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Default Sell-out George Will Wants America Turned to Crap

I can’t stand this stinking sell-out one damn bit. He used to wear a bow tie all the time like he was so intellectual, but still FUN! Not anymore. Someone must have told him he looked like a little jerk. Above is him on MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell show — another sorry pencil neck bastard sell-out. You also now see him on ABC and CNN since he fills the “conservative role” for braindead viewers. Jew media stacks the decks against America and us White people. [INCOG]

George Will was the guy back in the 1990s. The key "conservative intellectual". He was the Nick Fuentes to Rush Limbaugh’s Andrew Anglin.

Now, most people probably don’t have any idea who the fuck this asshole is, because now that the internet exists, there is at least something of a meritocracy, and the television and print media can’t just shove worthless pricks down your throat.

But he’s still alive, apparently. He appeared on The Hill TV this week to demand that White America be drowned in a never-ending flood of disease-ridden brown sludge.

Anyway yeah, fuck George Will, and (his brand of )"conservatism".


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