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Old June 13th, 2019 #1
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Default Hillary's younger brother dead at 64. The jew media refuses to tell the public cause of death

Tony Rodham died a few days ago and no one is asking what killed him.
The jew media will only say...."cause of death was not announced".

BTW, Tony has been under a cloud of suspicion for all sorts of major theft. and other criminal activity for decades.

It's interesting that supposedly half the nation voted for Hillary and not one of those scumbags cares to know what killed her little brother? The lack of curiosity is amazing, but not surprising considering the average brain-damaged lemming's lack of awareness.

Of course, I'm of the opinion that Tony was ready to sing and implicate Hillary and she had him killed.

I don't think we can really depend upon Trump putting that cunt behind bars. Considering he's busy blowing the jew like it's his last day on earth.

Actually this is great news as it plainly tells us the rats are getting more desperate by the the point where they're whacking their own brothers. And that level of desperation surely brings us one step closer to the SHTF.
The ink of the learned is as precious as the blood of the martyr. For one drop of ink may make millions think.

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