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Dawn Cannon
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Dawn Cannon
Default The Word is ‘Rape’ and Not ‘Grooming’

Over the last week, the Hull-based faction of the NF, the BNP, the EDL and Britain First have all been active in Rotherham, protesting against the over 1400 known rapes of indigenous English girls at the hands of Paki-stani moslems in just one moderately sized English town. The number of victims across the country must be truly staggering, but Rotherham has become the focus of protests due to the number of admitted victims, whereas in the rest of the country, the cover-ups are still in full force.

Whilst it is good to see so many groups taking a stand against the vile and inexcusable destruction of childhood through rape, there are two problems with the ongoing protests – firstly, the number of groups involved highlights the futile divisions in the ‘nationalist’ movement; secondly the use of the euphemism ‘grooming’ legitimises a word which should not be used by anyone in this context.The word ‘grooming’ has become the favoured euphemism of the Establishment.

The use of the term by ‘nationalists’ and other anti-pædophile activists is disturbing. Grooming can be applied to animals (most obviously horses) to refer to a process of making them clean; grooming when applied to a person is anything which makes an individual better as a human being. Thus a man may employ grooming as a means of making himself more presentable – such as being clean – or he may be groomed for advancement in society or employment by learning skills which make him a better individual; one worthy of attaining a higher status. To employ the word ‘grooming’ to our children in connection with their rape at the hands of paki-stani pædophiles is abhorrent.

Are White girls dirty and inferior to pakis-tani men? Does the act of rape improve these girls? Being filled with the semen of multiple paki-stani men, to the point where of the 1400 admitted victims of moslem rape gangs in Rotherham, over 100 mongrel bastards were produced as a result – does that give the victims of gang-rape a higher status? Presumably destroying the White genepool is a positive thing if this is the case; this is something the multicultists clearly applaud, but for ‘nationalists’ to use such terminology without thinking about what they are actually saying, is unacceptable.

Rotherham isn’t a particularly large town, nor is it especially infested with pakis-tanis and other moslem rapists. The Rotherham metropolitan area is comparable with the metropolitan boroughs and districts centred on Oldham, Rochdale, Halifax, Burnley, Blackburn and scores of other towns which are drowning in a sea of islamic invasion. Rotherham is a lot smaller than areas such as Bradford which have been all but lost to the invaders; of course many of the boroughs in London dwarf the areas subjected to colonisation in the Pennine areas of Yorkshire and Lancashire, in terms of the sheer numbers of invaders there.

There have been 1400 admitted rape victims in Rotherham alone; the number of victims across the UK must be phenomenal. We must not forget that the UK is not the only country which is being destroyed by design. The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Sweden are known to be in a worse condition than the UK. The entire Serbian territory of Kosovo has been taken over by Albanian (Turkish) filth. The scum in Bruxelles are even now engineering the entry of Turkey and the arab states of north Africa into the EU The entire European Union is being colonised by our enemies, with the full blessing of our greater enemies; the Jewish-controlled Establishment. Europe outside the EU is suffering a similar fate, with invasion underway as far away as Australasia. This is invasion with purpose; the purpose is the annihilation of the European race.

To speak of ‘grooming’ is to use the language of the enemy; it is also to focus upon a symptom of the problems facing Europe, not the cause. Those who chant ‘hang pædophiles’ unwittingly create the image of ‘good colonisers’ versus ‘bad colonisers’. There is no such thing as a good immigrant; every last one of them has broken into our homeland legally or otherwise, and added to the drain on our NHS, housing stock, energy and utility supplies, agricultural land etc. Every last one of them has weakened our culture by bringing their divisive ways (diversity is division); has undermined our legal system by justifying legislation for the protection promotion of foreigners; has added to the suffering of our animals by bringing in superstitious drivel which goes against the indigenous love of animals which we were rightly proud of before we submitted to halal and kosher in our schools, supermarkets and elsewhere.

Rather than focus upon the rape of our children in Rotherham to the exclusion of all other offences against our people, the consistent message must be that all non-Europeans (by blood, not by pointless legal documents) and those who breed with them by choice or are products of miscegenation by any means, must be deported and never allowed to return. To achieve this means going beyond the horrific creatures who worship allah Satan to the source of multiculturalism; the Elders of Jewry and their collaborators of every race.

We must stop using the term ‘grooming’ and call it what it is: RAPE. We must stop playing the ‘good immigrunt, bad immigrunt’ game and call them what they are; parasites. To stop the continued destruction of our people requires that we make no distinction between Jews and Muslims, immigrants who profess the desire to assimilate and those who seek to overthrow our way of life and openly speak of our destruction. All of them must be expelled from Europe, and should they resist, then actions beyond marching through our streets with pretty banners, will be required. Asking parasites to politely stop feeding on the host never works.

Right now, our people are focused upon the Moslem cancer yet they are ignorant to the Jewish one from which it sprang. If we cut out one cancer and leave the other intact, we will still die. We have to cut out all the cancers in our national body. Polite protests are not enough. We need action and we need action now.
The Bloodbath is Coming
7.6 billion savages multiplying and running wild over the earth, devouring everything in sight, trampling over every other lifeform without mercy or compassion.

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