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Lars Redoubt
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Lars Redoubt
Default Eric Thomson: Letter to Patrick

20 JAN 07

Hail Patrick! Many thanks for your letter of 12 JAN 07.

If you get the chance to read Henry David Thoreau, you will come across his statement that “the unexamined life is not worth living.”

I guess that runs contrary to Zen Buddhism, which was so fashionable with the drug culture. As I understand, that cult believed in living totally in the present & living unconsciously. The Zen archer sees himself as the arrow, not as the one who shoots the arrow, &c.

The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger had someone write his lifestory (biography). The biographer complained that Mick was a hard subject to write about, for he was unable to remember his own life’s experiences, because he was stoned at the time.

He had to go over old newspaper clippings about Mick’s career in an attempt to jog Mick’s memory, as I read in a news magazine article.

I also remember a song from the 1970s in which the singer laments that he’d missed the high spots of his life, because he “was stoned at the time”. This is like drunks who can’t remember how they got home.

Hebrewood made a good movie about that entitled “The Lost Week End.” The hero wakes up in a hotel bed, with a dead woman next to him.

All he can remember is being in a bar before then, so he has to find out where he was, who he was with & what he did while he was drunk. If he didn’t find out, he’d be up on a murder charge.

A more recent adventure movie was “The Bourne Identity,” in which the hero is told to pick up the contents of a safety deposit box in a bank, which I figure was in Switzerland. In it, he finds money, a pistol & various passports with his current picture, all under the name of Bourne.

The problem is that he doesn’t know who he really is & has no memory of anything he did! He soon learns that people are after him, for what he suspects are nasty reasons.

Apparently, Bourne or whoever he is, is the product of a CIA mind-control program, similar to MK-Ultra of the 1960s & 1970s.

That movie reminded me of my own situation in 1969, with the differences that I knew who I was; no one was after me; I had no additional passports, not much money & no pistol.

I just did not know what side anybody was on after being kicked out of the USA & banned from the USSR & its satellites, following my discoveries of USA-USSR collusion in Lima, Peru. I had discovered The Cold War Hoax, which seems straight out of George Orwell’s “1984”.

That’s how I wound up in Central Africa, Rhodesia to be exact, where I was employed as a British colonial civil servant & became involved in the ongoing civil war, which ended in sellout of the Whites in 1980, not 1890, as some of my correspondents seem to think.

Please correct me if I’m wrong: my idea is that different substances produce different results, as “drugs” can produce different effects.

The jew Beatnik, Burroughs, described the effects of heroin, which he said that it “hides the void” within himself, as you observed in your letter.

He described heroin as a form of “insulation” from life. Since heroin is a depressant or sedative, that would make sense. Methamphetamine produces opposite effects, since it is a stimulant.

One Hippie businessman told me that he liked to employ “speed-freaks” on his assembly line, for they could work long hours until they “crashed.” Such a nice jew!

I Lived in Hippie Frisco, with the “Hashbury” District nearby, so I observed the beginning & ultimate end of the drug-culture, from experimentation to addiction; from “free love” to prostitution, &c.

I was too young for the Beatnik era & too old for the Hippie Era. Unlike most people, I discovered that, with age, I became more mature, that is, more adult.

I have neighbors who have grown old & decrepit, but never grew up. I’ve been fortunate in having a body much younger than my mind, so my youth has not been wasted on immaturity.

I have enjoyed The Good Life in the Slow Lane. The Spaniards taught me the toast: “Health, love, money, & TIME to enjoy them!”

I listened to an NPR jewsradio feature on recovering heroin addicts. The people interviewed confirmed Burrough’s description, with a surprising (to me) observation that the drug arrested their development, depending on how long they had been addicts.

This would be like one having the mind of a 14 year old with the body of a 40 year old, similar to an Alzheimer patient.

You have paid your dues in The School of Hard Knocks, so you & others may profit from your knowledge & experience, on behalf of ORION!

Don’t let the zoggies grind you down. You are too valuable!



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