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Owain Jones
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Owain Jones
Default The Sparrowhawk

God is dead, man killed him, they stoned his frail and naked body and buried him under a century of liberal insanity. God is dead, and man stole his throne, before abdicating and now there is a dark light in the void. God is dead, and now man needs new order, new purpose and new destiny.

Elections and revolutions are an echo of the past, an evolution is required to fill the pitch black chasm, to fulfill the pitch perfect mission, to close a chapter, to turn a page, to begin a new beginning.

The jew, the African, the plains Indian, the Mongolian, the Chinese man, the Turkic mystery meats of the open steppes are neither solutions, nor the problem, for they are not a bigger enemy than the enemy within, the stone dead heart of a dying breed.

When an arms wound becomes infected with gangrene you cut off the arm to save the body, when a herd of cattle becomes infected with disease, you separate and cull the sick, to save the herd and when the weak, the feeble, the dated remnants of a dim failed past, hold you bound and subservient to that past then those weak, and feeble remnants need casting off too.

This planet of ours is a paradise, it holds everything needed to fulfill the every need and dream of any man, but this planet should not belong to the many, this planet should belong to the few, and the many should return to the meadows, the forests and the jungles, from where they emerged, to live as beasts in their dying days, as the Neanderthal returned to the cave, to tamely expire.

When the earth has been expunged of its sickness it surely will become a garden of Eden for those who remain.


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