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Lightbulb We need to build the pipeline

To my brothers who are not familiar with what im talking about, I live in Canada, specifically in vancouver, british columbia. Here you can see firsthand the destruction of our culture by liberals in our community and governments. We let a bunch of drunk indians into power and they spray paint their chug art up all over the place, fucking eh. we give em power to change everything and all they do is put up some totem poles and tippis and put their fucking pre school art everywhere (even on our boys in blue squad cars.)

now i wouldnt have a problem with all that if them destorying our culture wasnt literally costing EVERYONE (not just us whites, i mean everyone, the JEWS TOO, THE NEGROES, THE SPICS, EVERYONES LOSING HERE) These fucking spear chucking eagle feather smoke signal squaws are raising gas prices to fucking 1.89 a litre (thats equal to $0.65/gallon for my american brothers and sisters.) all because they wanna keep their fucking tippi villages up in the woods and keep living like savages instead of living like the rest of us normal people.

Our liberal government is putting so many stalls on a simple pipeline (thats been payed for already!!!!) that would save millions of dollars on importing gas AND give all those fucking spics and negroes the jobs they keep complaining about not having (We all know its just because theyre too lazy)


Now hear me out, i have started a go fund me (some website where you can raise money for a cause) to help begin funding the finishing of the pipeline so that all of our god graced children can have a brighter future. This pipeline would not only reduce gas prices, but it would lower the cost of living (THESE INDIANS GET EVERYTHING PAYED FOR BY OUR TAX DOLLARS AND THEY WASTE IT ON LIQUOR, AND THEY HAVE THE NERVE TO STALL THE QUALITY OF LIFE OF MILLIONS OF OUR HOLY WHITE CHILDREN!!!!!) allowing everyone (yes even those who arent white, unfortunatley to fix it for us we have to fix it for these animals too)

so my brothers if its $1 or 15 slowly your donations will ensure a brighter future of the white children here, with more money to save, we can send more of our children to school and take back the system that was meant by God to be run by the one TRUE PEOPLE, those with white skin are those who were chosen by God himself to be the strongest apex predator of humans.
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As the following map shows, the USA has no shortage of pipelines. Most people are completely unaware of them.

It strikes me as somewhat odd that your first and only post is soliciting money.
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