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Old April 3rd, 2014 #21
Matthaus Hetzenauer
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Matthaus Hetzenauer

re: Oprah Winfrey

As long as we're on the subject of the most overpaid, talentless woman on the planet...

One day years back the topic of her talk show happened to be "White men who date black women"; and as much as I despise the bitch I just couldn't let this one slip by.

A very bland-looking White geek was introduced and Winfrey started grilling him on why he preferred black women over those of his own race; and it went something like this:

Oprah (beaming with pride): "So what is it about black women that you admire, that you like so much?...Is it our bee-stung lips? our bubble butts? our, well, our charm and personality?

White Geek: "Er,'s's, to be honest, that black women are just so easy to pick up..."

I'm not bullshitting, nor am I exaggerating -- the gist of the conversation was just that; almost verbatim in fact. You should've seen that she-ape's draw drop; and audience-wise you could've heard a pin drop. Man, was I fuckin' rofl!
Wit' jews ya lose; wit' rope deah's hope.
- Bugs
Old September 3rd, 2016 #22
Robbie Key
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Robbie Key

Gibson's gonna do a move on Jesus' resurrection:

Let's hope he pisses of the kikes again.

famous anti semite


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