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Default Switzerland’s Main Political Party: Kick out the Black Sheep!

Switzerland’s Main Political Party: Kick out the Black Sheep!

The populist Swiss People’s Party, Switzerland main political party, is launching a nationwide campaign to render the forced expulsion of criminal aliens mandatory.

The large advertisement billboards that the SPP designed for this campaign display an intuitively clear message : three White sheep roaming on a Swiss-flag delimitated area kick out a Black sheep. The black sheep, symbolizing the criminal alien invader, fall out of the Swiss flag. The caption reads: “Bringing safety.”

The SPP printed a big quantity of these pictures, which shall be displayed all over Switzerland this Summer. They were revealed at a press conference last week. This pro-European political campaign shall be the largest ever undertaken by this Europe-loving populist party. The SPP is investing 400 000 francs into this campaign, a third of its whole campaigning budget for the national elections of October.

The SPP initiative, officially started on June 30, in Liestal, close to Basle, requests that foreigners having committed murder, rape, extreme violence, or having indulged into human trafficking or drug dealing or having abused social security, shall be expelled.

Jewish hate groups immediately went ballistic. They burst out in hate against the SPP and all his supporters. That means quite a lot of people since the SPP is Switzerland’s largest political party. His pro-European law vote was approved by 70% of Swiss voters last time.

Elie Elkaim, the Jewish boss of Geneva-based Jewish hate organization LICRA, screamed loudly that he was “scandalized.” He lambasted in heinous words the SPP’s billboard, the SPP and his much-maligned leader, Christoph Blocher.

The Jewish-controlled Zuricher tabloid Blick gave word to Daniel Jositsch, a Jewish member of Zurich’s government. Jositsch yelled his hate at the SPP. He said that he requires Whites to immediately spend more money for the invaders. The Blick’s main strategist, Jew Frank A. Meyer, editorialized that alien invaders are not responsible for their own violence. Only White were naughty and guilty. In the middle of a collective rape series of Swiss girls by alien invaders, that Jewish lie may not convince many reader. The latest polls show that more than 55% of Swiss citizens favor expelling criminal aliens.

The tabloid Blick has been Jewish-controlled ever since Michael Ringier, his billionnaire owner, married a fanatical Jewess. This woman, Ellen Ringier, appointed Jews at every strategic corner of the publishing house, in particular Frank A Meyer.

News Source: Swiss Correspondents
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Oy Ze Hate
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Oy Ze Hate

Send in the Jewish lawyers...

They'll be howling all the buzzwords and very indignant, I'm sure.
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Kick out the hook-nosed sheep while you're at it! What a great poster.


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