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Antiochus Epiphanes
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Antiochus Epiphanes
Default, Formerly Little Geneva blog

Here is a great blog for Protestants who need to get Jew-wise.

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Anchorage Activist
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I discovered this blog quite by accident back in late February, thanks to an anti blogger named Ignorant Hussy. Yep, the same Ignorant Hussy who outed former ADA Michael Regan after he attended the AR conference. Little Geneva found out about it and lit her up, and Ignorant Hussy was crying about it on her blog. Little Geneva's a good place for any Christian to get Jew-wise, and I've posted comments several times.
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Abzug Hoffman
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Abzug Hoffman

I just heard this site this advertized on "The Political Cesspool" radio show (where the hell do they get these weird names?). The words "too good to be true" come to mind.

"Montenegro secedes from Serbia! One more artificial nation bites the dust. It’s a good thing they didn’t have any Jews to teach them about a Montenegrin Melting Pot."

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Abzug Hoffman
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Abzug Hoffman
Default confused but interesting today

...Pastor Tim Bayly, who is a big fan of Dishonest Doug, has discovered a "blog [called Badlands] that is racist to the core, and also obscene, sacrilegious, and blasphemous…

"These men claim to be followers of Christ but it would be hard to find a more perfect example of what men would look and sound like who had been given over to the Evil One after knowing something of the ministry of the Holy Spirit… [T]he Body of Christ should be leading the way in excommunicating these men who, in the Name and House of our Lord, turn the Christian faith into an instrument of cultural and racial hegemony while impudently denying their sin. Let such men be cast out of the Household of Faith, and let men who connive at such brothers be rebuked to their face, in the presence of the whole congregation."

Does Bayly really think that those who call a Black soccer player a monkey and throw bananas at him truly believe that he is not a man, but an actual monkey? It’s called "smack" in negrified sports lingo, and it happens all the time. At a recent Super Bowl, darkie Ray Buchanan, while wearing a spiked dog collar, said darkie Shannon Sharpe looks like a horse. Sharpe responded, "Tell Ray to put the eyeliner, the lipstick, and the high heels away. I’m not saying he’s a cross-dresser, but that’s just what I heard." Baseball and boxing are notorious for "smack," and there are hardly any White players left in either game. It’s rude, insulting, and childish, but no one takes it seriously. It’s like when little boys trade insults and one of them says, "Your mother…" It deserves a good spanking, but not even the little boys believe the insults are true. That’s not the point. The purpose of trash talk is to make the opponent lose his composure. At a sports event, fans try to join the game. They try to make as much noise and create as many distractions as possible to throw the opposing team off balance, and they know that racial epithets are more "effective" than any other. If "goat rapist" were more effective, it would be used instead. In the World Cup example that Bayly cites, a racial insult was so effective that it caused the player to leave the field. "Mission accomplished," as far as the lunatic fans are concerned.

I’m not excusing this behavior. On the contrary, sportsmanship and civility are White concepts, and they were commonplace prior to integration. I would not be surprised if statistics show that Blacks are far more guilty of talking "smack." Keep in mind that these are the same geniuses who call each other "nigga" as a term of endearment but get violent when they are called the very same word, nigger, by Whites. Bayly is only upset because, like all guilty White liberals, he has found one example of a Black player being humiliated by Whites, and he uses this as a segue to call for the excommunication of "poisonous" Little Genevans. Never mind that he hasn’t attempted to prove the falsehood of a single thing we have said.

The best part of all is where Bayly admits that "Neither the Apostle Paul nor the Holy Spirit would get past the editors of our day with this from Titus 2: ‘Cretans are always liars, evil beasts, lazy gluttons. This testimony is true.’" His only explanation is that the Holy Spirit has the right to say this, but no one else can ever again conclude such a thing, even in the face of overwhelming evidence. In other words, the Holy Spirit would be a racist if He were not the Holy Spirit. As another commenter puts it, "Was it a sin for Paul to say that? I think we have to say no, based on our view of Biblical Inspiration." He thinks we have to say no. Then he admits: "Was Paul racist in Titus 2, and is that sin? I don’t know."

Bayly insists that "the Holy Spirit did not ‘cast epithets’ at the Cretans." He was told, "If ‘evil beast’ isn’t an epithet, there’s no such thing as an epithet. Really, Tim. You’re just making yourself look silly." Then someone posted this from John Calvin: "The Apostle…would never have spoken so harshly of the Cretans, if he had not been moved by very strong reasons. What term more reproachful than these opprobrious epithets can be imagined; that they were ‘lazy, devoted to the belly, destitute of truth, evil beasts’? Nor are these vices charged against one or a few persons, but he condemns the whole nation."

Here’s one of the comments that Bayly deleted: "I noticed on the sidebar of topics that one is Race. I clicked on it, and found an essay written by Tim’s own father where he said back in 1965 that the gross immorality and incredible levels of violence among Negroes (his own word) were the main reasons most white people didn’t like them. He cited one black school where 70% of the kids were illegitimate. This horrified him. Have things gotten any better with levels of immorality and violence among blacks in 40 years? Hardly. Now, the illegitimacy race is 70% among all of them. It seems to me that a very good case can be made that there are very good and moral reasons for avoiding living around, or having your children associate with, a group of people with these horrible behavior problems. And yet who is speaking about this today? I haven’t seen it on here, and in my own church, the PCA, the only talk about race is apologizing for past ‘racism’ and the need for ‘racial reconciliation.’ It seems to me that any discussion about ‘racism’ that doesn’t address the tangle of pathologies in the black community is no discussion at all."

Yet another comment Bayly deleted is from our good friend Mark: "Kinists do not deny the multiplicity of ‘nations’ in heaven. Indeed, the very fact that there will be a multiplicity of nations in heaven implies that nations have not ceased to exist, and indeed bear the physical characteristics of their heritage. To deny this is to deny the bodily resurrection. These nations and tribes being referred to in the holy text are not political entities. Far from it, they are the ‘families of man.’ These family characteristics are cherished, and thus retained in the bodily resurrection, along with other types of group belonging. Indeed, the bodily resurrection is not of a generic body, but a finished body that reflect the glory of human diversity - that diversity which is paid lip service by theological liberals who deny the historic creeds of the Church and the faith of their fathers, while peddling a philosophy of human biological unity that is Babylonian in origin. The site several comments refer to is Badlands, and its author, Badonicus, is not an Identity adherent. Not that the details matter much to those who slander him from the shadows. He acknowledges fully the salvational gift that has been extended to all tribes and types of men. He simply does not believe that the descendants of the pilgrim founders of this nation, or the White immigrants of Europe, should have to bear in perpetuity the cost of the social pathologies of ‘people of color’ which have been blamed on everything from colonialism to slavery - and now on the invisible bugaboos of ‘discrimination’ or ‘racism.’ Note that the proximate cause has transmogrified from something that is an extant historical fact to an invisible emotional and mental force which radiates through society like kryptonite, weaking the noble ‘people of color.’ We have moved from historical explanations to psychological ones because the aforementioned pathologies appear to be intractable."

In very conservative Alabama, an atheist White nationalist who doesn’t believe in the Holoswindle got a higher percentage of the vote than Roy Moore, the well-known Christian and former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. "Imagine what a man with Moore’s name recognition, love of God, and the guts to speak out for White people would have done. But it’s too late for Roy. Instead of making history, he’s destined for the dustbin of history - running for prez with the Constitution Party, where you’re free to talk about Judeojesus all day long to all the CP members and their Jonestown-style rainbow families."

"There’s one case that tells us everything we need to know about what will happen after gay marriage becomes the law of the land… And that’s what Olasky the Jew doesn’t want you to know - that throwing out the historic and biblical laws against interracial marriage led directly to gay marriage being legalized."
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Abzug Hoffman
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Abzug Hoffman
Default Negro Worship Mocked by Christian

"... I can say with firmness that when we Christians make choices concerning where we live and where our children are taught in such a way that we are able to maintain our pristine lives without threat from the outside, we are going directly against the command of our Lord Jesus Who warned that the loveless would always protest, “Lord, when did we see You hungry or thirsty or sick or naked?”

Whitebread schools and neighborhoods and churches are, after all, quite dangerous for Christians because they rob us of our Lord Jesus. The loveless aren’t lying when they say, “Lord, we never saw you!” They didn’t see Him because they made a choice not to see Him." - Pastor Tim Bayly

Response from Badonicus on:

"Doesn’t get much plainer that that, folks. If we’re not around colored folks, if we live in “Whitebread” communities, and attend White churches, we’ve “robbed” ourselves “of our Lord Jesus”. Jesus doesn’t inhabit White communities and churches. He only inhabits colored neighborhoods.

Jesus Christ said that “where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them.”

Tim Bayly says Jesus Christ was a filthy liar, and what he should’ve said was “where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them, as long as a bunch of them are not White. If two or more Whites are gathered in my name, I an nowhere near them, and they’ve robbed themselves of my presence by being White. I am only in the midst of wherever colored people are”.

Tim Bayly is saying that colored people are God when he says that if we don’t know colored people, we don’t know God. When he says we’ve “robbed” ourselves of Jesus by being with White people, he’s saying that Jesus can only be found among colored people."
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lawrence dennis
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lawrence dennis
Default Little Geneva gone, archive permanently destroyed

I used to visit this site from time to time, and enjoyed the snarky commentary on WN matters from a Xian perspective. Back in January the site went offline, and then the archives were removed from both Google and Here is the current HTML code for the home page of

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns="">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />
<style type="text/css">
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font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
font-size: 12px;


Curious about the reasons for this, I discovered the following site:

which appears to concern itself with an ongoing in-house squabble about various protestant ministries, some of whom were criticized by littlegeneva. The site contains what purports to be information about the demise of littlegeneva:
Upon Discovery, Seabrook Panics, Lies, and Fakes His Own Hack

As part of my research, I tracked down the Kinist leader's place of employment—a “diversity-conscious” IT operation with a formal policy statement against the very type of race-baiting behavior which is the hallmark of Mr. Seabrook at Little Geneva. Not only do they have a policy statement against such behavior, but they require employees to make full disclosure for any possible conflicts of interest between their outside life and the objectives of the company.

On Friday, one of my team members independently called Harry at his office to obtain information on several lectures he gave recently. During the phone call, Seabrook panicked. He lied, denying his relation to Little Geneva.

Within six hours of this call, the Little Geneva web site went down.
Further info at:
Seabrook Seeks to Flush Little Geneva Down the Memory Hole
“Go Away, Google!”—A Postscript to “Postscript”
By Matthew Chancey
January 17, 2007

Harry Seabrook, the self-described “Good Natured Internet Assassin” of Kinist fame, is determined to wipe every last trace of Little Geneva off the worldwide web.

A Fake Hack Followed by Postscript Therapy

After an apparently faked hack of his own site last Friday night,'s Harry Seabrook bid “farewell” to his online presence with a final posting on Sunday labeled “Postscript,” which soon featured many warm notes in the comments thread from Harry's loyal fans.

But now, Harry's time of internet therapy is over. His fan club will have to go somewhere else than to thank him for his years-long contribution to the white separatist cause. Last night, Harry took off all the comments along with his Hacker “X” “Postscript.” Now, visitors to will find that the once-colorful site with its banner of Reformed patriarchs is now nothing but a plain white page.

Please Don't “Cache” Me, Because My Paycheck Will Bounce!

But this action by Seabrook is more significant than it at first appears. He isn't just taking Little Geneva completely offline—he's trying to obliterate any cached record of its existence.

Normally, when a site goes down, the administrator pulls all the files, and visitors to the site get one of those famous “404: Page not found” errors. But by leaving up a blank page with the right meta tags, search engines like Google will still find the site “active” and will remove their cached pages from public view. In short, this action by Seabrook clearly demonstrates that he wants all the evidence of his race-baiting antics gone from the internet. Seabrook is seeking to flush the record of Little down the worldwide web memory hole.
It would appear, then, that some holier-than-thou 'anti-racist' type tracked down the proprietor of Little Geneva and none-too-subtly threatened him with loss of his job upon public exposure and so the proprietor replied by taking down Little Geneva and forced a flushing of the cached pages at Google and the Wayback Machine at in order to save himself.

How is the faithful city become an harlot! It was full of judgment: righteousness lodged in it, but now murderers. Thy silver is become dross, thy wine mixed with water. Thy princes are rebellious, and companions of thieves: every one loveth gifts, and followeth after rewards.

Xian WN!

"The Jew can only be understood if it is known what he strives for: ... the destruction of the world.... [it is] the tragedy of Lucifer."

Holy-Hoax Exposed, Hollow-Cost Examined, How Low Cost? (toons)
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Default A time before joo's made it worse for beliver's ?

The Story of Hannah Duston

Published by the Duston-Dustin Family Association, H. D. Kilgore Historian
Haverhill Tercentenary - June, 1940

On March 14, 1697, Thomas and Hannah Duston lived in a house on the west side of the Sawmill River in the town of Haverhill. This house was located near the great Duston Boulder and on the opposite side of Monument Street.

Their twenty years of married life had brought them material prosperity, and of the twelve children who had been born to them during this period, eight were living. Thomas, who was quite a remarkable man, - a bricklayer and farmer, who, according to tradition, even wrote his own almanacs, and wrote them on rainy days, - was beginning to have time to devote to town affairs, and had just completed a term as Constable for the "west end" of the town of Haverhill.

He was at this time engaged in the construction with bricks from his own brickyard of a new brick house about a half mile to the northwest of his home to provide for the needs of his still growing family, for Baby Martha had just made her appearance on March 9.

Under the care of Mrs. Mary Neff, both mother and child were doing well, the rest of the family were in good health, his material affairs were prospering, and it was undoubtedly with a rather contented feeling that Thomas, to say nothing of his family, retired to rest on the eve of that fateful March 15, 1697, little knowing what horrors the morrow was to bring.

Of course, there was always the fear of Indians. However, since the capture in August of the preceding year, of Jonathan Haynes and his four children while picking peas in a field at Bradley's Mills, near Haverhill, nothing had happened, and apprehensions of any further attacks were gradually being lulled. Besides, less than a mile on Pecker's Hill, was the garrison of Onesiphorus Marsh, one of six established by the town containing a small body of soldiers. It was believed that there was little ground for uneasiness.

But this was only a false security. Count Frontenac, the Colonial Governor of Canada, was using every means at his disposal to incite the Indians against the English as part of his campaign to win the New World for the French King. The latter, due to the need for troops in Europe, where the war known as King William's War was going on, was unable to send many to help Frontenac. So, with propaganda and gifts, the French Governor had allied the tribes to the French cause and bounties had been set on English scalps and prisoners. Every roving band of Indians was determined to get its share of these, and even now, such a band was in the woods near Haverhill, preparing for a lightning raid on the town with the first light of dawn. The squaws and children were left in the forest to guard their possessions, while the savage warriors moved stealthily towards the house of Thomas and Hannah Duston, the first attacked.

Thomas, like all good farmers, had risen and was at work near the house, attending to the morning chores, when he suddenly spied the approaching Indians. Instantly seizing his gun, he mounted his horse and raced for the house, shouting a warning which started the children toward the garrison, while he dashed into the house hoping to save his wife and baby. Quickly realizing that this was impossible, and urged by Hannah, he rode after the children, resolving to escape with at least one.

On overtaking them, and finding it impossible to choose between them, he determined, if possible, to save them all. A few of the Indians had pursued the little band of fugitives, firing at them from behind treees and boulders, but Thomas, dismounting, and guarding the rear from behind his horse, held back the savages by threatening to shoot whenever one of them exposed himself. Had he discharged his gun, they would have closed on him at once, for reloading took considerable time. He was successful in his attempt, and all reached the garrison safely, the older children hurrying the younger along, probably carrying them at times. This was probably the garrison of Onesiphorus Marsh on Pecker's Hill.

Meanwhile, a fearful scene was being enacted in the home. Mrs. Neff, trying to escape with the baby, was easily captured. Invading the house, the savages forced Hannah to rise and dress herself. Sitting despairingly in the chimney, she watched them rifle the house of all they could carry away, and was then dragged outside while they fired the house, in her haste forgetting one shoe. A few of the Indians then dragged Hannah and Mrs. Neff, who carried the baby, towards the woods, while the rest of the band, rejoined by those who had been in the village, killing twenty-seven and capturing thirteen of the inhabitants.

Finding that carrying the baby was making it hard for Mrs. Neff to keep up, one of the Indians siezed from her, and before its mother's horrified eyes dashed out its brains against an apple tree. The Indians, forcing the two women to their utmost pace, at last reached the woods and joined the squaws and children who had been left behind the night before. Here they were soon after joined by the rest of the redskins with their plunder and other captives.

Fearing a prompt pursuit, the Indians immediately set out for Canada with their booty. Some of the weaker captives were callously knocked on the head and scalped, but in spite of her condition, poorly clad, and partly shod, Hannah, doubtless assisted by Mrs. Neff, managed to keep up, and by her own account marched that day "about a dozen miles", truly a remarkable feat. During the next few days they traveled about a hundred miles through the unbroken wilderness, over rough trails, in places still covered with the winter's snow, sometimes deep with mud, and across icy brooks, while rocks tore their have shod feet and their poorly clad bodies suffered from the cold - a terrible journey.

Near the junction of the Contoocook and Merrimack rivers, twelve of the Indians, two men, three women, and seven children, taking with them Hannah, Mrs. Neff and a boy of fourteen years, Samuel Lennardson (who had been taken prisoner near Worcester about eighteen months before), left the main party and proceeded toward what is now Dustin Island, situated where the two rivers unite, near the present town of Penacook, N.H. This island was the home of the Indian who claimed the women as his captives, and here it was planned to rest for a while before continuing on the long journey to Canada.

This Indian family, stange as it may seem, had been converted by the French priests at some time in the past, and was accustomed to have prayers three times a day - in the morning, at noon, and at eveing - and ordinarily would not let their children eat or sleep without first saying their prayers. Hannah's master, who had lived in the family of Rev. Mr. Rowlandson of Lancaster some years before, told her that "when he prayed the English way he thought that it was good, but now he found the French way better." They tried however, to prevent the two women from praying, but without success, for as they were engaged on the tasks set by their master, they often found opportunities. Their Indian master would sometimes say to them when he saw them dejected. "What need you trouble yourself? If your God will have you delivered, you shall be so!"

During the long journey Hannah was secretly planning to escape at the first opportunity, spurred on by the tales with which the Indians had entertained the captives on the march, picturing how they would be treated after arriving in Canada, stripped and made to "run the gauntlet;" jeered at and beaten and made targets for the young Indians' tomahawks; how many of the English prisoners had fainted under these tortures; and how they were often sold as slaves to the French. These stories, added to her desire for revenging the death of her baby and the cruel treatment of their captors while on the march, made this desire stronger. When she learned where they were going, a plan took definite shape in her mind, and was secretly communicated to Mrs. Neff and Samuel Lennardson.

Samuel, who was growing tired of living with the Indians, and in whom a longing for home had been stirred by the presence of the two women, the next day casually asked his master, Bampico, how he had killed the English. "Strike 'em dere," said Bampico, touching his temple, and then proceeded to show the boy how to take a scalp. This information was communicated to the women, and they quickly agreed on the details of the plan. They arrived at the island some time before March 30, 1697.

After reaching the island, the Indians grew careless. The river was in flood. Samuel was considered one of the family, and the two women were considered too worn out to attempt escape, so no watch was set that night and the Indians slept soundly. Hannah had decided that the time had come.

Shortly after midnight she woke Mrs. Neff and Samuel. Each, armed with a tomahawk, crept silently to a position near the heads of the the sleeping Indians - Samuel near Bampico and Hannah near her master. At a signal for Hannah the tomahawks fell, and so swiftly and surely did they perform their work of destruction that ten of the twelve Indians were killed outright, only town - a severly wounded squaw and a boy whom they had intended to take captive - escaping into the woods. According to a deposition of Hannah Bradley in 1739 (History of Haverhill, Chase pp.308-309), "above penny cook the Deponent was forced to travel farther than the rest of the captives, and the next night but one there came to use one Squaw who said that Hannah Dustan and the aforesaid Mary Neff assisted in killing the Indians of her wigwam except herself and a boy, herself escaping very narrowly, shewing to myself & others seven wounds as she said with a Hatched on her head which wounds were given her when the rest were killed."

Hastily piling food and weapons into a canoe, including the gun of Hannah's late master and the tomahawk with which she had killed him, they scuttled the rest of the canoes and set out down the Merrimack River. Suddenly realizing that without proof their story would seem incredible, Hannah ordered a return to the island, where they scalped their victims, wrapping the trophies in cloth which had been cut from Hannah's loom at the time of the capture, and again set out down the river each taking a turn at guiding the frail craft while the others slept.

Thus, traveling by night and hiding by day, they finally reached the home of John Lovewell in old Dunstable, now a part of Nashua, N.H. Here they spent the night, and a monument was erected here in 1902, commemorating the event. The following morning the journey was resumed and the weary voyagers at last beached their canoe at Bradley's Cove, where Creek Brook flows into the Merrimack. Continuing their journey on foot, they at last reached Haverhill in safety. Their reunion with loved ones who had given them up for lost can better be imagined than described. Doubtless Samuel was the hero of the younger generation for many days.

Thomas took his wife and the others to the new house which he had been building at the time of the massacre, and which was now completed. Here for some days they rested.

In 1694 a bounty of fifty pounds had been placed on Indian scalps, reduced to twenty-five pounds in 1695, and revoked completely on Dec. 16, 1696. Thomas Duston believed that the act of the two women and the boy had been of great valuein destroying enemies of the colony, who had been murdering innocent women and children, and decided that the bounty should be claimed. So he took the two women and the boy to Boston, where they arrived with the trophies on April 21, 1697. Here he filed a petition to the Governor and Council, which was read on June 8, 1697 in the House (Mass. Archives, Vol. 70, p. 350), setting forth the above belief and claiming the reward, pleading that "the merit of the Action remains the same" and claiming that "your Petitioner haveing Lost his Estate in that Calamity wherein his wife was carryed into her captivity redrs him the fitter object for what consideracon the publick Bounty shall judge proper for what hath been herein done," etc.

The same day the General Court voted payment of a bounty of twenty-five pounds "unto Thomas Dunston of Haverhill, on behalf of Hannah his wife," and twelve pounds ten shillings each to Mary Neff and Samuel. This was approved on June 16, 1697, and the order in Council for the payment of the several allowances was passed Dec. 4, 1697. (Chapter 10, Province laws, Mass. Archives.)

While in Boston Hannah told her story to Rev. Cotton Mather, whose morbid mind was stirred to its depths. He perceived her escape in the nature of a miracle, and his description of it in his "Magnalia Christi Americana" is extraordinary, though in the facts doubtless quite correct and corroborated by the evidence.

In Samuel Sewall's Diary, Volume 1, pages 452 and 453, we find the following entry on May 12, 1697:

"Fourth-day, May 12 . . . . Hannah Dustan came to see us; . . . She said her master, whom she kill'd did formerly live with Mr. Roulandson at Lancaster: He told her, that when he pray'd the English way, he thought that was good: but now he found the French way was better. The single man shewed the night before, to Saml Lenarson, how he used to knock Englishmen on the head and take off their Scalps; little thinking that the Captives would make some of their first experiment upon himself. Sam. Lenarson kill'd him."

This remarkable exploit of Hannah Duston, Mary Neff, and Samuel Lennardson was received with amazement throughout the colonies, and Governor Sir Francis Nicholson of Maryland, after reading Cotton Mather's account of her escape, had a silver tankard, suitably inscribed, made in London, and later presented it to Hannah Duston. Monuments have been erected on the island (1874) and in G. A. R. Park, Haverhill (1861), commemorating the exploit, and an enormous boulder marks the site of the house on Monument Street, Haverhill, where she died.

The first monument, commemorating the fame of a woman, to be erected in the United States was one to Hannah Duston on June 1, 1861, in Haverhill.

Samuel Lennardson, on his return to Worcester, found that his father had removed to Preston, Conn., and there he grew to manhood, married Lydia -----, and died May 11, 1718, leaving three sons and two daughters.

Little is known of Hannah's life or that of Mary Neff after this event.

And now, let us return to Thomas Duston after his escape with the children. The fear induced by the massacre caused Haverhill to at once establish several new harrison houses. One of these was the brick house which Thomas was building for his family at the time of the massacre. This was ordered completed, and though the clay pits were not far from the home, a guard of soldiers was placed over those who brought clay to the house. The order establishing Thomas Duston's house as a garrison was dated April 5, 1697. He was appointed master of the garrison and assigned Josiah Heath, Sen., Josiah Heath Jun., Josep Bradley, John Heath, Joseph Kingsbury, and Thomas Kingsbury as a guard.

It was about this time that Hannah returned home. After the return from Boston, Thomas remembered that while constable the preceding year he had advanced the sum of ten pounds, fourteen shillings, and eight pence to Col. Nathaniel Saltonstall for money due several men as soldiers under the latter for service in 1695, and received an order from the Province Treasurer as security, which order was destroyed in the fire. As his request, Colonel Saltonstall wrote to the Province Treasurer on May 31, 1697, acknowledging receipt of the money in return for the order which was burned in Thomas's house the preceding March, and the order for payment of this sum to Thomas Dustonwas approved by the Council on Jone 4, 1697. (Mass. Archives.)

The details of an adventure of such an extraordinary character as that just described soon became public property, but little is known of Hannah's life after she settled down again to her accustomed round of household duties on her return home.

In fact, except for the record of the birth of her thirteenth child, Lydia, on October 4 1698, and the knowledge that she died early in 1736, -her will being proven in Ipswich on March 10 of that year and recorded in Salem Registry of Essex Probate, -nothing further was known until 1929, some two hundred and thitry-two years after her escape from captivity.

But in March, 1929, behind an old gallery pew in the Haverhill Center Congregational Church, the sexton, Marchus C. Jean, found several papers over two hundred years old. Among these was a letter from Hannah Duston to the elders of the church, applying for admission to the membership of the church. This letter is so unusual in character that it is presented here in full, as follows:

I Desire to be Thankful that I was born in a Land of Light & Baptized when I was Young : and had a Good Education by My Father, Tho I took but little Notice of it in the time of it :--I am Thankful for my Captivity, twas the Comfortablest time that ever I had; In my Affliction God made his Word Comfortable to me. I remembred 43d ps. ult-and those words came to my mind--ps. 118.17. ... I ave had a great Desire to come to the Ordinance of the Lords Supper a Great while but Unworthiness has kept me aback; reading a Book concerning +s Suffering Did much awaken me. In the 55th of Isa. Beg. We are invited to come:-- Hearing Mr. Moody preach out of ye 3rd of Mal. 3 last verses it put me upon Consideration. Ye 11th of Matthew has been Encouraging to me-- I have been resolving to offer me Self from time to time ever since the Settlement of the present Ministry: I was awakened by first Sacram'l Sermon (Luke 14.17) But Delays and fears prevailed upon me:-- But I desire to Delay no longer, being Sensible it is My Duty--. I desire the Church to receive me tho' it be at the Eleventh hour; & pray for me--that I may hon'r God and obtain the Salvation of my Soul.
Hannah Duston wife of Thomas AEtat 67.

And so ends the story of the escape from captivity of one of America's greatest heroines, Hannah Duston.

H. D. Kilgore, Historian
Duston-Dustin Family Association
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