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Erik T. White
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Erik T. White
Thumbs down Drumpf de dump supports "special visas" for Venezuauelan "refugees"

Trump supports special visas for Venezuelan refugees fleeing a carnage that he helped create

Despite his tough anti-immigration stance, President Donald Trump is exploring the idea of granting Temporary Protected Status to Venezuelans fleeing the country still under US sanctions after its Washington-backed failed coup.
TPS is a federal government designation for people residing in the US who have fled from severe natural disasters or armed conflict. It currently applies to people from ten different countries, including war-torn Yemen, Somalia and Sudan. The bill to apply TPS to Venezuelans was introduced to congress by Florida Representatives Mario Diaz-Balart and Darren Soto in January. The legislation passed through the committee stage last month and is now awaiting a vote on the House floor.
Trump’s unexpected show of support for the move sharply contrasts with his otherwise staunchly anti-immigrant stance. He has called for a “zero tolerance” stance on illegal crossings along the US’s southern border with Mexico, and even moved to discontinue TPS for several of the countries currently on the list.
Inclusion of Venezuelans, however, fits within a historical pattern of favoritism toward countries with governments deemed enemies of Washington.

I really MUST quote our fine White Nationalist Brother, Longbaugh, in a post he made on a different thread:

Originally Posted by Longbaugh View Post
Trump is pushing to decriminalise faggotry around the world.

Trump is on his knees in front of Bibi, with his mouth wide open.

Trump banned bump stocks, and is talking about suppressors.

Trump still doesn't have a wall.

Trump didn't investigate 9/11 like he said he would.

Trump didn't investigate Hillary like he said he would.

Years ago, I watch an interview with Trump wherein he was asked how he would deal with the national debt. He said that he'd get Congress to pass a law to levy a one time tax on all of the super rich, and pay off the debt once and for all. I'm not one for class warfare, but I'm not one of the ones voting on government spending, influencing it through lobbying and bribes and offering cakewalk jobs to retired generals, or profiting from all those shady deals.

Trump is either a voluntary tool, or he's too stupid to realise that he's out of his depth.

Either way, he's a paper tiger that loves to mug for the camera.

Fuck Trump.
There is NO arguing with Longbaugh's statements of Drumpf's lack of a wall, the Hildebeest is still not in jail, etc.

Referring to "cakewalk jobs to retired generals," did anyone but me notice that General (retired) David Petraeus was at the Bilderberg conference along with (((Jared Kushner???))))

Well, he was.

A link to the names of all participants is provided below:
Whites are afraid to speak out against their enemies, let alone act out. This must change ~ Alex Linder
Sweat saves blood, blood saves lives, but brains saves both. ~ Erwin Rommel

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