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Old December 2nd, 2003 #1
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Thumbs up Excellent article by Victor Wolzek

The Jungling

A great read if you haven't read it yet and a keeper to show it to lemmings. Definately brings into the light the fact that "real" Africans don't resemble anything thats close to "human" and just how savage these pimp gangasta's really are.

This is writing at its best, once again, good article Mr. Wolzek!

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Old December 2nd, 2003 #2
Brock Landers
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Thumbs up Good Jungling quote

Good quote:

"Genuine, modern day African "medicine" -- i.e., medicine developed and practiced by blacks anywhere white western men and money have not intervened -- consists of nothing but booga-booga hocus-pocus, chicken blood chants, voodoo trinkets, heinous tortures and ritual mutilation. Contemporary African AIDS research? Field testing how many babies need raping to cure oneself. Gynecology? Clitoris gouging and vagina drying."


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