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Default The Irish Potato Famine

The rulers of Britain had always lusted for Ireland . .

. . everybody is familiar with the famous 'plantation' . .

From it today's conflict stems . .

. . when the Irish wouldn't let themselves be incorporated into the U.K. the English rulers got tricky . .

First they 'planted' the north with settlers from the U.K. . .

The north is all they ever conquered....

One of the worst things though ever done to them is when the rulers of the U.K. more or less 'artificially' caused the Irish Potato Famine . .

You see , despite , like the U.K. , being part of the British Isles and english-speaking , the Irish didn't want anything to do with 'Great Britain' . . . .

Two neighbouring isles . .

Somehow the rulers of England always sought to control Scotland and Wales as well ( their neighbouring countries ) which they tried with Ireland as well.

Ireland , like the rest of the British Isles , is a very Celtic influenced area ( the original inhabitants of the British Isles were Celts , the Anglos and the Saxons ( plus some other tribes ) brought a deal of Germanic blood there . .) . .

One of the effects also from the problems in Ireland was that the Irish in masses emigrated to America . . Even to the effect that the 'Irish English' ( i. e. the pronounciation of Ireland ) more or less became standard for North American English . .

The times of the 'American West' were very influenced by Irish customs ( drinking whiskey , dancing 'reel' , the banjo etc . .) . .

Today , second place after Germans , most Euro-Americans are of Irish heritage ( with names like 'Murphy' for example ) . .

The Irish began moving there in large masses from about 1800 on . .

Yet , concerning the Irish Potato Famine . . That was unjust by the lusty English rulers . . One could understand why they might have wanted united British Isles yet some of the things they did to the Irish went too far. .

This is not the way people of our race should deal with each other . .

. . denying them their sustain.

. . in this case potatos . . . . .

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