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Thumbs down "Rabbi Wolff" - German documentation about a kike preacher

( for those who read German , sorry , didn't find a pendant on english wikipedia . .)

Is this guy so important that he deserves his own movie ?

Oh , wait his family fled "the evil Nazi's". .


It is astonishing that the kikes apparently are so important that whole film teams accompany them over a period of over a year . .

Oh wait , you are the 'superstars' of Germany. .

First you survived "those evil Nazis" . .

For the record , why not publishing a shirt saying "I survived Auschwitz" among Holocaust™-"survivors" ?

And if that wouldn't be published ( which I doubt since I'm sure the t-shirt industry would be willing to take a few sheckels ) , why not batik one yourself ? ?


Sure fills the goyjim with 'guilt' . .


What can be said ? Another kike-drama ( and even made and produced in Germany ) . .

What a 'cool' rabbi . .



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