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drinking tea
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Originally Posted by Donald E. Pauly View Post
Steele is a walking medical curiosity. As far as I can tell, he is the only patient to survive a ruptured aorta for an hour before surgery. We now find out that his aorta blew out on the wrong phase of the moon for best results. His surgery was on 21 November, 2009. The new moon was on 16 November, see . You read it first here on VNN Forum, not the Judenpresse. Let's see Bev, our self professed medical expert, refute this scholarly study. - lol

Presenting the fact that Steele had his op during a full moon makes him insane - double lol.

Quite apart from the two real scientific studies detailed earlier in the thread proving that "pumphead" is a myth, it's also been confirmed by a third study.
But a new study suggests that pump head syndrome doesn't exist – or, at least, the heart-lung machine can't be blamed for any cognitive problems observed in patients following surgery.

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University's school of medicine in Baltimore compared the mental state of patients who had surgery either on or off the pump.

That means some patients underwent standard heart-bypass surgery while connected to the pump. For the other patients, doctors performed a more complex procedure in which they operated on the heart while it continued to beat on its own, eliminating the need for the heart-lung machine.

(During heart bypass surgery, blood vessels removed from elsewhere in the body are grafted to the outside of the heart in order to supply the heart muscle with adequate blood flow to areas where existing arteries are blocked or restricted.)

According to the findings published in Annals of Thoracic Surgery, “there was no difference in the cognitive outcomes between the two procedures, either in the short term or the long term,” lead researcher Ola Selnes said.

That's not to say that some patients don't experience confusion immediately following surgery. After all, an operation can be stressful on the body and the mind.

However, Dr. Selnes said, “we're pretty confident the pump itself is probably not a major culprit.”

He added that certain patients may have other health problems – such as restricted blood vessels in the brain – that make them prone to feeling disoriented after a major operation. For the most part, though, the side effects are temporary.

The study “ought to reassure patients … and help remove some of the stigma from conventional bypass surgery,” Dr. Selnes said.

Just give it up, Donald. Assuming that - by some miracle - you can persuade any of the Steele family to give you the time of day and entertain this crazed notion and you actually manage to get him a retrial based on the fact that heart surgery years before made him go mad and the judge doesn't notice the perfectly lucid videos and essays written post-op, these experts - with more training in their little fingers than you and your camera have put together - will simply destroy your vendetta case in one sentence.
Above post is my opinion unless it's a quote.
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Donald E. Pauly
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Angry Taost Book Refusal Tort Claim (TFW)

I got this in this afternoon from the Bonner County Prosecutor. Steele had it made in the shade just before trial. He was in the Sandpoint jail just 10 minutes drive away from his ranch. The fool then filed a claim against the Bonner County Sheriff chaplain because that they would not buy him a free book on Taoism. In retaliation, he was moved north to Moscow where Cyndi had a three hour drive to visit him. This is another sign of his insanity when he shits in his own nest.

You can get a sneak preview at . I will post this as soon as I can scan it and type it up. Don't go to Latebloomer's silly website. You read it here on VNN Forum.

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Donald E. Pauly
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Smile Another Proof of Steele's Insanity (TFW)

Here is another proof of Steele's insanity. He had just been convicted and was awaiting sentence at this time. He threatens to sue Bonner County because they did not get him a free book on Taoism. It is unknown whether paper back books were not allowed to be sent to him. In any case, he was in no position to pursue a lawsuit against the county. As a result of this threat, he was moved to Moscow where it was a three hour drive for his wife to visit him instead of 10 minutes.


Notice of Tort for Damage or Injury

Edgar Steele

CC: Marie Scott, Pamela Allen X2, Louis Marshall, Pixie Vasquez, Bonner Co. Sheriff

To:Sheriff Wheeler
From:Edgar Steele (pod 600)
Subj:BCSO Book Policy

Thank you for your personal response/denial of/to my grievance Dated 5/14/11. Please understand that I realize you inherited the existing policy when you recently assumed office. I am not at this time proceeding against ANY individual.

Enclosed is my tort claim concerning the BCSO book policy. Please immediately:

1.Alter existing BCSO policy to comply with prevailing law or
2.Deny my claim (I need such a denial to be on behalf of BOTH Bonner County and Bonner County Sheriff's Office (BCSO).

Thank you for your courtesy and your personal interest. Please provide me copied of the enclosed tort claim, this letter and my grievance dated 5/14/11, as I have no available copying ability.

Edgar Steele.
Tort Claim

Edgar J. Steele, inmate at Bonner County Detention Center, herewith presents his tort claim against:
Bonner County Sheriff's Office
Bonner County

for the following reason, which took place approximately mid-March 2011 and continually thereafter:

1.Denial of the ordering by, or delivery to, BCDC (Bonner County Detention Center) inmates books of ANY sort, save one (1) Bible, in violation of applicable state & Federal laws and the constitutional guarantee of a citizen's right to the free exercise (sic) religion and free expression. I have been personally damaged in an amount to be determined at trial.

2.Censorship of the already-too-limited books available to BCDC inmates by the Chaplain authorized to circulate weekly among BCDC cell blocks with books of their own choosing, consisting largely of religious, specifically Christian and more particularly Fundamentalist Dispensationalist persuasion. This constitutes an illegal and excessive entanglement of church and state. This also constitutes an attempt at the clear establishment of a state religion by illegally favoring the espousal of, not only Christian religion, but also the fundamentalist dispensationalist branch of Christianity. I am a Taoist, denied access to Taoist books, limited only to the Jewish Old Testament and Christian New Testament-illegally. I have been personally damaged in an amount to be determined at trial.

3.Denial of soft-cover books sent to inmates by bookstores and publisher, in contravention of practice and procedure established and followed by virtually every other county, state and Federal correctional or detention facility in the USA.

This is a de facto violation of the intent and desire of the American public, as well as an illegal thwarting of the legitimate and reasonable interests of BCDC inmates. This is an ongoing violation. I have been personally damaged in an amount to be determined at trial.

I have satisfied all legal and procedural prerequisites to the filing and service of this tort claim. All violations alleged took place in Bonner County, Idaho.

Edgar Steele

I declare that I have this date served the tort claim of Edgar J. Steele (dated 5/17/11) vs Bonner County (BC) and Bonner

County Sheriff's Office (BCSO), namely:Sergeant Inman

May 17,2011
Edgar J. Steele

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Donald E. Pauly
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Angry Steele's Taoist Book Grievance

I just got this in from Steele's local Sheriff. It is likely that the later voted for him. It is posted at . In short, it looks like that Steele could have any of the books in the library or have a soft cover Bible sent from the outside. This grievance gives another sample of his handwriting and insight into his mental state. There is little doubt in my mind that Steele could have gotten one of the chaplains to buy a book on Taoism and put it in the library. He instead chose to fight over it.

The Sheriff's answer explaining the book policy seems reasonable to me. Steele must have spent hours on this knowing that he was in no position to file a lawsuit to do anything about this book policy. At this point he had been convicted and was only a few miles from his ranch. He was moved a couple of hundred miles to Moscow in retaliation. His wife then had a three hour drive to visit him instead of a ten minute drive. He may well have known some of his jailers and should have stayed where he was.

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Donald E. Pauly
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Angry Grievance Transcription and Reply

Here is the transcription of Steele's book policy grievance. It is an appeal of a previous grievance on this issue. His handwriting is not quite as good as it was in known letters from him. It looks like he could have gotten his book on Taoism without this fight. There is no mention of Taoism in this grievance.

At this point, he has just been convicted of trying to blow his wife up with a pipe bomb and is spending hours of his time on this book issue. I don't know how the media found out about this caper.


To: Sheriff Wheeler
SubJ: BCSO Jail Book Policy
(Sgt Mee asked that I direct the appeal request to you.)

INMATE NAME:Edgar Steele INMATE BOOKING # ?(Pod 600)

If you have a complaint or grievance, please follow the steps below and give the compete report to the duty deputy. All written grievances will be answered. This does not mean we agree or disagree with the grievance. Corrective action will be taken in (sic) your situation requires it.

I previously grieved the jail book policy (May?) and was denied any corrective action. This is a request for appellate review.
1.Write down, in your own words, what you think the problem is and why it happened.

Disallowing inmates to have books sent in by others, especially bookstores and publishers, contravenes the policy followed by virtually every other detention facility in America, violates both state and Federal law and is clearly unconstitutional under both state and national constitutions. The policy is unconstitituional both to the letter of the constitution and especially as applied. The Friday book cart chaplain is our ONLY source of books and he censors them heavily, with about 95% of the books on his cart being religious in nature. This violates the 1st Amendment by both infringing on inmates right to free speech (which covers both expression & reception), as well as being an unconstitutional and excessive entanglement of church and state. It violates the civil rights aspect of both the 4th & 5th Amendnments, too.
2.Write down what you think should be done to prevent it from happening again.


1. Allow books from ANY source, but ESPECIALLY bookstore, libraries and publishers to be delivered to inmates by any means available.

2. Prohibit the Chaplain from censoring books made available to inmates by the jail.

3. Caution chaplains against abusing their exclusive access to inmates by pushing religion too hard, especially their own flavors.

4. Make book carts available to cells upon written request by inmates , provided by jail staff without regard to the nature of books. (corrected by BCSO)
Inmate Signature Edgar J. Steele 5/14/11
Deputy Signature C. P??? 5/15/11

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Donald E. Pauly
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Smile Cyndi On the Book Caper (TFW)

I missed this from Latebloomer's silly website. Here is Steele's self professed gold digger wife trying in vain to defend the Taoist book caper. She is calling Steele's best friend Allen Banks a liar in this email. My money is on him. BTW, Banks is the chairman of the local Republican Party and likely was on Sheriff Wheeler's campaign committee.


Cyndi Steele: Regarding Bonner County jail, 5/24/2011 | Free Edgar Steele

Cyndi Steele: Regarding Bonner County jail, 5/24/2011
2011 MAY 25
by admin

(Below is an email sent by Cyndi to friends, family and close supporters. The FES Admins have received authorization to release this for publication. It is not enough for ‘The Powers That Be’ to railroad Mr. Steele to jail using an informant frame-up and manufactured evidence. Now as Edgar awaits sentencing (and the chance to appeal), ‘TPTB’ – also known as The Police State – keep their iron heel bearing down on the neck of the innocent. Welcome to Soviet Amerika. Clarifications in [].)

“Yes, you’ve heard it here. The tort claim that Ed filed against BCDC [Bonner County Department of Corrections] made news on the Mike Brown radio news. Now the question is, will it now make the newspapers.

I didn’t hear the report, but I’m sure that Mike Brown used it to ridicule Ed as Brown has been a thorn in Ed’s side for years. He probably didn’t even give the time of day to what the tort claim was about, as follows:

Ed filed a tort claim in protest of not being allowed access to books. One, inmates are not allowed to have books sent to them. Second, the only books offered for reading is by the jail Chaplain, whose cart of books are about 90% religious, promoting Southern Baptist ideals. The other 10% is some leftover books (novel type) that are falling apart. Now, Ed is not complaining about these books being offered, he is just complaining that they are the only books being offered and he (and others) is being denied freedom to religion.

Now, according to Al’s [Dr. Allen Banks] discussion with the sheriff, all Ed has to do is request the books he would like to read from the Chaplain and the Chaplain would purchase these books with a fund provided for that purpose. Now according to Al, the sheriff claims Ed has never asked for any books. Well, as usual, that is wrong. Ed has asked the Chaplain for two or three books, but the Chaplain refused because he only believes in Christianity and would not bring in any books that had to do with any other form of religion because he didn’t believe in them. Note to Al – Ed had told me this earlier, but needed to reconfirm with Ed.

However, for now, Ed is going to return to silence and not push the issue or file any of the 3 to 4 other tort claims he would like to lodge against BCDC. Why? Well, after filing the above tort claim, he was threatened by the officials that if he didn’t stop being disruptive, they would transfer him to the Federal Sea-Tac [Seattle-Tacoma region] Detention Center just south of Seattle. In other words, shut-up and conform or we’ll ship you out and then see how you like it. Of course, the biggest loss would be the visits that Ed and I are now able to have and sadly know that this will pass when he is sentenced and shipped to wherever. Thus, for now, Ed is choosing to be silent in order to not lose our visits.

The shame of this is that the other tort claims (especially one) are of more serious matters. He should be allowed to file these claims because he is complaining about the illegal activities by these high and mighty officials. The most important one being that he is still being denied the proper access to confidentially speak with his attorney(s). They have allowed him only one number that he can call for his private attorney/client conversation(s), which is Mac’s [Robert McAllister, current attorney] home phone number. So he can’t speak with Mac privately on the other 3 numbers he has for Mac, he can’t speak privately with Gary [Amendola, assistant attorney] at all and he can’t speak with any other attorney that he wants to discuss the possibility of taking on his appeal and hopefully new trial. He can call and talk to them, but they will not be private and they will be recorded.”

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M. Gerard
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M. Gerard

I am in contact with a prisoner in another federal prison, and he has trouble getting the books he wants, because the Chaplain will only order from Barnes and Noble, and not any of the alternate or the used book publishers that Barnes and Noble offers. This is for "religious" books that are paid for by a prison fund. The prisoner's religion is Asratru (sp?) or Odinism.

Prisons are very weird places with rules that get ignored all the time until the prisoners file complaints. This same prisoner was told he could not see the dentist unless his teeth were falling out of his head. He filed a complaint, I believe, and was seen after that.
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Donald E. Pauly
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Smile Prison Bureaucracies

Originally Posted by M. Gerard View Post
I am in contact with a prisoner in another federal prison, and he has trouble getting the books he wants, because the Chaplain will only order from Barnes and Noble, and not any of the alternate or the used book publishers that Barnes and Noble offers. This is for "religious" books that are paid for by a prison fund. The prisoner's religion is Asratru (sp?) or Odinism.

Prisons are very weird places with rules that get ignored all the time until the prisoners file complaints. This same prisoner was told he could not see the dentist unless his teeth were falling out of his head. He filed a complaint, I believe, and was seen after that.
What you say is no doubt true but Steele was a Coast Guard Officer for nearly four years. Surely he could have navigated the jail politics of his home town sheriff over a lousy book if he were sane. He just wanted to pick a fight and it cost him a 200 mile move. Even then, it wouldn't have hurt him to read a Bible where Jesus talks about lawyers. This quote from a Protestant Bible is close enough.

Luke 11:46
New International Version (NIV)

Jesus replied, “And you experts in the law, woe to you, because you load people down with burdens they can hardly carry, and you yourselves will not lift one finger to help them.
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Donald E. Pauly
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Default Richard Barret on the Man of Steele

I stumbled across this on the (Crosstar) website. Richard Barrett, of Blessed Memory, was stabbed to death several years back by a Negro. He had won many lawsuits against municipalities and the Poverty Pimp for denying them parade permits.

I spoke to him on the phone 10 years ago about Steele's defense of Pastor Butler in the Aryan Nations case. I take no position in the article below and merely post it for information. Note that his article has been edited to bring it up to date somewhat.

Barrett claimed that his trial win/loss record was 22/2 and Steele's record by my count is 1/19. This does not count his pipe bombing trial.


Butler's Lawyer Eyes Nationalist's Cash
569 days ago 0 comments Categories: Legal Activism Tags: Richard Butler, Edgar Steele, defamation, lawsuit
Steele threatens to sue for defamation
(this portion written by Barrett)
COEUR D'ALENE - Stung by a whopping $6.3-million judgment, Aryan Nations' honcho Richard Butler is threatening to tap the coffers of The Nationalist Movement to pay his bill. But, the Nationalists say "no way." Nationalist General-Counsel Richard Barrett told Butler's lawyer Edgar Steele to "put up or shut up" when threatened with a lawsuit over what Butler claims is "defamatory" reporting of his trial. "Do not make the mistake of thinking that I am neither capable nor interested in following through" with a lawsuit against The Nationalist Movement, wrote Steele, following his loss.

Steele demanded a "retraction and apology" for a report on Crosstar, the Nationalist website, which quoted an Associated Press story that Steele had told the jury to award damages to Indians represented by attorney Morris Dees and that Steele had said, "I join the other side." Barrett had been critical of Steele's defense as "ineffective and flawed." "Any concession to the plaintiffs would have been, in my opinion, a mistake," he told Steele. He had written that neither Butler's adulation for Joseph Paul Franklin nor Dees' adulation for Martin Luther King offered "peaceful and positive solutions." Barrett said that The Nationalist Movement was compelled to issue statements distancing itself from any reckless conduct, now or in the future, in order to fend off any conspiracy charges against Nationalists leveled by Dees.

Barrett is insisting that rightists procure and follow legal advice before being sued and to avoid reckless conduct, entirely. He said that that is the way he defeated Dees in the 1987 case of Hosea Williams v. the Forsyth County Defense League in Atlanta. The Nationalist Movement is, also, the only rightist litigant to have ever won in the United States Supreme Court. Barrett offered Butler, however, to correct any "significant error in fact." But Barrett then contacted Bill Morlin, the Spokesman-Review reporter who covered the trial, who stated that the remarks attributed to Steele were accurate. "I was there for two weeks," Morlin said. "I have been a journalist for twenty-seven-years," stressed Morlin, "and I am professional in what I do." Morlin then related that Steele was suing him, claiming that his reporting was, also, defamatory. He said that the case comes up in October for summary judgment, in which the judge is expected to dismiss the complaint as baseless.

Very litigious

"He [Steele] is very litigious," said Morlin. However, Nationalist Barry Hackney, who won a major free-speech lawsuit against the City of Vidor, Texas, who defeated the Texas Human Rights Commission and who recently had the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans strike down a ban by the City of Houston against Nationalist television broadcasts, shot back, "If Steele can't hold his own against Morris Dees, he certainly doesn't want to bite off a piece of Richard Barrett." Barrett, the only lawyer to have defeated Dees in court, told Steele that if Steele would state that he did not say that he "joined the other side" and had not asked that damages be awarded to the Indians, a correction would be issued.

Steele replied that he had, indeed, made the statements, but that reporter John Wiley "was not clear" in the Associated Press article. "Then, your quarrel is with the Associated Press," Barrett retorted. Barrett then cited the United States Supreme Court case of New York Times v. Sullivan, which requires a finding of actual malice to hold someone liable for defamation of a public figure. Barrett noted that he had attended Butler's 1988 sedition trial in Fort Smith, Arkansas and had supported Butler's acquittal, at that time. "We have no malice toward Butler," Barrett noted. "We only wish that he had followed the advice we offered him some time ago, but which he declined."

"As for making the mistake of assuming that you cannot 'follow through,' we make no such mistake. Nor should you make the mistake of assuming that we are incapable of defending ourselves," Barrett warned Steele, noting the Nationalists' 22-2 court-record. Steele had been quoted by news sources as referring to his clients as "terrible," "incorrect," "reprehensible, "without a prayer" and a "demon." Barrett faulted Steele for not putting on a "political defense" or taking the offensive. According to Crosstar's Political-Trial Tactics report, "Butler's lawyer took no swipes at the background or character of the accusers, who were marijuana-smoking Indians, or at opposition lawyer, Morris Dees, who had erected a statue glorifying communists, draft-dodgers and social misfits." "Since Crosstar's reports are accurate and verified, your demand for a retraction is respectfully declined," Barrett wrote Steele.

Takes aim at win-loss ratio

Steele still insisted that he would sue the Nationalists and "cause your win/loss ratio to decline." "Your [reporting] will now elicit [death threats] from some of the radicals in the right wing ... because they will perceive that I betrayed [Richard] Butler when the chips were down," Steele complained. The threat prompted Barrett to fire back, "as for your statement that you will cause our win-loss ratio to decline, 'put up or shut up.'" Dees has threatened to go after "other groups" he disapproves of. "We are geared up to take on Dees, so you can be sure that we can take on Steele, as well," Barrett observed.

Butler, 83, who made a fortune from a tire-patch invention for the aero-space industry, was backed by millionaires Vincent Bertollini and Carl Story during his trial. However, neither has committed to picking up the tab for the judgment. Butler told a news conference that "they do not have that kind of money" to post a $960,000.00 cash bond required for an appeal. Butler's children have stated that they have no desire to carry on their father's activities. Barrett cut Steele some slack, saying that "sometimes a drowning man even lashes out at his rescuer. Losing a case of this magnitude is probably as painful as anything could be for you."

Steele apparently then called it quits, stating that "I have no more time and energy at the moment for you," but implied that he would sue the Nationalists at some point in the future. "Rest assured that I will eventually get around to giving you the attention you deserve," he chided. "As for giving me the 'attention I deserve' by suing me now or in the future, you can huff and puff all you want, but I can, also, defend myself and will do so, as any occasion arises," insisted Barrett. Barrett said that he is working to put together a lawsuit against the self-declared anarchists, communists and homosexuals who violently attacked the Nationalists' Fourth-of-July parade in Morristown, New Jersey, using similar tactics as Dees used in Idaho.

Posts on Crosstar have been saying that they would like to see the occasion arise when Dees, himself, can be successfully sued. Brad Phillips quipped, "Catch Dees doing something rancid. And sue him and bankrupt his sorry butt. Then we can start a reparations' fund for the victims of the vast left-wing conspiracy." When told of Steele's threat of a lawsuit, parader John Kucek said, "He's just lost and doesn't show that he can take us on. I doubt we'll hear from him, again." Steele has been busy trying to defend a $65,000.00 lien he has on Butler's property for legal fees. He has stated that he demands to be paid first, when the premises are executed on by judgment creditors.
Barrett & Butler’s Legacy

Looking back upon these events reveals a great lesson for Nationalist Activists. Good-intent means very little in politics or war, even if it is simply a “war of ideas.” For novices, unschooled in the delicate philosophies of American nationalism, Richard Butler was a good man. To say that Richard Butler and Richard Barrett were at odds, well that depends…

Probably sharing a bourbon as we speak, Barrett and Butler were polar-opposite strategists in the struggle for the freedom of the American people from their violent foreign oppressors. Butler wanted anarchy in the streets today if it meant our chance to officially start defending what so many others say needed no defense: The racial preservation of America, by and for its founders. Barrett had long admitted that our defense may indeed come to another civil war, but that our side should launch from a solid foundation with organized, legal strategy instead of an unorganized, easily divided and corruptible mass of disjointed fronts.

Butler associated with some who worked outside the law, while Barrett did not, not unlike generals who disagree on tactic, but not on the war Barrett & Butler were giants in the larger struggle against our oppression. The above article was written by Barrett, published in this very magazine at the height of the reflective era after Butler’s troubles with the law. Though Barrett & Butler seemed worlds apart, this was how outsiders perceived them with much help from the Jewish press. Not with-standing their similar goals, even many within the larger movement thought the same.

Ultimately every great lie has an element of truth, but the real truth is that both Butler and Barrett were right. There is a time for activism and for war, the only question is when should one turn into the other? An era of activism would indeed be better served by the Barrett philosophy, while those willing to start gun battles in the streets would be better served by Butler’s. Certainly if activism fails, civil war will come, all in our larger movement must agree on this. Could it be Butler was a bit too early or Barrett too late? Possibly.

The time for war is sometimes hard to pin down, especially with a nation as dynamic as ours. George Washington was considered a traitor by many before it became clear that indeed he was the greatest hero and patriot America would ever know. –Butler viewed in this light is completely acceptable. Barrett’s sought legal activism after observation of our enemies’ gains that were within the system. MLK who advocated peaceful protest is now honored with a national holiday and a monument in Washington and X is known as a thug.

The truth is that MLK and X were both thugs in a larger war and that Barrett and Butler were both heroes in American’s struggle for freedom. Barrett and Butler were both selfless, good men who could have made much more money in the private sector instead of donating their talents to us. -While today King’s family profits financially from his national monument. (Designed by the communist, Chinese artist Yei Yixin)

Barrett and Butler have both been returned to the earth, but a question to some remains? -100% legal activism or something less? There are very passionate arguments for both, by us and our common enemies. Ultimately, the answer to this may be seen in Barrett & Butler’s lasting legacies. Barrett’s detractors point out that his non-violent approach didn’t aid him in his final moments when a black gang-member beat, stabbed and set him on fire, murdering him in his home. Incidentally, many non-racially-aware Americans see his murder as proving him right about black violence. Butler, after losing a civil suit from the SPLC, left his organization bankrupt. Edgar Steele, (Butler’s attorney) who threatened to battle with The Nationalist Movement ‘another day,’ himself, sits in jail.

Barrett, who triumphed over the SPLC in 1987 used the legal system to his advantage. The second First Officer of The Nationalist Movement chalked-up many lasting wins for activists including a US Supreme Court win and the Unixandria Library; a tomb of information advancing a lasting system of activism that continues to this day.

Both Richard Barrett and Richard Butler were brave men who stood up against tyranny, both took the arrows as front men speaking up when others accepted our displacement. We can and will continue on, with the benefits of their experience, learning the lessons of their lives.

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Donald E. Pauly
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Angry Steele Loses Libel Lawsuit Against Spokesman Review

I found the original index on this trial but this is the first full explanation. It seems to me that Steele was a fool to sue the newspaper if he couldn't make his case. He had to have studied the 1964 New York Times vs Sullivan in law school. It required a showing of actual malice to libel public figures.


'Public figure' loses libel suit

Judge rules against attorney Edgar Steele in action against newspaper, reporter.

Spokane Spokesman Review/December 8, 2000
By Susan Drumheller

Attorney Edgar Steele has lost his case against The Spokesman-Review and reporter Bill Morlin.

First District Court Judge James Judd ruled Thursday that Steele was a "public figure," and as such had to meet a higher standard of proof to show that he was libeled by a July 23, 1999, article written by Morlin. Furthermore, Judd ruled that Steele failed to show Morlin acted out of malice, falsely reported the facts or intended to inflict emotional distress through his reporting.

The article in question reported that Steele was representing Richard Butler and the Aryan Nations in the civil case filed by Victoria and Jason Keenan. Steele objected to statements in the article that he believed implied he shared the beliefs of Butler, the Aryan Nations or the founders of the 11th Hour Remnant Messenger, a white supremacist group.

Following the article, Steele sued Morlin and The Spokesman-Review, claiming libel, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Judd denied Steele's claims in all three areas in his summary judgment.

"We always felt the article written by Mr. Morlin was accurate," said Spokesman-Review attorney Duane Swinton. Judd agreed, with the exception of a minor fact relating to when Steele moved from California to North Idaho. "Steele has failed to meet his burden of showing that a genuine issue of material fact exists on the issues of falsity and `actual malice,"' Judd wrote.

Steele could not be reached for comment Thursday. Steele tried the case for Butler and the Aryan Nations, who were sued by the Keenans. The Keenans were represented by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a human rights organization. After a seven-day trial, a jury determined the Aryan Nations and Butler were "grossly negligent" for the actions of three Aryan security guards who assaulted the Keenans in 1998. The jury awarded the Keenans $6.3 million, essentially bankrupting the Aryan Nations and closing down its Hayden Lake compound.

Steele maintained that he was representing Butler not because he shared his beliefs, but because he thought it was an issue of free speech. Morlin reported that viewpoint in his July 1999 story. Through his reporting, Morlin was able to help Spokesman-Review attorneys make the case that Steele was a "limited-purpose" public figure.

Steele defended the Aryans' right to express their beliefs through letters to the editor and in an article posted on the Internet. Steele also was the publisher of the Bonner Examiner, a controversial tabloid that came out before the 1998 local elections.

"Our goal as reporters is to accurately inform our readers what's occurring in their communities," Morlin said Thursday, following the judge's ruling. "I believe I did that here."

The accuracy of the article made the case a strong one for the newspaper, Swinton said. Accuracy and truth are the best defenses against libel, he added.

"It's important that the newspaper, the press, be allowed to report on issues of public concern and have some degree of protection in doing that," Swinton said. "This case reinforces the notion that there are free speech, First Amendment protections that the press is entitled to."

Judd did not award attorneys fees, but did order Steele to pay all court costs. A similar lawsuit that Steele filed against The Bonner Daily Bee is pending.

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Angry Establishing a School for Tolerance (TFW)

There are real questions about Steele's conduct in the Pastor Butler trial. How did the Indian Squaw and her papoose get $6.3 million when not a drop of blood was shed over a backfiring car?

I think that that following statements are what Steele sued the Spokesman Review for libel over and then lost that case too. They have to be a record for stupid remarks coming from a defense attorney.

"I'm not going to say the jury is wrong,'' Steele said. "They are members of our community.'' The Keenans were injured in the assault by Warfield and Yeager and "they deserved to be compensated,'' he said.

"I'll tell you, $5 million dollars of `We don't want you here' is a pretty potent statement,'' Steele said. "That's what they said with this verdict: `Take your hate out of this community.'''

Verdict busts Butler

Jury orders Aryans to pay $6.3 million

Spokane Spokesman Review/September 8, 2000
By Bill Morlin and Thomas Clouse

A jury returned a $6.3 million judgment Thursday against the Aryan Nations, its founder Richard Butler and three former members. The verdict in the civil trial means the jury believed the 82-year-old white supremacist and his organization were guilty of "gross negligence'' in appointing security guards who carried out a 1998 assault on two passers-by, Victoria and Jason Keenan. The panel of three men and nine women awarded $250,000 to Victoria Keenan and $80,000 to her 21-year-old son.

But the big punch came in punitive damages -- just the kind of award the plaintiffs' attorneys believe will bankrupt the Aryan Nations. The jury tagged Butler with $4.8 million in punitive damages and his former chief of staff Michael Teague with $600,000. Aryan guards Jesse Warfield and John Yeager were hit with $100,000 and $500,000, respectively, in punitive damages.

"If it hadn't been for three of us, they would have gotten Butler for $100 million,'' said juror Judy Jacobson, a 45-year old carpet layer from Spirit Lake. "They wanted to bury the whole Aryan Nations,'' Jacobson told The Spokesman-Review late Thursday night from her home. Five other jurors contacted by the newspaper did not want to talk about the verdict.

To collect the award, civil rights attorney Morris Dees said he will move immediately to seize the Aryan compound and all of Butler's assets except the clothes on his back. Dees said he will also take legal moves to gain ownership of the name "Aryan Nations'' so he can retire it. The co-founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center said he wants to turn the Aryan hate compound into a school for tolerance.

After deliberating nine hours over two days, the jury returned its verdict at 5 p.m. to a packed and well-guarded courtroom in the Kootenai County Justice Building. Butler arrived at the courthouse as police snipers patrolled the rooftops. After being told of the judgment by his attorney Edgar Steele, Butler walked outside, appearing somewhat stunned. "This is nothing,'' Butler said of the award. The man who founded the Aryan Nations two decades ago said his message of white supremacy and separatism will live on despite the jury's decision. "We have planted the seed,'' Butler said. "Most of North Idaho is fertile with people who don't want multiculturalism.'' The Aryan Nations will live on, he said, despite the jury award. "I'm still here,'' Butler shouted, getting into an old Pontiac LeMans. "I'll remain in business until the day I die.''

Following Butler out of the courthouse was Teague, wearing a crewcut and a $5 suit he bought in a thrift shop for the trial. "They think this verdict is like a magic pill they can swallow to make the Aryan Nations go away,'' Teague said. "You can shut down the Aryan Nations, but you can't stop our hearts. You can't stop our minds. The Aryan Nations will live as long as the white race is alive.''

But others who've fought Butler and his minions of hate were jubilant after the verdict. Idaho Gov. Dirk Kempthorne, visiting Moscow, praised the jury for sending a clear message that Idaho doesn't tolerate racism. "This is a significant event,'' the governor said. "We finally, through a court of law, could put a voice to how we feel, and I think the jury did a great job. "I think those 12 individuals spoke for hundreds of thousands of Idahoans, and I'm very proud of that jury,'' Kempthorne said. Coeur d'Alene Mayor Steve Judy said Butler "is not a member of our community and never has been. "He may call himself an American, but he's not one of us who live in Coeur d'Alene,'' Judy said.

Dees and Law Center attorneys J. Richard Cohen and Peter Tepley teamed with Coeur d'Alene attorneys Ken Howard and Norm Gissel for the suit. The legal team is now expected to move immediately to seize all of Butler's assets, including the 20-acre compound north of Hayden Lake. "We even intend to take the name `Aryan Nations''' and retire it, Dees told a press conference after the verdict. Dees said he would like to turn the compound into a tolerance center so school children can "go to the former seat of hatred and learn tolerance.''

Steele called the jury award an attempt to end free speech. "I'll tell you, $5 million dollars of `We don't want you here' is a pretty potent statement,'' Steele said. "That's what they said with this verdict: `Take your hate out of this community.'''

Dees had asked the jury for slightly more than $11 million, and admitted he was nervous when the panel didn't quickly return a verdict, stretching its decision-making over two days. But he beamed after learning he had won his eighth straight victory over a major hate group in the United States. "For too long the Aryan Nations compound in this county has been a haven for violent racists,'' Dees said. "I hope that this jury verdict will put an end to that.''

The Keenans, he said, "didn't bring this case for themselves alone. "They brought this case also for many, many people in this nation who've suffered from the violent racists who studied under the tutelage of Richard Butler,'' Dees said. He later mentioned ex-Aryans who assassinated a Jewish talk show host in Denver in 1984 and ex-Aryan guard Buford Furrow, who is accused of killing a Filipino-American postal carrier and shooting at children in a Jewish day-care center last year. Butler, Dees said, "has a right to hate, but he does not have a right to hurt people and to teach other people to hurt.'' "He has a right to live in this community. He has a right to live in this state.''

For those who might think he came to Coeur d'Alene "to bankrupt Mr. Butler because of his views, I hope they see now that was not the case,'' Dees said. "Certainly this judgment bankrupts Mr. Butler, but he was bankrupted to start with because his ideas were corrupt and evil,'' Dees said. "I hope the citizens of this community will see that this was not a case that dealt with suppression of speech or ideas. "I don't know of anywhere in this nation where free speech and free ideas and tolerance is more rampant than in the great Northwest and in the Panhandle of Idaho,'' Dees said. "Probably few places in this nation would have tolerated Mr. Butler as long as he was tolerated here.''

Victoria Keenan didn't answer questions, but delivered a brief statement at a press conference she attended with Dees. "I'd like to thank the justice system,'' she said. "It did prevail.'' "I'd like to thank the jury: Thank you very much for your braveness.'' A small white feather was intertwined in her braided hair. "Most of all I'd like to thank my lawyers, everyone of them,'' said Keenan, who is a Native American. "I'd also like to thank my family for holding us together at this time. Without them I don't think I could have done all this.''

Dees used the press conference to send a message to Butler, who wasn't in the courtroom when the verdict was read. "I'd like to say publicly for Mr. Butler to get the message: We consider every single asset on that compound and anywhere else ... to be the property of the plaintiffs in this case,'' Dees said. "We will consider it a fraudulent transfer of assets if Mr. Butler moves one single thing from that compound other than his personal clothes.'' Steele said there are several legal moves he can take, including requesting a new trial.

"I'll tell you, I don't understand this result,'' Steele said. "I considered this area the last bastion of free speech,'' but the jury's verdict means "they just don't like his speech and they want it gone.'' Steele said he wasn't "necessarily surprised'' by the decision against Butler. "But the numbers are way out of line,'' Steele said of the monetary judgment. Butler "certainly doesn't have that kind of money,'' Steele said of the $4.8 million. "This would certainly put him out of business if he tried to pay it today,'' Steele said.

Steele said in defending Butler, he "went up against seven lawyers.'' "I think I held my own pretty well,'' he said. "What would I do different? I'm not sure what that would be.'' "I'm not going to say the jury is wrong,'' Steele said. "They are members of our community.'' The Keenans were injured in the assault by Warfield and Yeager and "they deserved to be compensated,'' he said.

However, he did attack the police presence and media outside the trial. "I think all of this hoopla -- this media circus, this big name attorney, closed circuit TV -- I think we would have had a different result but for all that stuff.''

Although he never filed a motion to move the trial, Steele argued that media attention prior to and during the trial hurt his case. "Pastor Butler was tried and lynched in the local media before and during this trial,'' Steele said. After seeing the verdict, Steele said maybe he should have asked to move the trial.

"I talked with pastor Butler. We felt we had the best chance of a fair trial in the town that he lived. He may be a demon, but he's our demon.'' As his police officers took down barricades, Coeur d'Alene Police Chief Tom Cronin said "it would have been unconscionable'' not to have a sizeable police presence during the trial. "The fact that nothing happened showed that we meant business and that we were not going to tolerate anything here,'' Cronin said.

Vincent Bertollini, a self-described evangelist who heads the 11th Hour Remnant Messenger, was present for the verdict, as he was throughout much of the trial. "I think the jury sent a message'' with the verdict, Bertollini said. "We respect that message but we will continue to spread our message.'' "This isn't over,'' Bertollini said. " Dees hasn't won anything. "There are still legal remedies available to Butler and Steele. Butler is going to be on that property ... probably forever.''

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Smile Latest Begging Bowl Video Published (TFW)

Here is a nine minute extract from Cyndi's latest 2 1/2 hour begging bowl DVD. I will have more comment on it later. The most interesting new revelation is that she is begging for Mark Taylor in Arizona. He is one of the clients of her handler Wesley Hoyt. He is apparently splitting the loot with her. I have not studied the second video yet.

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Smile A Love Letter from Jail (TFW)

For the Steele cheerleaders who haven't read the thread, here are the photos of the first two pages of Steele's 26 page love letter to Tatyana from his jail cell. He abused the legal mail system to get it to her. Then he whines when his mail to prospective attorneys is copied and given to the prosecution.
page 108

Here Steele's son Rex gets proof that his father is crazy. He is being used as a messenger to get Tatyana's address for his father so that he can write her from jail.

Who says that Steele isn't a romantic guy? He is planning a lovers tryst in Kiev latter in the year. Having Rex send her the Teddie Bear was quite sweet.

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Smile Steamy Love Letters from Jail (TFW)

Here is the photo of the next two pages of Steele's 26 page love letter to Tatyana from his jail cell.
page 112

Note that Steele is lying to Tatyana about being charged with killing his EX-WIFE! He is trying to keep her from finding out that he is married.

Clearly Steele is lying about investigating a bride scam. Tatyana speaks no English and Steele speaks no Ukrainian and most likely no Russian. Tatyana is not a very effective bride scammer.

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Smile Latest Forgery Exposed

By using crude tools, I have exposed the latest forgery. An authentic letter from the warden has been unstretched and resized. It has been posted here some time back. The letter in the propaganda video has been patched together from screen captures as it scrolled up. The forgery is on top and the authentic letter is on the bottom. The purpose of this forgery is the attempt by Cyndi to explain why that she hasn't visited her husband in prison for the last 21 months.

The red lines supposedly done by hand are EXACTLY horizontal. This is impossible to do with a ruler. The black horizontal line and the black rectangle obscuring the address are both exactly horizontal. This is impossible to do with a scanner. Note the normal slight rotation error to the right in the scan of the authentic letter. That error is random depending upon how carefully the original letter is placed in the scanner. It is impossible to make it exactly zero.

The font is the same for the letterhead as the letter itself, with the exception of "Office of the Complex Warden Victorville, California". That appears to be an exact copy. The bottom of the top three lines of the letterhead should read 'Federal Correctional Complex-Victorville' but it reads 'Federal Correctional Complex'. The BOP seal in the forged letter is much too low and too small.

Cyndi is addressed in the authentic letter as 'Mrs' and in the forgery as 'Ms'. I have grave doubts that the warden signature would be scribbled. Note that the Mexican warden's signature is neat. Cyndi has admitted in her last forged letter that she presently has email, snail mail and phone privileges with her husband. Why would she ask for them again?

There is a tiny error in resizing the authentic letter that makes the BOP seal slightly out of round. I didn't have time to fix it with my crude tools using an old CRT monitor. There are no doubt other errors in the forgery that I have missed. The forged letter was manufactured in a word processor and never arrived by snail mail. 631x911 540x527 631x1300 1870x1991

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Smile Jailhouse Recording from Steele to His Son

I finally got around to finishing the transcript of the first recording from Steele to his son from the Spokane jail. There may be errors in this transcript and they should be sent to me for correction. You can listen to the original recording at the link. The call to his wife follows immediately after. That transcript has been posted previously.

Spokane, WA | Local News Video |
raw audio
13 June, 2010 Sunday

Steele jailhouse call to Rex

R:Hey dad
S:Rex listen. This may be the most, this is the most important call I've made in my life. Alright?
S: Do I have your attention?
R:Yes you do.

S:Good. I need you to call your mother. I need you to talk to her. I've been trying to reach her. Somehow or other I got them to let me make one more phone call tonight. I can't get her phone to answer. If she's going to be played the tape that supposedly I'm recorded on hiring the guy or something,


S:tommorrow at 9 am by the Attorney General's office.


S:The Attorney General's office no less. Here's the punchline. I'll explain it in a moment. She has to say the following:No matter what she thinks, no matter what she feels, no matter what she hears, she has to say "That is not my husband's voice." Say it back to me so I know you heard me.

R:That is not my husbands voice.

S:Good. Like a rhinoceros in the road she has to say that and stand by it and repeat it, no matter who threatens her or what they threaten her with. Otherwise I'm going to prison for 20 years. Now.

R:I'll do that. I'll make sure.
S:Here's why. It all fell together first for me when I talked to her about it about 2 hours ago. She told me the Attorney General's office wanted to talk to her. She told me about that teddy bear in the box that had been opened and left on top. Did you see that by the way?

R:Yeah,I did.

S: Did you open that box?

R:No, it was sitting there like that when I got in.

S:That's what I thought. That is going to one of my Ukrainian girl friends as a part of that case business.
S:They didn't know that. They left it there to piss her off and to give her another reason to be mad at me. They had been, I couldn't understand why they had been so adamant about turning her against me, and making her hate me, making her scared to death. She's scared to death, she won't even stay at the house she says. Even when she's here right now. She's staying someplace else. Now, you gotta ask yourself, if I hired Larry Fairfax to kill her, and Larry Fairfax turned me in, and I'm in custody, then who does she have to fear right now? Makes sense, doesn't it?

R:Well the thing is that mom was thinking was if, if it is a setup then whoever is setting you up could possibly try and go for her or anybody else in the family just to make it look more real.

S:That's right and I was going to tell you that before we are done. That's why that I don't want her to stay at the house. OK. That is good thinking on your part. That is exactly correct. What I just told you and didn't come together for me until just an hour ago. After I had been thinking about what she told me. If I didn't think, honestly I didn't think that I am that important but I am. The Attorney General's office no less. Think about that.

R:I would think that's a bit fishy.

S:Oh man, it's coming from the highest level. This tape is going to be really good. It's going to be real incriminatory. It's going to be real believable. She has got to-she can't say 'Well it kinda sounds like him'. She can't even do that, because that'll be enough.I had told her earlier I couldn't understand how they planned on convicting me on a piece of evidence that they couldn't authenticate. Authenticate means to independently verify. In order to have it received into evidence it has to be authenticated.


S:The're planning on authenticating with your mother. They're planning on her saying God damn that son of a bitch, yes that's his voice, God damn him. That's what they're planning on her saying. And if she does that, they'll be recording it by the way, it doesn't matter what she ever says again. It doesn't matter what she testifies to at trial, they will impeach her with that recording that she makes tomorrow. So after she first hears that and forever after she, no matter what she feels or thinks, she has to say, 'That is not my husband's voice'. I've lived with him for 25 years and I would know and that is not his voice. You know, even, I'm betting that what this is, is a whole bunch of recordings that they have spliced together, and adjusted the volume level level on and background noise for and played it over a speaker and that's how you get rid of the evidence of the splicing.


S:I'm betting that this is a Mission Impossible level job. In other words, it's going to be perfect, it's going to be very incriminating. Because with the Attorney General's office involved, its coming from the very highest level. They are really after my ass. That means there won't be any short time plea deals, and we go to trial, They're looking for 20 to 25 years. In other words,I die in prison. Make sure that your mother understands that my life is in her hands right now.

R:I will.

S: Will you do that, will you talk to her tonight, if you have to drive up here and find her, if you have to wake her up. I know she's tired, Apologize to her for me for making you do this. I'm going to try to reach her one more time after I get off the phone with you. I don't expect to. It's in your hands, you've gotta do it. That's why I said this is the most important phone call I've ever made in my life.

R:Alright dad.

S:And you understand, and I only put it together because of two or three things that she said in our conversation tonight. It was only after I was thinking about it that it came to me. Make sure you tell her that too.

R:I will.

S:Thank God I talked to her. Thank God she told me what she did. Otherwise it wouldn't have struck me what's going on and she would've blundered into that instead 'Gee it sure sounds like him' and it would've been over. OK I'm countin' on you big guy. I'm going to hang up on you now and I'm gonna try to call her again. I love you very much. I'm really countin' on you right now it's up to you.

R:I understand dad.

S:Bye bye.
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Smile Steele's Appeal Moves Forward

Steele's appeal inches forward and has been submitted to three appeal judges. It has now been over three years since his arrest. It will take another year for the appeal to be decided. In the unlikely event he gets a new trial, it will be an additional year before that trial and the same result will be achieved. He rots in prison in the meantime.

Steele's appeal lawyer plays lawyer games which do not address the real issue that his client is crazier than a shit house rat. You read it first on VNN Forum, not Steele's silly website.

July 3, 2013

Molly C. Dwyer
Clerk of the Court
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
95 Seventh Street
San Francisco, CA 94103-1526
Re: United States v. Steele, Ninth Cir. No. 12-30005
Citation to Supplemental Authority (Fed.R.App.P. 28[j])
(Scheduled for Oral Argument on July 8, 2013)

Dear Ms. Dwyer,

Pursuant to Fed.R.App.P. 28(j), appellant Steele draws the Court’s attention to the following supplemental authority:

First, the lead issue in the case is whether a federal district court is required to deny a claim of ineffective assistance of trial counsel brought by successor counsel on a motion for a new trial because such claims may only be presented by means of a post-appeal collateral attack
under 28 U.S.C. section 2255. Defendants in federal criminal proceedings, however, are not entitled to counsel as a matter of right in collateral proceedings, as they are at trial and on direct appeal.

Under Martinez v. Ryan, 132 S.Ct. 1309, 1320 (2012), if in state court “claims of ineffective assistance of trial counsel must be raised in an initial-review collateral proceeding, a procedural default will not bar a federal habeas court from hearing a substantial claim of ineffective assistance at trial if, in the initial-review collateral proceeding, there was no counsel or counsel in that proceeding was ineffective.” Similarly, unless reversed, the rule announced by
the district court in this matter would add a layer to section 2255 proceedings, permitting successor motions based on trial counsel’s constitutionally deficient performance where counsel was inadequate or absent during an initial 2555 action.

Second, as to a separate appellate claim, this Court has ruled that certain counts of an indictment were not duplicitous despite the presence of multiple underlying factual bases for each because they were “continuing” offenses. United States v. Mancuso, __ F.3d __, 2013 WL
1811276 *1, 6-7 (9th Cir. May 1, 2013). But the Mancuso Court ruled that another count with multiple factual bases purporting to allege a single “continuing” offense—distribution of cocaine between two different dates—was duplicitous because the governing statute criminalized each separate act of distribution. Id., at *8.
/ /
Case: 12-30005 07/03/2013 ID: 8691719 DktEntry: 50 Page: 1 of 3Mancuso supports appellant’s claim (Argument II) that: (1) 18 U.S.C. section 958 is a
non-continuing offense criminalizing each act of causing travel in interstate commerce; (2) counts one, two, and three, were duplicitous; and (3) most importantly, a specific unanimity instruction as to the factual basis for those counts was plainly required.


/s/ Dennis P. Riordan
Attorneys for Defendant-Appellant

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Smile Huge Propaganda Video Posted

Cyndi's latest 2.5 hour propaganda video has been posted. It is the biggest file that I have ever seen. You can send her loot by emailing her at free-edgar-steele @ . I have not studied this production yet. If you have trouble getting it to load or run, then post accordingly. Perhaps the uploader can split the huge video up.

The supposed transcript of the arrest follows. Some of the dash cam video is shown on this propaganda video. The Steele gang claimed that this recording was never provided. That clearly is a lie. Allen Banks claims that there are large portions of the transcript missing. Judge for yourself.

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Default Possible Negro in the Woodpile (TFW)

The Steele gang seems to think that the recording of the arrest has missing spots. I repost this transcript for the convenience of members who are watching the propaganda video. You can look for missing spots and estimate the total time. Steele's best friend says that this transcript should be 75 minutes long and claims that important parts are missing. He claims to have arrived at 08:30 and departed at 09:45.

The audio quality in the propaganda video is horrible in most places for reasons that are unclear at this time. I have updated the link to the typewritten transcript. There is nothing that I can do about the excessive length of this post.


(UI) denotes "unintelligible"

Date of transcription 10/01/2010

The following is a partial verbatim transcription of a conversation between Edgar Steele (Steele) , Special Agent (SA) Michael `P. Sotka (SA Sotka) , and Idaho State Troopers Jess Spike (Spike) , and Holly Branch (Branch} on June 11, 2010. It should be noted that the recording has intermittent blank spots.

Investigation on 06/11/2010 at Coeur d'A1ene. Idaho

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 2

(Starting at 11:50)
(Sound of truck)

Branch: Big ole' trailer.

Spike: . This is quite a spread he's got here. Beautiful. What we're gonna do is walk him up

to the porch.

Branch: Yea. (UI)

Spike: Yep.

Steele: Well I decided you guys were gonna serve a summons on me. But I've never seen such a show of force.

Spike: No, this, this, no...
(Background talk on police radio)

Spike: ...this wou1dn't be for that.

Steele: Sorry I can't hear, I called your office an confirmed chan they had dispatched somebody.

Spike: Oh yeah.

Steele: ‘Cause I, you got a...what‘s going on?

Spike: why don't we, can we head up on the porch and have a seat up there?

Steele: What's going on?

Spike: Why don't you head up on the porch and have a seat up here.

Steele: I don't like the feeling of this.
(Sound of footsteps)

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 3

Spike: Go ahead and have a seat. Edgar, is your wife Cindy? Have a seat. (UI) early this morning...

Steele: Is she all right?

Spike: ...she was killed.

(Squeaking noise) ·

Spike: We don't know a lot of details of the crash...

Steele: Oh, come on. Are you serious, is this, are, is this confirmed?

Spike: It's confirmed. Oregon State Police contacted us about an hour ago and asked us to make the notification. From what we understand she was drivin' a vehicle that was registered to you. Would that be correct?

Steele; Yeah. Mitsubishi, a Black Endeavor.

Spike: 'Kay.

Steele: Oh, Jesus, (UI)

Spike: Do you have any weapons on your person at all today? The only reason I'm askin‘ is that I know you have a concealed weapons permit and I just wanna make sure you're not gonna hurt yourself or anything like that. Do you know anything about what she was doin' this morning, or...? Is there anyone I can call for ya?

Steele: Nah.

(Background talk on police radio)

Steele: I‘m sorry, I'll get it together here in a minute.

Spike: You're, whenever you’re ready, sir.

Steele: .0h Jesus Fucking Christ! when did this happen?

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 4

Spike: We're not sure an exact time. We got a call about an hour ago and it takes us a little time to assimilate our people and make a notification. That's why, didn't wanna do it over the phone, sir.


Spike: (UI)

Steele: (UI) deal with her mother over there. She takes her mother to the doctor all the time. A little early for. And I have a granddaughter there with a daughter that babysits.

Spike: The, then information that I have this morning. (skip)

Steele: So you know where this happened?

Spike: Yeah.

Steele: Who would I call there? (skip)

SA Sotka: name is Mike Sotka and I'm with the FBI, and I know you probably don't (skip) but obviously with who you are and the things you've written, a lot of people that hate you.

Steele" Yes there are.

SA Sotka: and a lot of people that would probably like to get back at you or your family, whatever that might be.

Steele: (UI)

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 5

SA Sotka: Yeah, it's not too hard, in the middle of nowhere. But, um,..

Steele: They could just walk up to your door and pop me. I figured it was probably gonna happen someday, actually.

SA Sotka: Well, the, um, sometimes the easiest way to get to one of us is to, you know get to somebody else that's close to us and make a message. So, um...(Skip}

Steele: ...exactly the way I do,

SA Sotka: Yeah, and maybe if you and I sat down and talked about that would be the case. I'm just sayin', it's a hate crime against you just like it‘s a hate crime against somebody else if that's what was done. Um, the details were...

Steele: I'm not, 1'm not a member of a protected class is the only problem.

SA Sozka: Um...

Steele: It's not a hate crime against white (UI).

SA Sotka: Well, what, what...

Steele: [UI]

SA Sotka: ...we wanna find out who did this. We have a little bit of information. There was one other car: in the general vicinity that stopped and they said that it looked like your wife was veering or run off the road. Ah, the car flipped multiple times. She was not wearing her seat belt and, they believe not wearing a seat belt was probably what caused the death. I mean, if she woulda had it on she probably woulda been fine. But, um...

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 6

Steele: Well, wait a minute, is this, so you got an eye witness...

SA Sotka: Who saw a car run her car...

Steele: I'm not thinking real clear.

SA Sotka: Take your time.

Steele: Bear with me. You've got an eye witness...(Skip)

SA Sotka: Uh...

Steele: In fact, can I get cards from everybody here?

SA Sotka: Yeah, what I'd like to do, if possible, if I could sit down with you and talk about who might want to do this to you. Do you have any...I mean, I'd like to interview you if you cou...if you're able to (skip}...find out who is involved. If that‘s possible. I don't know if you're up to that right now. Um, time is of essence... (Skip)

Steele: _ Well let's start with the membership of the JDL. And then 1et‘s start, then let's follow that up with the membership of the ADL.

SA Sotke: (UI)

Steele: And I think the SPLC actually kind of likes me, because they...(Skip)

Steele: ..and I'm friends with it‘s head. A Jew, by the way.

SA Sotke: So JDC, or what was the other one?

Steele: Oh, the JDL, Jewish Defense Leaéue.

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 7

SA Sotka: (UI)

Steele: They're based out of Nevada, I believe.

SA Sotka: And the ADC, you said?

Steele: ADL, the Anti-Defamation League. B'nai B'Rith.

SA Sotka: I know the Southern Poverty one.

Steele: Southern Poverty, I refuse to believe that they would have anything to do with it.

They're, they're morons, but they’re okay. `

SA Sotka: Do you think it could be one of the top two?

Steele: Nah.

SA Sotka: Not really?

Steele: Well, the JBL: I'll tell ya, I mean I've got recorded death threats from the ADL, from one of their thugs.

SA Sotka: Recently? I probably need to get those if,..

Steele: It's been a while, no, yeah, and he's dead now too.

SA Sozka: I don't think he did it.

Steele: I don't think so. ·

SA Sotka: Um...

Steele: And their head, um, Irv Rubin, was killed in prison a year or two ago.

SA Sotka: But nothing...let's, let's talk about Cindy. What...

Steele: The only threat I've gotten recently has been a, a, um, I'm tryin' to think of what his name is. He's actually one of the wacko white right-wingers.

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 8

SA Sotka: Right—winger?

Steele: Um, I've got it on my computer, I'm sure.

SA Sotka: I wanna get that some time. Um, is, I mean I wanna make sure your sa...

Steele: That's the only one that I've gotten in the last month or so. I've been real...

SA Sotke: (UI)

Steele: ...I've been real quiet the last year with my writings and I‘ve done it on purpose.

SA Sotka: Kay. Um, how about Cindy? What, Does Cindy live here, does Cindy live there?

What's Cindy's status? I know...

Steele: She lives here.

SA Sotka: Um, this is her house?

Steele: Her mother has been in and out of the hospital since she went over...there's no chance this could be a mistake, right?

SA Sotka: I don't think, we would all be here, especially me. If this is a mistake.(UI) (Skip)

Steele: (UI) she was on her way to see a real estate broker and sign a paper.

SA Sotke: When was the last time you talked to her?

Steele: Last night.

SA Sotka: Did she say anything about seeing a real estate broker or...?

Steele: Well....

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 9

Steele; And I told her to call this woman and have her come over last night or this morning. Except, her mother‘s the one that needed to sign the damn papers.

SA Sotka: She have a house or somethin' she's gettin' rid of?

Steele: Yeah. It's up for sale.

SA Sotka: Are they movin‘ back here then or is it, is that the plan? Or what would the plan have been? `

Steele: Oh, to get her mother into an apartment there nearby and get her well enough so that she could then be on her own again and...

SA Sotka; um...

Steele: Her mother doesn't knew about this yet.

SA Sotka: When was the last time she was here? I mean was it recent or has it been a long time she has been with her mom. Has it been days, weeks, months, years?

Steele: About a week ago.

SA Sotka: A week ago she was in town?

Steele: Aha.

SA Sotka: So she come back like every week? Or is it...?

Steele: (UI) every couple weeks or so.

SA Sotka: Every couple weeks?

Steele: Couple, three weeks (UI) days.

SA Sotka: Did the mom come with her? Did the mom..

Steele: Sometimes.

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 10

SA Sotka: Okay, so sometimes.

Steele: But she's been too frail...

SA Sotka: Yeah.

Steele: come these last few times.

SA Sotka: Um, is there any, this is a very hard question to ask at this time, but to follow up on the investigation. Is there anybody over there that she, infidelity or anything like that, that would be a possibility that somebody there found out. Like maybe the, if she is maybe the husband, if this guy's the husband the wife might be ticked off, or something and I don't know.

Spike: Is there anything that led you to believe that there was anything going on recently?

SA Sotka: Sometimes, you know, we've done a lot of these things and that comes up a lot in cases, you know, when somebody‘s pretty much gets murdered. And that's pretty much what it is if she was run off the road. Whether it's a unknowing motorist, drunk driver, or whatever. You know. I'm taking it by your silence there's something bothering you about that question. Something you‘ve known about?

Steele: I don‘t know?

SA Sotka: Okay,

Steele: It‘s just, she's been over there so much. You Know she just...the thought's crossed my mind.

SA Socks: It has crossed your mind. But no, no name we can go talk to?

Steele No.

SA Sotka: How about friends over there? Any, um, friends that she may have established over there that

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 11

we can go talk to and sea maybe if they have any clue. I mean...

Steele: Well she grew up over there.

SA Sotka: Oh, that's where she's from?

Steele: Yeah. She's got friends over there. Uh, Karen, um, don't know what her last name is.

SA Sotka: (UI)

Steele: Karen, Karen is really the only...

SA Sotka: Hello. this is Mike.

Steele: (UI) her best friend.

Spike: Okay, but you don't remember Karen‘s last name?

Steele: I mean, it's, it's...

Sotka: what, I'll ask. Okay. I'll call you right back. Sir, I have more bad news. Your mother—in—law was just shot. She's dead at the residence. when they went to go talk with her. There's something going on.

Steele: What the Fuck! (Skip)

Spike: Hang on, Sir. (Skip)

SA Sotka: Okay, I'm gonna call down, (UI).

Steele: I'm okay right now guys.

SA Sotka: 'Kay. (UI)

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 12

Spike: Why don‘t we start with who the other family members (UI)

Steele: what is this? (UI) Fuck me! Hold on, I'll be right back. (UI) (skip)

spike: (UI)

Steele: [UI)...I need to call my daughter, I'm scared to.

Spike: Yeah, but let's just wait, okay?

Steele: I want to make sure she's okay, though.

Spike: Well.

SA Sotka: Sir, sir.

Spike: Wait right here.

SA Sotka: I just, I just.

Steele: I went to call my son.

SA Sotka: well call in a second. There’s, there's...

Steele: I've got a daughter in Texas, I wanna make sure.

SA Sotka: I got some information, I wanna tell you everything. I just found out outside from, this is directly from the horse's mouth. Um, do you wanna sit dcwn? Th, that's, there's nothing else besides what I told you injured or hurt or anything, but...

Steele: (UI)

SA Sotka: ...your wife, it appears from the crash...

(UI) denotes "unintelligible"

Date of transcription 10/01/2010

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 13.


SA Sotka: ...damage to another car that must of hit her car, causing her to go off the road. That car is not identified yet. Um... (skip}

SA Sotka: ...m¤ther-in-law, I'm sorry. Um, based on the conversation I'm assuming she's dead. Um, I don't know if they are still treating her or whatever, but that's the case.

Steele: Is that confirmed?

SA Sotka: I will...

Steele: because...

SA Sotka: Yeah.

Steele: ...if she‘s been shot, she probably saw the person.

SA sotka: She might. I have no clue, I mean, between you and I...

Steele: I wanna know who did this.

SA Sotka: ...I don't think she made it. I mean they're tryin', what they try. You know what I mean? But I, I mean it's a bad situation.

Steele: I wanna know who did ...

SA Sotka: There is a vehicle, about four miles away from the residence. I have no clue if this is the vehicle involved, but there is a big irony. There is a guy who lives around here that was in the pursuit and he flipped his vehicle when they used the spike strips. He was unconscious, I don't know what his situation is, but, I d¤n't know if he's going to make it
or not, they’re workin' on him right now, but I have to run the name past you.

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 14

Steele: A guy from around here?

SA Sotka: Sagle, Idaho. which I would assume is close enough...

Steele: You gotta be shittin' me?

SA Sotka: ... Last name of Fairfax. Does that name ring a bell at all?

Steele: Larry Fairfax.

SA sotka; I think that‘s the first name, I can't remember it for sure. Do you know him?

Steele: Yeah, he does work here.

A Socks: Around your house?

Steele: Outside, with the horses. (Skip)

Steele; (UI) (skip)

Steele: In Oregon state.

SA Sotka: He's in Oregon state, I've confirmed that, and it flipped over (UI). (Skip)

Steele: Obviously thexe’s a connection here.

SA Sotka; I'm thinking the same thing. (UI)...

Steele: Have they connected his vehicle to the ome that the eye witness saw?

SA Sotke: Probably right now there is too much damage to determine any of that. I mean...

Steele: But there would be a paint transfer?

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 15

SA Sotka: Right. yeah, but I...

Steele: (UI)

SA Sotka: I don't even know if there's, yeah, down the road, but ya know, that’s...

Steele: Matches by eye we would get the color and that would be good enough for now.

SA Sotka: Yeah. They might be doing that. I...

Spike: Kind of hard in our position to have that information right this second.

SA Sotka: Were here to make somethin'; there may be more and more before I leave, I don‘t know.

Steele: What the fuck is goin' on?

SA Sozke: 'Kay. I need to follow up on this Larry guy. Does he go to Oregon City a lot? Did you see him any time this past week?

Steele:' I have no idea that he's ever been in Oregon City.

SA Eotka: Well I want to start to investigate him a little bit. What..

Steele: Why would he be in Oregon City?

SA Sotka: I don’t know that's what I want to start to investigate. What, you saw him yesterday; did you seem him before yesterday? (Skip)

SA Sotka: (UI) find out his name (UI) This is my policy, I (UI)...

Branch: Hello there.

A1 Banks: You don't look like Ed. -

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 16

Branch: N0. Ed's a little bit busy at the moment sir, can I help ya?

Banks: Yeah, I'm here to pick him up.

Spike: I'll (UI), I'll talk to 'im. How‘s it goin'sir?

Banks: Just fine.

Spike: Uh, there's been a family matter tha: is kinda personal and until he wants any information released. Okay. you can wait, but it‘s gonna be a few minutes, so.

Banks: I see.

Spike: You mind,is that your van? .

Banks: Yeah.

Spike: Okay. Can you just wait in your van?

Banks: Sure.

Spike: Uh, 'til he wants to come out and talk to you?

Banks: Yeah.

Spike: He's not in any kind of trouble, but there's, there's been a family matter that he's been...

Banks: Huh.

Spike: ...notified on.

Banks: I see.

Spike: Okay?

Banks: You guys get to notify him, huh?

Spike: Yep.

Banks: Well that's a bummer

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 17

Spike: Yes it is. One of the fun, fun parts of our job.

Banks: Uh huh.

Spike: What’s your name?

Banks: Al Banks.

Spike: A1 Banks, okay. Just go ahead and have a seat, okay? And we'll have him come out and talk to you.

Banks: (UI)

spike: Yeah, it's the air conditioner

Banks: Oh, okay.

Spike; It'a just the condenser.

SA SOtka: Can you guys find out if he knows a Larry Fairfax?

Banks: (UI)

Spike: Yeah, he, he, uh, the other office: that's talkin' to him. Do you know a guy by the name of Larry Fairfax, by any chance? (UI)

Banks: (UI) Larry Fairfax, no.

Spike: Okay. Go ahead and have a seat; in your vehicle, it'll be a few minutes. Okay? (UI)

Spike : Negative.

SA Sotka: (UI) the day you picked up the trailer.

Steele: (UI) Um. (UI) he or his kids have been feeding the horses now a days (UI, skipping)

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 18

SA Sotka: (U1) call and find out.

Steele: (UI) custody, right? (Skip)

Steele: (UI) (skip)

Spike: You said that: you and Cindy spoke a fair amount.

Steele: (UZ) they talked (UI) I know that (UI)

SA Sotka: (UI)

Steele: (UI) he asked me, however, how she was doing (UI) .

SA Sotka: (UI)

Steele: (UI) (Skip)

SA Sotka: (UI} Do you suspect him and her (UI, skipping}? (skip)

SA Sotka: (UI) and that's why we're here. Yeah. no, no, no, here's' your chance to come clean. (Skip) (UI) (Skip)

Steele: (UI)

SA Sotka: Okay, thanks for following your alibi. That was really good. (UI, Skipping} ·

Unknown female: Central, seventeen on eight.

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 19

Dispatch: FS l7?

Unknown female: In service channel eight area.

Dispatch: 959.

Spike: Watch your heed and shoulders on the way in. When you get in, slip your hands all the way down to your butt, there's a space for them. See that hard plastic...

Branch: Patrol 46

Dispatch: (UI)

Branch: Subject's in my patrol vehicle, secure.

Dispatch: 959.

Branch: Alec will you put 958 on the radio.

Dispatch: 959.

Spike: Alright, I'm going to shut my tape down.

Branch: I'm keepin mine on?

Spike: Yep, uh...

Branch: Coeur d'Alene?

spike: Yes. uh, same, same drill. Go down second door, pulling forward, ha, have you gotten your car down into the sa11y...

Branch: Yeah. was there a code to get in the gate?

Spike: No, just hit the button and they'll see who ya are. Just identify a male in custody...

Branch: Okay.

Spike: ...uh, he's cooperative, you know, whatever.

Branch: Okay.

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 20

Spike: 'Kay.

Branch: Did we put a seatbelt on him?

Spike: Yes I did.

Branch: Okay. Thank you.

Spike: Thank you.

Branch: I think he*s gonna follow me down. (UI, radio traffic)

Branch: You gonna follow me down or do you want me to go ahead and head out?

SA.Sotka: I'd like to follow you down. I need to get him interviewed though, so I'm gonna have one of my guys interview him and I'm follow you down.

Branch: Okay. Interview him here or there?

SA Sotka: (UI) huh?

Branch: You wanna interview ’im here?

SA Sotka: Uh, yeah I'm gonna have him interview him here.

Branch: 'Kay. You okay for a minute?

Steele: Yep.

Branch: What's that?

Steele: (UI)

Branch: Okay. We're gonna get ya outta here in just a second.

Spike: (UL) 958 service on the (UI) talk to you on the radio.

Branch: I don't wanna make any calls on my cell phone.

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 21

Spike: Okay.

Branch: That's why I did that. Just to let him know that we got him, would you call dis, he asked we to make sure you called him. So would you just call him and tell him he's in custody?

Spike: Sure.

Branch: Thank you. That was his concern.

Spike: Okay. (Radio traffic)

Branch: Thank you.

Unknown Male: We have him in custody. Okay? Alrighty. (UI)

Branch: I'll be transporting him down to the federal courthouse.

Unknown Male: And county, uh, search warrant, are on their way up from Athol right now to do the search warrant. Alrighty, we'll do that. You bet. (Pause)

Branch: Oh yeah? Make sure that Spike searched him. 'Cause I'm not sure he did.

Unknown Male: Okay.

Branch: I just wanna make sure of that real quick. He's been thoroughly searched?

Spike: Yeah. Yep.

Branch: We’re gonna take off.

Spike; (UI)

Branch: Okay, okay. Ready when you are?

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 22

SA Sotka: Yeah. Well, okay, okay, where do we take 'im? To Kootenai and then (UI), or...okay, okay. Call me right back. Okay, yeah. She's gonna check with (UI). If they don‘t
wanna do the initial appearance today.

Branch: Ch. `

SA Sotka: So we might have to that.

Branch: Instead of the federal courthouse?

SA Sotka:` Well it depends if they wanna do the initial today or Monday.

Branch: Oh.

SA Sotka: They have ta do it within twenty-four hours or a reasonable amount of time (UI).

Branch: Huh?

SA Sotka: So. . .

Branch: (UZ) isn‘t that something. You did it right though.

SA Sotka: (UI) Okay I'1l head that way. We're gonna go towards the courthouse (UI) Kootenai County Jail (UI).

Branch: {UI) How are you?

Unknown Male: Good, how you doin'?

Branch: Good.

SA Sotka: (UI)

Branch; They were discussn' takin' him to Bonner County. but we're gonna head towards the federal building and they may divert us to Kootenai County Jail, so...

Spike: Okay, uh, maybe another change of plan.

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 23

Unknown Male: Cpatian wants a marked unit up her all day, (UI) search warrant...

Branch: Oh.

Unknown Male: For the Aryan Nations issue...

Branch: Oh.

Unknown Male: So he's thinkin' abou: havin' Jess transport and havin' you sit up here.

Branch: Whatever you wanna do? `

Unknown Male: What do you prefer?

Branch: Ride my horse. (Chuckles) (UI)

Spike: That was not one of the choices given.

Branch: (UI) ‘

Unknown Male: (UI)

Branch: (UI) he messed the schedule up, he messed it all up. (UI)

Unknown Male: So, um, if you gotta go to court though. You gotta be back in Coeur d'A1ene by 12:30, 12:15. It's two hours from now. So...

Branch: Do what we need to do- If you need me to stay I will.

Unknown Male: Why dont you have Jess transport down...

Branch: ‘Kay.

Unknown Male: ...and you can stay here with these guys.

Branch: ‘Kay. I‘m gonna have Troupe: Spike take ya in to Coeur d'Alene, okay? Sit ya outta that car.

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 24

Come on out. sir. Taka your time. this is, I know these cars are small.

Steele: (UI) hurts.

Branch: I'm gonna put my hand on your head here, just so you don’t bang it, okay? A little change of plans. Mr. Steele...(Skip)

Branch: (CI) Pu: him in 506‘s custody, he'll be transporting.

Spike: A bit more room, but not much.

(End of Recording and Transcription)
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Smile Porch Begging Scene

The porch begging scene at 2:18:00 is neat. It's a shame that Cyndi didn't include her new Sugar Daddy Don Stovall in the scene. He is a known drug and ATF informant. Cyndi has claimed that her oldest daughter Nicole on the right has just moved into the ranch with her. Nicole will be an expensive mouth to feed. Steele's ranch dog should have gotten in a few barks to show that he misses his master's voice.

Why didn't her video director scroll Steele's 28 page love letter to Tatyana on the video? How about the stack of 14,000 emails to Ukrainian women? It would have been about 3 feet high if they were two sided prints. There are a lot of things that could be done to spruce up this video. I would have been happy to consult as a producer on it for a cut of the loot.

Cyndi has enough talent that she needs to be on to bigger and better things. She needs to be begging for money to feed starving Negro babies in Africa. There are only about 100,000 potential donors for her videos from White Nationalism. There must be 100,000,000 White sheeple who might give money for the hungry Negro babies.

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