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Default Santiano - Northern German folk band

A band which is quite successful in Germany these days are Northern Germany's 'Santiano' . .

They sing in German and their lyrics are mostly based around navigation , the Northern German landscape and so on . .

Their style is a mixture between Irish folk ( fiddle , among other things ) and traditional Northern German folklore ( accordion , for example ) . .

They have a very interesting style . .

A lot of folk music today is based on Irish folk ( since in Irish folk the most traditional instruments are present today ; apart from that Ireland is , in a way , still one of the most traditionally-minded countries / areas in Europe ) . . .

They drew hard on it . .

Because of their unique style they became popular quite fast . . And probably because they are one of the figureheads of Northern Germany . .

Germany is a country with a lot of differences . . It reaches from the Alps in the south to right below Scandinivia in the north ( before the Danish border ) . . . From Germanic Western Europe to Slavic Eastern Europe . . .

With every German region certain cliches are associated . . Germany never truly was one unitary country but a collecting point of many different Germanic tribes . . .

The people in the Rhineland have their own mentality as have the Thuringians , and so on . .

Many differing areas in Germany . .

Santiano play hard on the Northern German cliche . . .

Since Northern Germany is the only part of Germany located by the sea ( access to the north sea ) Northern Germans are often called 'Northern lights' or 'fish heads' within Germany ( translated ) . .
Santiano do a mix of folk including traditional Irish instruments with Northern German folklore / lores . .

Interesting . .

Being Northern German myself I can tell you how popular this group is here . .

They are one of the few German acts today in a way still holding up tradition ( which may be coincidental and they are also a-political as they present themselves ) . .

They also did some cover versions of traditional Irish folk songs like Whiskey In The Jar . .

Don't know how popular / known they are outside Germany / the German-speaking sphere . .

( hope the vids are available in y'all's respective countries )

The English translations for their songs can be found online . .

Regards from Northern Germany . .

. .
Sex was once a forbidden subject to talk about , yet everyone had it on his /her mind . . Today race is a forbidden suject . .

- me

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