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Default Free, easy, healthy beer

This is really high in vitamin C and is practically free. Don't need special brewing equipment, anyone can make it. It is a way to get vitamin C in winter.

Gather about 2 dozen spruce tips about 10 cm long. The year's fresh growth at the very end of the limb is best. Be sure they are spruce trees not yew. Yew are poisonous. They have flat needles held individually along the stem. Spruce trees have very sharp needles and little rough "pegs" on their branches. Black spruce is higher in vitamin C but white spruce can be used too.

Rinse the spruce tips and boil with 10 litres of water. Boil 40 minutes or more.

Put 1 litre molasses into sterilized mason jars (I divide it evenly between 6 jars). Sterilize them by baking at 225 F for 10 minutes.

Carefully strain the spruce liquid through a clean cloth then pour on top of the molasses. Only fill the mason jars halfway, far below the neck. Mix thoroughly.

Let it cool until it is about the temperature of the human body. Then stir in yeast, can use baker's yeast, a few spoonfuls should do it, I don't measure but just kind of estimate it.

After it starts frothing steadily, cover with a new cloth and tie a string around it.

If you're using mason jars like me, don't screw on the lids. There is a small risk the glass could shatter, it's never happened to me, but just in case I store them in a box out of the way where a mess wouldn't be a disaster. Keep them in the dark.

After 4 days pour through a cloth or strainer into new sterilized jars or bottles.

Wait another week before tasting and it should be done.
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