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Default Joe Biden promises to cure cancer if he's elected.

If we need a gauge to measure exactly how stupid the lemmings are, here we have it.

The jew mocks white people dying from cancer by having their lacky, Joe Biden, hold out the promise of curing their terminal disease in return for votes in the upcoming presidential election.

The slack-jawed lemmings hear this and yawn. They are not outraged. They are not angry. They are not upset.. Because the jew hasn't instructed them to be any of those things.
Only those who consider themselves Republican will respond negatively......however, even they will only be superficially aggravated at this outrageous, fraudulent, disgusting, revolting spectacle of this politician sucking the giant jew dick with that sort of shameless ferocity.

Of course this bold-faced lie should be more than enough for any rational person to walk away from the Democratic Party. However, we know this won't happen.

So why is the jew instructing Biden to say this?

It's quite obvious the jew doesn't want Biden as president. And it's probably safe to say the jew has struck a bargain with Biden to have him play the foil. And make sure this thoroughly unelectable character that he plays is so over the top, that it will be guaranteed to make the other lame bitch candidates look good.

Now it remains to be seen, although we have our hunch.......

Exactly which candidate is the jew trying to make look good?
The ink of the learned is as precious as the blood of the martyr. For one drop of ink may make millions think.


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