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Default National Socialism And Race

Archive Note: This piece, published in 1958, was an early contribution by an academic now acredited as a significant author upon the subject of fascism. This essay does not discuss certain peculiar German Nazi race doctrines which survived into the war period and which conditioned the movement for eastern expansion. The present text however has advantages in unravelling the official 'positions' of Nazism at various points.

Enough time has elapsed since the cessation of hostilities against Germany to permit the inspection of one of the theoretical components of the National Socialist Movement; the element which, of all the heterogeneous elements, made National Socialism what it was: the theory of race.

An inquiry of this nature can either, like almost all previous criticisms, muster external objections from anthropological, sociological and historical sources against what are conceived (often incorrectly) to be critical facets of the National Socialist theory on race; (1) or it can venture upon an immanent criticism; that is, it can pursue the inquiries of National Socialist theoreticians themselves, trying to understand the theory of race as it was, as it came to be, rather than as one conceives it to have been.

The latter course, the course chosen for this exposition, has much to recommend it. One does not dissipate one's energies harassing a straw man. The National Socialist theory of race was dynamic, ever-changing. This, indeed, must be the case with any theory which even pretends to be scientific. Furthermore, it is necessary to distinguish between the bona fide subject of inquiry and existing misconceptions. One need not resort to external sources to refute aspects of the theory which were rejected in the course of its development by National Socialist theoreticians themselves.

No theory, whether scientific, ethical or metaphysical, develops in a vacuum. It would be incredibly naïve to believe that any of these disciplines develops independently of the social milieu in which it arose. In order, therefore, to understand the nature and evolution of National Socialist speculations on race one would have to be conversant with the prevailing psychological, economic, scientific and social (cultural and political) forces prevalent throughout the period. Even were I fully informed as to these conditions, which I am not, space would not permit the introduction of such data into an essay of its length. What I shall attempt to do, however, is to indicate, in passing, the most compelling forces, tactical and theoretical, which, it seems, in general directed the rapid growth and transformation of the National Socialist theory of race.


The development of the National Socialist theory of race can be divided into three periods, and each period had a characteristic cast and temper.

The earliest period of National Socialist racism was characterized by the writings and speeches of Hitler himself. In many of his utterances Hitler's contentions with respect to race were no more and no less shocking, interesting or spectacular than similar statements made by any number of Anglo-Saxon eugenicists of the period. More significantly, in his specific references to race Hitler was content to employ the exceedingly vague term "Aryan" to denote his select race, founders of the State, society and culture in Europe. Under the rubric "Aryan" Hitler included all the European peoples, apparently (2) reserving the status "inferior" for non-European peoples of the world. Nowhere in Mein Kampf does he specifically stipulate the physical type of his superior race. He refers, however, with unqualified approval to the writings of Houston Stewart Chamberlain. Even if he had not, any comparison of the general ideas on race and society found in Mein Kampf with those of Chamberlain's Grundlagen would have made his intellectual debt quite apparent. Now Chamberlain nowhere gives a specific morphological identity to his "German," although he does wax enthusiastic over the tall, blond dolichocephal (long head). On the other hand he suggests, perhaps taking his cue from Gobineau who was convinced of the heterogeneity of the Aryan type, (3) that some of the purest "Germans" are brunets, even raven-haired. Nor does Chamberlain deny creativity nor value to other races.

So there is evidence that the National Socialist theory of race at this time was more than somewhat vague and indeterminate, at least with respect to the problem of how one identified one's select race. Nowhere in the early literature of the Movement does the designation "Nordic" figure with any prominence, least of all in Hitler's public statements.

Even at the close of this first period, in 1930, when Rosenberg's Mythos appeared, his use of the word "Nordic" was strictly qualified by this pronouncement: "…nothing would be more superficial than to measure a man's worth by his physical appearance (with a centimeter rule and cephalic indices). A far more accurate measure of worth is conduct." (4)

But with the advent of the thirties we enter a new and highly critical phase of theoretical development. By this time, quite independently of the National Socialist Movement, the works of Hans F.K. Guenther (5) had achieved wide circulation and popularity in Germany.

The works of Guenther evinced a certain attractiveness for National Socialist theoreticians. First of all one could elicit rough parallelisms between some of the ideas of Hitler, as expressed in Mein Kampf , and Guenther's principal works. Secondly it offered, seemingly, a scientific peg upon which National Socialist utterances on race might be conveniently hung.

As National Socialism expanded in membership and influence an increasing demand that its theoretical house be put in order made itself heared. At this point Guenther's works seemed to suit, precisely, that purpose.


Guenther's ideas can briefly summarized in the following notions:

(1) a race is a group of human beings which, breeding true, distinguishes itself from its neighbours by hereditary physical and mental traits; (6)

(2) the psychic traits, possessed by the various races, differ qualitatively;

(3) in almost all mental traits the Nordic Race (tall, slender, fair-skinned, blond, blue-eyed, leptoprosopic (narrow-faced), leptorrhine (narrow-nosed), dolichocephalic (7) is superior. Nordics are sage in judgment, truthful and energetic, independent, realistic, bold, courageous, clean, inventive, tenacious, prudent, steadfast in duty, competitive (only in the best sense), just, respectful of the property of others, knightly, possessed of a gift of narrative, individualistic (yet unselfish), possessed of a remarkable depth of character, a thorough-going trustworthiness, an inquiring mind devoted to natural science, a lively sense of honour, a tendency to roguish humour, a capacity for statemanlike achievements, a gift for leadership, a talent for music, a wide range of development in the mental life as well as other endowments too numerous to mention; (8)

(4) the extension and contraction of European culture follows the waxing and waning of this most singular race. (9)

These theses, formulated in a rich, scientific vocabulary seemed, at the time, to satisfy the demands made upon National Socialist theoreticians. Therefore, although Guenther's major works were completed before the succession of National Socialism to power, many of the National Socialists made them their own.

This having been the case it is necessary to note two important facts:

1. Guenther categorically rejected the designation "Aryan" which Hitler favoured (10) and substituted a carefully defined "Nordic" in its stead. The change, as we shall see, was of critical importance.

2. Guenther, while he wrote with passion and bias, was sufficiently detached to make several things quite clear. He did not pretend, for example, that the Nordic Race was the sole creative human race (although that is the over-all impression one receives from his works). He does site the vast cultures of the Mediterranean bronze and early iron age as being the products of Mediterranean creativity. (11) Furthermore, he limited his racial analysis only to peoples of Indo-germanic speech.

The general character of the second period in the development of National Socialist race theory was lent by the works of Hans Guenther - a period which covered, approximately, the years between 1930 and 1934. This is the period of uncritical acceptance of "the Nordic Hypothesis."

So great was the enthusiasm that minor theorists went even further than Guenther's exaggerated Nordicism. Why this should have been so can be explained largely by recalling once more to mind the psychological climate of revolutionary Germany. A people disillusioned in war, betrayed in peace, sought, in a hostile world, status and place. Overcompensation, generated by the tensions of the time, demanded not only equality but superiority.

There had always been, in the German mind, a vague identification between the "Aryan creators of culture" and German nationality. It was not difficult for the average layman to substitute Nordicist nomenclature for the "less scientific" Aryan designations and still equate, somehow, the German people with the "Herrenvolk ." (A similar phenomenon, under essentially similar circumstances, characterized the Fascist Movement of Italy with its frank "Romanita," its Lictors' Rods and Roman Salute, and its harking back to the glorious superiority of ancient Rome.)


The most grotesque product of this second period was a strange tome by one Karl Weinlaender (12) which was published with the assistance of the leadership of the National Socialist Teachers Bund in Nuremberg. (13)

In this curious work we are told, among other things:

1. the Nordic race "was and is the only race capable of creating a culture" (14) - all other races are capable of creating a culture only in the same measure as they contain Nordic blood. (15) The Nordics, for example, created Chinese culture.

2. Weinlaender will have nothing of the nonsense concerning racial evolution. He, like Hauser, (16) contends that the Nordic Race is a special act of creation. (17) "Human races," he informs us, "have evolved out of the lower animals, but each was the result of a creative act separated in space and time... The series included: Humanoids, Prehistoric Men, Giants, Pigmies, Australians, Negroes, Malayans, Indians, Mongolians and at last 'the image of God,' the Nordic Race." (18) All the so-called races (Alpine, Dinaric, Mediterranean, East-Balts, etc.) are simply the bastards of the unnatural coupling of Nordic Man with the enumerated inferior races. (19)

3. This natural inferiority of non-Nordic races is attested to by the fact that the iris of the eye and the hair, and in worse cases even the skin is pigmented. Inferiority is a consequence of the fact that the "material" used (Stoffverbrauch ) in pigmentation is sapped from the cerebral and nervous system. (20) Furthermore unpigmented hair acts as a conductor for "unseen thought waves." (21)

4. All beauty, (22) physical and spiritual harmony, tall stature and dolichocephaly (23) are the sole property of the Nordic Race.

5. Nordic blood, when transfused into the sick will promote rapid improvement (24) while a transfusion of blood from the lower races (particularly Jewish blood ) with dispatch the patient. (25)

Weinlaender's book was not an isolated miscarriage. Similar, if not equally outrageous, statements are found in books of this period which were published with either the direct or indirect approval of the National Socialist Movement. Staemmler (26) and Baltzer (27) contend that the Nordics are the only race capable of creating a culture. Rudolf, (28) publishing under the direct auspices of the National Socialist Library, quotes, with approval, Dieter Gerhart (29): " The Nordic Race, the race of our Germanic ancestors, is the sole bearer of all creative culture in old and new Europe and its environs."

Having once established to their own satisfaction the truth of these notions the theorists could commence to interpret the cultural history of the world.

All culture originates with the Nordics. Since this is presupposed, it is only necessary to find blond Libyans depicted in Egyptian reliefs (along with the red eyed, green haired compatriots) to prove the Nordic origin of Egyptian civilization (30) - or to find one blond woman depicted in a late fresco in the palace of Knossos to prove that Minoan Civilization was equally Nordic (31) - while the presence of a "fair" god among the host of Aztec gods (albinism is relatively common among a variety of races) is enough to ascribe a Nordic origin for Incan as well as Aztec culture. (32) The fact that Confucious is represented as having a "full beard" while Mongolians have but scant beard is more than enough to indicate the presence of a Nordic ruling class to which the founding of Chinese civilization can be ascribed.(33)

Having succeeded to such insight we can begin to interpret personalities in its light. Since all creativity stems from the Nordic Race all creative personalities must be Nordics or bastards whose creativity derives from some (sometimes more than obscure) Nordic source. When we find those like Caesar (34) and Goethe (35) who are brunet we can ascribe their superiority to their "Nordic" stature. Where we find men of note, as in the case of Napoleon and Nelson, (36) who measure less than 160cm. We can assign their superiority to the fact that they were (at least in their youth) fair. When we find someone like Martin Luther who was brachycephalic (round headed), brown eyed, almost raven haired and of only medium stature we may be foroed to admit an Alpine "infusion," (37) or we might designate him a Cro-Magnon survival, (38) or we might suggest that he is a Dalo-Nordic, a Nordic "sub-type" (39) - because he did most assuredly have a Nordic Soul. (40)

The brachycephals of note which might have caused the Nordicists some consternation (since Nordics must have long heads) - Hindenburg and Bismarck for example - are assigned, without mention of their suspicious cephalic index to the Dalo-Nordic Race, (41) or gracefully accepted because the phrenological "organs" for mathematics and musicality are located over the ears, and if these organs are well developed, they will deform the skull. (42) (It is interesting that Hindenburg, whom the Nordicists cite as classically Dalo-Nordic, is assigned by Carlton Coon to the East-Baltic Race. (48))

Similar adjustments would have to be made for all those who are either too diminutive (Kant, Machiavelli, Dante, Coleridge, Keats, (44) Raphael), too brachycephalic (Leibniz, Schopenhauer, Kant, Schiller, Schubert, Haydn, Beethoven, Raphael, Laplace, Napoleon, Pascal (45)) or too brunet (Ovid, (46) Vergil, Horace, (47) Michelangelo, (48) Ariosto, St. Francis of Assisi, Shakespeare, Herder, Napier, Beethoven, (49) Balzac, (50) Zola, (51) Raphael, (52) Elizabeth Barret-Browning, (53) Browning, (54) Ibsen, (55) Tolstoy, (56) Faraday, (57) Tennyson, (58) Cromwell, (59) Dampier, (60)).

Having come to understand the procedure we can explain the creativity of Mussolini, who was a relatively short, barrel chested, brown eyed, brachycephalic brunet, by citing him as an example of a "Nordic with dark pigment" (61) who derived his potential from a medieval knight name Muslin. (62)


All this, of course, was Guenther with a vengeance. Guenther surveys the brachycephalic (63) portrait sculpture of Classic Roman Antiquity and sees only Nordic dolichocephaly. He reproduces Classic Greek statuary which displays tightly curled hair, smooth brow, thick sensuous lips, fleshy nose and soft chin - and sees only the flat, loosely waved hair, (64) the supraorbital bosses, (65) the thin lips, (66) the shapely chiseled nose and chin (67) of the "pure Nordic Race." (68) The same statuary of which Sergi had said, about thirty years before, "the types of Greek and Roman statuary ... do not in the slightest degree recall the features of a northern race; in the delicacy of the cranial and facial forms, in smoothness of surface, in the absence of exaggerated frontal bosses and supraorbital arches, in the harmony of curves, in the facial oval, in the rather low foreheads, they recall the beautiful and harmonious heads of the brown Mediterranean race." (69)

Guenther tells us that because among the Chinese one can find dolichocephaly, an "almost white skin, sometimes combined with handsome European features" (70) this is presumptive evidence of a Nordic strain, as though "almost white skin" and "handsomeness" are placed only in Nordic cradles.

He tells us, further, in a most instructive instance of petitio principii, that because the Druses of Lebanon enjoy a relatively high standard of education, are brave, hard-working and clean, they must be possessed of a Nordic elemnt. (71) The Samnite men loved to fight and their women were chaste - sufficient evidence for Guenther.

Similar reasoning provides sufficient justification for Fischer, Baur and Lenz to discover Nordic elements among the plains Indians of North America - for they were, after all, noteworthy warriors. (73)

Even the suggestion of a special act of creation for Nordics is found in Guenther's rigid definition of a race as that group of individuals who breeding forever true (74) distinguish themselves by certain hereditary psychic and physical traits. How are races to evolve if, by definition, they must forever breed true?

Even the baroque suggestion that pigmentation absorbs the "material" that would have otherwise been used in the cranial cavity is "mentioned" by Guenther in order that it not be lost to posterity. (75)


Such postures, of course, provoked sharp criticism even from dedicated racists. By 1938 Ludwig Ferdinand Clauss mocked the entire procedure of assigning certain mental traits ("ability to make judgments," "love of truth," etc.) to specific races as distinguishing characteristics. "It is true", he said, "that Nordic men are capable of making judgments. No one denies that. No one denies, for that matter, that Nordic men occasionally eat, drink and sleep - it only seems doubtful that these characteristics would distinguish them from men of other races." (76)

Similarly, if all creativity derives from Nordic blood why have the most prominent men in European history been of manifestly mixed racial origin. "Many of the men," Fischer, Baur and Lenz contended, "who are universally regarded as the greatest in history (for instance, Socrates, Michelangelo, Luther, Goethe and Beethoven) were obviously of mixed race. Speaking generally, it is exceptional to find that distinguished men exhibit a pure racial type." (77)

And, of course, as a corollary to that even sincere friends were driven to ask of these enthusiastic adherents of Nordicism: why the Nordic Race, where it had been preserved from the admixture of lower potential, in Scandinavia and Northern Europe in general, had to wait until it was stimulated by bastard peoples from the Mediterranean before it developed any advanced culture of its own? (78)

But more important than the theoretical problems which beset this kind of Nordicism were the serious tactical problems which it provoked.

Ironically enough it was exactly the feature of Guenther's racism which had made it so appealing in 1930 that generated the problems of 1934. Hitler's (and even Rosenberg's) theories had not been sufficiently definitive. Hitler's Aryans had remained vexedly ill-defined, while Rosenberg had not necessarily equated physical type with individual achievement. (79) All of which seemed very inexact. Guenther, on the other hand, with his cephalic, facial and nasal indices, his pigmentation and stature charts and his racial classifications seemed eminently suited to answer just such criticisms. His books were quickly taken over by National Socialist theoreticians, (80) summarized in little brochures and introductory manuals and disseminated throughout the Party organization. (81) But Guenther was purchased at too high a price. Guenther had told the National Socialists precisely what the superior Nordics were - the first question which sprang up once the first enthusiasm wanted was: where are they?

Guenther was painfully specific. One must not, he warned, confuse Germans with Nordics. (82) Germany was a compost of at least five European and two extra-European races. (83) Germany's total Nordic heritage was, according to Guenther, at best 45 - 50 per cent. (84) Still more disconcerting was the fact that Germany's population possessed but 5 per cent. "pure" Nordic types. (85) And this selection was made with reference only to morphological characteristics (phenotypes). One can hardly inspect the germ plasm of the individual (genotype) - that is, an individual may have, sadly, an alien soul. (86) For in a genetically mixed population there is no simple correlation between physical appearance and potentiality so that an individual possessed of the racial livery of the Nordic must also have a Nordic soul. Characteristics are transmitted through a particular chromosomal substance, the gene. In a mixed population each individual inherits a total of anywhere from 10,000 to 45,000 genes. With a random mixture, conducted over at least the last three thousand years (i.e., the presence of mixed types in the earliest "Nordic" graves (87)) the number of gene combinations would be infinite - meaning that the correlation coefficient between physical and psychic characteristics could, mathematically, be expected to be nil. (88) More precisely one could not say with any assurance that an individual displaying all the physical traits of the Nordic race was equally possessed with (presuming there to be any) Nordic mental characteristics. The chances that an individual in contemporary Europe should have inherited from an astronomical number of ancestors only Nordic traits are millions to one.

The tactical expression of this theoretical difficulty revealed itself in a manner which demanded immediate resolve. While it was true that a "true" Nordic (Nordic genotype) could not be distinguished from a "pseudo" Nordic (Nordic only in physical type) it seemed reasonable (at least to Guenther) to presume that where one found a higher incidence of Nordic morphological traits one would find a higher incidence of Nordic psychic traits. Now as long as this remained vague and general not much objection could be raised against it. But again Guenther insisted on "there is but one equality of birth: that based on the equal purity clusion." "From the racial standpoint," he informed his readers, "there is but one equality of birth: that based on the equal purity of Nordic blood. Racially the nobleman of mixed race is not of equal birth with a Nordic peasant girl." (89) Thus those who display Nordic physical features must be considered "most worth-while" (90) while mixed types, no matter what their station or capacity, are correspondingly inferior.

Thus although we cannot definitively identify a "pure" Nordic we can identify hybrids (people under 170cm. in height, whose cephalic index is over 76, whose nasal index is platyrrhine, whose facial index is under (90), whose hair is brunet or whose eyes are hazel or brown, who are not slender, nor have thin lips nor firm chin). These, Guenther tells us, we must painfully identify as bastards, (91) and as such second class citizens - inferior in worth to the (at least physically) "pure" Nordic.


The impossibility of accepting such a conclusion was obvious, to the least informed National Socialist, on its very face. The immediate leadership of the National Socialist Party with about 95 per cent. of the German population did not meet the requirements for first class citizenship under this scheme.

A Movement which had arisen in Germany with the promise of unifying a people, and had promised the elimination of class distinctions as divisive, found itself advocating distinctions more penetrating and permanent than class lines had ever been. (92) Men have sometimes risen above their class - no man can escape his degree of pigmentation or his cranial index. Such a situation was intolerable, and it was the realization of this fact that galvanized the theoreticians into action.

Guenther was to be specifically rejected. While recognizing the fact that his books had served to stimulate inquiry into the intricate problems of race, the pernicious aspects of the "Nordic hypothesis" were decried. The enthusiasm with which Guenther's ideas had been accepted, Weinert wrote, precipitated conclusions for which "there was no biological foundation… The consequence was often that an unfounded race-pride threatened to sunder the German people." (93)

The first clear statement on official reorientation had come from Hitler himself only seven months after he came to power, at the 1933 Nuremberg Parteitag. Hitler said: "We do not conclude from a man's physical type his ability, but rather from his achievements his race." (94) Thus achievements, not physical type, were to be the measure of worth.

This principle advanced by Hitler entered the basic texts on anthropology and heredity, and by 1935 the last phase in the development of National Socialist race theory was well under way. Thieme repeats Hitler's principle and adds "the men who bear the qualities of heroism, strength of will, a readiness to sacrifice and faith have played a decisive role in deciding Germany's destiny, and they shall continue to do so even if they are not all tall, blond or blue-eyed." (95)

Eichenauer goes so far as to inform his readers that the amount of Nordic blood an individual possesses means nothing (spielt keine Rolle) in the Nordic scheme of things because "it has often enough been the case that men of extremely mixed race (stark gemischter Rasse) have conceived and more powerfully grasped these notions than the predominantly Nordic." (96)

Goebbels is identified quite candidly as a Nordic - Mediterranean (97) restored to first class citizenship. In mid-1936 the National socialistische Korrespondenz stated with clarity and authority: "From his deeds one can recognize the Nordic man - not from the length of his nose and the colour of his eyes." (98)

In effect this last phase of National Socialist race theory was a complete rejection of Guenther's Nordicism. The Mongolian Race was restored as the creator of Asiatic culture (99) and the Mediterranean Race was once more spoken of as the creator of the high culture of the ancient Mediterranean. (100) "Almost all" of classical art was no longer conceived of as Nordic but as Mediterranean.(101)

We are told that "the races distinguish themselves not through their characteristics; for the same characteristics can be found in different races…For example a Mediterranean can be as courageous as a Nordic, an Alpine as musical as a Dinaric, an East Balt as cunning as a Nordic. On the other hand not all Mediterraneans are courageous, nor all Nordics. But when a Mediterranean is courageous he is courageous in a 'Mediterranean fashion' as a Nordic would be courageous in a 'Nordic fashion'." (102)

Here is an entirely different racism, an entirely different Nordicism than that of Guenther and his followers. Here there was no question of general inferiority - it was a question of maintaining an ideal as an archetype for an entire civilization. Germany had a Nordic archetype; its art form was Nordic; its literature and philosophy, its music and institutions were inspired by Nordic ideals. Each German was bequeathed this patrimony from the original racial elements, now inextricably mixed into the German Nation, among which the Nordic predominated. It was not a question of intrinsic worth, national and racial superiority and inferiority tearing asunder the peoples of Europe. There is no transcendental standard by which to evaluate racial differences.(103) A people characteristically Mongolian treasures a Mongolian heritage and ideal, a Mediterranean people a Mediterranean one. (104)

Dr. Walter Gross, head of the Rassenpolitische Amt of the National Socialist Party, said: "We appreciate the fact that those of another race are different from us… Whether that other race is 'better' or 'worse' is not possible for us to judge. For this would demand that we transcend our own racial limitations for the duration of the verdict and take on a superhuman, even divine, attitude from which alone an 'impersonal' verdict could be formed on the value or lack of such of the many living forms of inexhaustible Nature." (105)

Less than a year later, in 1939, he defined the official position of mature National Socialist race theory:

"A serious situation arose through the fact that other people and States, because of German race laws… felt themselves attacked and defamed … For example the whole world of the Far East remained for a long time under the impression that the Germans… had designated them as non-Aryan, and as non-Aryans inferior rabble - (that the) Germans had designated (them) unworthy, second class humanity and that the Germans imagined themselves as the sole bearers of culture… What could we say to those who saw in German racism a fundamental defamation of men of other races? We could do nothing other than, with patience and conviction, repeat that German racism does not evaluate or deprecate other racial groups… It only recognizes, scientifically, that differences exist… We have often been disturbed by the indiscretion or even stupidity in our own land when, just after we had carefully made clear to some people or other that we respected and honoured… their racial qualities, some wild fool manufactured his own ideas about race and declared that these same people were racially inferior and stood somewhere below the cow or the ass, and that their characteristics were degrading or impure and lord knows what else! By such idiotic assertions were repelled and offended not only alien peoples in distant parts of the world but even our own neighbours in Europe, many times even friends of National Socialist Germany bound to us historically and in destiny." (106)

Finally, late in the war, even under the gathering shadows of defeat, the Headquarters of the Reichsfuehrer SS published the work of Dr. Ludwig Eckstein. He carefully dissected the remains of the Nordicism purchased over a decade before at so high a cost, and concluded:

"While supporting our own race, and if necessary fighting against other races to protect its right to existence, we should not overlook the fact that almost all races display something in themselves that is sound and biologically resolved and therefore beautiful, natural and valuable… Each race carries first of all the measure of worth in itself. When once we understand this then we do not foster feelings of inferiority in others, a consequence that the hitherto existing race theories have too often achieved…" (107)


It was in this last phase that National Socialist race theory was cut off. Of this last phase all to little is known outside the immediate intellectual circle which fostered it.

Upon the cessation of hostilities the work of half a decade was scattered or destroyed - to leave only the tragic-comic image of the Nordicism of Guenther and his followers, to appear and reappear as the popular misconception of the National Socialist theory of history.

Actually the elements of a far more profound theory are to be discerned in the few surviving books that mark the last dynamic phase of development of a concept of race free of the encumbrances of a hysterical Nordicism. (108)

As early as 1933 the first elements are to be found in Merkenschlager (109) - later some appear in von Eickstedt, (110) and still later in Gross. (111)

In Italy the same tendencies revealed themselves in the Fascist Race Manifesto of 1938, and in the work of Maggiore (112) and Franzi. (113) Everywhere the talk was no longer of fixed and immutable races, (114) but of races in formation, the components for which arise out of the crucible of the past - races in formation cast over by the ideal of a living heritage - for Germany a Nordic Mythos, for Italy an animating devotion of Romanita. The talk is of races yet to be fashioned by living an ideal, united by a common destiny, nurtured in a common environment, the political expression of which is Nationhood. (115)

Here are the germs of a world-view which makes of man a creator, a builder of future races; a philosophy which unites history, politics and race, eugenics and humanism, pride in self and respect for others, a philosophy scientifically sound and emotionally satisfying. This is the promise of a world-view as yet half-formulated and ill-expressed, with which our time must contend; the Weltanschauung which bears within itself the promise of Nietzsche's Good European.

End Notes

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Orginal SS publication, published 1942 by order of the Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler / SS-Hauptamt in Berlin.

The Jew

"The theories of equality of the church, liberalism and Marxism were essentially formed and developed by Jews; they were the first and most fanatical harbingers of these ideas. The Jew Paul spread Christianity's theory of equality; the world view of the French revolution and liberalism originates from free masonry in which the Jews were always predominant. Originating from Portugal, the English Jew Ricardo, the "father of classical political economy," is the prophet of the liberal's economics of free trade and economic piracy. The fundamental and definitive book on the subject of Marxism and Bolshevism is Das Kapital by the Jew Mardochai (Marx). How does the Jew arrive at this destructive position among the European nations?

The Jews are a race mixture, the nature of which, primarily because of its parasitical instincts, puts it in opposition to all other peoples and races. This has been most clearly expressed by a member of the Jewish race, Karl Marx, the author of Das Kapital, who said: "what is the worldly custom of Jews? the virtual requirement of self interest. What is the worldly ritual of Jews? Haggling. What is their worldly God? Money." And the Jewish philosopher Spinoza: "Concerning what we require for our welfare and to attain our peace of mind, no other principles are required save only that of taking good heed of what is to our own advantage."

The parasitical instincts of the Jew show up most obviously in its adaptability to host peoples. A typical example of this is the way the Jew relates to language: Even prior to the time period we are considering, the Jewish people frequently changed their language; everywhere they went they assumed the language of the host country; in doing so, of course, they could never quite conceal their racial smear on the country's pronunciation.

Thereby Jews are clearly one of the most race conscious peoples. The moral imperatives of the Old Testament and the Talmud strictly forbid marriage with non Jews. Every one of their leaders has stressed the crucial importance of race and of racial purity. Even in the Soviet Union, which is hostile to racial ideals, measures are taken for the protection of Jewish blood. A remark by the Jew Benjamin Disraeli (originally d'Israeli, later Lord Beaconsfield) long time English Prime Minister, is most well known: "…no one may treat the race principle, the race question indifferently. I t i s t h e k e y t o w o r l d h i s t o r y. And therefor history is so frequently confused because it was written by people who did not understand the race question and likewise few of the circumstances appertaining to it.

Race is everything and every race that gives away its blood by careless interbreeding must perish. Language and religion do not make a race, the blood makes it. Following its parasitic instincts the Jew keeps its own race pure while at the same time attacking the host peoples in the heart of their existence, in the durability of their racial being. For only if a peoples racial foundation is destroyed by racial mixing, can the Jew develop freely and without restraint.

The political actions of the aforementioned Disraeli, indicate that many Jews also aim at the deliberate annihilation of the races. He made Queen Elisabeth [actually Queen Victoria] Empress of India and thereby intentionally provided an entrance way for oriental ways of life. He fabricated for the English people an illusionary realm based on the Orient and thereby blunted and adulterated the Englishmen's racial instincts.

Also in the Soviet Union the Jew has deceived the peoples of Russia by making them believe in the delusion of a Paradise on earth, has encouraged race mixing on the largest scale and thus a process of degradation, that had already begun in former times, was extraordinarily accelerated. Only a people lacking in race consciousness, without [racial] instinct and thereby really cultureless could become the instrument of the Jewish plans for world domination.

Thus we understand the word of the great Mommsen who calls the Jewish people the "sour dough of decay." Therefore, between the race-conscious peoples and the Jew there can never be compromise but always only struggle. Europe will overcome this danger of decay only when the last Jew has left our continent. What the Führer forecast at the beginning of our fight for freedom will fulfill itself in this war:

Only the Jew, not the German people will be destroyed in this war."

"The German bearing, the German performance

prove the Nordic racial heritage"

Non-European Races on European Soil: Jews (above), Gypsies (below) and Laps (below)

"Education to a racial chaos in the USA and France, source of danger: before its collapse in 1940 France promoted the penetration of the Negro into Europe"

"Should the same soul, the same spirit live in these different bodies?"

"artwork of Negros in comparison to old German art"

Himmler ordered SS men back home from the front for the breeding of more nordic babies to save the blood lines for future generations. After they fulfilled their duties the returned to the front lines.

"the racial-political purpose of the SS: this Himmler order, dated December 1931 regulates that a SS man can only marry with permission of the Reichs-führer after the SS-Rasseamt has aproved that his future wife is also of pure Aryan blood. Otherwise the marriage would not be allowed."

this chapter deals about the Lebensborn and how the SS supports every Aryan women and also widows of fallen SS comrades

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The source: Werner May, Deutscher National-Katechismus 2nd edition (Breslau: Verlag von Heinrich Handel, 1934), pp. 22-26.

The German National Catechism

3. Of Race and People (Volk)

What is a race?

A group of living creatures is a race when its individual members share the same appearance and genetic inheritance.

What do I understand under “appearance and genetic inheritance”?

Physical characteristics that are passed along: the color of the skin, the shape of the skull, and particularly facial features (shape of the nose, mouth, lips), etc.

What are the major races?

White, black, and yellow.

To which race do Europe’s peoples belong?

The peoples of Europe do not belong to a particular race, but are rather a racial mixture. Our German people is comprised primarily of six races.

And what are they?

The Nordic, the Pfalzish (fälische), the Western (westliche) the East Baltic (ostbaltische), the Ostic (ostische), and the Dinarish (dinarische) races.

How can one tell that peoples are racially related?

First, from their languages, in which many words are the same or similar.

For example:

Greek / Latin / German / French / English

patér / pater / Vater / père / father

méter /Mäter / Mutter / mère / mother

egó / ego / ich / je / I

A racial relationship is also evident in the same or similar cultural products, sagas, legends and customs.

What were and are the particular characteristics of the Nordic race?

Courage, bravery, creative ability and desire, loyalty.

The German people is, along with the English, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish, the most racially pure of the European peoples. With regards to the purity of language, the Scandinavian peoples are in first place.

Its Gothic script is particularly lovely, and it should be maintained.

Which race must the National Socialist race fight against?

The Jewish race.


The goal of the Jew is to make himself the ruler of humanity. Wherever he comes, he destroys works of culture. He is not a creative spirit, rather a destructive spirit.

How is that evident?

The work of Aryan peoples shows a true creative spirit. The Jew is mostly a merchant, as he was for millennia in the past. There are no Jewish construction workers in Germany, no smiths, no Jewish miners or seamen. Nearly all major inventions were made by Aryans.

How has the Jew subjugated the peoples?

With money. He lent them money and made them pay interest. Thousands and thousands of Germans have been made wretched by the Jews and been reduced to poverty. Farmers whose land had been in the family for more than 100 years were driven from their land because they could not pay the interest.

What happened to those farmers?

They had to move to the cities. Torn from the land to which they belonged, robbed of their labor that gave their lives purpose and meaning, they fell victim to poverty and misery. Worn down, their souls crushed, they accepted Jewish doctrines that denied the Fatherland and opposed all that was nationalistic. Their strength and ability faded. The Jew had reached his goal.

What other guilt does the Jew bear?

While the German people was fighting a life and death battle during the World War, the Jew incited people at home and seduced them into treason. The November Revolution of 1918 that brought about Germany’s collapse was the work of the Jew.

In countless newspapers in Germany and abroad, he brought everything German into the mud, slandering us and inciting our enemies even more than they already were. His lackeys in leading positions in the Reich persecuted the National Socialist movement, bringing the fighters for a new Germany before judges and throwing them into prison.

He corrupted Germans through bad books, and mocked true literature and German music, replacing it with ungermanic music. Everywhere, his influence was destructive.

What is racial defilement?

Forgetting our spirit and our blood. A careless disregard of our nature and a contempt for our blood. No German man may take a Jewish woman as his wife, and no German girl may marry a Jew. Those who do that exclude themselves from the community of the German people.

What must the National Socialist movement do?

Adolf Hitler said: “Care must be taken, at least in our nation, that the deadliest enemy (the Jew) is recognized, and that the battle against him is seen as the shining symbol of a brighter day that will also show other peoples the path to the salvation of fighting Aryan humanity.”

Which European people disregards the racial question?

France. It has accepted large numbers of blacks into its army. It has given them the same political rights as the whites. Thus it can happen that black officers command whites. Blacks and Moroccans fought against Germany in the World War. After the war, blacks raped German women and girls in the Rhineland.

Germans — never forget that!

What does your people mean to you?

You are born into your people, my child, of a German mother. Your father is a German. And you belong to the German people just as every part of your body belongs to you. You are a link in a great chain, a part of the whole. Alone, you are nothing, but when you live for your people you are everything. Your people’s destiny is your destiny. Its struggles and sorrows, its joys and its miseries, are yours. All Germans are your brothers. You may not think, want or do anything that harms your people! The history of your people is great and glorious, and you can be proud of it. The days of betrayal and the years of shame that Germany had to endure between 1918 and 1933 are a warning to you. You must work and create for the resurrection of your Fatherland.

The greatness of your people calls you to loyalty! Never forget that Frederick the Great and Bismarck were your brothers, as are those heroes of the World War who sleep in foreign soil or in the depths of the sea! The war memorials in the streets of the cities and the market places of the villages call to you. Never forget that we cheerfully shed our blood for you, for Germany’s holy soil, for the good and the life of this great people!
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The source: Heilig ist das Blut. Eine Rundfunkrede von Dr. Groß (Berlin: Rassenpolitisches Amt der NSDAP, 1935). The picture is from the German Bundesarchiv, via Wikipedia.

Blood is Holy
A Radio Speech by Dr. Groß

Dear German Boys and Girls!

As we talk about blood and race this evening, we are discussing a theme that is in the center of today’s intellectual and worldview battles. You all know that those who oppose our movement for political or worldview reasons have been forced more and more over time to grant the political and economic achievements of National Socialism. They can no longer be denied even by the most hostile critic. As soon as the discussion turns to National Socialism’s intellectual foundations, however, as soon as the idea itself is debated upon which everything we do is based, there are objections. And as in the past, National Socialism’s racial thinking is called into question or openly opposed. We see that if we survey the world press, as well as in discussions with groups within the country who still believe that they can reject individual aspects of the National Socialist worldview.

I have previously spoken about what we mean by racial thinking in the broad sense. I said then that the doctrine of blood and race for us is not primarily an important and interesting part of biological thinking, but rather above all a political and worldview attitude that determines our fundamental approach to many aspects of life. The two most important facts underlying this approach are the knowledge of the power of inheritance and the knowledge of the deep and spiritual significance of racial differences within humanity. Since we realize our dependence on inherited characteristics, we do not fall prey to the old error of overestimating outward influences of education, training, and welfare policies. We realize the responsibility for passing on our own genetic material, since from it alone will flow the strength of the future. We are therefore humble about our own accomplishments, for they have their roots in what we received from our ancestors without any effort on our own part, yet we are also proud that our own brief lives are links in the chain of generations. We are a bridge from the greatness of the past to the most distance future.

Since we have learned to recognize and respect the physical and intellectual characteristics of the earth’s various races, we are free of the sick desire that sees no differences, or seeks to make everything the same in the political, cultural, and religious realms. We are conscious once again of our characteristics and want to care for and protect them because they are the natural way for us to live as a people and a nation. At the same time, we respect the characteristics of the earth’s other races, since we no longer want to want to subordinate them or force them to accept our ways of thinking and feeling as we once did, but are instead convinced that they, too, should live and act according to the laws of their blood.

That is in brief the content of the racial thinking that we teach and learn. We might ask why this simple, yet powerful idea causes so much conflict. If we examine the matter, we will find that the reasons for its rejection have often varied over time. The opponents of our racial doctrines have been consistent in rejecting new thinking, but they regularly changed the battlefield on which they tried to fight us, and have thereby forced us to deal with and defend this question from various perspectives.

When one first dared to speak of race many years ago during the rotten era of liberal bourgeois thinking and Marxist corruption, people responded to the dangerous new thinking on so-called scientific grounds. They rejected our genetic knowledge and ridiculed racial science and its proponents, announcing from pulpits, editorial offices, and meeting halls that they were dealing only with the fantasies of a handful of ignorant fools. It is good to remember those days, to recall the nasty tactics of the opponents of our worldview. There were then serious and learned scientists who were working out a new way of looking at the world, and others over many years used every means to attack their honor and trample them down, despite all the cries about the freedom of science — because that is what the rulers of the day wanted.

Happily, that is behind us. Those in every camp and in every country around the world have realized that the scientific basis of our racial thinking is no longer in doubt. Serious scientific discussion in this area concerns only the extension of our thinking in particular areas, no longer the scientific validity of the fundamental principles. Science has become quieter about the matter, which means that the opponents of our worldview must find new ways to defend their old values against a new age. Soon they found a new slogan for the battle: one took to the field against us in the name of humanity, ethics, and morality. The scientific foundations could no longer be disputed, but they had great and unacceptable effects in the life of the nation. You know the kinds of things thrown at us in recent months: the idea of inheritance, for example, was suddenly dangerous since it removed individual responsibility for one’s actions and gave everyone an excuse to be lazy, bad, or depraved, since those things were the results of one’s inheritance. Worried aunties of both sexes wrung their hands and saw an approaching era without discipline or conscience, and thought that they could blame the false teachings of National Socialist racial doctrine. We took on that battle, and can probably say that we have already won it. Such charges against our views are simply untrue, nothing but a nasty trick. In any event, we are not the masters of our own fate, since we are always dependent on what we have inherited, on what Heaven has given or denied to us. That does not mean that we or others have nothing to do, or that education is unneeded. The opposite: What we do, whether for good or will, with our inherited characteristics is our own responsibility. We can squander and waste our abilities, or we can develop and use them. We can be lazy and allow what is weak or bad in us to grow, or we can bravely fight our whole life against them. That is the decision that each of us must make, and we demand that each individual realizes the great and difficult doctrine of responsibility alongside the knowledge of the inherited nature of our character.

That is a clear, understandable attitude, and before it all the objections of our opponents have gradually given way. Against their will, they must today grant the moral justice of our position, just as they had to do with its scientific correctness earlier. Recently, they have had to surrender their second line of defense as they continue to retreat. But now the old battle continues in a new, and to be honest, more important arena. Recently, arguments have been increasing that although National Socialism’s racial doctrines are correct, and that they may be defended on pedagogic and moral grounds, they still have to be rejected in the name of faith, religion, and piety. After all, some people mutter, one is replacing God with the idol of blood, putting a human theory or material things in the place of the eternal strength of the spirit.

If we look into the reasons why people from religious standpoints are still trying to oppose the united worldview of the German people, we find a thousand variations of this point, which is used as the last defense against the movement’s victorious idea.

Dear boys and girls! In this third area of conflict, we want to continue the great battle of our day with the old fighting spirit we used against the dark forces of the past. We have a right to do so, for no objection could be more dishonest or foolish than this one. No one in the name of racial doctrine supports barren materialism. No one wants turn the facts about race into an idol and use it to destroy genuine piety. We do, however, believe that we have a right to have more respect for our racial worldview than was allowed by the impious and arrogant philosophies of the past. If we bow once more before the facts of creation instead of preferring empty liberal or scholastic chatter, how is that impious? If we are once more conscious of our own nature, of the inheritance given to us from Heaven, is that human arrogance or idolatry? If we once again humbly understand that our lives as humans are bound by our race, and that we can no nothing other than follow and act according to the laws of blood that God himself has placed us under, how can that be heresy or impiety? It is not in fact greater piety, and in the most genuine and truest form? Yes, we see in the facts and laws of race as something holy and divine, not because we want to promote ourselves, but rather because we also see there the power of the creator. We are more honest than our enemies, who found in them something uncomfortable for the previous system of political power. If we seek to respect the differences and particular virtues of the races that Heaven itself created, we thereby serve the Creator and his laws. We do a more pious work than the squabbling scribes whose gray dogma is more important to them than real blood-filled life. The best in every people and throughout all time have drawn their deepest and truest faith from observing the world’s order. With both pride and humility, we affirm that we see the laws of blood and race with their wonderful relationships and heavy burdens, as a holy part of that great order behind which we sense the Creator.

Today we once again raise anew the flag of life against the doctrine of death, and serve the future with the faithful affirmation: The blood given to us by God is holy.
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The source: Rasse. Eine Rundfunkrede von Dr. Groß (Berlin: Rassenpolitisches Amt der NSDAP, 1934). My copy is from the 6th printing, bringing the print total to 410,000 copies. The picture is from the German Bundesarchiv, via Wikipedia.


A Radio Speech by Dr. Groß

German youth!

Since National Socialism took the leadership in Germany, one often hears people talking in all sorts of places about race. It was not always that way. Even two years ago, our opponents avoided the word or mocked it. The Marxist laughed if he even heard it, and those in the middle class just shook their heads. They all thought racial ideas to be unproven and worthless, or even dangerous. It therefore does not surprise us that in past years people waged war against the word “race.”

Today everything is different, and some during the last eighteen months even seem to think that race is talked about too much.

Maybe even some of you have shaken your heads in annoyance and said: “We’ve heard enough about race. We don’t want to be forced to become doctors or biologists or some other sort of learned creature.”

Where that has happened, it is because people talked primarily about the scientific facts of inheritance or racial science or things like that. When talking about race, these things are certainly important, but they focus on specialized facts while forgetting the real significance of racial thinking. The important points are not in the worlds of science and scholarship, but rather in the area of worldview and politics, the area that deeply moves us young people who are part of a spiritual revolution. It is also why yesterday’s world is resisting the concept of race.

The old world was not distressed by a new science, but rather by the fact that a new worldview grew out of this science that destroyed the foundations of proletarian and bourgeois thinking, one that had to lead to a genuine revolution of soul and spirit.

Before we speak of the significance of worldview, we must quickly review a few facts about scientific racial research and racial science. First, we must consider what is meant by the word “race.” As everyone has noticed in the last eighteen months, people often mean different things when using the word and therefore talk past each other.

The word “race” still has two primary meanings today. In one sense, it means all the inherited physical and intellectual characteristics and abilities that a person has, in contrast to the abilities that he gains during his life. In this sense, “race” means something like inheritance or genetics. However, the word in its deepest and most important sense applies to whole groups of people who are separated from other groups of people by their common genetic inheritance.

Let us make clear what we mean by inheritance. That is important because the facts that science teaches us about inheritance are of great significance to our politics and our worldview. In the past people knew little about it, and as a result imagined that their value, or lack of value, was determined by the outside influences on their life. If someone was strong and tall, people thought that he must have been well nourished, or worked outdoors in agriculture, or played sports. If one was smarter than others, or had better character, it was the result of particularly good upbringing, whether in school, at home, or because of his friends.

That naturally led to placing too much importance on outside influences. Marxism believed that it could make people healthier and better and harder-working by giving them better economic conditions. The bourgeois believed that individuals and peoples could be raised ever higher through education and schooling.

In truth, that is not so. In recent decades, we have learned from science what any thinking and insightful person had always known:

The inherited characteristics than an individual or a whole people have are more important than environmental influences.

He who lacks the inherited traits that result in strength or height will never become strong or tall however good his diet or however much he is active in sports. Education and spiritual training can only benefit someone who has inherited clear understanding and a clear mind.

The physical and spiritual nature of each individual, you as well as me, is determined by his inheritance, that which we have received from our parents, grandparents, and ancestors. Our own efforts, or the education others give us, can only develop what we have inherited, or make it less effective. Such efforts can never change one person into another one, making him either better or worse than he was when born.

Science provides many examples of this, and you know that a lot is written and spoken about it today. The details are important only to experts. We are much more concerned about the implications it has for our outlook on life, individuals, and peoples. The first thing of importance to us is the close relationship between children, parents, and ancestors.

What we are, both body and soul, we have inherited from the generations before us.

And when, after 60 or 80 years we are no longer alive, our inheritance will live on in our children and our children’s children. When we realize this, we suddenly see clearly that great river of blood that flows to us through the centuries and millennia, and that is in truth the German people.

Each individual generation is a wave that rises and falls, replaced by the next one. As individuals, we are as a droplet in this stream, but we no longer see ourselves as the center of the world, which is what the liberal era believed and taught.

Such an understanding makes us modest, because we see how small we are in comparison to the eternal people. It also shows us that everything we do and accomplish is not because of our own abilities, but rather the result of the inheritance that we have received.

The man of the liberal era was proud of himself, his value, and what he had achieved. He acted as if he had done it all himself. We are more modest today, seeing what we do as new results of our people’s ancient inheritance. That inheritance worked in countless former generations, and if we do not destroy it, will continue in the future through coming generations.

We ourselves, you and I, are today merely the carriers and guardians of German blood inheritance, both proud of this task but also humble before it.

Obviously, such an outlook could find no place in the old world of liberal and Marxist thinking. It results in a whole range of conclusions that throw out old views. If we cannot fundamentally change people into something their inheritance does not allow, the exaggerated Marxist welfare system loses its justification, as does bourgeois overemphasis on education and training.

We no longer see economic or spiritual improvement of individuals or peoples as the goal, but rather only the National Socialist principle of the selection of the most capable.

This does not mean we see things one-sidedly. True, we cannot change people and make them better than their inherited characteristics allow though intellectual improvement, education, economics, or social policy. But it would be wrong to entirely ignore these factors. Anyone who believes that, as a consequence of racial thinking, it is useless to try to improve the economic conditions of the poor through training and education is making a serious mistake. It is not enough for inherited characteristics to remain hidden within a person. Instead, they must come to expression. It therefore makes a big difference if in individual cases a physical or mental ability is encouraged, promoted, and developed, or whether it is hampered, suppressed, and held back. The best inherited traits are useless if we let a person starve or perish, for he will never be able to accomplish anything significant. The best mind with the strongest intellectual gifts can go unused for an entire human life if poor education hinders or misdirects them.

I say this only because the enemies of National Socialism have often said recently that: “Your doctrine of the overwhelming importance of inheritance necessarily leads to ignoring social issues and concerns, as well the need to properly educate and train people. Both charges are simply untrue. We simply reject Marxist and bourgeois exaggerations, since we have realized that the fundamental nature of a person is determined by what he has inherited. It is an obvious National Socialist principle that good traits in each individual, be they physical or intellectual, must be encouraged by every means, and that the undesired ones must be suppressed.

We were forced to reach these conclusions once we understood the word “race,” which essentially means inherited characteristics. Yet as I already said, this use of the word includes only part of its meaning. Beyond that, the word “race” in its true sense means something like the Nordic race or the Mongolian race or some other racial group of people. You know that people in this world are not equal. They differ outwardly; one is black, another red, the third yellow or white, and within these large groups science has determined that there are many other particular races.

However, the differences between races are not limited to the physical and external. They extend to the character, to intellectual and spiritual traits.

That is clear to us if we compare a person from here in our German homeland with a Negro, or if we compare an Eskimo with a Mongol; their intellectual and spiritual differences are immediately obvious.

People knew all this before. However, in the past they not realize that these physical and intellectual racial differences are inherited, and can never be changed by outside influences. In fact, in the past people taught and believed that the differences between peoples and races in this world were really only accidental, caused by the climate or history or level of culture. The Negro was black because the hot sun in Africa crinkled his hair and darkened his skin. Had he been born somewhere along the North Sea coast with its grayness and lack of sun, he perhaps would have had light skin and blond hair, just like our fishermen in Friesland.

You can understand that these former views had very important political and worldview consequences. If the differences between the world’s peoples and races are only the result of external conditions, one can overcome them. Advancing civilization would gradually eliminate social, cultural, and geographic differences. Formerly, people imagined that the differences between Europeans and Negroes could be eliminated by establishing schools, by civilizing Africa, by educating Negroes at European universities, thereby eventually ending the differences that still seem to exist today. People attempted to do this from every angle. They came to the logical conclusion that humanity could be brought to the same intellectual level, which would open the way for a single world state, united in governmental, political, and economic matters. The efforts of the Internationale were no more than the result of this fundamental idea.

I believe that that makes clear to us all why all the forces of former times fought a bitter battle against the concept of race. Racial science teaches us that all the essential differences between peoples and races in this world are inherited. They cannot be changed by educational or training systems. Humanity cannot change them.

The races are different because their blood is different, as the proverb says, not because civilization is further advanced in one place than it is in another. We have to accept that, just as we have to accept any natural law on this earth. That means that any attempt to establish international culture, government, or religion is fundamentally wrong and hopeless to attempt, since it ignores the great racial laws that the Creator himself set as finding laws for humanity. This knowledge provides the ultimate and deepest justification for our ethnic striving toward our own nature and uniqueness in politics, economics, culture, and perhaps also religion.

Since peoples differ racially, each must follow its own nature, keeping it pure from physical or intellectual corruption.

That is the great and essential conclusion that the National Socialist draws from an understanding of the racial teaching of science. Our common task will be to build a new age on this knowledge, and we believe and know that our future will then be happier because it will be based on foundations that are true.
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The source: Fritz Fink, Die Judenfrage im Unterricht (Nuremberg: Stürmerverlag, 1937).

The Jewish Question in Education

Introduction by Julius Streicher

The National Socialist state has brought about fundamental changes in every area of the life of the German people. It has also given the German teacher new tasks. The National Socialist state demands that teachers teach German children about the racial question. For the German people, the racial question is the Jewish question. He who wishes to teach the children about the Jews must himself become an expert. Teacher Fritz Fink wants to help the German teacher to understanding and knowledge with his pamphlet The Jewish Question in Education. He can and may do this because fate has called him to a battle that let him gain knowledge about Jewish blood and its effects on the German people. He who takes to heart what Fritz Fink has written from his heart, which has cared for many years about his people, will be thankful to the author of this outwardly small pamphlet.


The racial and Jewish Question is the central problem of the National Socialist worldview. Solving this problem will ensure the survival of National Socialism and thereby the survival of our people for all time. The enormous significance of the Jewish Question is recognized today by nearly every member of the German people. This knowledge cost our people a long period of misery. To spare coming generations this misery, we want German teachers to plant the knowledge of the Jew deep in the hearts of our youth from their childhood on. No one among our people should or may grow up without learning the true depravity and danger of the Jew.

That requires that the German teacher himself master the racial and Jewish Question. Valuable work is done in educational camps and in the groups of the National Socialist Teachers’ Federation. Experience shows, however, that many teachers are not able to present and explain their knowledge of the racial and Jewish Question in a way that profits our youth for their whole lives. He who devotes an hour a week in his school to the racial and Jewish Question, making it into something of an independent subject, approaches it in an unnatural way. The knowledge of the racial and Jewish Question must grow organically from the whole curriculum of our schools. Racial science and the Jewish question must run like a red thread through education at every level. There is no subject in our schools from which valuable knowledge of the Jewish Question cannot be drawn in unexpected fullness. This small pamphlet, The Jewish Question in Education, will explore several of these opportunities. It does not pretend to be a pedagogic text in the usual sense. It contains none of the familiar sample class sessions which have ruined the style and instincts of some teachers. The pamphlet The Jewish Question in Education wants to show German teachers simple ways in which the Jewish Question can be incorporated naturally into the curriculum. He who has mastered the highway will himself discover a thousand side streets and find new ways himself.

The German Child and the Jew

He who addresses the theme “The Jewish Question in Education” is immediately asked: “How do I get this problem across to children?” Another objects: “Is a child even interested in the question?” The expert teacher asks: “Does a child even have the necessary capacity to understand?” Even the most conscientious teacher can be assured that a child has everything necessary: the interest, the ability to understand. In an age when adults did not see or recognize the Jew, the child saw him as foreign. When the Jewish cattle dealer stepped onto the farm, the farmer’s children ran inside and hid behind the mother’s skirt. Their uncorrupted racial instincts smelled he of the foreign race, who brings danger and misery. Adults had lost this healthy racial instinct. They had forgotten how to see racially. They no longer saw he who was different. In working class districts of Nuremberg after the war, children followed Jews shouting: “Jew, Jew, hepp, hepp, hepp!” The fathers and mothers of these children were members of parties of which more than half of the leadership were Jews. A dislike of the Jews is innate in uncorrupted German youth. Today the child encounters the name Jew everywhere: in the newspapers, in conversations, in the songs of the S.A. and the HJ [Hitler Youth]. The disgust with which they hear this name steadily increases, as does their dislike when they meet a representative of the Jewish race. However young he may be, a child asks himself the reasons for this dislike and disgust and wants an explanation from his teacher. That provides the foundation for successful education. But some teachers still lack the courage to address the Jewish question with enthusiasm. Nervously and shyly they avoid it. To be prepared for inspections, they briefly touch on the Jewish Question now and again. These are the teachers who have in their bones the ideas the Jews propagate of “objectivity, decency and humanity.” These are the teachers who at the behest of the churches display pity and brotherly love to the deadly enemy, even when they sense and see that their own people is being destroyed by this deadly enemy. They are the weaklings, the cowards, those German teachers ruined by foreign powers. They avoid the Jewish question in education but rather than meeting the desire of the child for education and at the same time fulfilling one of their most important tasks.


The question remains: “How do I get the Jewish Question across to a child in education?” The more naturally and directly this happens, the more lasting the effect. The best subject for doing this naturally and easily is science. We see in nature that only similar creatures live together. Similar insects like ants, wasps, bees, termites, etc., build their states. When migratory birds leave for the south in the fall, starlings fly with starlings, storks with storks, swallows with swallows. Although they are all birds, each holds strictly to its kind. A herd of chamois is never led by a deer or a herd of wild horses by a wild boar. Each kind sticks with its own, and seeks a leader of the same species. That is the way of nature. When these facts are explained in school, the time has to come when a boy or a girl stands up and says: “If that is the way it is in nature, it has to be the same with people. But our German people once allowed itself to be led by those of foreign race, the Jews.” To older students, one can explain that a male starling mates only with a female starling. They build a nest, lay eggs, care for the chicks. Young starlings come from that nest. Like is drawn to like, and produces its own kind. That is the way nature is! Only where humanity intervenes do artificial cross-breeds result, the mixed race, the bastard. People cross a horse and a donkey to produce a mule. The mule is an example of a bastard. Nature does not want it to reproduce. It denies the mule offspring. Only man sets himself over the will of nature. He approves and even demands the mixture of blacks or Orientals with white people, or Jews with Gentiles. Each valued member of a race is racially conscious. No White who is aware of and proud of his race will mate with a Negress or a Jewess; even a racially conscious Negro will not mate with a White. Each prefers its own kind. Only an inferior member of a race inclines toward those of other races, or allows himself to be misused by them. Only inferior members of various races mix with each other, the bad mixes with the bad. It is thus clear that the bastard always gets the worst of it, that is, he unites only the bad characteristics of the races he comes from. A teacher who presents his students with such ideas will have an easy time in explaining the meaning of the Nuremberg Laws to the youth. The children will see in the Nuremberg Laws nothing other than a return to the natural, to the divine, order.

There are countless examples in the sciences that provide wonderful and easy ways to discuss the racial and Jewish Question. Here we will provide only one other example. The Munich scientist Dr. Escherich has studied the wonderful structures and colonies of termites. He summarizes his conclusions in this way:

The queen is at the center of the great pyramid of earth that the termites build. She alone lays eggs and ensures offspring. Termite workers care for her, cleaning and feeding her. Other small workers clean the passageways and carry food through the streets of the wonderful city. Larger ones with sharp pinchers, the soldiers of the termite state, provide order. They are the guardians, the defenders of the structure. As long as life in the mound follows this order and division of labor, the termite race prospers, grows, and lives.

One day foreign insects came to the termite mound. They tried to enter. Where good termite soldiers stood, there was a battle and the foreigners were driven away. But there were also places where guards had forgotten their duty. They mixed with the foreigners. They sipped an apparently tasty liquid that the foreigners exuded from their bodies. They became brothers with the foreign insects that had come to their mound.

They let the foreigners pass and enter the termite state. The termites inside took no offense at the foreign guests. They thought that if their “guard” had admitted them, they could not be enemies. Ever more guests came. One day there was great excitement in the termite mound. There was a terrible battle in every corner. The foreigners had murdered the queen. There was revolution in the termite state. Everyone murdered everyone else in a gruesome manner. A few days later the mound was dead. Everything living had been destroyed.

Students who hear the teacher tell of this amazing natural event will think deeply for a while. It would be surprising if a student then did not stand up and say: “That is the way it was with our people, in our country. The foreigners who came to us and gained entry were the Jews. At first there were a few, then more and more. After the war they came in swarms from the east. When they felt strong enough, they led a revolution. They hunted our people’s leaders. There was murder everywhere. There was no order. The Jew became lord of the country and the state.”

The teacher will help them along by expanding on the subject:

Yes, children, that is how it was. It was not long ago. The “leaders” of our people let the Jews in because they thought they could not get along without the financial and court Jews. The Jew earned the favor of the rulers by bribery. He took over one post after another in the government. He infiltrated everywhere, everywhere he had his paid lackeys. He even got so far as to win the favor of the Kaiser. When the Jew felt strong enough, he struck. Revolution came to the country. Law and order disappeared. The people’s leaders were persecuted. In Russia the Jew murdered them. Brother raised his hand against brother. In Germany everyone hated everyone else. Things grew silent in Germany, silent on the farms and in the factories. Poverty, hunger, misery were everywhere. We were collapsing. The Jew was lord over us.

Such a lesson will help the children understand why the Nuremberg Laws redefined citizenship and excluded the Jews from any influence in political and governmental life. The children must learn that the laws directed against the Jews and the struggle against him is not the result of an arbitrary whim, but an action necessary to defend our people.

Racial Defilement

I have not yet discussed the most important and dreadful side of the Jewish Question. It especially concerns those teachers in vocational and upper-level schools who care for our female youth. It also demands steady attention and deepening from the BDM [League of German Girls], the German Labor Front, and all the organizations outside the schools that work with our female youth. All of us parents and teachers bear the guilt that countless of our girls and women have been ruined by the Jews. We may not and do not want to judge them. Neither parents, teachers, nor clergy educated or warned them. No one introduced them to the god-given secrets and laws of blood and race. They were fed all sorts of things in school and church. Yet no one gave them the deepest knowledge that would have protected them from physical and spiritual destruction. Thus the poison of Jewish blood entered our people’s bloodstream thousands upon thousands of times. Many decades will pass before our people eliminates it. No German teacher today can avoid the problem of “The Jew and the German woman.” It would be criminal neglect. Why should we from stupid sinful embarrassment conceal from our more mature girls in school what they can learn five minutes later in all its brutality on the street, in shops, or in offices, or what will perhaps be revealed to them the same evening in the most awful way by a criminal Jew?

The new approach to education has the goal to lead our female youth to motherhood, to womanhood. Mother and child, with all their related questions, are now more the center of education. Thank god, eugenics and a concern with healthy offspring has also entered our schoolrooms. It is easy to build the bridge from them to the Jewish Question. The Nuremberg Laws also provide a starting point. They forbid Jews to have female servants under 45 years of age. The forbid marriage between Jews and Germans. They provide lengthy prison terms for sexual relations between Jews and Germans, even if it does not lead to motherhood. Why is this?

We recall the knowledge gained earlier in the sciences. We extend it. We learn from the animal breeder. We study the ancestors of his animals. He tells us that he breeds only pairs of the same race. Only that ensures that the valuable characteristics of the various races remain intact and improve. Each animal breeder can affirm that crossing the races always results in a bastard, and that such a degenerate animal is worthless. That is clear from thousands of examples.

We then turn to people. Why should they be exempt from these laws? We use pictures as an aid: pictures of children of German-blooded parents, pictures of Jewish children, both of whose parents are full-blooded Jews, and pictures of children who are a mixture of Jew and German. We make the comparisons. We are most interested in the last group of children, those of mixed race. We look to see from which race most of the characteristics come. We see the Jew in his face, his body, his appearance and manner, his thinking, feeling and behavior. We do not need to investigate deeply. Everything about him speaks of the Jew, of discord, of degenerate blood. The person of mixed race is a lamentable creature, tossed back and forth by the blood of his two races. We establish that the bastard is a burden to a people. He weakens it. His offspring carry on the racial degeneration. I urge each teacher to encourage the reading of Dr. Dinter’s book The Sin Against the Blood. It speaks in a stronger way to our more mature girls than the lovely sweet stuff that one still finds here and there. In schools where girls are trained to be teachers, I think that introducing the racial and Jewish Question in this way is the most important task. I know from experience how helpless, inexperienced, and ignorant some young female teachers are about this problem.

The sin against the blood passes its curse not only to the mixed race offspring, but rather the curse also sticks to the defiled mother, never leaving her for the rest of her life. Racial defilement is racial death. Racial defilement is bloodless murder. A woman defiled by the Jew can never rid her body of the foreign poison she has absorbed. She is lost to her people.
What we have learned from animal breeders is just as true here. Our ancestors knew this. We forgot it. Only one guarded it through the millennia as a valuable treasure: the Jew!

Once again we review the familiar history of the Jewish people. At a time during the Babylonian Captivity when the Jews took Gentile wives and Jewish blood threatened to decay and decline, Ezra entered the scene. The savior of the Jews. He gave the people that law of blood to which Jewry today owes its existence. He forbade marriage with non-Jewesses. He forced the Jews to drive their Gentile wives into the wilderness. Ezra’s laws are holy to the Jews to this day.

The Jew thus recognizes the significance of keeping blood pure. But he persuades other people of the opposite. He preaches racial mixing to other peoples, bastardization. “Why does he do this?” the girls will ask. Because he sees in racial mixing the surest way to break the life force of the nations, to drive them into the depth of destruction. His goal is to contribute to this process of bastardization wherever he is able. The defilement and deracing of gentile women by the Jews is not the result of a blood-driven Jewish sexual drive. It is far more the result of devilish planning and calculation. This gives us once again the opportunity to speak to our female youth of the Talmud and to discover that the Talmud not only permits the defilement of gentile women, it makes it a duty. Once again we encounter the great Jewish hatred, the great Jewish desire for annihilation, when we read what the Talmud says about gentile women:

“The Jew may misuse gentile women.’ (Maimonides: Jab chasaka 2,2.)

“All gentile women are whores.” (Eben haezar 6,8.)

“A gentile girl who is three years and a day old may be defiled.” (Abodah sarah 37a.)

“A man (Jew) may do everything with a woman that he is able to do. He may treat her like a piece of meat that comes from the butcher. He may eat it raw, grilled, cooked, or smoked.”
(Talmud: Nedarine 20b.)

“It is forbidden for Jews to commit adultery with the wife of a Jew. Adultery with the wife of a gentile is permitted.” (Talmud Sanhedrin 52b.)

A teacher who has not slept through the past few years will find it easy to give his girls insight into the terrible destructive work the Jew has done to German women. He will speak of the tragedies that have occurred in Jewish homes, offices, department stores, in the offices of Jewish doctors and attorneys. He who has heard nothing of this may read the Stürmer and follow the battle it wages against Jewish racial defilers. Things had gone so far that the Jew Kurt Münzer could say:

“We have ruined the blood of all the races of Europe, defiled them, broken their strength, made everything tired, lazy, and rotten with our corrupt culture.”
(The Way to Zion, a novel of 1910).

And the Jewess Anselma Heine boasted:

Suddenly I saw in him the typical ancient train of suffering of his race. It was his pleasure to have power over women, and nothing gave him greater joy than to boast of the brutal force with which he ruled his women of the blond nobility.” (Anselma Heine on the poet Ludwig Jakobowski, “Lit. Echo”, Issue 3, 1912).

Girls educated in such a way will never become victims of the Jew. They are safe from the devils of this world. They will slap the Jewish seducer in the face if he dares to approach them. Now they understand the Nuremberg Laws. Their hearts are filled with passionate thanks that the National Socialist movement protects the German woman from shame and defilement. They will pass on to their children what we have given them. Thus the blessings of our labors will endure in the coming generations.
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The source: Dr. Groß, Nationalsozialistische Rassenpolitik. Eine Rede an die deutschen Frauen (Dessau, C. Dünnhaupt, 1934).

National Socialist Racial Policy:
A Speech to German Women

My Dear German Women and Girls!

When Germans come together today to discuss the things that concern us both as individuals and as a nation, it is a solemn occasion, whether we wish it to be or not. During the political struggles of the past, we could speak of party programs or of civilization without any involvement of our soul.

Now we have forgotten how to approach an issue merely with our understanding, merely with our mouth, merely with our heart. We have become whole people once again. When we speak with others, we do so with our full being.

That is what made the movement strong, and great, and powerful from its first days. It is also that which the enemy, on this side of the border and the other, cannot understand, and which it hates with deadly strength. As this great and beautiful people’s movement began, so also began a hard and bitter struggle between enemy and German forces, between an old world that is really long dead and buried, and the new world that is struggling to reach the light through us. This struggle has been going on in people’s hearts and souls for years, and is nowhere near its end. The world finds it difficult to understand that which is at the center of our endeavors:

the value of blood and race.

Our enemies first laughed in pity, then in hatred as we spoke of it.

Let us speak of what we National Socialists mean by that so that it will become clear why the German woman may be even more concerned about these matters than the man, his state, and his fighting organization can be.

There was a time in the past when we were untrue, untrue in the deepest sense. We were untrue not to other people, or parties, or states, or kings, but untrue to something far greater, untrue to the laws of life. As long as the world exists, as long as life grows, flourishes and perishes, so long will this life have the urge to live on into the future and win new territory. Whether plant or animal or man — as we, or I, or you:

wherever there is life, it has the longing to bring forth new life.

It should be unnecessary to speak of such things. We speak of them only because for a few decades a crazy era ignored, blasphemed, and mocked these greatest, most beautiful and purest dreams of life. This was an age that made the idol of money supreme and said: “The world should be governed not by what serves life, but rather by what some fool of an accountant decides is best.” We know the results. The great laws of life were evaluated according to money sacks and checkbooks. When we think back on our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents, there were many children in the house. It may have been crowded and hard financially, but we were happy, perhaps because there were so many of us in so large a family. But the time came when people said: “As man or woman, as parents or teachers of leaders, you have the duty to show the people the way to a better future.” That better future, people thought, could only be a richer future, a future in which the individual had more money. And when they were asked where this money would come from, a false teaching arose in the last century: “The fewer people there are, the more an individual child can inherit from his parents.” He who loves his children and wishes a prosperous future for his nation should therefore see to it that Germany’s population is small, and that only a few children continue the family after he is gone. That was the terrible teaching of birth control, which Marxism preached and the bourgeois followed. No one dared stand against it. That was the doctrine that made us what we are today:

a dying people,

in which fewer children are born each year, in which today more people die each year than are born. This all was supposed to lead to a happy future. It understood happiness only in terms of possessions. It was therefore inherently false. But even in its own terms it was false, for it forgot something:

When a people begins to die, when a people no longer obeys the laws of life, when a people values money more than its existence and posterity, this people is on the path to disaster, both historically and politically. Within a few decades it will be dead, oppressed by other peoples who are stronger, closer to life, and who follow life’s laws better than we.

If present trends continue, by the end of the century Germany will be a nation with only 40-50 million inhabitants,

and we know that on our borders other peoples are growing quickly and strongly. Sooner or later, these other peoples will come in conflict with a shrinking and dying German people, and the result of the supposed doctrine of happiness will be a hard and bitter

national death for our children.

Those who believed that they can give their children a happy and peaceful future by reducing the number of children err deeply. They give the children only the promise of a hard and bitter struggle for Germany’s existence as a state and as an idea.

Today when we work to show people that the ideas of yesterday are false, that the state and nation cannot do without the family, that the family cannot exist without children, and when we not only provide economic support to make it easier to begin families and have children, but also tell people again and again of the sanctity of life and the necessity of continuing our people into the future, our enemies on both sides of the border suddenly have insults and hateful things to say about us. They wish to disturb our work. Suddenly there are voices saying: “National Socialism’s doctrines are inhumane and barbaric. National Socialism’s views on children turn people into breeding animals. When it says

that it is the duty of men and women to continue the eternal chain of life, a chain that begins in the distant past and continues into the future, a chain of which we are only a link leading into the distant future,

our enemies on both sides of the border claim: “You reject the dignity and value of humanity. National Socialism holds that men and women have no value other than that of breeding cattle.” It is a shame that we have to respond to such words, but it is necessary because our enemies have always tried to persuade women to oppose us, even though what we say is rooted in the souls of the men and women we speak to. This is our response: “You are mistaken in accusing us of thinking that the only purpose of humanity is to continue the species by passing on our blood to future generations. We know the other values. We support them and find wherever we can those values that the individual shows in his work and selfless service. We know well enough that

each person lives a double life. The first is the one he lives between birth and death. We are to do as much as we can to make this life rich, to accomplish that which is good and beautiful, to use our strengths and gifts for others. That is the duty of the individual. But as a person you are something more:

You are a member of the chain of life, a drop in the great bloodstream of your people.

There, too, you have duties and obligations before the eternity of the nation. You have the duty to pass on what you received from your parents and ancestors. I do not believe that such behavior, which obeys both the laws of reason and of life, is barbaric, hateful, or inhumane. I believe instead that the barbarism is to be found in the years we have left behind us, when any dirty lout could besmirch the most valuable, holy life of a man or women in their families, or drag children through the filth, without anyone defending their culture against such an attack.

I believe that when we tell people once more of the great value of blood, and remind them that they have duties not only for the 60-year span in which they work and serve, but also to the millennia of the past from which we come and to the millennia of the future to which we are heading, then we are giving them higher values than those of yesterday. Let me say also, however, that it is wrong if someone thinks that only those who found families and bear children are valuable to our state. We know that is not so. We know there are reasons why some people leave their people’s flow of blood. We know that some are denied what the nation places great value on. We do not ignore them or think ourselves their betters. We only say this: “My friend, you and I must do our duty to our people, and when we cannot fulfill it in one way, then we must do what we can with even greater energy and devotion.

When you do your duty, you are one of us,

we extend our hand to you, we honor your humanity and your service for Germany. Let us work together so that in the future, as many people as possible will be able to serve the nation in both ways.

That is a piece of the thinking of blood and race that National Socialism has taught us. And there is another aspect. When we see people today, we can recognize that we are not all alike. There are differences in value;

each person does not have the same value as anyone else.

In the past, people believed that these differences were superficial, the result of the environment in which one grew up. People believed that what became of a person depended primarily on the house he grew up in or in his social environment, or the class he came from. They believed that a person born in a slum, surrounded by shadows, troubles and poverty, a child lacking in love and affection, could only become a second-class human being, a physically and psychologically ill member of the society, someone failed by the society and the state. One thought that a child growing up in such slum inevitably became sick, or even criminal. It was because he grew up in such a poor environment. The Marxists claimed that if every child in Germany grew up in an environment that gave him all he needed, he would inevitably become a useful, decent, upright, proud and honest adult. After a few years or decades, the entire German people would consist of such decent and useful people. In the past people believed the environment was responsible even when a person failed miserably.

We recall the days of delirium, when millions of unemployed had been thrown on the street by a sick political and economic system, made superfluous. A single person pried the tracks apart and derailed a train in the middle of the night. Within a minute he murdered 30 innocent people who had never done anything to him, and stole their money. And what did the world of yesterday say? “He can’t help himself. He is a victim of circumstances. He has Beethoven’s hands and an artistic temperament. We need not put him on the gallows or in prison to protect us and our children. No, this poor Schlesinger is only sick because of his environment. Put him in a modern sanitarium, give him what he needs: radio, a library, a smoking salon, a language teacher, a pastor, a newspaper room, give him everything he needs to put him in touch with better things. In a few years, this mass murderer of 30 people will leave as an ideal human being, so pure and innocent that one can put him in charge of a kindergarten.” That’s what people thought in the past.

Today that seems a bad joke to us, a crazy fantasy, but a few years ago it was government policy in Germany. Those who did well under such policies and have joined to fight us think that they can accuse our doctrines of blood and race as barbaric.

Why do we see things differently? Because we have learned something:

In the end you are not as important and significant as you thought yesterday;

your strength and abilities are not as great as you believed during the liberal era. Oh yes, it was a lovely dream to say: “I will do with my life what I want, and if I happen to be a teacher, I will teach what I want, and do what I enjoy, and what I think right.” Well, that was your idea.

We are a bit more modest, a bit more humble before the laws of fate.

We have learned that what I can do for myself or what you can do for yourself, or what we can all do to each other, is not as important, or as deep, as that which a greater power has already done to us. It is that power that even before our birth gave us a part of our nature, and laid out our path for us in the world. Here are joined two things: the knowledge of modern science and the sensitivity and understanding of a humble person. Suddenly we see that:

What you are, what I am and what I can be in my life is in part predetermined by that which I have inherited.

If my inheritance is good and strong, and if I am true to it and develop what is within me, my life will be successful, and perhaps of benefit and joy to others. If such an inheritance is denied me, or if for some inexplicable reason fate has given me other, perhaps weak, perhaps even bad traits, I can struggle against them for my entire life, and will still not be able to rid myself of that which slumbers in me because of the actions of a higher power.

We see then that a good part of a people’s history is determined by what it has inherited. If we ask what sorts of physical or intellectual traits these may be, or what groups there are, we will see that each people has three groups. The first is a large group of people with average gifts, the most of us who are able to deal with the normal problems life presents us with. Next there is a very small group. This group has received a better inheritance than most of us, not because of any particular virtue on its part, but simply because of fate. The leaders of humanity, those who build states, lead people, or touch the soul, come from this group. And there is a third small group with particular traits, also not their fault: those who are sick or genetically defective. They are not up to the challenges of life and need outside help to survive.

As humanity or a nation go through the centuries, the decisive fact is which of these three groups is the strongest. One might say: “That is not a question at all. The strongest will win, the group from which the leaders come. This superior group has to be the strongest in the end, it must gradually have its way.” Well, that is how things would be without people, if people with their little brains did not believe that they could change the laws of life given to the world by heaven.

Man has interfered in these matters. He has tried to change the laws of struggle and existence and selection. Those were ancient laws of life, to which men too were subject:

That which cannot meet the challenges dies.

That is hard, perhaps, but it is also the way that nature makes life stronger and better. Man has tried more and more to abolish these laws. He has kept life going by using artificial means in cases where, left to itself, it would have ended. He used all his understanding, love and sympathy to keep a person alive, even when it is no joy, but only a burden and misery. We now keep thousands, even tens of thousands of unhappy creatures alive through artificial means, those to whom life itself has denied the right to life. But keeping them alive was not itself the problem. What is worse is that they were given the opportunity to pass on their unfortunate physical and mental characteristics. That was the worst that happened: we took the physically weak, the mentally ill, the genetically defective criminals and not only kept them alive and cared for them — that is our duty as human beings, which we certainly do not want to ignore in the future either — and gave them the ability to have children with the same deficiencies, thus doubling or multiplying their misery. The German people do not know the extent of this misery, it does not know the depressing spirit of the homes where thousands of cripples live their lives only by being fed and cared for, poor creatures who are worse than any animal. The animal, at least, is as it should be. These poor creatures are distortions of life, no joy either to themselves or others. They are a burden throughout their miserable existences, but thanks to the selfless care and devotion of those who care for them may live 60, 70, or 80 years. The German people do not realize the enormous sums that have been spent for decades, money that is taken from those who are healthy, who could do something useful, but cannot because the money is lacking.

There was a winter in which children in Bavaria did not even have wooden shoes to wear as they walked through the snow on their way to school. They had to walk for hours bare-footed. At the same time, the government made sure that those unfortunate souls in a large institution had fresh bananas twice a week so that they got the necessary vitamins. But these vitamins could not give them joy or strength or health. But they were thus denied to those somewhere in the Bavarian forest, or in the Ruhr, or in a poor fishing village on the Frisian coast, where they could have reduced the poverty and need in some worker’s house. At the same time there was a case where

a single mentally ill Negro of English citizenship lived for 16 years in an institution in Berlin, costing 26,000 Marks.

26,000 Marks were thrown away on a life that had no meaning. 26,000 Marks that could have been used to prepare a dozen strong, healthy, and gifted children for life and a job.

But I am not speaking of this as a kind of theft. Money is not an end in itself. Rather, we have here committed a theft of spirit and soul, because we tried to persuade the nation and humanity that our own greatness could come from sacrificing for the worst and most helpless. In the end, we went so far as

to put the sick and the dying before the young, strong, healthy, and promising.

That is against nature and life. A nation going this way is heading for the abyss. We went so far as to preach year after year to healthy families that they should have no children, or at most one, else they sinned against the nation and the spirit of this enlightened age. But if some imbecile of a whore and a genetically ill criminal had children, they were not only a financial burden for their entire lives, but also took the labor of people whom our society gave nothing better to do than to change these poor creatures three times a day and feed them. That is a perversion of everything great and healthy, and is a sin against life and the spirit of creation.

With full knowledge of our duties as human beings and the requirements of pity, we made the decision not to allow such miserable creatures to pass on their misery to the next generation, multiplied perhaps two or three or more times. That is a major accomplishment, for which our children and their children will one day thank us.

I know that there are those who will say: “You are meddling in matters that are not your concern. You are interfering in an area outside human control. Life and death are not in the hands of man, but in those of a higher power. If God wants sick and genetically ill people to be born, you may not interfere through laws, operations, or any other measures with God’s will. And if you do so — and you have with your Law to Prevent Inherited Illness — then you are acting against the will of God, and you are heretics.”

This is our answer: “My friend, you are wrong. It is true that we are subject to a higher power. We humans may never interfere with the great laws of the Creator. But you are wrong. See the laws the Creator has established for his world and your life. The great law is that life must be able to preserve itself, and that if it cannot, it will collapse. It is the hard, brutal law of the struggle for existence and of selection and extinction. It was the law we saw day by day, hour by hour, under all the clouds of heaven and all the stars of the sky, in which life seemed to find a senseless death, whether plant or animal or person, whether in distant Africa or near us.

That which cannot meet the challenges of life dies, no matter how much pain it causes,

and even if your small understanding or mind cannot comprehend it, these are the great laws of life and of the world that God himself gave us. These are laws, my German friend, that in our crazy fantasies we broke in the past.”

With overweening human pride and false pity, we broke the great law and kept those alive who under the laws of God would long since have perished.

Today we are once more following these old laws, using humane methods, for they follow a more hard and brutal course in nature according to God’s will. We are doing nothing more than reestablishing the laws of creation, and bowing to the heavenly order. We are thus showing piety and true humility — you are the heretics.

This applies as well to the third and last principle of our racial thinking. This third and last principle is that the people on this world, in America, Africa or China, are different both in body and soul. They are not equal, as yesterday’s lie had it.

People are different.

They not only speak different languages and look different: no, they are different in the depths of their hearts and natures, and in their abilities for good and evil. In the past people believed that these differences were accidental, the result of climate or civilization, and that one could overcome these differences and create a unified man in a unified state in which all would be equally happy. We have learned that such ideas are false. We have learned that the differences between the major blood groups of the world, between the major races, are not the result of human action, but of the laws of Creation. We have learned that the lines between blood and blood, race and race, are also the lines between soul and soul and spirit and spirit. We have learned that the opposite of the old phrase “What God has brought together, let no man put asunder” is also true. We have learned:

What God has separated, man should not bring together.

Heaven thought it good not to have only one type of people on the earth, but different kinds, various racially-bound peoples. That is a part of Creation. We bow before this truth and respect the borders. That means that the foundation of our separation of the races is not a matter of politics or economics, but rather it rests on a higher level, to which we in the end are responsible.

In our Reich, we are separating that which belongs to us, because it is blood of our blood, from that which does not belong to us, because it is foreign. We are doing that which is right not only for the moment, but for eternity.

Believe me, my dear German fellow citizens, it is not true, as some say, that this doctrine is a sign of arrogance or superiority or boasting. We do not think ourselves better than the other races on the earth. No, we do not think ourselves better, nor do we believe that others are worse than we are. We insist only on one thing — a law established by the Creator himself:

Man differs from man and race from race in this world.

The others may not be better or worse, but they are different than we are, and because they are different than we are, there is a kind of wall between us that is part of the laws of life. That is the core of National Socialism’s racial thinking. Our goal is not to insult others, to say: “What a great guy I am!” Rather, we hold to the humble recognition that each healthy piece of life has its corner of the world, and its special tasks. This is just as true of humans as it is of plants and animals in all their multiplicity. We know that one type is no more valuable than another. But we also know that each variety of life has a right to existence only as long as it keeps itself pure and strong. Only when a tree bears the proper fruit does it have a right to live. Otherwise it will be cut down and destroyed. We do not know why things are the way they are, and it would be foolish to ask the reason. That is how things are. Our task is to humbly accept the laws that govern our human existence, and to accept the fact that we are born Germans in Germany, not as Chinese or Eskimos. That is not because of our virtues, nor it is our fault, nor was it our will. It was fate that came from above. We have no choice but to accept this fate and to develop the abilities that fate has given us according to necessity and law.

Others may develop in their own way, in their own land. We must listen to the depths of our own people, to draw from blood and inheritance the strength we need to build our homeland. A higher power will take care of the life beyond.

I believe, my dear German fellow citizens, that everyone who is of our spirit will grant the correctness of our thinking about blood and race, and will say: “I see now that you are not only on the right path, but are honest and in the deepest sense true to demands that are greater than the laws of man.”

Let us then together follow the path to a new worldview. Let us go the path of blood and race, which does not ignore faith and knowledge and a sense of higher powers. Let us go this path, not a path of matter, superstition, and heresy, but rather a path of deep humility and piety before the laws of God. Let us go along this path together and listen to the deepest depths where blood and soul rule. Let us draw from there the strength to build the state, and even more important the Reich. It will be a Reich not only of politics, a Reich of organization, or the economy, but a Reich of a people. Germany today has the fortune to find a new way, led by a great Führer. German women today have the good fortune to see a strong and loyal woman at their head. Let us together go forward, hand in hand, as befits comrades building the future, and let us join the strength of men and women, rooted deep in their blood, to build what the world has never before seen:

The holy Reich of the German soul.

Only force rules. Force is the first law - Adolf H. Man has become great through struggle - Adolf H. Strength lies not in defense but in attack - Adolf H.
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The source: Marie Harm and Hermann Wiehle, Lebenskunde für Mittelschulen. Fünfter Teil. Klasse 5 für Mädchen (Halle: Hermann Schroedel Verlag, 1942), pp. 168-173.

Biology for the Middle School

For 5th Grade Girls

The Laws of Nature and Humanity


We have established that all creatures, plants as well as animals, are in a constant battle for survival. Plants crowd into the area they need to grow. Every plant that fails to secure enough room and light must necessarily die. Every animal that does not secure sufficient territory and guard it against other predators, or lacks the necessary strength and speed or caution and cleverness will fall prey to its enemies. The army of plant eaters threatens the plant kingdom. Plant eaters are prey for carnivores. The battle for existence is hard and unforgiving, but is the only way to maintain life. This struggle eliminates everything that is unfit for life, and selects everything that is able to survive.

We have seen that the laws of nature are built on a struggle for survival. The slow-moving herbivores (e.g., cows) have weapons, the speedier ones (e.g., horses or rabbits) use that speed to escape predators. The rabbit instinctively conceals the traces that lead to his den. As a prey, his eyes are to the sides of his head, while a carnivore’s are to the front. The hedgehog has his needles, toads and salamanders have poisonous skins. Predators have keen senses, a powerful spring, sharp teeth, and claws. If we further consider protective coloring, camouflage, and other coloring (above all with young animals), and that each animal has different gifts in seeing and smelling that are appropriate for its needs, we can see everywhere that living creatures are well prepared for the battle for survival. (Compare offensive and defensive characteristics of the various animals!) Animals at our latitude have many characteristics that enable them to survive winter: storing food, hibernation, migration, winter pelts... The same is true for plants. Poisons of various types, irritants, thorns, and needles protect them from herbivores. (Remember the earlier examples!) Seeds that can survive the winter, roots, storage ability (Examples!), enable plants to survive the cold months. By ground leaves, growing high, pyramidal structure, leaf mosaics, climbing, winding, spreading (the dog rose), plants seek the necessary light for their leaves.

All the various habitats are heavily populated; every creature has to fight for its survival and wants to be a winner in this battle. This is summarized in the principle: Each individual wants to maintain its existence in the struggle for survival (self preservation instinct, fighting will, individuality).

Mankind, too, is subject to these natural laws, and has won its dominant position through struggle. This is obvious when we consider the prehistoric hunting age. People then had both to secure their own prey, and protect themselves against the larger carnivores. This old form of the struggle for existence does not, of course, exist in civilized nations any longer. Early man lived in hordes, we live in an ethnic state. The state takes responsibility for territory and much, much more. Nonetheless, each must win his place in his community. As Moltke said, “In the long run, only the hardworking are lucky.” True, the larger carnivores are lacking, but bacteria and other tiny carriers of disease are no small danger. Consider the enormous scientific efforts (the struggle for survival!) men have made, and continue to make, to master these enemies, to defeat diseases! Each of us must keep his body strong through exercise and healthy living habits in order to develop his capacities and use them to serve his people. Those who do not do so are unsuitable for the more refined, yet just as relentless, nature of our struggle for life and will perish. Our Führer tells us:

He who wants to live must fight, and he who does not want to fight in this world of perpetual struggle does not deserve to live!” (Mein Kampf, p. 317)


All living creatures that succeed in the struggle for survival are not satisfied merely with existence, but seek to preserve their species as well. Here, too, is a drive that corresponds to natural law. Without this drive, species would long since have vanished.

The fox builds a den for its helpless young and cares for them. The deer cares for its fawns, and the bat even carries its young with it through the air. Each spring we watch with fascination as the birds cleverly build their nests, hatch their eggs, and untiringly feed their young. Insects place their larvae in certain areas where food is available. Mosquitoes and dragon flies, for example, put them in water, the cabbage moth in cabbages, stag beetles at the base of old oaks. We find the care of the young characteristic of all branches of the animal kingdom (Name all forms of care for offspring with which you are familiar!)


Maintaining the species also is a struggle. The deer ruts in the fall and offers battle to other deer in competition for females. The stronger and cleverer deer passes on his inheritance. The rooster defends his status and his hens courageously. The battle for females selects the fittest. Later, we will discuss the laws of inheritance.


The drive for maintaining the species is stronger than the instinct for self preservation. Plants sacrifice themselves for their seeds. Most insects die when they have reproduced. The female rabbit defends her young against hawks, often at the cost of her own life. A fox risks its life to secure food for its young. The life of the individual can be sacrificed to assure the continuation of the species. (The law of the species is stronger than that of the individual!)

Among all living creatures, we can see a further natural law: the production of numerous offspring. Nowhere on earth do we find a form of life that produces only one or two offspring (corresponding to the number of the parents). That would inevitably lead to extinction. The elephant has the longest period of procreation, from its 30th to 90th year. It brings about six offspring into the world. A scientist has calculated that even with this slow rate of reproduction, in the absence of the struggle for survival elephants would take over the entire world in a few hundred years. A single pair would produce 19 million descendants in 750 years. The struggle for survival leads most to perish. The blue titmouse has two broods of 10-13 a year, but their number is not increasing. The more threatened a creature is in the struggle for survival, the more offspring it must produce. The greater number of offspring is a necessary means of responding to the hard struggle for survival. Each habitat can disappear from one day to the next (arrival of a new predator, disappearance of a food source).

A large number of offspring are an important means in the struggle for survival of the species. The house mouse can resist the field mouse simply through its larger number of young. In such instances, one can speak of a battle of births.

The second law to which all life is subordinate is: “Each life form strives to ensure the survival of its species. The number of offspring must be greater than the number of the parents if the species is to survive (law of the larger number of offspring). Each species strives to conquer new territory. The species goes before the individual.

History provides us with enough examples to prove that mankind, too, is under this law. In the midst of their prosperity, the Romans lost the desire to have children. They sinned against the law of maintaining the species. Their state was undermined and overcome by foreign peoples in a short time. The ethnic traits of the Romans thus vanished. Our nation, too, once hung in the balance. National Socialism restored to the German people the will to have children, and preserved our people from certain decline, which would have been inevitable under the law of species and the law of the greater number of offspring.

Here, too, we can recall the Führer’s words:

Marriage, too, cannot be an end in itself, but rather it must have the larger goal of increasing and maintaining the species and the race. That only is its meaning and its task. (Mein Kampf, p. 275)

The goal of female education must be to prepare them for motherhood. ( Mein Kampf, p. 460)


As we have already noted, people do not live as individuals like animals and plants, but as peoples, which largely have come together as ethnic states. We know something similar only with insects. Bees and ants are not only the sum of individuals; each individual shares a united drive in service of the entire group. They do not have an individual will any longer, but rather their actions have only the goal of serving the welfare of the whole, the welfare of the community. The state-building drive in insects has created a higher order from the drives of the individuals. Their species has become a higher order, one will in many parts. The individual member of a beehive does a single task: One may be a worker that carries nectar, another cleans the hive, the third builds on to it, a fourth feeds the larva, a fifth watches the hive’s entrance. Each individual activity serves the whole. It is the same with ants. Certain ant species even have a warrior caste that fights in the front lines for the rest; the battle against the enemies of the state here, too, involves the whole group.

The instinctual state of the ants corresponds to the leadership state among mankind; however, the principles of a perfect insect state give people cause to think. They have preserved bees and ants in the struggle for survival and thereby proved their validity. We earlier noted the following truths about ants:

The work of the individual has only one purpose: to serve the whole group.

Major accomplishments are possible only by the division of labor.

Each bee risks its life without hesitation for the whole.

Individuals who are not useful or are harmful to the whole are eliminated.

The species is maintained by producing a large number of offspring.

It is not difficult for us to see the application of these principles to mankind: We also can accomplish great things only by a division of labor. Our whole economy demonstrates this principle. The ethnic state must demand of each individual citizen that he does everything for the good of the whole, each in his place and with his abilities (Principle 1).

He who loves his people proves it only by the sacrifices he is prepared to make for it. (Mein Kampf, p. 474).

If a person acts against the general interest, he is an enemy of the people and will be punished by the law (Principle 4). A look at our history proves that we as a people must defend our territory to preserve our existence.

The world does not exist for cowardly nations. (Mein Kampf, p. 105)

Military service is the highest form of education for the Fatherland (Principle 3).

The task of the army in the ethnic state is not to train the individual in marching, but to serve as the highest school for education in service of the Fatherland. (Mein Kampf, p. 459).

The fifth principle has already been discussed.

Each citizen of the nation must be ready to do all for the good of the whole, for the will of the Führer, even at the cost sacrificing his own life (the national law). The good of the nation goes before the good of the individual.

These natural laws are incontrovertible; living creatures demonstrate them by their very survival. They are unforgiving. Those who resist them will be wiped out. Biology not only tells us about animals and plants, but also shows us the laws we must follow in our lives, and steels our wills to live and fight according to these laws. The meaning of all life is struggle. Woe to him who sins against this law:

The person who attempts to fight the iron logic of nature thereby fights the principles he must thank for his life as a human being. To fight against nature is to bring about one’s own destruction. (Mein Kampf, p. 314).
Only force rules. Force is the first law - Adolf H. Man has become great through struggle - Adolf H. Strength lies not in defense but in attack - Adolf H.
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On the German People and Its Territory

Introduction: The Worldview of Facts

The worldview of National Socialism is today the common property of the whole German people. All unprejudiced citizens of good will have made National Socialist thinking so deeply their own that it provides answers for every question of life and direction for every action.

This shared National Socialist worldview makes it possible for German citizens to participate actively in the formation of our national life. Regardless of his position, each German can through thought and deed participate in political, cultural, and economic renewal. This common worldview is the unbreakable bond that holds together the leadership and the followers of our people in their common labor.

In the past there was no such general involvement of all citizens in forming our political life. There was a deep chasm between the “rulers” and the “subjects.” Even when we were under so-called democratic rule, the average citizen had no role in determining the fate of our people. Deep involvement and real participation by all Germans was impossible since in most cases only a small circle of the elite determined the direction the government should go. This was not only because the past lacked a unified and common worldview. The many so-called worldviews were sufficiently unclear and confused as to be unable to lead to a building of political will.

Former worldviews were not built on a recognition of reality and a knowledge of the facts. Rather, they were abstract theories unrelated to reality that had developed over the course of history. They had nothing to do with the real facts, and indeed often stood in sharp conflict with them. The conflict between theory and reality soon so confused all matters of national life that even the “leaders” of such worldview groups could make no order out of the confusion. The average citizen could do no more than wait more or less patiently to see what resulted in the political realm. He was driven from the political stage into the audience. The exact opposite is the case today. All the questions of our political life are so clear, simple, and unified that each citizen can both understand them and work to solve them.

The National Socialist worldview is not the result of abstract and convoluted thinking. It is not a theory, but rather is clearly bound to reality. National Socialist thinking comes from experience. It is a worldview based on the facts and on reality.

The most important and influential facts in the life of nations are “blood and soil.” He who understands their laws and effects in history can determine the future. The goal of this manual for the Hitler Youth is to build their political will according to the National Socialist worldview.

Chapter I: Human Inequality

The foundation of the National Socialist worldview is the knowledge of human inequality. No one will likely disagree with this as long as we stick to physical appearance. It is obvious that the “red skins,” the “yellow people,” the Negroes, and the whites are very different. And all whites are not the same. The careful observer can find differences in physical size and shape. The color of the eyes, hair, and skin also varies greatly.

But there are also spiritual differences between people. That is particularly clear when various people speak about a particular subject. For one person, work is a “curse,” “God’s punishment,” a burden that one should remove as rapidly as possible. For the other, it is a necessary part of existence that gives human life its meaning. For one, bravery and loyalty are nothing but great stupidity. He would rather be “a coward for a few minutes” than to “be dead for the rest of one’s life.” For another, bravery and loyalty are the characteristics used to value and esteem people. He holds to his word, in good times or ill. He cannot live without honor, and would rather die than be a coward.

People differ therefore in more than their physical characteristics. Just as deep, and with no way of bridging the gap, is the differences in spirit and soul. Body, spirit, and soul together make up the whole person, since they form a unified whole. Their inner relationships must therefore be studied. Then we will clearly recognize the vast difference between those of German blood and the Jews, although their physical characteristics might otherwise suggest that they were both members of the same human grouping. We then understand human inequality. We act according to this understanding.

The past era either entirely ignored human inequality, or else acted contrary to its better knowledge. During the colonization of Paraguay in the nineteen century, for example, the Jesuits permitted white settlers to marry native Indian women. Perhaps they thought that the native population would thus be raised to the level of the whites. But these mixed marriages produced unhappy bastards who were neither white nor native. In most cases, they inherited the bad characteristics of both groups, lacking spiritual stability. In our time, too, certain people occasionally lacked a feeling for racial honor or racial defilement. The numerous bastards resulting from relations with the black occupation forces in the Rhine region, or those that came from relations between Jews and Germans, are tragic examples. Even the highest government offices of the System era [the Nazi term for the Weimar Republic] intentionally ignored racial knowledge. For example, they prohibited the well-known racial scholar Ludwig Schemann from studying the nature of the races and withdrew support for his research.

Even today, National Socialism’s racial thinking has implacable opponents. Freemasonry, Marxism, and the Christian churches make common cause in this matter. World Freemasonry conceals its Jewish plans of world domination behind slogans of “humanity.” The Jew and the Turk can achieve its degrees just as well as the Christian. Marxism has the same goals as Freemasonry. To conceal its true aims, it used the slogan of “Equality, Freedom, and Brotherhood.” Under Jewish leadership, Marxism wants to unite everything “that has a human face.”

The Christian church, above all the Roman Catholic Church, rejects racial thinking by claiming that “All men are equal before God.” All who are of the Christian faith, be they Jew, a Negro from the jungle, or white, are better and more valuable to it than a German who is not a Christian. Saving faith is the only bond.

Proof that the Roman Catholic Church is acting against its better knowledge in rejecting racial thinking is clear from the following facts. There was once a danger that Jesuit goals would be subverted or redirected by Jewish members.The result was a ban on Jews becoming Jesuits. Today the danger is long past and the church wants to forget about it.

Why do we find the nonsense about human equality in Freemasonry, Marxism, and the Christian church? All three are more or less striving for world power. They therefore have to be “international.” They can never accept racial, ethnic, or national ties between people without giving up their goals.

Despite these major opponents, however, racial thinking is constantly winning ground. Truth is gradually winning. We need only think of the growing front of countries that are resisting the destructive influence of Jewry. And we recall the immigration laws of many countries that ban Jews or other unwanted groups.

But we do not want to remain with superficial matters. We need still greater clarity in this matter. Only then can we understand the fourth point of the program of the National Socialist German Workers Party, which says:

“Only racial comrades may be citizens. A racial comrade must be of German blood, without regard to religion. No Jew can be a racial comrade.”

Chapter II: The German Races


Chapter III: Racial Make-up: Inheritance and the Environment


Chapter IV: Genetic and Racial Hygiene

From the study of genetics we have learned that the individual human being is inextricably bound to his ancestors through his birth and inheritance. He is bound in the same way to his descendents. The individual human being is but one link in the long chain of generations. If we wanted to use an image, we could say: The individual is a wave in the great river that flows from the most distant past to the most distant future. The further back we trace this stream of generations, the more they join into one large river, until we find ourselves at the common source. This picture reminds us that all the families and tribes of a people have a common origin. They have a common inheritance that they will pass on to the future.

But the great genetic river of a people can suffer many impurities and injuries along the way. These can occur in two ways. First, diseased genes can develop within the bloodstream of a people. If a people is to remain strong and healthy, these cannot be allowed to be passed on. The purpose of our current genetic policy is to prevent the passing on of such diseased genes and to promote healthy blood. A people’s bloodstream, however, can also be injured by mixing it with alien blood from foreign races. Our racial policy is designed to prevent this from happening.

Our genetic policy therefore combats those injuries that develop in our people’s genetic stream from within. We have already learned that countless genetic characteristics of physical, mental and spiritual nature are passed on from person to person. Besides natural, healthy genes, there are unfortunately many that are unhealthy. Although genetic diseases could only be thoroughly studied and understood after the laws of genetics were discovered, we already know of many genetic diseases. 400 of every 1,000 cases of mental illness have genetic origins. But there are also physical and spiritual inheritable diseases.

The worst inherited diseases are: feeblemindedness, schizophrenia (mental disorder), insanity (mental illness), inherited epilepsy, inherited St. Vitus’ Dance, inherited blindness and deafness, and inherited physical impairments, including among others bone disorders, club foot, hare lip with cleft palate, and blood diseases.

Then there are inherited diseases that of a less serious nature, or which cause internal illnesses. Here are a few of the many that could be mentioned: extra fingers or short fingers, flat and knock feet, birthmarks and moles, short- and farsightedness, squinting, cataracts (blurring of the cornea), as well as a susceptibility to jaundice, obesity, cancer, and tuberculosis.

Some of the diseases we have listed are prefaced with “inherited.” That means that the disease can also result from nonhereditary causes. This is the case when they result from infection or accident. They depend on the environment, and thus we know that they are not hereditary.

On the other hand, there are inherited diseases whose external effects can be treated by the art of medicine, but do not lose their genetic nature. If, for example, someone with a bone disease or a hare lip with a cleft palate undergoes surgery, the problems will still reappear in his descendants.

Although normal diseases need not be a barrier to marriage, those with genetic diseases, even if they can be alleviated through surgery, should be strongly advised not to have children.

Here we should mention incest and marriage to close relatives. From the science of genetics we know that some characteristics are “hidden.” They are subordinate to the dominant characteristic (recessive), The recessive gene is passed on to posterity, but it does not come to expression. Only when both parents have such a recessive gene does the trait show up in their offspring. Most genetic diseases are recessive. The people who have one such gene are themselves healthy, but they carry the disease nonetheless. Only when they marry a partner who also carries the gene does it come to expression in their offspring. Because of their common descent, the members of a family or a tribe have the same genes. Since a recessive gene can be common in such a group, it is likely that both partners share the recessive gene. That is why incest and marriage to close relatives are inadvisable.

Since diseases resulting from recessive genes cannot easily be determined in an individual case, there is only one solution: genealogical research.

Chromosomal damage can have the same effects as genetic diseases. It can result from the misuse of alcohol and nicotine, through poisons, radium and x-rays, and venereal diseases. The greater number of cases of idiocy and epilepsy, for example, are caused by alcohol or venereal diseases. The tendency to criminality also can be traced back to genetic diseases and chromosomal damage.

Serious genetic disease, particularly mental illnesses, make their victims incapable of living a normal life. They rob their victims of their reasoning powers and sense of responsibility, reducing their value to the people’s community. The unfit proliferate wildly and spread their genetic diseases. This is clear from the average number of children per family in the German Reich:

Healthy families have 2.2 children
Families with inherited mental deficiencies have 3.5 children
Families with criminal tendencies have 4.9 children.

Thus the number of unfit inhabitants rose from 10 per 1,000 in 1880 to 40 in 1930. The population as a whole rose by about 50%, but the number of the unfit rose by about 300%, six times greater than the average. It is no wonder that in Germany today we have:

1,000,000 feeble-minded
250,000 cases of genetic mental deficiency
90,000 epileptics
40,000 inherited cases of physical handicaps

Most of those with genetic diseases and deficiencies are entirely unable to survive on their own. They cannot care for themselves, but have to be cared for in institutions. This costs the state huge sums each year. The costs of caring for a genetically ill person are eight times as high as those for a normal person. A child who is an idiot costs as much as four or five healthy children. The cost of eight years of normal schooling is about 1000 marks. The schooling for a deaf child costs about 20,000 marks. In all, the German Reich spends around 1.2 billion marks each year for the care and treatment of citizens with genetic diseases.

These enormous sums cannot be used to benefit the healthy part of our people. How many sport fields, swimming pools, housing developments and kindergartens could be built with this money, had the danger to our people by the unfit been recognized in past decades. He who has visited an institution for the genetically ill cannot but feel a sense of guilt for these unhappy creatures, who despite the principles of genuine humanity, were brought to life. From a genuine sense of humanity toward the sick and from a strong sense of responsibility to the people, the National Socialist government has therefore passed laws that will hinder the further spread of serious genetic diseases

The most important laws to protect our genetic inheritance are:

The Law for the Prevention of Genetically Ill Offspring of 14 July 1933

The Law against Dangerous Habitual Criminals of 24 November 1933

The Law to Protect the Genetic Health of the German People (Healthy Marriage Law) of 26 October 1935.

The “Law for the Prevention of Genetically Ill Offspring” encourages the voluntary or compulsory sterilization of those persons who, as the result of serious genetic illness, “are likely according to medical science to have children who will suffer severe physical and mental genetic illnesses.” The strong sense of responsibility of the lawgivers is shown by the limitation of this law to the worst genetic illnesses and by the establishment of security measures to prevent misuse of the law.

The “Law against Dangerous Criminals” provides for the castration of serious moral criminals. It is to be seen as a way of saving the criminal by freeing him of his sick drives. It will also surely prevent serious crimes in the future.

The “Healthy Marriage Law” outlaws marriage in cases where one of the partners has a dangerous infectious disease (venereal diseases, tuberculosis, etc.), or suffers from mental illness, or carries a genetic disease, which may also call for sterilization.

The genetic health laws of the Third Reich have been vigorously attacked from various sides. Some wanted to deny the state the right to interfere in people’s personal freedoms. The answer is that the laws apply only to the very worst cases, and furthermore, the medical treatment is safe and causes no harm to those affected. More than that, a deep humanity underlies these efforts to relieve suffering and further damage. It is better and more humane to prevent great misery than to pity the unfortunates later and burden the people’s community with their care. It is also the natural right of a community to protect itself against threats from individuals. Everywhere in nature, safety measures are aimed at the good of the whole. The existence of the individual plays no role whatever. Have people been given reason and understanding only to ignore such natural laws? Is it not in fact the task of the human spirit to recognize these natural laws and bring them to expression in humane ways? That is what we believe.

The previously mentioned genetic measures have the goal of preventing the further spread of existing genetic diseases and to gradually eliminate them. But that is not enough for a successful genetic policy. To eliminate genetic damage, healthy genes must be encouraged and promoted. The greatest efforts of the National Socialist state are in this direction. The vast expansion of the health care system, the generous promotion of physical exercise, the systematic housing program, show us how much effort is needed to promote healthy blood. The sociopolitical and economic measures of recent years are aimed at keeping productive people healthy and cheerful. The Winter Relief Charity, with its “Mother and Child” program, the Labor Front with its “Beauty in Labor” and “Strength through Joy” programs, work in the same direction. We could mention countless similar activities that promote a healthy population.

More important than these measures is the selection that occurs today, as in the past, through the National Socialist movement. The appeal to the racial values of our people drew the best Germans to fight for the movement, and is today as well central to our posterity. We do not value money and possessions, name and ancestry, but rather only accomplishment and the readiness to serve. These can be found in every part of the population. A true socialist selection brings the most capable and valuable individuals to the highest offices of the party and state.

The toughest selection process naturally occurred during the period of struggle, which required the daily expenditure of blood and wealth. The selection process today must occur in other ways. The numerous leadership training schools, especially the Ordensburgen and the Adolf Hitler Schools have assumed this task. Here students must prove their character, their sense of community, their determination and their abilities, just as during the struggle for power. Here too the fundamental principle of socialist selection prevails. As the announcement of the Adolf Hitler Schools noted: “Education is free” and “After successful graduation, any career in the party and state is open to graduates of the Adolf Hitler Schools.” This selection process will forever guarantee the German people a qualified leadership. A new nobility, the nobility of achievement and of labor, will ensure the future of the people and the Reich.

Just as dangerous for the existence of a people as genetic damage is mixing with foreign blood. The German people has direct contact with only one foreign people: Jewry. Thus, for us racial hygiene means a defense against the corruption of our blood and spirit by the Jews. The differences between the German and the Jewish nature need hardly be discussed. The Jewish dominance in culture and intellectual life over the last decades has shown all Germans the destructive and corrupting nature of this people.

National Socialism’s first defensive measures therefore were aimed at driving the Jews out of our people’s cultural and economic life. Numerous laws have created the foundation for this. They cannot all be listed. Only the most important need to be mentioned. The “Law for the Reestablishment of a Professional Civil Service” of 7 April 1933 began with the Aryan Clause and removed Jews from the German government. The cleansing spread rapidly to all other areas of life, to economic and cultural organizations, the professions, film, theatre, and the press.

The “Law on the Withdrawal of Naturalization and the Cancellation of German Citizenship of 14 July 1933” also should be mentioned. It grants the Reich the power to revoke “undesired” grants of citizenship made to eastern Jews during the large migrations that occurred between 9 November 1918 and 30 January 1933.

The “Reich Law on Hereditary Farmsteads” of 29 September 1933 keeps the Jews away from German farms. It states: “Only those of German blood may be farmers.” The “Military Law” of 21 May 1935 and the “Reich Labor Service Law” of 15 October 1935 exclude the Jews from active service for the nation.

The “Reich Citizenship Law” of 15 October 1935 makes clear the status of Jews. They are subjects of the German Reich, but not citizens. The Jews are defined by this law as an independent group strictly separated from the German people.

The number of Jews in the German Reich is generally said to be around 500,000. That is however only the number who are of the Mosaic faith. The Jew has always tried to conceal himself by changing his name or religion, so the Jewish population is in fact much higher. An official report estimates the number of full Jews who are not members of the Mosaic faith at 300,000, and further estimates that there are about 775,000 partial Jews (Mischlinge).The number of those not of German blood in the German Reich is therefore about 1,555,000. This number reveals the strong infiltration of Jewish blood into our people. The high number of partial Jews is tragic proof of the lack of racial instinct in the past. Pride in race and opposition to racial defilement were awakened again by National Socialism. Race mixing is also prohibited by law. The “Law for the Protection of German Blood and Honor” of 15 October 1935 establishes severe penalties for relations between those of German blood and those of foreign races, and determines precisely what percentage of foreign blood causes someone of mixed blood to lose his membership in the German people.

The law understands those of foreign blood to be members of all non-German or related races, as does normal language usage. This has resulted in frequent misunderstandings of the National Socialist racial worldview. Some see racial arrogance and intolerance. That is absolutely false. We reject racial mixing first because the resulting Mischling will be the victim of natural contempt. He is “racially divided his whole life. Homeless, he stands between two peoples, but he does not know to which he belongs.” He is an unhappy, restless creature. We also believe that the races received their various characteristics to develop, not to mix. We thus do not see value distinctions in racial differences, but rather differences in kind. We therefore want to preserve the German people in its true nature and preserve it from racial mixing.

The goal of racial hygiene is to secure recognition for the racial nature of our people in all areas of life. Our art and culture can only be the true possession of the nation when they are an expression of our racial nature. And the economic capacity of the German people is strongest when our economic structure corresponds to our racial nature.

Here, too, the National Socialist movement won a quick victory because its inner and outer nature corresponds to the heroic approach to life and the racial nature of the German people.

Chapter V: Population Policy


Chapter VI: People and the Earth


Chapter VII: German Territory


Chapter VIII: German Soil


Chapter IX: The German Cultural Sphere


Chapter X: The State Territory of the German People


Chapter XI: Territory and Population


Chapter XII: The Soil as the Source of a People’s Food


Chapter XIII: The Soil and Industry
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Originally Posted by RickHolland View Post
The source: Heilig ist das Blut. Eine Rundfunkrede von Dr. Groß (Berlin: Rassenpolitisches Amt der NSDAP, 1935). The picture is from the German Bundesarchiv, via Wikipedia.

Dear boys and girls! In this third area of conflict, we want to continue the great battle of our day with the old fighting spirit we used against the dark forces of the past. We have a right to do so, for no objection could be more dishonest or foolish than this one. No one in the name of racial doctrine supports barren materialism. No one wants turn the facts about race into an idol and use it to destroy genuine piety. We do, however, believe that we have a right to have more respect for our racial worldview than was allowed by the impious and arrogant philosophies of the past. If we bow once more before the facts of creation instead of preferring empty liberal or scholastic chatter, how is that impious? If we are once more conscious of our own nature, of the inheritance given to us from Heaven, is that human arrogance or idolatry? If we once again humbly understand that our lives as humans are bound by our race, and that we can no nothing other than follow and act according to the laws of blood that God himself has placed us under, how can that be heresy or impiety? It is not in fact greater piety, and in the most genuine and truest form? Yes, we see in the facts and laws of race as something holy and divine, not because we want to promote ourselves, but rather because we also see there the power of the creator. We are more honest than our enemies, who found in them something uncomfortable for the previous system of political power. If we seek to respect the differences and particular virtues of the races that Heaven itself created, we thereby serve the Creator and his laws. We do a more pious work than the squabbling scribes whose gray dogma is more important to them than real blood-filled life. The best in every people and throughout all time have drawn their deepest and truest faith from observing the world’s order. With both pride and humility, we affirm that we see the laws of blood and race with their wonderful relationships and heavy burdens, as a holy part of that great order behind which we sense the Creator.

Today we once again raise anew the flag of life against the doctrine of death, and serve the future with the faithful affirmation: The blood given to us by God is holy.
The spirituality of National Socialism could rival that of Islam if more whites bothered to learn the truth about the ideology. Miscegenation is deicide!

Good to see this article posted on VNN.
Gottgläubig: The Religion of the Blood

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The source: Karl Bareth and Alfred Vogel, Erblehre und Rassenkunde für die Grund- und Hauptschule 2nd edition (Bühl-Baden: Verlag Konkordia, 1937.

Heredity and Racial Science for Elementary and Secondary Schools

by Karl Bareth and Alfred Vogel

Table of Contents


Heredity and Racial Science in the Natural Sciences

Ways to Include Heredity and Racial Science in Teaching the Natural Sciences

Grade 4: Deals with the basics of heredity

Grade 5: More details on genetic inheritance

Grade 6: Cell biology, transmission of genetic material

Grade 7: Applications to human beings

Inheritance of Physical Characteristics
Inheritance of Intellectual and Spiritual Characteristics
Inheritance of Weaknesses and Illnesses
The Physical and Spiritual Characteristics of the German Races
A Race is Judged by its Achievements
The Nordic Race is the Blood Foundation of the German People

Grade 8:

The Difference between Inherited and Non-inherited Changes
Genetic Damage Caused by Alcohol
Preserving Racial Inheritance
Law of Selection
Eliminating those with hereditary illnesses
Selection and Promotion of Strong Genetic Lines
Maintaining the Purity of Blood
The Jews and the German People
National Socialist Racial Thinking and the Peoples

Preserving Racial Inheritance

In grades 4 through 7, we have come to the following understanding:

Nature’s laws of heredity are undeniably true. All living creatures, humans included, are subject to these laws.
Humans are not equal, but rather are of differing races. The drives and strengths that create cultures are rooted in a race’s genes.

Our race, too, has its racial inheritance, and a culture that grows out of it. We must fight for it. The Führer gave us a high goal to fight for when he said: “We must fight for the existence and growth of our race and our people, the feeding of its children, the maintenance of the purity of its blood, the freedom and independence of the fatherland, and fulfill the mission given to us by the Creator of the universe.” (Hitler, Mein Kampf).

The success and final victory of this great task depends:

on the law of selection
on the elimination of those with hereditary illness
on the promotion of genetically strong lines
on maintaining the purity of the blood.

1. The Law of Selection

2. Eliminating (Ausmerzung) those with hereditary illness

Growing number of hereditary illnesses up to 1933. Negative selection allowed a huge increase in hereditary illness. Here are several statistics that demonstrate the dramatic increase.

In Lippe in 1804, there were 13 cases of mental illness per 10,000 inhabitants. In 1908, there were 32 cases per 10,000 inhabitants.

In Upper Bavaria, there were 25 beds for the mentally ill in 1901. In 1927, there were 4,000.
Percentage who were either born with, or developed, an inherited illness

In a population of about 65,000,000, that is
Feeblemindedness: about 1.5%
Idiots: about 0.25%
Mentally Ill: about 1.5%
Epileptic: about 1.15%
Blind: about 0.015%
Morons: about 0.075%
Deaf: about 0.025%
Hard of Hearing: about 0.075%

Add them all up!

What would the German people look like in the future if these trends continue?

A healthy family, on average, has 2.2 children.

A mentally retarded family, on average, has 3.5 children.

A criminal family, on average, has 4.9 children.

With an average of 3 children per racially valuable families and 4 children for less valuable parts of the population, the future would look as follows:

Hereditary illness is a burden to the state:

Cost to the Prussian state per day:

For a normal pupil: 1/3 of a Reich Mark
For a backward pupil: 1 1/2 Reich Marks
For an educable mentally ill pupil: 2 4/5 Reich Marks
For a blind or deaf pupil: 4 Reich Marks

In 1932, one German city found the following expenses:

A person on a small pension: 433 Reich Marks
An unemployed person on welfare: 500 Reich Marks
Costs for someone mentally ill: 1944 Reich Marks

Total additional costs for those with hereditary illnesses in 1930 were estimated at about one billion Reich Marks. 350,000,000 Reich Marks went to that purpose during the 1933/1934 Winter Relief Program.

We note that although the huge costs to support the genetically burdened must be paid largely by the state, they are really borne by working, healthy families.

Government measures to prevent offspring with hereditary illnesses:

In the case of plants and animals cultivated by humans, care is taken to weed out the less valuable. Only the useful and valuable genetic material is preserved. That is also what nature wants through the law of selection. Should not we do the same with people? Or shall the lines of our people with hereditary illnesses overcome the healthy? That would mean the self-dissolution and destruction of the whole people, for a people that suffers from hereditary illnesses is not able to maintain itself in the great battle of selection between the peoples!

To protect the healthy population from the dangers of hereditary illness and dissolution, the National Socialist State created the “Law for the Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Illnesses “ of 14 July 1933. Under this law, the genetically burdened are sterilized for the following diseases:

Manic-depressive insanity
St. Vitus’s Dance
Severe physical deformity
Severe alcoholism

This law may seem hard for individuals with hereditary illnesses, but it is a necessity for the continued existence of the whole people.

Attitudes toward sterilization of the German people. Persons with hereditary illnesses have inherited their trouble from their ancestors, and are, therefore, innocent. The guilty are those people who passed their blood on to their descendants. The person who is sterilized, therefore, is not the victim of state measures, as evil-minded opponents of National Socialism claim, but rather the victim of his genetically burdened ancestors. If a person with a hereditary illness freely chooses to submit to the “Law for the Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Illnesses” and renounces offspring, he makes a great sacrifice for his people. For this reason, the state protects those who are sterilized with a law that prohibits contempt.

Important result: The “Law for the Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Illnesses” fulfills the command for loving one’s neighbor, and is consistent with God-given natural laws. The persons affected by the law make a great sacrifice for the whole of the people. (For further training material, see Hitler, Mein Kampf, pp. 446-450).

3. Selection and promotion of strong genetic lines.

4. Maintaining the purity of blood.

The rise of a people depends not only on eliminating genetic illness and the less valuable, and on promoting the valuable genetic traits, but just as importantly on maintaining the purity of blood. Here, too, nature gives us valuable examples in the plant and animal world.

a) Bastards in the animal world.

The disappointed hunter (An essay from an 8th grader):

An old hunter hurried eagerly in the early morning to the doghouse to see the pups that had been born that night to a pointer bitch. Although the bitch barked and tried to defend them, the hunter removed two pups. He was astonished. He examined the pup to the right with a careful and critical eye. “That doesn’t look right,” he muttered, and gave them both back to the waiting bitch. After a few weeks things with the pups were clearer. Three of the pups resembled the mother; two were more like German Shepherds. Later, the hunter was even more disappointed. The three pointers were bad hunting dogs. Even the best training could not make pointers of them. They had no instinct for hunting, and were therefore unsuitable and worthless. And the other two lacked the instincts of a German Shepherd. All five were worthless cross-breeds, “bastards,” and unsuitable for breeding.

b) Race mixing among humans.

We have already spoken about one racial mixing. That had to do with the racial development of the German people. May we also speak of it as bastardization? If we look into the face of the German people, peering deeply into its spiritual life, we are absolutely convinced that the joining of these six races into one whole people was not a bastardization. Their genetic traits joined in a wonderful and harmonious way to form the German people, from which our German culture sprang.

We speak of bastardization in the case of a mixed race (Mischlinge) that develops from fundamentally different races or racial mixtures, as, for example, one between Europeans and Negroes, Europeans and Asians, Europeans and Indians, Europeans and Jews, etc. Such mixed race individuals carry the contradictory trains of both races, resulting in a confusion. Bastards are unhappy people. A bastard of European and Negroid decent has some of the characteristics of the white race, and some characteristics of the black race. He unsuited both for the jungles and hot sun of the south, but also for the north. Two souls live and compete within the breast of the bastard. He never finds peace and a harmonious, balanced life. The hard laws of blood force him to live a life of racial confusion and fragmentation.

Mixing widely separate races is certainly a gain of valuable genetic traits for the lower of the races, but the more valuable race declines. “The result of race mixing, in brief, is always:

a) the lowering of the quality of the higher race,

b) a physical and spiritual decline, and therefore the beginning, however slowly, of ever-increasing infirmity.”
(Mein Kampf), p. 304.

“Racial mixing, and the resulting decline in racial quality, is the single cause for the death of ancient cultures; people do not perish because of lost wars, but rather because of the loss of the strength to resist that comes only from pure blood.” (Hitler, Mein Kampf, p. 324).

The fall of Rome. The Romans, a part of the Indo-Germanic family of peoples, moved south under the name of the Italians, and founded a successful agricultural state. For a long time, they held to the northern laws of life. Over the centuries, however, they mixed with the original inhabitants (the Plebs) and neighboring peoples (Carthaginians, etc.). The racial nature of the former Italians soon changed. The Roman people began to think, feel, and act differently. The old laws lost their hold, the culture and all the values of the former racial inheritance were given up. Those people with the remaining racial strength died out in Rome’s wars or because they lacked children. The remaining generations were sick both in body and soil, and therefore Rome was defeated by racially strong waves of invasion from the Germanic north.

Negro bastards in France. During the World War, our soldiers fought not only against French, Belgians, English, and Americans, but also against “Blacks” from Africa. France set the Blacks against the Whites. After the war, these Africans stood with their bayonets along the upper Rhine (Maxau, Kehl) and in the Rhineland.

Just as France saw no shame in using Blacks to destroy the German people, so, too, it was not ashamed to give its racial inheritance to Negroes. Many thousands of bastards are the accursed result of racial defilement. From year to year, France became increasingly Negroized. A third of the French Foreign Legion is colored, and during war that rises to 60% or 70%! We see Negro policemen and colored officers in French cities. France gives civil rights to Negroes. Negroes can become civil servants and judges. There was even a Negro who became a state secretary and vice president of parliament! The French Minister of Colonists said in a speech: “In creating a new French race, we are striving for the equality of humanity and international morality!”

“Black” against “White” in America. Particularly during the 19th century, many Europeans emigrated to America and became masters of the New World. During the decades of the 20th century, in the age of liberalism and of “making everyone equal,” masses of Negroes were also allowed to immigrate and work in the armaments industry. Today, the USA is near racial collapse. Several statistics to prove the point:

About 50% of the population of Missouri and South Carolina are Negroes.
New York has 300,000 Negroes.
Chicago had 44,100 Negroes in 1910, 109,590 in 1920 (high Negro fertility!), and 234,000 in 1930.
17% of Americana farms are in the hands of the colored.
There was a Negro congress in New York in 1920.
In 1922, the Negro Garvey, the “Provisional President of the African Republic,” proclaimed “the war against the Whites!”

This war of the Blacks against the Whites was supported and encouraged by the Moscow World Communist International, which has taken up the crazy liberal doctrine of human equality.

Racial awakening in the East. Review the Japan’s battle in the East with Russia, England, and America: Japan moves toward China, India, and Australia — ban on emigration — arming — naval conference —population policy, birth rates — economic battles with the lack of resources and markets — Japan’s colonization in Brazil, Hawaii (86 Japanese in Hawaii in 1880, 125,000 by 1925, over against 10,000 Americans!) —

In Asia, too, Caucasians are in a defensive position!

The Caucasians and Europe. The Black race poured into Europe through the entryway of Marseilles. France put up no barriers. The yellow race is growing in the East. Can the White outposts in Asia and European Russia, infected by communism, withstand the storm? Will the white peoples of Europe win the battle to determine whether the future will belong to “white or colored humanity?” And keep in mind that the Treaty of Versailles left deep wounds of hatred and division in the European peoples, wounds from which all still need to recover. And do not overlook the fact that most of Europe’s peoples carry within themselves the destructive bacterium of communism.

In this battle for everything, which will determine whether we have ethnic and racial chaos or a resurrection of the peoples and the preservation of racial values and cultures, Providence has called the German people to a leading role in the heart of Europe. First, our Führer united our own people through the fire of revolution and restored to them faith in nature’s iron laws of blood and race. Increasingly, his great thinking is spreading beyond Germany’s borders to Europe’s peoples. In his major speeches, he shakes the consciences of the European peoples. Europe will not become a cemetery of peoples because of internal conflict and quarrels, over which a foreign race will one day stand. Europe will once again become healthy and strong!

The Jews and the German People.

Each German must understand the Jewish question. With sure vision, the writer Anacker predicted the bitter struggle against the “Red flood,” and called for “the last reserves” in the decisive battle. In our own country, Red power ended as a result of the German revolution of 1933. Beyond our borders, however, the red plague still rages, attempting to corrupt other peoples and plunge them into misery and misfortune.

In our own land, we want to hold eternal watch. That is particularly true for you, German youth! You, too, must fight the battle and must therefore know the destroyer of all ethnic life: the Jew!

Development of Jewry. The Jews are not a race, as is often thought. The Jewish people is a racial mixture from parts of the Near Eastern and Asian races. The genetic, physical, and spiritual characteristics of the Jew are so foreign and different to us that any association with a Jew must be rejected by any German with sound instincts, even by the smallest, simplest child. This is particularly clear in areas where Germans do not live, but instead visit farmers for commercial reasons. The simple person in the countryside knows the Jew only from livestock trading or peddling. The trading instinct is in the Jew’s blood. The first Jews came to the Germanic regions during the time of the Romans. At first, they were only guests. But they were masters at understanding how to exploit the nature of their host people. As soon as the Jew was recognized as a bloodsucker and parasite among the people, he was expelled from the people’s community. During the Middle Ages, they were kept in strictly separate Jewish districts (ghettos), and had to wear distinctive clothing (pointed Jewish cap). Even during the age of Frederick the Great, one saw the Jew as a member of a foreign race, and Goethe, too, was outraged that the ban on marriage between Jews and Christians was to be lifted. The ghetto walls fell for the Jews during the French Revolution, with its notion of “equality.” Following that example, the liberal statesman Hardenberg instituted the “emancipation” of the Jews, granting them independence and equality within the German host people. Suddenly, the Jew was a citizen. The Jew rapidly forced his way into every area of life of the German people. After Bismarck’s fall in 1890, the misfortune could no longer be halted.

Influence of Jewry in the economy. The House of Rothschild is a classic example. The Jew Meyer Amschel Rothschild was the founder of this “ruling house.” He began as a small merchant, them moved to money trading, and finally became court advisor to the Elector of Hesse. During the French Revolution, he earned millions by supplying the army. His five sons settled in Frankfurt, London, Paris, Vienna, and Naples, becoming Europe’s most powerful bankers.

Even kings and emperors fall victim to the Jew’s weapon of money. At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, the capitalist Jew stood higher than the political statesman, and soon the Jew Walter Rathenau could substitute the slogan “The economy is fate” for the holy concept of “blood and soil.” Jewry gained absolute control of Germany’s economy and commerce after the November Revolution of 1918. As Germany’s poverty grew, thousands of Jews immigrated from Galicia and Poland to our land in order to exploit the German people’s misery. In 1925, there were 76,000 Jewish immigrants. Filthy and poor, carrying all their possessions in a sack, they moved to Breslau, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, etc. The plague also broke out in Baden, along the border. Within a few years, the Jews had gathered wealth and possessions. The following statistics show the economic power Jewry had in Germany:

In 1930, 57% of the 603 German metalworking firms were Jewish, 41% of the 514 dealers in scrap metal, 39% of the 12,858 textile firms, and 61% of the 133 wholesalers of women’s clothing. Of the 147 members of the Berlin stock exchange, 116 were Jewish! Four of the six members of the board of directors of the Reich Bank were Jews!!

The Jews Katz, Kutisker, Barmat, Sklarek, and Rotter cheated the German people of many, many millions in economic life. Despite their guilt, they managed to avoid long prison sentences.

Influence of the Jews in German professional life. In Prussia in 1925, Jews were:

59% of commerce and transportation (17% of the general population works in this area);
26% of industry and crafts;
2% of agriculture (30% of the general population works in this area);
6% of civil servants and the professions (5% of the general population works in these areas);
4% of the health care system (2% of the general population works in this area).

In Berlin in 1933, Jews were:

42% of all doctors,
52% of all insurance doctors,
45% of all hospital directors,
35% of all dentists,
28% of all pharmacists,
48% of all attorneys!
56% of all notaries!
80% of all theatre directors!!

Jews take over German culture. To break the German powers of resistance, the Jews worked to poison our cultural life. Their filthy theatrical productions and dirty movies corrupted many Germans, particularly the young. Lovely old German fables were replaced by dirty books, Jewish jazz music drove out German folk songs. The German soul was increasingly poisoned, and the German people made ready for conquest.

Jews and politics. Politics was decisive; therefore, the Jew put particular energy into increasing his influence in politics. The Jew played a particularly destructive role in the November Revolution. One, a Polish Jew, made himself President of Bavaria. He declared that Germany bore the guilt for the World War. Levien, also a Jew, was a leader of the Munich Soviet Republic. He participated in the slaughter of hostages. Krautsky, a Czech Jew, succeeded in becoming a Reich undersecretary of state. He wrote a book that made Germany particularly guilty for the war, ignoring or twisting important documents. Lies by Eisner and Krautsky did great damage to our fatherland.

The Jews assumed important state positions, until our Führer took over the leadership of the state. Hilferding, a Jew from Austria, was Reich Minister of Finance for a long time. The Police President of berlin, Isidor Weiß, was a Jew. Even the Foreign Ministry was lead by a Jew for a long time. The Jews had leading roles in the Marxist parties. The Jews Marx, Lasalle, Rosa Luxemburg, Liebknecht, Hilferding, Hugo Haase, and others were leading Marxists. In 1924, 22% of SPD representatives were Jewish, 15% of the USPD. These people misled German workers for decades. Our Führer tells us in his book Mein Kampf how the Jews thought up Marxism. When Adolf Hitler was working in construction in Vienna, fighting for his future, misled workers tried to convince him of the Jewish doctrines of Marxism. They said more or less the following: “Look, we are workers, without rights and oppressed. We are a class, a working class, and have but one enemy, the bourgeoisie, the rich. That is whom we fight against. Workers all over the world are fighting him.” Adolf Hitler saw the falseness of this doctrine, but also saw that it had been thought up by Jews. He also knew that it would be impossible to wipe out this doctrine, which had split the German people into enemy camps, without taking power away from the Jew. Therefore, Adolf Hitler set himself the task of taking his great influence away from the Jew, and never losing sight of that goal. Thus, immediately after the German revolution, the Jew was removed from all influential positions through the Aryan Paragraph of the Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service of 7 April 1933. The Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor (Reich Party Rally at Nuremberg, 1935) prohibited marriage between Germans and Jews. Racial defilement is severely punished. The Jews are excluded from Reich citizenship. After 100 years, this law once again makes clear the line between Germans and Jews, to the blessing of our people.

National Socialist Racial Thinking and the Peoples

When the Führer took power in 1933, the German people’s body was severely ill. The poison of foreign worldviews ran through the veins of all the people’s organisms. Hardly anyone was immune. Then Providence sent the German people a doctor, the Führer. He knew the disease; he know that the German people suffered from a corruption of its racial strength. Using every possible medication, including if necessary the most radical, the bacterium was removed from the people’s body. Our people is becoming racially healthy once more.

But our people is not alone in the world. It is surrounded by a ring of peoples. Most peoples today still suffer from the same disease that the German people once suffered. They are nearing racial collapse, especially the European peoples. Therefore, the Führer wants other peoples to follow the holy laws of blood that we follow, for mixing with widely foreign races means the betrayal of the blood of each people, and eventual decline. The fundamental reason for excluding foreign-raced groups from a people’s body is not discrimination or contempt, but rather the realization of otherness. Only through such thinking will the peoples again become healthy, and able to respect each other.
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The source: Der Reichsführer SS/SS-Hauptamt, Rassenpolitik (Berlin, 1943 [?]).

Racial Policy

Chapter 1: Racial Thinking

“I speak prophetically. Just as the discovery that the earth moved around the sun led to a complete transformation of the way people looked at the world, so too the blood and racial teachings of National Socialism will change our understanding of mankind’s past and its future.”

(The Führer before the Reichstag on 30 January 1937)

The development of German culture has not followed a steadily rising course. Decades of no growth are followed by periods of slow but steady progress, then new ideas suddenly appear that transform our culture in fundamental ways. A new view of the world opens up, giving us entirely new ideas of our nature and our environment that can only gradually be investigated. They give our people the opportunity for new growth, new flowering, new possibilities.

The 15th and 16th centuries during the Middle Ages were a period when the Nordic spirit found characteristic expression in the Copernicus’s teaching that the earth revolved around the sun. The earth, which formerly was thought to be the center of the universe, became a small planet that was just as subject to the harmony of eternal laws as the course of the stars. The former world of appearances collapsed, and the Nordic spirit opened the door to a new scientific worldview. As a result of his revolutionary discovery, the worldview the Medieval Church had so successfully built to control people’s minds gradually fell apart over the following centuries. Today’s scientifically-based worldview freed us from the spiritual domination of the priesthood. We owe to it our great advances in technology, the sciences, and economics.

Today we are in the middle of another revolutionary epoch. Revolutionary scientific understandings of genetics and race have found political expression in the National Socialist world view. Once again a world of appearances collapsed, which had concealed from our eyes the true nature of humanity and the connections between body, soul, and spirit. The foundation of the Christian worldview is the doctrine of the separation of body and soul; the soul and spirit belong to a world independent of the physical, free of natural laws, and they are even to a certain degree able to free the human body from its natural setting. It is a major shift when racial theory recognizes the unity of body, soul and spirit and sees them as a whole that follows the eternal laws of nature. A new epoch is coming, one perhaps even more revolutionary than that resulting from Copernicus’s work. Ideas about humanity and peoples that have endured for millennia are collapsing. The Nordic spirit is struggling to free itself from the chains that the Church and the Jews have imposed on Germandom. And it is not only a spiritual battle, for it finds expression in National Socialism’s struggle for power, as well as in the today’s battlefields to the east and west. The coming victory will bring a fundamental change in our view of the world, and opens the way for Nordic mankind to a new and greater future.

The Enemies of the National Socialist Worldview and their Doctrine of the Equality of Humanity

The Churches

The Christian Church taught the quality of humanity from the beginning, and realized it in the areas it dominated. The Jew Paul was above all responsible for the idea, despite his pride in his pure Jewish ancestry. He won the inhabitants of the Roman Empire for the new faith. The Roman Empire experienced considerable racial mixing, which encouraged the rapid spread of the doctrine of racial equality. Anyone could become a Christian, whether Roman, Greek, Jew, Negro, etc. As Christians they were all the same, for the important thing was that they belonged to the Church and accepted its teachings. The only differences that counted were those between believers and unbelievers, and between priests and the laity within the Church. Since all men were created in God’s image, all needed to be won for the Church. The goal is a unified humanity united in an all-encompassing Church led by the priests. The clearest expression of this comes in Pope Pius IX’s statement on 29 July 1938: “One forgets today that the human race is a single, large and catholic race.”

This religious doctrine did not come from the native religion of a race or of a racially pure people. It developed in the Orient during a period of racial chaos from the most varied cultures and found its final form under Byzantine influence.

Caption: Does the same soul dwell in these differing bodies?

Being absorbed into the Christian community and receiving Christian education did nothing to change or improve the nature or life styles of the various peoples, however. They were only rendered uncertain of their true nature, meaning that foreign influences interfered in areas where only blood should speak, for example the relations between men and women, spousal selection, the relationship between family and people, indeed in relations to foreign customs and life styles. In over a thousand years, Christianity has not succeeded in raising the cultural level of Negroes or South American Indians. But the Church has built walls where none should exist, for example those between Germans of varying confessions. And it has torn down walls that nature established by blessing marriages between Aryans and Jews, Negroes and Mongols. It took millions of valuable people from their god-ordained roles in the people’s community and put them in monasteries or the priesthood. Its doctrines are responsible for the fall of races, peoples and cultures. The healthy instincts of the German peoples resisted its foreign teaching from the beginning, or tried to give it its own stamp. Nordic people fought against it for centuries. Meister Eckhard said over 600 years ago: “The divine is in me, I am a part of it; I can recognize God’s will without the help of priests.” Luther told Christians to listen to themselves and act according to their consciences. But the tragedy of the Reformation is that began as a German revolution, but ended in a battle over dogmas, and Luther finally bound the conscience to the Jewish teachings of the Bible. Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo and many other scientists began the battle between modern science and Church dogma, The Nordic scientific spirit can only accept as true that is in accord with science and experience. Today even the once immovable Church is asking questions about the equality of humanity. The National Socialist worldview, based on the knowledge of the laws of inheritance and the inequality of the races, will succeed in overcoming this ancient false teaching and return the German people to its native worldview.


The French Revolution (1789) introduced Europe to a new guiding idea, summarized in the phrase “Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood.” It was an uprising of racially inferior elements who took over ideas that in part had entirely different racial origins, and could only be perverted by them. The Jews had a decisive influence. Like the Church, liberalism taught that all people were equal, that there were no value differences between the races, that external differences (e.g., body type, skin color) were unimportant. Each person, regardless of race, might be a hero or a coward, an idealist or a materialist, creative or useless to society, militarily able, scientifically able, artistically gifted. The environment and education were the important elements that made men good and valuable. If one provided the proper environment and freed people from their chains, the peoples would join to develop their abilities in a unified humanity, and eternal peace would result. Therefore liberalism demanded equality for all, the same opportunities for everyone, in particular the Jews, equality and freedom in the economic sphere, etc.

We Germans have seen where such doctrines lead. Liberalism tore down the structures that held races and peoples together, releasing the destructive drives. The result was economic chaos that led to millions of unemployed on the one side and the senseless luxury of economic jackals on the other. Liberalism destroyed the people’s economic foundations, allowing the triumph of subhumans. They won the leading role in the political parties, the economy, the sciences, arts and press, hollowing out the nation from inside. The equality of all citizens, regardless of race, led to the mixing of Europeans with Jews, Negro, Mongols, and so on, resulting in the decay and decline of the Aryan race.

All that Nordic civilization had won from the powers of darkness in the areas of culture, science, and freedom was threatened at the instant when the Jews and other inferior elements gained power. European domination of the world collapsed as the result of the World War, and the best of the German peoples, the Germans, faced the danger of decline. Adolf Hitler alone rescued Germany and all of Europe from this fate.


The most dangerous opponent of our worldview at present is Marxism, and its offspring Bolshevism. It is a product of the destructive Jewish spirit, and it is primarily Jews who have transformed this destructive idea into reality. Marxism teaches that there are only two classes: the owners and the property-less. Each must be destroyed and all differences between people must be abolished; a single human soup must result. That which formerly was holy is held in contempt. Every connection to family, clan and people was dissolved. Marxism appeals to humanity’s basest drives; it is an appeal to subhumans.

We have seen firsthand where Marxism leads people, in Germany from 1919 to 1932, in Spain and above all in Russia. The people corrupted by Liberalism are not able to defend themselves against this Jewish-Marxist poison. If Adolf Hitler had not won the battle for the soul of his people and destroyed Marxism, Europe would have sunk into Bolshevist chaos. The war in the East will lead to the final elimination of Bolshevism; the victory of the National Socialist worldview is the victory of Aryan culture over the spirit of destruction, the victory of life over death.

The Jew

The Jews were behind the teachings of equality by the Church, Liberalism and Marxism. They were the first and most fanatic proponents of the idea. The Jew Paul spread the Christian doctrine of equality. Freemasonry dominated the intellectual world of the French Revolution, and Liberalism grew out of Freemasonry. The Portuguese Jew Ricardo, the “father of classical national economics,” is the prophet of the liberal economic theory of free trade and economic piracy. The foundation of Marxism and Bolshevism is “Das Kapital,” by the Jew Mardochai (Marx).

How did the Jew gain this destructive power over the European peoples? The Jews are a mixed race. The essential characteristic that separates them from all other races and peoples is the instinct for parasitism. The Jews themselves are most clear about this. Karl Marx, the author of “Das Kapital,” says: “What is the essential trait of Jewry? Practicality, self interest. What is the culture of the Jew? Haggling. What is his god? Money.” The Jewish philosopher Spinoza said: “What we require is simple: that we control everything necessary for our own good.

The parasitic nature of the Jews is clear in its ability to adjust to the host peoples. A characteristic example is the relationship of the Jew to language: Even before our era the Jewish people had changed its language several times. Wherever they went, they took on the host language, though they were generally unable to conceal their racial additions.

Yet the Jews are one of the most racially conscious peoples. The laws of the Old Testament and the Talmud strongly prohibit marriage with Gentiles. Leading Jews have always stressed the importance of race and racial purity. Even the Soviet Union, otherwise opposed to race, had passed measures to protect Jewish blood. The most familiar statement comes from the Jew Benjamin Disraeli (originally d’Israeli, later Lord Beaconsfeld), the longtime British prime minister: “No one may be indifferent to the racial principle, the racial question. It is the key to world history. History is often confusing because it is written by people who did not understand the racial question and the aspects relevant to it... Race is everything, and every race that does not keep its blood from being mixed will perish. . . Language and religion do not determine a race — blood determines it.”

His parasitic nature led the Jew to hold his own race pure, and to strike other races at the core of their being, their racial nature. Only when a people’s racial purity has been destroyed is the Jew able to develop freely and without restraint. Disraeli’s political policies prove that many Jews consciously work to destroy racial purity. He made Queen Elizabeth Empress of India, creating an opening in England for oriental life styles. He misled the English people with the notion of an Oriental Empire, thereby dulling and falsifying English racial instincts. The Jew also betrayed the peoples of Russia with images of heaven on earth, leading to race mixing to a vast degree, greatly speeding up a process of decay already in progress. The Jew could realize his plans for world domination only when Russia had become weak, without instincts, without culture. That is how we understand Mommsen’s description of the Jewish people as the “ferment of decomposition.” As a result, there can never be peace, but only combat, between the Jew and racially aware peoples. Europe will have defeated this threat only when the last Jew has left our part of the planet. The Führer’s words at the beginning of the war will be fulfilled: The German people will not be destroyed in this war, but rather the Jew.

The Racial Question as the Decisive Question for our People

Whenever the existence of a people is threatened, the foundation of their development and rise becomes important. The history of every great nation shows a clear idea of its uniqueness and a rejection of foreign races. This attitude is as innate in people as it is in animals. This becomes problematic only when peoples disobey god-ordained laws, when the destructive ideas of equality destroy their instincts, when racial mixing develops. It is then usually too late to turn around, and the decline of the peoples can no longer be stopped. Warning voices were raised in the 18th and 19th centuries when Liberalism began to destroy the peoples of Europe. Gobineau recognized with sure perceptiveness the danger of race mixing. H. St. Chamberlain followed him, as did many others, above all F. K. Günter, who wrote The Racial Nature of the German People.

We owe these Nordic scientists this revolutionary knowledge: Humanity is not equal. Just as plants and animals are of different types, so, too, are people. Each of these types inherits certain characteristics, which distinguish it from all other types, from all other races. Racial differences are physical, spiritual, and intellectual. The most important differences are in the spiritual and intellectual areas, in life styles. Racial science is further supported by advances in genetics. Nordic scientists probed ever deeper into the secrets of life and nature. Gregor Mendel was the first to discover the laws of genetics, opening the way to understanding one of God’s greatest secrets, the nature and continuation of life.

Genetics tells us that characteristics are passed unaltered from generation to generation, and that spiritual and other characteristics are inherited along with physical ones. The environment can only influence what is already present in the genes. Unlike animals, a person does not have a single environment, but also lives in the cultural world of his race and people. This too determines the development of his inherited traits. His culture comes from his inheritance. Therefore, the race to which we belong determines the life we are born into, and the life we pass on.

Racial Differences

Races differ not only in their natures, but also in their values. Some races have great creative gifts, others over the centuries never raise themselves above the most primitive level. Think of the fruitful plains of the Ukraine, and imagine what German industry and German ability could have done with them! Compare them with the sandy soil of Mark Brandenburg. The smallest village there displays a culture that towers over Bolshevism’s model cities and collective farms.

Caption: A Russian Village in the fertile Ukraine, a German farm on land wrested from the sea.

The environment does not form people... People form the environment.

The accomplishments of the Nordic race are the highest of any race in Europe. This is shown in many splendid cultural monuments, not only on European soil, but also deep in Asia and Africa. The investigations are at an early stage, but we already know that there is hardly a nation in North Africa, the Near East, Iran, India and as far as Turkestan that does not show wonderful evidence of Nordic cultures. It must fill us with pride that in our own homeland, in Germany, culture has bloomed in unbroken lines for more than 5000 years, created by people of our blood, our nature, our ancestry.

Race is the Decisive Force in the Life of the Peoples

Race is the decisive and molding force in the life of the nations. Language, culture, customs, piety, traditions, life style, but also laws, governmental forms and economies, the whole variety of life is racially determined.

Only racially higher peoples are creators and bearers of a high culture. Only they determine the course of events. Inferior races have no history. They lack the necessary ability, the ability to master their own fate. Only racially advanced peoples have this ability. Races that do not have the courage to make history have no history. The life of a people does not develop mechanically, nor does it develop steadily. It is a constant struggle with nature and the environment, and above all with other peoples. It is an eternal battle, an eternal struggle. There is no unified, gradual development of all peoples to a common goal. Cultures rise and fall, and peoples vanish without others being able to build on their foundation. Each people has unique racial elements that determine its life style and culture, elements that only it can develop and fill with new life.

Peoples are creative and significant only as long as they preserve and keep pure their racial inheritance. The decline of a people’s culture is always the result of race mixing and a decline in racial quality. Any change in the racial makeup of a people leads to a change in its nature and its culture. If the race that gave a people its nature is debased by mixing with foreign and inferior races, the people’s culture will perish and can never again be restored to full life.

A philosophy that assumes human equality and teaches that all of humanity is part of a common, step-by-step process of development, is an error or else a conscious lie. There is no common development of all of humanity. The results of all serious investigations provide evidence against this viewpoint.

Human history is the history of peoples.

The history of peoples is racially determined. It is racial in nature.

It is equally false to think that cultures, like individual organisms, follow the laws of growth and decline, that every culture must eventually perish. History provides many examples of peoples that endure for millennia, reaching ever new levels, as long as they maintain their racial purity. Only those peoples perish that ignore their culture, that act against the law of blood, that do not maintain the purity of the leading and guiding race.

Since the rise or fall of a people’s culture depends above all on the maintenance, care, and purity of its valuable racial inheritance, every responsible statesman must be concerned with racial policy, and do everything possible to maintain the purity of the racial inheritance for the future. Adolf Hitler was the first statesman in history to recognize this and base his policies on it. The world-spanning war that the German people are waging under his leadership is the battle of the Nordic Race against the forces of chaos and racial decay. It is decisive for the future of our Germanic culture, for the purity of the racial elements that make our culture, and for the fate of Europe as a whole.

The Triumph of Racial Thinking

The new scientific understanding of the importance of blood for the existence of the German people and its culture did not win without a struggle. Our people’s thinking was misled by the forces of the Church, Liberalism, Bolshevism, and Jewry. Only the victory of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist worldview enabled the German people to think racially. The worldview appeals to the Nordic blood inheritance of each German. We have it to thank for the enormous progress of our people after 1933, and for the unprecedented triumphs of its army in building a new order in Europe and the world. Destroying Jewry will remove the final cause that led to the decline and fall of Europe and its culture.

When National Socialism took power in Germany, most citizens did not understand the revolutionary significance of racial science and genetics. The victory of racial thinking in so short a time is astonishing. Scientific knowledge often requires decades, even centuries, so enter a people’s thinking. The worldview Adolf Hitler developed, based on these incontrovertible scientific results, enabled the greater part of our people to be persuaded of the correctness and decisive significance of racial thinking.

Even in other parts of the Germanic world where the influence of Liberalism has been the strongest and most persistent (Sweden!), people are realizing the historical significance and value of common Nordic blood and the importance of keeping it pure. They recognize that even today the North Germanic peoples are endangered.

The other peoples of Europe too, above all our allies, are recognizing the importance of racial thinking. A racial manifesto of leading Italian scientists in Fascist Italy on 14 July 1938 affirmed racial thinking clearly. The seventh of ten points is:

“It is time for Italians to openly affirm racial thinking. Italian racial policy must be Italian in nature, and follow the Aryan-Nordic model.”

Point 8 said:

“It is necessary to make a clear distinction between the Mediterranean peoples of Europe on the one side and the Oriental and African peoples on the other.”

Point 9 said:

“The Jews are of non-Italian blood.”

Point 10 added:

“The pure European physical and spiritual traits of the Italians may not be altered. The pure European character of the Italians will be changed by mixing with any other non-European race, which is the carrier of a culture other than the ancient Aryan culture.”

This racial manifesto clearly recognizes the biological differences between the human races, and draws the necessary conclusions from that scientific knowledge. It is not a mere imitation of National Socialist thinking. Its significance is that a second great power, building on its own scientific foundations, recognizes the significance of racial thinking and sees maintaining the purity of its good blood as its most important task.

Practical measures soon followed the manifesto. An example was the fall 1938 law that banned marriages between Italian citizens and the colored (“Colonial subjects”).

Each of Europe’s peoples must return to the source of its existence and affirm its racial uniqueness if it is to be renewed in the way the German people has been under National Socialism. In recent years, most European peoples have found the will to protect their racial purity against mixing. The Jews are increasingly excluded from economic life, and marriages with Jews are forbidden. Examples are Slovakia, Rumania, Hungary, Croatia, and Bulgaria. Halfway solutions always prove useless. When any kind of back door is left open, the Jew gets around the intentions of the lawmakers. European nations are increasingly coming to the realization that the Jewish question can be solved only as a racial question, and that only racial thinking consistent with natural laws can guarantee the life and characteristics of the individual peoples. Adolf Hitler introduced a new era in the history of Europe and the world. A new world is rising. The barriers of centuries are falling. Empires are declining and a new order under the leadership of the young peoples is rising. The spiritual revolution of our age is just as significant. The spiritual and political boundaries have probably never been clearer than they are today. The lines are clear everywhere. The Second World War is a struggle between two worldviews and two ways of life. Our enemy hates us because we have recognized that the single raw material that cannot be replaced is the raw material that the German people have more of than any other people on earth, our good blood, which is our Nordic inheritance. They hate us because they know that we hold the key to victory, to our future, and to the eternal Reich of all Germans.

Chapter II: Race and People

“The human soul does not exist independent of the body, as the Church teaches. Body and soul are an inseparable unity. The living body is the manifestation of the soul.”

“Each manifestation of the people depends on the individual and the family. The heath and vitality of a people and the extent and degree of its culture depends on whether there are sufficient racially valuable groups. The individual and the government have a common task, which they can only meet together: keeping these racially valuable groups and families pure. Adolf Hitler has led the German people to the realization that the Nordic race is the most creative, valuable race on earth. It has determined their nature, their culture, and their history. Therefore, caring for the valuable Nordic blood is their most important task. Each of us has a role. A consciousness of our proud ancestry must be the guiding force in our behavior. We do not want to be the last of a millennia old advanced culture that ends with us, but rather ‘members of an unending chain extending from our most ancient ancestors to our distant grandchildren’ (Heinrich Himmler).”

Chapter III. The Tasks of Racial Policy
Only force rules. Force is the first law - Adolf H. Man has become great through struggle - Adolf H. Strength lies not in defense but in attack - Adolf H.
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Only force rules. Force is the first law - Adolf H. Man has become great through struggle - Adolf H. Strength lies not in defense but in attack - Adolf H.
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What We Stand For:
Goals & Objectives of the National Socialist White People's Party
We must have an all-White America; an America in which our children and our grandchildren will play and go to school with other White children; an America in which they will date and marry other young people of our own race; an America in which all their offspring will be beautiful, healthy White babies—never race less mongrels. We must have an America without swarming black filth in our schools, on our buses and in our places of work; an America in which our cultural, social, business and political life is free of alien, Jewish influence; an America in which White people are the sole masters of our own destiny.
We must have a foreign policy which is based only on the long-term interests of our race, not on the interest of other races or on economic considerations or anything else. We must never again let America be led into a fratricidal war like the last two world wars, for the sake of alien, minority interests. We must rid ourselves of the suicidal, anti-White insanity which has determined America’s attitude towards the other nations of the world for so long. We must learn to look on White men around the world, in Australia, South Africa, Europe and elsewhere, as our racial kinsmen and natural allies.
We must build a new society based on racial values rather than monetary or materialistic values. In a real White man’s society a man’s worth, his social rank, his opportunity to contribute meaningfully to his people must not depend on his ability to adapt to an essentially Jewish system of values and to learn to play the economic game that leads to wealth today. We must have a new social order in which a man’s esteem and position depend first of all upon the extent to which he applies his natural abilities to the service of his people, and plays a racially valuable role.
We must put an end to both economic freeloading and economic exploitation in America. There must be no place for parasites that draw their sustenance from society without giving anything in return. Those who thrive on usury, speculation, money-manipulation, and monopoly form a
special class today whose primary interest is the maintenance of the system which allows their form of parasitism to flourish in the first place. We must have an economy based on the long-term interests of the man who works for a living, not the chronic loafer or the man who lives by renting out his capital.
We must have an America in which White men and women can live and work, in their homes and in the streets of our cities, without fear. We must have a government which is not only a guarantor of public order and safety and which preserves the right of White citizens to keep and to bear arms, which is the ancient hallmark of a truly free people, but we must have government which maintains an eternal vigilance against the enemies, both internal and external, of a White America. Every tendency towards degeneracy and subversion, every threat to our racial integrity, every form of organized crime and vice, every element which threatens public terror or chaos must be weeded out and utterly destroyed.
We must have a government by responsible leaders, not demagogues or political opportunists, in America. If we are to survive as a nation we must put an end to the catastrophic system of irresponsible misgovernment, incompetent leadership, and self-serving party politics which rules today—a system in which none but the hypocritical and the unscrupulous may rise to the top. Instead, we must build a system which selects, for every level of government, the best, the strongest, and the wisest men America has to offer.
We must turn our people from their present path of materialism, cynicism, and egoism and inspire them with a new faith based on racial idealism. Only then can we replace the alienation and isolation of the individual which exist today with a sense of racial communion. Only through a spiritual rebirth of our people can we achieve the profound reorientation which is a prerequisite for building a healthy racial community.
We must encourage and promote every form of genuine White cultural endeavor—and at the same time we must break the alien monopoly which exists over our public opinion-forming media and flush down the drain the poisonous Jewish and Negroid degeneracy which today passes for art and music and literature. We must instill in our youth the appreciation for beauty and order that characterize a genuine White man’s culture. We must awaken a new understanding of our racial and cultural heritage, so that the creative instincts of our people can once again find expression in a direction which will continually renew and enrich that heritage instead of degrading and debasing it.
We must make it an imperative duty of our government to protect the gifts which Nature has bestowed on America and to insure the maintenance of a clean, healthy, wholesome environment for our people. We must not only eliminate pollution and conserve our resources, but we must gradually bring about a whole new mode of living in America, a mode with less emphasis on forcing man into a mold determined by a congested, neon-and-asphalt urban rat race and more emphasis on changing that mold to fit the racial propensities of Aryan man.
We must make it our most sacred task to ensure the betterment and safeguard the future of our race. We must learn to place a higher value on the quality of our people than of our gadgets. We must determine that each generation of our people will be of a higher quality than the one before. We must take measures to emphasize in our children and grandchildren the best qualities of our people today and to eliminate their flaws and their weaknesses. To accomplish this aim we must be willing to put our duties to future generations of our race ahead of the selfish whims of the present.
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Default National Socialist Racial standpoint

This is a piece out of the book written by Dr. E. H. Schulz and Dr. R. Frercks called "Why the Aryan Law?" (Warum Arierpargraph?)

The National Socialist Racial Standpoint

In discussing the Jewish Question, even today one encounters resistance and misunderstandings, especially in intellectual circles. This can only be explained by the intellectual education of the political past. This is especially evident when one discusses the fundamental issues.

Whenever a new thought arises in the world and calls people to practical action, the old world resists because it feels its foundations threatened. Its old standpoint has ruled for decades, and it looks uncomprehendingly at a new idea that does not fit into the accustomed patterns of thinking. That is natural. When the new idea and worldview are truly revolutionary, they are on a different level of human thought and feeling, and there can be no compromise. Its realization depends on people who support it, and who are ready to fight to transform the life of the individual and of the nation in every way.

For a long time, people at home and abroad claimed that National Socialism meant war at any price. Only gradually is it becoming clear that a stable Germany, one that needs peace for decades to build itself up economically and agriculturally, is a surer guarantee of peace than a nation torn apart by party conflicts, which is a constant source of political unrest. The new Germany's racial thinking is the hardest element for many to understand, encountering rejection and misunderstanding. Some of it is the result of the honest misunderstanding of the old liberal outlook, but some of it is also the result of a conscious attempt to encircle Germany. Before the war the danger was seen as the "militaristic Empire." Today, the racial outlook is seen as a threat to all human culture and civilization, making necessary a unified front of all those nations whose dignity is threatened by German barbarism. That is the approach today of those foreign circles interested in isolating Germany.

In the long run, no idea is better suited to guarantee peace between nations than National Socialist racial thinking, which calls for the furtherance and maintenance of one's own race and one's own people, and supports similar efforts on the part of other nations. Such mutual respect which requires respect both for one's own nation and that of others rejects the forcible conquest of other nations, and history shows that it is useless as well. Imperialist strivings are rejected from the start, since they would mean an overlapping of one's own activities with those of others.

There can be no doubt that, as in so many other areas, human generations develop in unified ways. But humanity finds its deepest meaning when the outward elements are determined by the character and spiritual characteristics that find their visible expression in race and nationality. No thought or feeling, if it is genuine and deep, can escape its racial boundaries.

One of the fundamental principles of the National Socialist worldview is that there are not universal human principles, such as the Pan-European idea in politics or the idea of a human soup in racial terms. Judgments are only possible from life, which is racially determined. Being interested in and caring for one's kind is not to disparage foreign peoples and races. The Jews are responsible for charges that Germany puts all other peoples and races on earth on a lower level. Just as one cannot say that one animal or plant is better than another, one cannot make an objective value judgment between Europeans and Mongols. Their thinking and feeling about essential matters are different, which means they will have different cultures. We have our values, other peoples have theirs. Every variety of custom and culture is colored by the race or group from which produces it, as are judgments of such matters.

Lasting peace is possible based on the consciousness of the ethnic or racial distinctiveness of each nation, and a recognition of their mutual right to existence rather than on the maintenance of some sort of power position. The new Germany that views its own race and ethnicity positively must therefore distinguish within its territory between one race and another, between one people and another. Mixing of blood harms both sides. Race is an issue for every people if they are to live according to their nature. The German people is not so arrogant as to believe that is is the chosen people. The familiar quotation from Geibel, "The world should enjoy German ways," should be understood in the context of the dreams of world betterment of those past days.

The National Socialist racial viewpoint has clear consequences for the relationship between Germans and Jews. People have often said that National Socialism's approach to the racial question is purely negative and destructive, and that its essential characteristic is radical anti-Semitism. One must grant that we made the Jewish question clearer than anyone else, and taught an entire generation that had been taught to see all people the same to recognize the importance of the Jewish question not only for our people, but for the entire world. Our treatment of the Jewish problem in the years before we took power must be seen as the political education of the German people, which had lost its racial instincts to a dangerous degree.

The question took on its own nature in Germany, Many citizens had their eyes opened, and the simultaneous appeal to all the heroic and manly virtues of the German man resulted in a racial selection of political fighters who today stand at the head of the new state. Formerly, the Jewish question, as seen by the state, was a matter of complete equality and the unhindered immigration of Jews from the East. This is the best proof of how racial feeling and consciousness had been lost. Our tone was not purely negative or the simple rejection of others, rather the emphasis was on the positive values of our own people. This does require noting that Jewry through its Marxist class struggle leadership role and its international financial measures aimed at Germany supported every kind of anti-national action in the cultural and political fields. Jewry should not complain if its anti-German activities, which have no counterpart in any other country, call forth from the people the defensive reaction of anti-Semitism.


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