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Default 96-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Is Now the Epic Frontwoman for a Death Metal Band

For anybody who wonders about my loathing for "death metal bands"

"Although Ginsburg's career waned, she never stopped expressing herself through lyrics and poetry. But, how was she to convey her message? "I've never been a singer," she says, "I've always been a writer." When she was 93, her now-musical collaborators pointed out that her poetry sounded like it could be the lyrics to death metal songs. Instead of singing, she could shout them.

Ginsburg embarked on a journey that offered her the chance to express herself in a way that's both new and a familiar. In a short documentary called "Death Metal Grandma" appearing on The New York Times website, filmmaker Leah Galant tells the story of Ginsburg. Both fascinating and charming, it's a reminder to continually discover ways to live life to the fullest. "It's important to stay active and surround yourself with young people," Ginsburg says, "and keep doing things you've never done before."

Political correctness is oppression disguised as good manners.


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