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Default WHITE HAT DAY: a Pro-White activist strategy

WHITE HAT DAY: a Pro-White activist strategy
An idea: WNs (white nationalists) obtain or create a baseball hat upon which is emblazoned the simple word 'WHITE' and walk around in as public a place as possible ideally with a hidden video camera such as a pinhole camera placed into the hat. The hat should be of a uniform colour and the lettering on the hat should be a contrast colour, eg. white hat, red lettering; black hat, white lettering so that the word "WHITE" is very prominent. Also the letters should be of a basic 'collegiate' quality and be of simple font so that there is no mistaking the nature of the meaning of the hat or need on the part of the viewer to attempt to 'decipher' the letters.
The propagandist should walk about in a variety of circumstances and conditions and gather film evidence of the reactions of the people and present this on social media venues initally taking footage of the hat itself and their placing it on their head, eg. in a mirror, face covered with a mask or disguise. This idea should be replicated amongst the pro-white community via forums and social media and a day of the year selected in advance upon which this act can be undergone. The "WHITE HAT" operative can dialogue with others or not and if at liberty to record any variation on the theme they wish-go wither they will and discourse or not on anything with whomever they wish within a 24 hour period upon which this event will take place: they have the option of wearing the hat to work, or to a club, or on mass transit, etc.
Ideally the operative would gather video footage of a variety of circumstances or conditions so as to give the audience a general impression of the people's reaction to this fine article of clothing and its sublime message. Preferably this event will be carried out solo so as to elicit a greater reaction from people, but it may also be carried out in groups again preferably with pinhole cameras capturing the footage clandestinely although it may also be undergone ad libitum according to the caprice of the individual.
Another variant is to have a person recording one from a distance so that no-one in the environment is aware and the "WHITE HAT" operative will have a concealed microphone on their person picking up audio that can be overlaid with the video footage. The goal should be to gather as much of a response as possible such that a general sense of a 'normal' reaction on the part of the populace can be gleaned. Ideally one should not become overly involved in conversation with known racial enemies save as to record and present their anti-white bias. The pretence of hearing their 'point of view' is of course encouraged as it reveals their inner thoughts and enables the audience to understand them especially an audience of less racially conscious and aware whites who will become more aware of the hostility on the part of non-whites towards white people as a collective and what represents their identity, namely the simple word "WHITE".
"WHITE HAT" day should be held during a season when people are going about their 9 to 5 daily life and not artificially happy such as during the holiday season; ideally it would occur during a time which is least unusual, having the least celebratory elements of the year as this would 'capture' the people's reaction under 'usual' conditions. Of course any day could be made a "WHITE HAT DAY" and the recording made publically available as widely as possible via social media and even getting oneself photographed and put in the paper if they are unafraid of the publicity and stigma of being known to be the wearer of the "WHITE" hat. This could be a strategy employed by currently known activists who are 'above ground' and thus are unconcerned about being doxxed.
Please feel free to spread the activist idea around the net and be sure to don your "WHITE" hat today...or any day
Caveat: ensure that you avoid legal entanglements

activism, demonstration, propaganda


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