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Default The Poison Cabinet

This thread is for books written by Jews that had gentiles as their target audience. Many books were written by Jews that contained ideas meant to undermine White communities by poisoning the psyche of individual Whites. Its divide and conquer methodology was created to protect the Jews from any coherent resistance, as it takes a team to beat a team, and the following Jew-writers worked hard to prevent Whites from becoming a team.

Marx: Communist Manifesto... written to create internal divisions within the White community along economic lines.

Ayn Rand: Attempted to atomize everyone so that they only thought of themselves of isolated and selfish individuals, abandoning all connections with their larger community.

Anne Frank (false attribution): Written to instill a sense of guilt in any school-age White child coerced into reading it, and therefore shame at being White.

Elie Wiesel: Holocaustomania ringleader, written with the purpose of brow-beating every White person into supporting the Zionists.

Adorno, Frenkel-Brunswick, Levinson: The Authoritarian Personality... written to pathologize cohesive gentile groups.

Betty Friedan: The Feminine Mystique... written to drive a wedge between men and woman and for undermining the foundation of any civilization, the institution of marriage.

Credit for the name "Poison Cabinet" goes to Julius Streicher.

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Matthaus Hetzenauer
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Matthaus Hetzenauer

You left out one of the primary perpetrators of the new school of Holohoax thought; a jew who serves up one whale of a tale: Jonah Goldhagen.

Now this creature is a new and particularly vile breed of exterminationist/hoaxologist altogether. Instead of offering up the same old semitically-correct bullshit of how "the evil Nazis gassed us; burned us alive; electrocuted us; drowned us," etc., Goldhagen goes one step further. He places an equal share of the blame on the shoulders of ordinary German citizens; noncombatants who, according to the jews' newest golden boy sensation, gave their overwhelming approval to the "final solution" as answer to the jewish problem afflicting Europe. He targets the ungrateful leaders of Allied governments who, though they knew about the "extermination camps" in eastern Poland, simply didn't give a damn about what happened to the Benevolent Ones, they whose sole purpose of existence, as they would have us believe, is to be the guiding light for all mankind. He zeroes in on the Pope and the Catholic Church for its supposed role in allowing the so-called Holocaust to continue without lifting its influential finger and screaming bloody murder to its flock. In short, he leaves well-known lying sacks of shit such as the King of $hoah Business himself, Elie Wiesel, along with puppet gentile "historians" such as William Shirer, to pawn off on the gullible goyim the exterminationists primary focus on the NS themselves; to continue the fight in that arena.

The question is, why does Goldhagen resort to this seemingly implausible tactic? Why not keep the sights set on the imagined butchers themselves? The answer's simply, really. By allowing those thoroughly indoctrinated into Holohoax mythology to actually think for themselves for a change, the dopes just may at last open Pandora's Box and begin to question some of the more absurd aspects of the myth as perpetuated by the jew and his traitorous goy underlings. Goldhagen is attempting to unnerve any snoops from prying their schnozzolas into where they don't belong; from committing such hateful thought crimes by nipping them in the bud. And the best way to do that is by putting the curious in the hot seat, on the defensive before they have a chance to think at all. It's really an ancient jew tactic commonly referred to as a red herring (red gefilte fish would be a more appropriate term, I feel); tossing misleading, distracting items into the fray and hoping the target will veer away from the issue at hand.
Wit' jews ya lose; wit' rope deah's hope.
- Bugs

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