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Default Jewish Immorality

Jewish Sexual Immorality

A Christian, a Muslim and a Jew are all riding in a taxicab through the streets of Paris, France. The taxi stops at an intersection for a red light. Suddenly, all three passengers notice that a crowd has gathered on the sidewalk near the cab. A man is having sex with two women on the sidewalk, as part of a public protest against a government ban on obscenity. All of the sexual partners are naked and moaning loudly. The Christian is shocked at the sight. So is the Muslim. But the Jew laughs, gets out of the cab and asks the naked trio if he can join in their sex act.

That event above probably never happened. But it does highlight how Jews have no real sexual morality. Indeed, sexual morality/immorality is a gentile concept. Recall old anecdotes about Jewish rabbis riding their bicycles to visit prostitutes in New York City. Those are true anecdotes. Jews have an awful, embarrassing history when it comes to sexual activity.[1] Some people even call Jews "the people of sex," since, for example, the Jewish Talmud goes so far as to state how often Jews should have sex, based on their occupations.

Also, in the Middle East, the Israelis have often "hacked" Arab TV programs to show pornographic images to Arab viewers, which of course offends the Arabs but delights the Jews.

Anyone who has read a Christian magazine or watched a Christian sermon on TV, or who has had a devout Christian friend, knows that the standard Christian view of sexual matters is very reserved. And in most Arab countries, the attitudes about sex are also very reserved. Arab/Muslim women must wear veils -- called hijab -- as protection against the prying eyes of men. Often those veils cover a Muslim woman's entire body.

Jews, however, are famous for their liberal sexual attitudes. In fact, Jews admit that all sexual acts are seen as 'good' and 'positive' within Judaism, and that 'hang-ups about sex' are a gentile or Christian feature. Indeed, recall that Jews dominate the pornography business in the West, and dominate Hollywood as well. And Israel has a thriving trade in Russian women for sexual purposes.

Jews virtually invented sexual promiscuity, and careful web searches about that topic will prove that fact to a skeptic.

[1] read about Jews, Judaism and sex Here:


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