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Old December 1st, 2003 #1
Styrkar Nielsen
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Default Welcome back free speech. Welcome back Vnnforum!

Its been a long time having to suffer over at censorfront.

Im glad Vnnforum is back!
Old December 2nd, 2003 #2
Dr. Mengele
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A Flood of New Members - Great Screen Names Too

It's very rewarding to watch the flood of new members coming to VNN Forum every day. You can do this by clicking on the members button. Then click List by Date Joined. Now you've got all of the newest members listed in front of you, usually about 30 new folks every day. A year from now that will probably be 50 new folks every day!

The White folks who register here are as creative and intriguing a group of our kinsmen as you will ever find. This shows in some of the fascinating screen names that they choose for themselves, like Draco and Styrkar Nielsen. I'd like to keep this thread running as a way to say "Hi!" and "Welcome!" to all of these great new folks!
Old December 2nd, 2003 #3
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Default censorfront

Originally Posted by Styrkar Nielsen
Its been a long time having to suffer over
at censorfront. Im glad Vnnforum is back!
It is wonderful indeed to see so many of the "old"
VNN Forum Folks again. I expect we'll see a lot of
disgrunteled SFers soon. Gettin tired of Censorship
and Feeling Their Oats they are! Of course we must
expect also a flood of SF TROLLS - Some people there
can't stand Free Speech (there, here or anywhere)
Old December 2nd, 2003 #4
coast to coast WN
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Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Louisville KY area
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Storm front would not even let me enter their message boards just because of this name. I always thought that censorship was mostly a jewish thing. Oh well f**k em
Old December 2nd, 2003 #5
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Randolph, the white supremicist economist is back for a second go around.

I want everyone here to know that I have focused the last year and a half just on political economy. My goal is to learn what it will take to put the white man back on top where he belongs.

For the last three months I have had to put up with debating egalitarian Marxists who are incapable of putting three or four thoughts together in their proper order.

Now that I am back, I expect all of you to be open minded enough to see the facts as they are and use your superior knowledge to reason accordingly.

The white race has suffered long enough dealing with fallicious economic reasoning. It has to stop.
Old December 2nd, 2003 #6
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Hey Dr. Mengele nice impersonation of "Charles Lindbergh" in your post


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