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Default Scotland still 'open to Europe' . .

( the reason I post this in the 'advertising'-section is because a YouTube-ad gave me the idea for this thread . .)

- - -

. . is it just me or did more people during the last period of time get this ad as 'commcerial' on YouTube . .?

Hmmm . .

As it looks right now there might be 50-50 chances for a Brexit . . .

Scotland seems to 'hold to Europe' . .

- - -

Peculiar situation in the U.K. right now . .

England is the tone-giving nation in the U.K....

Others seem to dissent from her anyways . .

Scotland as such for long sought to break loose from the U.K. . .

Now the Brexit-question is inbetween . .

- - - -

I'm going to go into the lion's den and say that England has always tried to 'give the tone' on the British isles . . It started with the Anglos and the Saxons driving the original Celtic populace of that area more or less towards Wales in the West and Scotland in the North . . . ( the Anglos and the Saxons were Germanic tribes ) . . Eversince , the rulers of England tried to be 'on top' concerning the whole british sphere . . They had little success with Ireland though.

Now the EU-question is a new driving factor . .

Somehow the Brits never wanted to have something to do with 'the continentals' , or so is the CLICHE about them , lol , now the EU-question divides the British Isles even more . .

- - -

The Scots are known to be very keen freedom-fighters , proud etc . .

We'll see what happens . .

( couldn't resist with the vid . . ) .

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Furor Hibernica
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I do not really have anything against the rest of the british isles, it is their government which pisses me off often....


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