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Old February 13th, 2016 #1
Brooklyn Rick
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Brooklyn Rick
Default Anti-virus and malware protection

I had to buy a new computer as the old one got infected with the yahoo and Babylon virus. I was using Norton 360, and it obviously did shit to protect my laptop. I'm a gun guy, not a computer guy. Could someone knowledgeable about these things recommend a good virus protector? A few folks recommended avast, but I have no clue what works good. Thanks.........
Sine Timore
Old February 13th, 2016 #2
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AVG free and being smart about what you browse is your best bet.
Old February 14th, 2016 #3
Wayne Naileux
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Wayne Naileux

I use the Commodo fire wall and Tor browser. Seems to work for me.
Old February 17th, 2016 #4
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i think avg free is the best option if you want free protection.
for paid one i will go for eset smart security sign up for a 30 day trial verison. at the end you will get around 40% discount "hot deal".

you can use kmspico "activator" to activate windows 8 or 10 for free
to save more shekels.
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Old February 21st, 2016 #5
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Disable java and flash player. Most of the jew bugs that will infect your PC come in through exploits from java and flash player. That combined with not installing shady software on your PC is pretty much all you need. Noscript is a good plugin that can do this. You can add exclusions to websites you trust.

Also using a modified hosts file will block lots of shady stuff from getting to your PC:

^^ This needs to be updated on occasion. I'll usually update it once a month.
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