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James Dunet
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James Dunet
Default Hard Ball Politics

Teach White People How To Talk About Race. Three Phrases Will Help You Start The Conversation: Those phrases are White Community Hater, White Self Hater and Anti White.

Used in a sentence: White Community Hating Jews use White Self Haters to attack anyone who is not Anti White.

These three phrases work because they force a fence sitter to pick a side. He can pick Anti White and face the destruction of not just his community, but also himself. He can pick Pro White and begin to undo the terrible damage that has plagued America and the entire white world ever since they lost control of their money supply to Jewish Central Bankers.

White Community Hater Ė This character is often a politician, a globalist, a banker and at high levels he tends to be Jewish. His primary goal is to make an area less white by importing Cheap Illegal Brown Laborers. This earns him HUGE profits. Cheap Illegal Brown Laborers donít ask for irritating things like Fair Wages, Dignity While Working, Affordable Housing, etc. Bosses love Illegal Immigrants. Not just because they work cheaply and offer exotic pleasures of the flesh, they also have no rights to complain about poor conditions, low pay and long hours. They can be fired and deported if they do complain.

White Self Hater- This one is usually a white Liberal of the Baby Boomer Generation or an offspring of that generation. Raised on guilt for crimes he never committed and taught nothing but hatred for white people from a young age, it is likely he has never heard or said one kind word about white people in general.

Anti White- A loose collection of non whites and White Self Haters, these dangerous freaks can be found attacking and harassing White Civil Rights Activists in Charlottesville, VA, Berkeley CA, and other Liberal strong holds around the country. The only thing they hate more than a white person is a White Community that wants to stay white. What a weird existence they live that they accuse white people of being the worst people on earth, yet the mere presence of non whites in such a community will make that community peaceful. It is like they know that the average white person is so meek and mild that he only has to be accused of being racist, then you can take from him whatever your want. If you are lucky you will get his white daughter. She must accept the offer of a dark male. After all, she is a racist (gasp!) if she doesnít.

WAKE UP WHITE MAN! These people donít want fairness, they want your submission and destruction. They will cheer when state enforcers murder you for merely trying to keep your community white. No wonder they hate armed white workers. Will you live on your knees until your death or will you fight!?

A Few Thoughts:
Mass Immigration Provides Cheap Labor - In order for Bosses to have Cheap Labor, they need a massive working class to draw desperate men from. This ensures that those people will be willing to work long hours for low pay. In the modern era (post WWII) that often means Illegal Brown Immigrants who are encouraged NOT to assimilate. If they assimilate they just might find common ground with the white working class and form a very powerful workers movement. I would personally be disappointed by a race mixed movement. However, it is worth noting that the working class people can do amazing things when united. This communication is a bit of hard ball politics anyway, so I donít mind tossing out an idea that would scare members of the Elite Class. If you donít know, many white Elites and white Enforcers are big pushers of Forced Integration, as long as they donít have to live around too many non whites themselves. Remember that the next time a snarky member of the Caviar Left tells you that it is wrong to tell new immigrants to assimilate.

Notice all the White Hate in society? It is in almost every tv show and movie you watch. It is written into law that a company must hire a certain number of non whites or it can be sued into non existence. White Hate is taught in almost every lesson on history and racial integration is enforced by armed men from the state. Well, on the poor whites that is. Rich Whites are still doing very well. They can use zoning laws to price undesirable people out of their neighborhoods. They can say any vulgar opinion and keep their jobs. Just try saying out loud that you prefer the company of white people or that you wish you could have blue eyed, blonde haired children. You will be lucky if you keep your job. Yet you, the white man, will be accused for every crime in history and every failure of anyone darker than you. You will then be told that you have as much privilege as a King. It is such a bizarre lie. The working class white man is far closer to the status of a slave than of a King. Do you notice how no major media outlets and almost no internet forums allow discussion of such a common theme in media and entertainment? They must have had a meeting and not told anybody else about it. I bet they get a cut of the Cheap Illegal Labor money, somewhere along the line. I bet a lot of the people in media are Jewish. Your homework is to look up how many people in media as well as Central Banking are Jewish. Then consider that your teachers and professors never told you about those essential facts. Are they afraid of poor pitiful victims of the Holocaust? Or are they afraid of a small group of men who occupy the highest levels of society while putting on the faces of victims? Afraid of men whose mere word is good enough to end their careers. Men who are not slaves but Masters in the truest sense of the word. Perhaps all your teachers and professors just donít know about it. It would be quite a lesson if you taught them about the modern Jew. He has come a long way since the Holocaust.

What to do about it: White Man, you have a very big decision to make. You can stay on your knees, blaming yourself and anyone who looks like yourself for everything that has ever gone wrong in world history. The white race will cease to exist and empires of the future will rise and fall like they always have. If you wish for a different outcome, you must learn to talk about your displacement, how it is happening and why is it happening. Then you start talking quietly to trusted people around you. You will figure out quickly which ones have a stake in the Mass Immigration/Cheap Labor Scheme and which have a stake in keeping a community white. When enough white men understand what is happening to all white countries and the Anti White politicians can not ignore your message, you can overthrow the governments and their Central Banker Masters. Just be sure they donít run away to a new country and start the same scam up again. Your right to bear arms will help you do that.

I will conclude with the sentence from the first page. White Community Hating Jews use White Self Haters to attack anyone who is not Anti White. Say the sentence out loud and feel its power. Now consider there are people who want to kill those who know, speak and act on such truths. Remember that when they tell you to disarm for ďyour safety.Ē

P.S. You still get more blue eyed, blonde children if you breed them that way. That basic truth is what secretly hurts the White Community Haters, White Self Haters and Anti Whites. It is a big part of the reason they hate concepts like Free Speech and The Right To Bear Arms.

Copy This Message And Distribute It In A Way That Can Not Be Censored
Also Send It To Your Local Papers. Their Reaction To It Or Lack Thereof Will Tell You If They Are Part Of The Lying Press. You Will Discover That Most Of Them Are When They Focus On Grammar Errors Instead Of White Displacement And The Mass Immigration/Cheap Labor Scheme
At first I was blind but later I knew, that Sylvester McMonkey McBean was a Jew! (Dr. Seuss Sneeches hidden meaning.) He mixes the two races together and runs away with all their money.


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