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Old May 30th, 2016 #461
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Post National Action demonstration at York, England

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A FAR right group staged a demonstration in York on Saturday, leading to a heavy police presence and several arrests.

A group of neo Nazis gathered near the Minster and St Michael le Belfrey church at around 3pm, and there was a heavy police presence around the group.

Police have confirmed they were called just after 3pm to what they called a disturbance near the Minster.

Nazi salutes were seen and the group unfurled an anti-refugee banner with a picture of Adolf Hitler on it.

Posts from twitter accounts claiming to represent the group National Action said it had been behind the demonstration.

A police spokesman said officers were monitoring a far-right protest involving around 30 to 40 protestors when altercations broke out between demonstrators and members of the public.

Five people were arrested - including four of the demonstrators and one member of the public.

The arrested men were:

A 25-year-old man from Weymouth who was arrested to prevent a breach of the peace and for failing to supply his details. - Cautioned

A 25-year-old man from West Bromwich on suspicions of racially aggravated public order offence. - Released on bail while enquiries continue

A 31-year-old man from Horley, Surrey on suspicion of using threatening words/behaviour. - Released on bail while enquiries continue

A 21-year-old man from Swansea on suspicion of a public order offence. - Released on bail while enquiries continue

A 27-year-old man from York on suspicion of using threatening words/behaviour. - Released without charge.

The rest of the protest group, who are believed to have travelled from around the country, were escorted back to York railway station by police officers to prevent any further disturbances.

Picture: Richard Morley

"Enquiries into the incident will continue to identify any further offences and officers have not ruled out making any further arrests", they added.

Superintendent Dave Hannan said: “Everyone has a right to peaceful and lawful protest, however, the police will not tolerate racist, offensive or violent behaviour.

"The situation was soon brought under control with offenders arrested and the remaining protestors escorted out of the city. Detectives will continue to investigate the incident and will take action against any further offences they identify as a result of their enquiries.”

One eye witness said police surrounded and contained the neo-Nazi group, who were wearing masks over their faces and doing a Nazi salute.

Bystanders reportedly cheered as some of the protesters were arrested, and one ma

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Old June 2nd, 2016 #462
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Post Anti Fascist Action - Adolf Hitler Division (aka National Action red infiltration)

We were 161, Adolf Hitler division, the most top percentage antifascist outfit in Britain, our LARP was on point. We were not pasty students or smackheads, but authentic working class resistance. Rival Antifascists have claimed the unit’s flags were bought of the internet, but this is not true. The Red flag AFA flag was a trophy from last year’s infiltration of a PEGIDA counter-protest by National Action activists, the black variant is the property of an ex-antifa – his flag has seen battle in all the major anti-austerity riots in London. In every sense, we were the real deal.

Our destination was the Swansea white pride counter demonstration. Every year the National Front hold a small demonstration outside the ruins of a castle in Swansea city centre – on the opposite side of the road there is a plaza where the opposition assemble and shut down the town. This year the demonstration had been taken over by the pig-government and turned into a public event with a massive sound stage and stalls – musicians, guest speakers, councillors, and members of parliament were all present. In addition a week of events had been planned including an oragami session by Hope Not Hate called ‘1000 Swans of Hope’. We were not going to stand by and allow the bourgeoisification of the resistance – CLASS WAR IS RACE WAR!

When we approached the cordon security was far greater than anticipated; there were tons of police covering all exits and lots of back up. This greatly reduced what we would be able to reasonably achieve on the day, but there was still chance of some success.

There were 10 of us and around 100 antifascists and 500 other protestors, so with zero regard for our personal safety we waltzed in like we owned the place. We gave some nods, mingled with the Antifa, and helped them scream at stuff.

Intelligence on the demonstrators was gathered and logged for future use. Practically none of the antifa were local – this is ironic as it has always been portrayed in the media as a local event opposing a bunch of fascists who have been bused in from across England. However we recognised most of the NF (National Front) and BM (British Movement) demonstrators as being local to the region (South Wales is something of a Fascist hotbed).

We spent some time at the stalls; Hope not Hate, Socialist Worker, and an Islamic stall representing the Ethnic youth centre – none of them had any idea who we were, we even spoke to David Phillips the head of Swansea city council.

I noticed a couple of our guys speaking with a group of local antifa – they were listening carefully to what was being said. They had clocked us. Not expecting any resistance he asked “Are you leaving now!?”, he didn’t like my response and a fight broke out – immediately our guys ploughed into a dozen social rejects and drove them off. The antifa were so concerned with getting us out quietly that they had not bothered to inform any of their comrades. Completely surrounded by protestors and antifa they jus

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Old April 24th, 2019 #463
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Originally Posted by scouse83 View Post
What a bunch of total arse bandits..
Good call.


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