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Post Common Core: The Future of Education

Andrew Anglin

Daily Stormer

January 20, 2015

Common Core is a new educational doctrine being forced upon the people by the terrorist-run Federal Government of these United States.

Looking into it in any detail, it is almost impossible to wrap your head around the fact that it is a real thing.

If you are capable of wrapping your head around it, the only conceivable conclusion you can realistically reach is that the program was purposefully (or, I guess, subconsciously) designed to make children stupid and degenerate. The only explanation I can think of for why the government would want to do this would be to level the playing field of the multiculture by crippling White students with mind-warping material, in order to ensure they never perform any better than the Blacks and other minorities.

Here you have a teacher who worked on Common Core admitting that he did so to help end “White Privilege” (that is Jewspeak for “White achievement driven by genetic superior”).

Marxism is about equality, and equality is not achieved by making the weak strong, because that is impossible. The only way to make everyone equal is to bring down the strong to the level of the weak.

Here is a collection of data on the Common Core program.

Introduction to Common Core

Building the Machine: The Common Core Documentary

Arkansas Mother Obliterates Common Core in 4 Minutes

Indoctrination in Common Core ELA Texts

Anti-Common Core Speech by Dr. Duke Pesta

Here is a parent being arrested for speaking out against common core at a public forum in Towson, Maryland. Problably a racist.

Here is a bit about how they are purposefully making simple math complicated for no reason.

Here they are replacing science with video games. Because even 70 IQ Negroes can compete with Whitey at video games.

2 minute video on SimCityEDU, which replaces science lessons

PlaytimeOnline16: Playing SimCity in the Classroom

Here is the Common Core explanation of how video games are good for kids:

I’m not trying to attack video games here, but they are not the same thing as education. There is also research to show that they do have a negative effect on children under a certain age.

There is also an element that appears to be aimed at purposefully alienating parents from their children’s lives by making things so confusing parents cannot possibly understand them.

Jeb Bush, who is married to a Mexican goblin and has several drug-addled criminal Mexican children, was a big proponent of Common Core. Presumably, this had to do with his experience of raising low-IQ brown children who were attempting to compete with White kids.

There is no way to reconcile the hordes that the Jews have brought into our country with the White majority, but they are doing their best to create a future where Whites will be alienated to the point where they simply let go and fade into the brown third-world experience that is over-taking us.

Please share this information.

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