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Angry Eurabia doesn't seem far off

Seriously . .

Muslims are everywhere here . . .

The latest push came with the immigrant crisis of 2015 .

Thank you Angie . . .

I'm sorry to report but Muslim citizens are beginning to more or less become 'the norm' here.

There are whole quarters inhabited by them in practically every city.

Interesting thing . . . while in the past they more or less appeared unadapted and ungerman ( for example their wild mentality ) they recently act 'normal'.

I do not mean that in a positive way, just that they more or less "have gotten used to Germany".

Seeing Muslims is slowly but steadily becoming the norm here . . .

Sometimes in German cities you think you are in Istanbul or Ankara.

Kebab parlours replace German Restaurants etc . . .

The Islamic influence here is unbelievable.

Yet , people are lulled..

The Occident ( the original Europe ) is slowly but steadily dying.

Funny thing . . These people slowly but steadily 'talk German more 'normally'' while in the past they could be detected by their slang.
They more or less take the place of "neo-Germans" today. .

Wow . . .

The game of the NWO sure has gone far. .

It was a clever move on their part to settle Europe with Muslims since Muslims had ALWAYS lusted for Europe's mainland . . .

Yet . . when someone speaks out against muslim immigration: "Why do you have no sympathies for these poor people who come here from their war-torn , civil-war torn countries ???"

Fuck this , tbh . . .

Europe is in danger . . .

Sex was once a forbidden subject to talk about , yet everyone had it on his /her mind . . Today race is a forbidden suject . .

- me


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