go even further during the times of integration, the military marched through the streets, bayonets fixed daring anyone to stop the negros from being forcibly put into white only schools.

The rest is history.

As such we have a clear and present problem. The military will side with whomever pays the check or as the saying goes: "He who pays the piper picks the tune." This is never more true than with standing armies, fools may wish to believe they shall change their mind and rush to their fellow countrymans aid but history has proven this to be damnably wrong and so fatal a flaw it cost the CSA a nightmarish defeat after a long and bloody struggle. It is because of this little fact that the militia is so absolutely important to freedom for without the militia there will be no one left to oppose the jewish, masonic and blue-blood run government. We can see already from history that the military will happily plod along! No one is going to fight back save the militia and as such the militia shall always remain the central pillar of freedom and resistance for no matter how much anyone wishes otherwise it is simply not the case.

2. Militia vs. Military.

I have seen and heard no shortage of hostility and slander against the militia, namely by former or present military members... Always giving the exact same, rehearsed line: the military will squash the militia like a bug. Yet, this same military lost in Vietnam. It lost again in Afghanistan and Iraq while having absolute, unquestioning superiority in every possible manner. Technology, air power, armor, weapons systems, you name it they had it. And yet despite every advantage in an open desert nation they could not even keep a "green zone" under their control for a one week span. So dangerous was the situation that death could come from anywhere and this was against an enemy whos only advantage was suicide bombers, IED's and sheer, absolute balls of STEEL. Never were they known for being even at a basic level of marksmanship, they know not accuracy or any real tactics other than basic ambush, spray and pray or the before mentioned IED attacks, etc. Their entire premise of warfare was summed up by a reporter who traveled with a band of them and remarked as follows in this crude rememberance: "They spent more than two weeks sneaking up to within mortar range of a military base (USZOG) and after firing just a few mortar rounds at random ran away. The retaliation cost them over half their forces but the commander smiled broadly and remarked that this was their most successful mission yet."

Americans are not Arabs. I doubt any one of you reading this believes that the above is acceptable let alone something that should be embraced as standard practice in warfare. However, up against an enemy like this the combined power of the USZOG military was incapable of winning after ten YEARS of non-stop warfare. Open country, no cover, an enemy barely out of the stone age if not for foreign involvement, tribalistic, shooting each other just as much as they shoot you, fractured beyond repair... Yet they could never be tamed. We also know thanks to Iraqi fighters filming their activities than the casualty reports given by the DOD were absolute lies, that yes tanks were destroyed, helicopters shot down and that the losses are far, far higher than anything they admit. However, because of isolation and control this did not come out and those few officers who opened their mouths were immediately locked away.

So if we are not them... And I know we are not, then what would it look like? Would we be "squashed like bugs" like military members retired or otherwise claim? No. Not even close. Compare the operational areas of Iraq and Afghanistan to the continental USA, they were absolutely, 100% incapable of controlling anything at all within something the size of Texas. A desert, barren, sand covered Texas where you can spot anything from the air, an operational zone so small it was limited to two rivers in Iraqs case because life can not exist in the open desert. Now imagine just three hundred angry Americans, with nothing more than a .30-06 deer rifle, scope, some fatigues and a chip on their shoulder out to get someone. How many casualties do you think there would be just in the first ten minutes? Hours? Weeks? If they killed or shot just one (1) a day over a period of three months the situation would snowball out of control. Imagine if they shot the supply trucks heading for the bases to keep them fed, now the military has to fan out across a road network and invite more attacks.

Very quickly you have a situation that is untennable, so now comes the helicopters, drones and jets. They shall buzz furiously up and down the roads watching but they can not be there 24/7, most Americans have learned to look up and pay attention to sounds while in the third world the idea of a drone is still magic, voodoo. We can buy drones at Wal-Mart for around 100-300 USD now. Go ahead, buy one of your own! No, it is not the same shall cry out the military, they have drones bigger than jets that operate at 30,000 feet and can see you pick your nose through the roof... Wrong. Everyone drone has to land and people out there own some rather interesting ordnance. A .50 caliber rifle? Sure, buy one. Many own them! Some militias pride themselves on having hundreds of them just for long range "hellos" with drone operation towers. Oh thats right, to control that drone you have a rather large target: huge antennas and satellite dishes. What if someone knocked a few out? Or what if someone shot the drone before takeoff? A one dollar shot just utterly destroyed $50,000+ of military equipment. What about the operator? Well he goes home right? They wont live in the base forever, they leave at some point...

The military operates on the concept that their target is at a specific grid coordinate, they then use conventional warfare to destroy said target. What happens when an opponent refuses to give them a target? In Iraq this drove them up the wall, the enemy just kept moving and shifting at will but still in a restricted urban environment. Now imagine them having to control road networks running across states including urban areas, gets rather dicey doesnt it? But rest assured they have trained for this, they built mock American towns and practiced assaulting them, so they are training to kill Americans. But, again, they need a set target. Special operations troops? They die like anyone else, imagine those deer hunters tracking special operations troops who are tracking them. Both are engaged in the same game: to out think their quarry and bring them down via non-standard means. In Ireland this was proven to be the case and despite all their efforts the British military was incapable of controlling the situation. They sent in their lofted SAS and sometimes won, but ultimately lost the war. In retaliation to certain victories the IRA attacked them right back with rousing success.

What makes any of these groups deadly? Not the tools but the training. A Green Beret was asked to teach some GI JOEs what he knew, they were surprised to find out that there were no special tricks to fighting. When inquiring as to why they were so "special" then he told them it is because: "when you practice assaulting a trench ten hours a day for three months straight you get REALLY good at it."

This is true of the militia, the more they train the better they are. So what chance does the militia have? More than you can imagine. Not only does the terrain favor militias which do not rely on logistical lines or a well secured front line and perimeter, they instead rely on speed, wit and craftyness. There are no rules in their book, simply to get the job done and win. An example of this? Ukraine.

Lets go back in time to when the Jewish run Ukrainian government was trying to harass the eastern population (Russian) into obedience. Without any kind of supply lines the war started with a handful of locals, some retired military, who decided enough was enough. They set out as a "butterknife" brigade with whatever they had and set out to capture guns and so they did. Once they had guns they wanted mortars, they exterminated a mortar platoon and snuck away. All while being without air cover. From there their actions spread, other groups joined in and soon the military of the Ukrainian government could not be everywhere at once, they were spread too thin. Soon the attacks grew in frequency and intensity until they had lost artillery companies, tank batallions, APCs, even aircraft. With every new battle new equipment found its way into the hands of locals who made it vanish, before long the Ukranian government was screaming for help while being chased west by militias. What stopped it? The militias decided to fight conventionally again and their momentum pittered out. However, it had damning effect against the government and showed what can happen when just twelve (12) men decided they have had enough.

But the Ukranian military is a joke compared to the might of USZOG! Not really. They had all the same dedication, tools, air power, might of sheer numbers that anyone could want in a war but they lost because twelve guys got sick of them and fought by their own rules. The only headway a military has is when a force decides to only operate in a narrow area, when this happens they can pin them down, surround the area and then squeeze. Imagine trying to do this across Georgia or North Carolina... Daunting if the militia in question decided "nah, lets go over there now."

The power of the military lays in its ability to find a set target and attack it.

The power of the militia lays in its ability to find targets anywhere they want and keep moving.

Conventional warfare vs. unconventional warfare.

Another example just for the sake of argument would be that when those soldiers leave camp to visit family? The family dies to. Oh, your brother is X? Okay... Let me write that down... He is coming to visit next week? Oh thats great!

The above is what happens when you fight a guerilla war, attacks shall come from anywhere, at any time and by anyone. There are no rules, no regulations, just get it done. Imagine the fuel trucks driving to a base taking a round or two in the tank... That is all she wrote, the truck will drive down the road spewing fire and the trucks behind will have to slam on the brakes. Or maybe the food trucks just never show up because some deer hunter takes out the drives on bends in the road where the trucks slow down. Now they need to put out ten times as many outposts, only to find those outposts now getting hit left and right.

Unlike the third world Americans are trained to shoot straight, the military then teaches to spray and pray, to dump everything you have on X location until it stops moving. How many rounds did it take in Afghanistan to get 1 kill? Over 250,000. Yes, thats right. Over 250,000 to get 1 kill and that included precision drone strikes, bombing and even attacks against weddings where they killed 24 locals wishing their 12 year old happy birthday. Bear in mind this number is on the LOW END because they included precision strikes! Just keep that rolling around... Now think of what that will look like if they had to fight their way through say... Tennessee. Against an opponent that breaths... Aims... Bang. Got one. Body armor? Imagine that .30-06 going through the knee instead or between the eyes. Unlike the third world Americans aim! The militia teaches rifle marksmanship and I have never seen nor heard of any militia in the USA that does otherwise. If you know of one please SLAP THEM for me!

No machine is infallible, it simply falls to the individual to find their weaknesses and exploit them. Tanks need gas, stop the gas, no tanks. There are giant fuel lines burried across the nation... Imagine those getting cut by explosives, the chain reaction would be truly hell and leave them without fuel for years on end. Bridges not blown but weakened so when enough weight goes over it collapses, water sources poisoned before it gets pumped to them, the list goes on. Anyone who tries hard enough will find a way because the sky is the limit for militias.

3. Arms.

The previous section was a rather brief overview of warfare so now lets consider the weapons involved. True, the military has tanks, jets, drones, trucks, APCs, you name it they got it including the kitchen sink. But as I said before every machine has a soft underbelly and as a war grinds on equipment is destroyed and if an enemy keeps the pressure on it becomes hard to replace it. The logistics behind moving an army is something that would make a warehouse manager scream in agony and just moving a corp (30,000) can be hell on earth. Not only do you have to move all the ammo, guns, tools, fuel, food, etc but then there are the troops themselves who operate the arms in question. If someone sets out to make life a living hell for them they shall. Drones can be put up along with jets but after so many hours of flight they need to land and be repaired, if they fly too long the parts wear out and failures occur. That is why tanks are put on large trucks and hauled from place to place rather than driven, sometimes they put them on trains if possible.

True, those machines can cause horrific harm. A drone raise havock along with an AH-64 but across a vast area they are useless. Consider than in the last two wars they were so hard up for air power they were sharing flight time with other units and still could not get it. Now imagine a coastal area with salt in the air nibbling at the parts! Also those arms come from somewhere and if something "bad" were to happen to those factories well... No more tanks, jets, drones, etc. Food for thought. All those arms though are meant for hunting down other armies, tanks are not for garrison but driving across a flat field in large formations and engaging other tanks. APC's are for moving troops into the battle quickly, etc. When you throw that out the window and force them to fight outside their designed purpose the tools become less effective, even useless. Tanks without large fields to maneuver become artillery pieces that are so high maintenance they will sit un-used unless truly needed. Artillery guns are the same, they work in large numbers but as was seen in various wars become less useful against an enemy who gives no target or closes the gap, never mind one that digs in before an ambush.

Ospreys, the pride and joy of the new mobile infantry are flying coffins, one single hiccup in a single engine sends it straight down. Just one .50 round can end the machine along with those inside. But they are "bullet proof!" Ahhh, nothing is bullet proof, just the hammering of a round can knock parts loose or bend something, a cockpit can be shreaded by concentrated fire, etc. Yes, they have tons of toys, but those toys are for fighting against other armies. Can they be retrofitted? Absolutely. However, we have seen the ZOG military prove it is unwilling to allow much movement, their very reality requires absolute control over its fellow members.

NUKE! Oh I have heard that, but if you drop a nuke you just pissed in EVERYONES pool! Bio weapon? Same. Do that and you thought that people were fighting mean before? Prepare to have babies not wake up and the saying: "nothing is sacred" shall take on a whole new meaning when you anger an armed population.

So what does the militia have by comparison? Some have APCs, jets (yes, actual fighter jets, armed, before BATFE went wild), tanks, artillery, etc. Most are more simple with just rifles and that in and of itself is a nightmarish threat as was detailed before. All those high and mighty tools laid low because of endless assassinations, watch the chain of command crumble.

One does not need uber-tech tools to do a job, in fact someone with a very simple tool such as a rifle can cause more damage than anyone else. Example? Carlos Hathcock. One rifle and he put down a battalion by killing every, single, officer. What was he using? Deer rifle. Yes thats right, a deer rifle. The army was not issuing "sniper rifles" back then and anything the military brags about today? Well, you can go buy something better that suits your purposes. Now again, imagine 300 militia spread out in two man teams just going at it in an unrestricted war of revenge. Now lets make that number explode, how many militia are in the USS of A? No one has a clue! Low estimates are thousands, others hundreds of thousands... What is not listed? Those who are not militia but will just take it upon themselves to go out and shoot 1 moose one morning and go home. This is why they have not come after us yet. Admiral Yamamoto was ordered by the Emperor Tojo to draw up plans for an invasion of the US prior to WW2, he blew it off saying it was impossible. Why? Not because of the military, he was quite assured of their ability to deal with the military and navy but he feared the Angry American, who as he said would cause a situation where: "there would be a gun behind every blade of grass."

Even Russia did not fear the US military during the Cold War, they knew it could be subverted and destroyed like any other military with proper dedication and tactics. However, they were terrified of the occupation issue because Americans would not stand for it. That it would mean fanning themselves out across the country and attempting to fight an infinite amount of small wars that would be entirely unconventional. This here is exactly why we have been facing subversion from within for many, many decades, there was no hope of winning the war. Yes, they could win the battle, but not the war. To win the war they had to jewify America first and so destroy us culturaly that it would then become possible to wipe us from existence. Sadly, the Bolsheviks have made amazing progress but also suffered many, many setbacks in this plan.

4. Last Remarks

I would have liked to make a more precise presentation but did this on a whim... However, in closing I wish to remind everyone of certain details.
1. The militia is not a bug, it is you and me. We only lose if we give up or play by their rules!
2. A militia is as dangerous as it wants to be by either playing by a rulebook or no rulebook.
3. The military has lots of toys, but those toys mean nothing if you refuse to pander to their purpose.
4. Americans have their own military type weapons, some have even better weapons than the military and are on hand at all times.
5. If the militia was a bug they would have just gotten it over with already and gone door to door taking guns away while marching us to the ditches.
6. During Ruby Ridge one remark as to why they stepped things up was because: "The militia was coming!!!" Indeed it was, one group made the mistake of driving openly into the AO and was ambushed by BATFE but the next groups did not. Lesson learned. This happened again during Waco where a woman gathered up local men to help stop the Waco attack but again drove bold as day down the road pandering to the military desires of easy targets. They were all arrested on the spot and disarmed. Today, Americans are rather tired of it all. Many more have learned to fight either from games (yes, games, what do you think TRAINING EXERCISES are?) or military members who retired. Experience has now been passed around very, very heavily and what even a novice knows today far exceeds that of those people a few years ago.
7. Read Gulag Archipelago, the author said that if everyone had just used pokers and kitchen knives to ambush the agents as they came the wretched machine would have ground to a halt for a lack of operatives. Never discount just how important you really are, if you believe the military is impossible to beat then you already lost, go home, turn your guns in and turn on JewNN, watch as if it were a god speaking directly to you. Just a thousand angry militia can do horrific damage, ten thousand is a catastrophy. Imagine a million, just one million people waging their own private wars against military or government targets, heck NON-government targets!
8. Area. As mentioned in #7 they have to spread out to control everything, if they do not then they give it up. Sure, they can gas, defoliate areas they want to restrict movement but it will only mean greater and greater hostility from a population that is getting ever more fed up with them. They could not control a nation the size of Texas but with a very restricted operational area. Imagine the entire continental USA.
9. Your only enemy is your lack of imagination. Think.
10. Think even harder, get crazy, be wily, unorthodox, wild and truly imagintive in your ideas. Nothing scares governments or militiaries more than an enemy that thinks and does not follow the rules!

Never, ever follow the rules!

So what can you do? Go start a militia. Find some friends and congratulations, your a militia. Train, train, train! Learn, study, read everything you can. Play a computer game that requires fast decision making, it all counts at the end of the day. A mind exercised is a mind ready. Train as you shall fight and you shall fight as you have trained.

Sources to help you on the journey:
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Donncha Dennis
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Donncha Dennis

Long post so I wont go into a critique of everything you wrote. You made some good points but also bad ones. Some things you overlooked. While its true a militia doesnt need to fight conventionally fighting a guerilla war is not always a means to end. Message me if you want to go over the points in your article.
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M. Willis
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M. Willis

Originally Posted by Donncha Dennis View Post
Long post so I wont go into a critique of everything you wrote. You made some good points but also bad ones. Some things you overlooked. While its true a militia doesnt need to fight conventionally fighting a guerilla war is not always a means to end. Message me if you want to go over the points in your article.
No two militia's will ever agree on how things should be done, but so long as they get the job done that is all that matters. A grand example is desert fighting in Arizona vs. mountain warfare in West Virginia, what works for one will never work for the other nor are the situations going to be the same. As for the guerilla warfare bit, that is how it starts. Anyone who thinks they are going to just march out, form ranks, blow a horn and one-two, one-two into the machineguns and win should be avoided like the plague. Warfare the kind of which whites will have to fight in order to regain the nation and our race moves in stages:
1. Guerilla warfare
2. Para-conventional warfare
3. Conventional warfare

Each step because at first there is nothing you can do until you build up momentum, hamstring the enemies efforts and capture arms, munitions and equipment. Upon the second stage you have the arms, training, experience and numbers to take land back from the enemy and deny it to them on a limited scale but must still use guerilla tactics. Finally is the third stage where you have forced them out of large swaths of land, must defend your rebuilding efforts, industry and agriculture from their counter attacks. Does this mean guerilla warfare or para-conventional warfare stops? Never. Not for one second. However, there will become a great emphasis on the bigger picture as time goes on instead of just trying to push them out of Bill's back yard.

Not everything can be covered in a single posting which is why there are countless VOLUMES on warfare out there, none of which can be boiled down to less than ten pages. Also, you will never find two books agreeing on how something should be done unless they all come from someone in the military, because they all went to the same school.

Figure out what works for you in your area, do it, get the job done.
A follower of cold, hard logic and a believer that we need another civil war to sort this jew/nigger/masonic/blue-blood/race-traitor mess out.
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Donncha Dennis
Join Date: Aug 2017
Posts: 303
Donncha Dennis

You are forgetting you must have at least some level of the local populace willing to either fill in the ranks when you take loses, recruitment. And or at the very least feed and hide your group and either fear you or be loyal enough not to rat you out to the authorities. There are a few areas of the usa that might be primed somewhat for radical views. It takes alot of guts to not give up fighters when the authorities are bashing down your door and ordering your family outside by gunpoint and yelling at you to tell them where are the guerilla fighters.

Militias that go off half cocked and start attacking infrastructure for the sake of it will be more of a threat then if they did nothing. Militias and their members have a sort of rambo mentality that has creeped into the american psyche. Again I wont go over every single thing posted but this is a key, you must have a area where the local people will join your ranks or at the very least feed and hide you when the time comes. No one can be a one man army. It will take multiple strategies and multiple ways to take and hold the land against the roving gangs of people. The military on the other hand is a entirely different matter, if 13 southern states couldn't fight off the oppressors then you really have to look at how radical your people would be willing to go to fight and how long the struggle may actually take.


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