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Default Hip Hop

After recently making a post about Rock Music as such I thought I would share my thoughts about Hip Hop ..

I know many in our movement do not like / stay away from Hip Hop , dismiss it as 'negro music' . .

After all the threads / posts I already did concerning this I'll have Hip Hop as a general subject here.

- - -

Well, first of all , where did the art form of rhythmic rhyming ( the style behind it ) originate . .?

In Africa . .? . .

Hardly . .

Also not among American blacks . .

The art of rhythmic rhyming /poetry is Aryan in origin . .That's right.

Everybody who does a bit of research discovers this . . The art of rhythmic rhyming can be followed from antique times to the ancient Norse people ( "flyting" ) , even to the Middle Ages and as recently as the times of the American West and the beatnik "poetry" of the 1960s . .

- - -

Well , in the early 1990s , after rock music had long dominated 'youth-culture' a new trend saw the sunlight.

On the surface it was some groids telling stories about 'da ghetto' , about violence ...

That music was called Hip Hop . .

What supposedly started as a thing of 'black ghetto people' soon became a trend to emulate . .

The youth started dressing 'cool' , wore their caps sideways etc . . Hip Hop was a trend . .

There were hip hop battles ,contests in which people would 'rhyme against each other' , freestyle . . .

Hip Hop also wanted 'back to the street' and tbh was soon deemed as 'lower-class music' . .

Then came 'gangsta rap' . . Music in which crime was glorified , robbery , even a certain racism by groids against us.

- - -

Hmmmm . .

Now what to make of all this . .?

The Aryan roots of this form I have laid out . . .

Explanations for how it came into being have been many though . .

Some compare the 'beat' / percussion in Hip Hop to African jungle drums but that isn't true . . .
First of all , Europeans have also all throughout time used the most differing percussions / drums . . 'Beat' is universal. AND the 'beat' in Hip Hop is much softer than African drums. It is a 'swinging' beat . .

- - -

Nowhere in African history has something similar to Hip Hop existed..

It IS Aryan in origin ( at least the idea behind this . .)

- - -

. . could our race take over what is today known as 'Hip Hop' . .?

Well , already many Caucasian stars out there . .

. . though not always. . .

Maybe we could take back what is historically ours . .? ( seriously . .)

Hip Hoppers of our race have often rhymed about cities , nature , their countries etc . .

Maybe until we solve the Hip Hop question other races will continue living for it.

(had to include this ironic video on amount of 'other races living for Hip Hop' . . at least until recently . . .)
Sex was once a forbidden subject to talk about , yet everyone had it on his /her mind . . Today race is a forbidden suject . .

- me


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