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Old September 7th, 2005 #1
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Default What's going to happen to the Mexicans in New Orleans?

They've been trying to integrate these millions of Mexicans into the country through illegal immigration and "affirmative-fuck-you" laws for many years. So, what are the Jews and the treasonous politicians going to do with all of the Mexicans that got stirred up in hurricane Katrina? Deport them to Mexico where they belong? Ship them all over the USA as "storm refugees" who just happen to not have any proof of citizenship and are therefore made automatic citizens out of "pity"? Award them a new house in Maine or Montana or Lost Angeles complete with car, swimming pool and jacuzzi? That's only "fair" isn't it?

Here in California we are getting loads of black terrorists and looters brought in from Louisiana to fill in our "quota". But what is going to happen to the millions of Mexicans that go washed out of their rat holes in New Orleans?
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Mike in Denver
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Mike in Denver

Monday, I was reading an on line newspaper "El Informador" in Guadalajara, Mexico. They had received news from the US Consulate in Louisiana that out of an estimated 140,000 Mexican residents of Louisiana, 4 were known dead. I'm sure there are more than this, but the little brown spider monkeys are a hell of a lot harder to kill than niggers.

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There will now be 100,000 juan and maria ramirez'es. Or whatever the name of the only documented legal aliens may be.
KILL YOUR TV! Or at least stop taking it more seriously than a goldfish.
Old September 9th, 2005 #4
Herman van Houten
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Herman van Houten

100,000 spics Juan and Maria Ramirez, all claiming in spanish they are american citizens who lost their papers.
And Dios knows how many more Mexicans enter with the invading mexican troops, invited by Jorge Bush..
"People, look at the evidence the truth is there you just have to look for it!!!!!" - Joe Vialls
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