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Default Report from racial white Croatia

Someone people in USA can say that white state is good states but it is not truth if you have worst elements of whites in power. Croatia was powerfull state where she had been Kingdom with low taxation and without democracy. Such monarchist period work long because Croatia with her alliance had not be French revolution state. French revolution came in 90' as reaction on communism not as reaction on monarchism as in other states. Similar justice had anti-communist states in eastern Europe. After Croatia lost ww2,communist as direct democrats (dictature of proleterians) steal all property of white better stock and kill them or someone who survived did not live good.

They nationalize it and start with mass redistribution of capital someone by stealed property and someone from USA workers with inflation because USA want block from USSR and allowed it. They started to help proleterians for third world to study them as today work French revolutionist. Such communist hertiage continued start their policy with French revolution where they became so-called democrat and where state steal money from productive people less than in communism for "social justice" in fact for more money for post-communist on to possition white-under man while we have mass immigration of better stock in western states. Croatia is most anti-capitalist state in EU,only Greece is worse.

Conclusion: white man can be destroy by white man without implementation of eugenic program what mean less state,capitalist economy so do not think that if you have white state that it is good. We must say who is White,for example white under-man stock are not white and when you have worst elements of our race on power,you have pro-immigrant third world policy,only reason why Croatia do not have immigrants is because such state have "white refuuges" and social problems as Russian aristocrats before Bolshevik revolution who were crushed by white man,or French aristocracy crushed by white man. Such state have problem with "white niggers" and it is not surprase that are states economic better who have more non whites because they have better white stock. Our natural possition is monarchy with lower taxes. Two kind of democracy destroy our people such as dictature of proleterian as direct democracy or pairlament democracy as French revolution with crony capitalist who did not reject cultural marxism of re-distribution,they just want less re-distribution but it is also wrong,Marx gave support of French proleterians according to grand lodge of Britain. We must expose through libertarian philosophy who is popular and legal how our supporters of French revolution do not support economic freedom.


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