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Old February 20th, 2019 #1
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Default Is Sympathy for the devil hip to the JQ or have Jews just done everything evil in the west?

Sadly most whites have not guessed the (((name))).
Old February 20th, 2019 #2
Where dem broads be at ??!
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'hip to the JQ' = in reference to the jewish question , I suppose . . . ?
And . . are you referring to the Rolling Stones album or is your main concern that 'jews might be devils' . .?

Anyway . . . there are people who associate jews with 'the devil' . .

. . starting with many people still blaming them for giving Jesus prey to crucifixation over people who claim that they are evil per se . . .

I did this thread a while back in which I used the expression 'NWO' for what you maybe understand as 'the jews' . . .

Also , let's look at the facts . . The NWO gave us Communism ( Bolshevism ) , feminism , made race-mixing fashionable in the West , corrupted our music over a long period of time ( ) ,among other things . .

If you want to call that 'devilish' . . well . . .

Sex was once a forbidden topic . yet everyone had it on his /her mind . . today race is a forbidden topic


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