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Default Anti-White Media Itching For Another Watergate

By Phillip Marlowe

I remember that summer fairly well. The Watergate hearings were in full swing. Neighborhood teen friend, Bub C—, told me I should watch it to learn a few things. Bub was in high school. Do you remember the time when you thought high schoolers were old?

I was just a young surf rat. They called kids like us “grommets” back in the sixties. I still have no idea where they came up with that one. But I was definitely more concerned with going down to the beach and getting in some juicy surf action, or do a little skim boarding if it was flat, than any political business. I did watch when Nixon’s lawyer, John Dean, testified. His blond wife Mo was sitting right behind him looking pretty hot for having a skinny little twerp husband. She would have looked good wearing a puka shell necklace, I also remember thinking.

Have you noticed how the liberal media keeps mentioning Watergate these days?

Hell, MSNBC ran the movie “All the President’s Men” the other day. That’s the one with favorite Goy hottie for Jewish American Princesses, Robert Redford and punky Jew boy, Dustin Hoffman. MSNBC definitely paid something to air it, or maybe the Jews who own the rights just said run with it. There was another documentary (can’t remember the name) where Redford and Hoffman met with the original reporters Woodward and Bernstein 40 years later. Way overrated Jew photog Annie Leibowitz was brought in to photograph the supposed great meet-up and Watergate recollection fest.

Jews hated Nixon like crazy. They still do. Haven’t you noticed how everything in our lives revolves around who the friggin’ Jews hate or once hated? I mean it’s crazy all the old Jew BS they subject America to every minute. Every ten minutes there’s another Hitler documentary or movie. The wackos so fear us going FASCIST, they are indeed turning us Nazi.

Little wonder people get sick of the BS and the creeps get their asses thrown out or worse.

Let me just state for the record: The lefty Jews are clearly driving America insane. No doubt about it.

Jews themselves are mostly insane already.

Nothing ever satisfies them. That’s why they are always involved in “Social Justice” crap — rarely good old-fashioned hard work.

But I did once know a Jew house painter who was a bigger Nazi than me! The SOB knew all about crazy Jews screwing up America with lefty bull crap and the holocaust “industrial gassing” being a giant scam. His education honcho Jew mother was a big lefty rat. He even went to a Pre-Vatican II Catholic church.

But I digress. The lefty media is now desperate to re-enact Watergate on Trump. That’s what’s really motivating this non-stop Robert Mueller investigation circus.

Hell, everything they accuse Paul Manafort of, their favorite democrat peeps did all the time. Just because the guy liked expensive ostrich skin suits and get richly paid by Ukrainian Oligarchs, they act like he’s evil. Plenty of Globalists keep money offshore (look up the “paradise papers”).

The Democrat Podesta brothers did the same crap in the Ukraine and Russia. Billy Bob Clinton got $500,000 for a little speech at Kremlin-connected, Renaissance Capital, for crying out loud. Hillary also did all kinds of deals with the Rooskies.

Yep, the BS is now so deep you need ORVIS breathable chest waders just watching TV these days. I like wearing mine naked underneath while drinking cold beer (LOL).

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews openly salivates onscreen about having another Watergate with Trump. This is the chubby punk who said he felt a tingle running down his leg when Obongo boy declared his run for president. Notice whenever Chris Matthews breaks for a commercial, he looks off stage somewhere and makes a grimace like he’s such a tough guy newsie getting to the bottom of things. To me, he just looks like he’s crapping his pants.

“Tricky Dick” Nixon wasn’t all bad. Sure, he was pretty paranoid and did a little “rat f**king” (the term Nixon CREEP operative Donald Segretti used to describe political dirty tricks). But let me tell you: The whole Steele Pissgate Dossier business is a big anti-Trump “rat-f**king” by Hillary’s minions they had in the pipeline as a possible “October surprise.”

They already had the tape where Trump said “grab them by the pussy,” so they figured that would be more than enough to sink his presidential run. Notice they had it for several years but waited till October before the election to “suddenly discover” it. They tried to time it so the brouhaha would run just long enough to help Hillary across the finish line.

In the end, they just couldn’t believe people would vote for anyone else other than sacred Hillary. Trump winning has so upended the liberal apple cart that they are going totally bat crap insane. I just thank God every morning Hillary lost. And her being a broad had nothing to do with it.

I was talking with someone who will go unnamed, that internal numbers showing true viewership of news shows has dropped so precipitously that they are in a panic mode.

The democraps are such in danger of badly losing the Midterm elections they are telling onscreen talent to pretend things are still up in the air.

They’ve dug such a hole with the Russian collusion business that they just don’t know how to climb up out of it. Plus, PC brainwashing has gone long past the saturation point making most White people the wrong kind of angry. Things have gotten so bad that even blacks are now starting to support Trump. That really gets lefty media’s knickers in a bunch.

Look, I’m not some kind of big Retardican lover. I think the republican party is rotten with lousy RINOs like John McCain, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. Someone here made the comment that Democraps and Republicans are the left and right cheeks of the same Jew ass. So true. Even FOX news is a big tool in the Jew agenda of White genocide. They have on black homosexuals and mostly side-step White genocide stories, such as the invasion of Europe by the Third World.

What we got is an arrogant, elitist media, obviously working for the Jew Globalist agenda against us regular White people.

They’ve been brainwashing us Whites with the lefty, multicult agenda for decades. You can see their left-wing angle clear as a bell in news reports and exactly the stories they report on or don’t. Pay attention and you easily pick it out these days.

By the day, it becomes more and more obvious what they are doing to us.

This has all been a long-running Jewish effort to politically castrate and slowly destroy our race. No doubt about it. They could care less for all the things us Whites have ever done for the world or them. They are in a war with us.

Get that straight.


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