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Woodpecker Say What You Will About Donald Trump, But...

…he deserves major credit for one thing: he almost single-handedly destroyed the mainstream media with his weekly “fake news” meme. I foresee big media companies going bankrupt soon.

ďA lot of the public is really alienated from a lot of the journalism that they see – they donít find it particularly trustworthy, they donít find it particularly relevant and they donít find it leaves them in a better place.Ē


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Trump is pushing to decriminalise faggotry around the world.

Trump is on his knees in front of Bibi, with his mouth wide open.

Trump banned bump stocks, and is talking about suppressors.

Trump still doesn't have a wall.

Trump didn't investigate 9/11 like he said he would.

Trump didn't investigate Hillary like he said he would.

Years ago, I watch an interview with Trump wherein he was asked how he would deal with the national debt. He said that he'd get Congress to pass a law to levy a one time tax on all of the super rich, and pay off the debt once and for all. I'm not one for class warfare, but I'm not one of the ones voting on government spending, influencing it through lobbying and bribes and offering cakewalk jobs to retired generals, or profiting from all those shady deals.

Trump is either a voluntary tool, or he's too stupid to realise that he's out of his depth.

Either way, he's a paper tiger that loves to mug for the camera.

Fuck Trump.
Free Palestine.


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