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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Foreign Policy

A Modest Foreign Policy Proposal
Posted by Thomas DiLorenzo on May 15, 2012 07:19 AM

In light of the recent nearly unanimous vote in the U.S. House of Representatives to "enhance" our already incestuously-close relationship with the government of Israel, I would like to make a modest proposal: Move the entire U.S. military establishment, Pentagon and all, along with the U.S. Congress, to Israel and let the Israelis pay for it. Since I've been told by my government my entire life that the politicians in Israel are "my closest ally," I'm perfectly certain that they would surely act as our Big Brother and protect us militarily if we ever needed protecting.

But then again, try as I might, I can't think of a single thing this "ally" has ever done for me, or any other American citizen, in my 57 years. Isn't an alliance a two-way street? Isn't it supposed to be mutually beneficial? Wadda I know. I know they've made a lot of Muslims hate us, and that a lot of "neoconservative" Republicans consider that to be a good thing, and I know a lot of defense contractors have made billions from their connections with my greatest ally, but beyond that I just can't think of anything my greatest ally has done for me.

Gotta go; I'm busy this morning looking for the section of the U.S. Constitution that empowers Congress to spend tax dollars to "defend" foreign countries.

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