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Jerry Abbott
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Jerry Abbott
Default Essays by David Sims

This free ebook is the version for 5:00 pm EDT on 9 July 2014. Available in mobi and epub.

These links will expire when a newer version is uploaded in a few days. I'll try to keep up with the book as it develops.

Not all of this book is white nationalism, or Jew-critique, though much of it is. There are moral philosophy essays, mini-treatises on astrophysics or biology, economics essays, poetry, fiction, and comedy articles sprinkled throughout the book's length.

Table of Contents

Debate Restrictions
Muscle and Morality
Proper Morality
The Overcrowded Lifeboat
The Democratic Delusion
Where Did the Universe Come From?
The Political Importance of IQ
The Evolution of the Jewish Banking Swindle
My Letter to Dr. Milford Wolpoff
A Debate On Why Capitalism Fails
Race Is a Biological Reality
Before the Hebrews: The Hyskos in Egypt
Is There Any Reason for Trying to Help Haiti?
The Candor of Reverend James David Manning
A Definition for Human
The True Worth of Corporate Executives
History Repeats Itself: Will the British Learn?
On the Jews' Claim to Palestine
Good Intentions Can Go Too Far
Typical Nigger Behavior: Pruitt-Igoe
Stealth Preaching
Fight Like A Soldier
Pat Buchanan and the Left's Fear of Being Proved Wrong
Talking about Revolution Is Not Doing a Revolution
The Irony of the RICO Laws
Black Beauty?
Six Comments about Blacks
Otis Mathis Is A Typical Black Male
Why the Disparate Impact Doctrine is Bad Law
The Severity of Punishment of Blacks is Due to Recidivism, not Racism
With Blacks, Vibrancy is a Code-Word for Crime
Racial Differences in Infection Rates for Sexually Transmitted Diseases
For a European, about Blacks in America
The Stellar Main Sequence
Race and IQ
Slavery Didn't Happen As You Were Taught In School
Ayn Rand's Package Dealing
A Brief Dialog with the British National Party
Observations on Media Descriptions
Finding the Keplerian Orbital Elements from a State Vector
Finding the State Vector from the Keplerian Orbital Elements
Being Nice versus Being Right
Christians and Homosexuals
Attention Social Scientists!
On the Utility of White Dwarf Stars
Zionism Corrupts Greek Government
David Sims Quotes
Short Poetry
Concerning the Cow of Glaspenscow
Gorindell, the Beast from Hell
Queen Disgusting
Imaging Exoplanets in Detail Requires Huge Telescopes in Space
Time to fall in a plunge orbit
Converting a calendar date to a Julian date
Probability of star transit for exoplanets in the habitable zone
Relativistic Addition of Co-Linear Velocities
Relation between Red Shift and Velocity
Color Index (B-V) from Color Temperature
Distance to First Lagrangian Point
Relativistic Orbital and Escape Speeds
Circumference of an Ellipse
Two Numbers from Their Sum and Ratio
Intelligence vs. Skill
Dark Matter
Why Blacks Don't Tip
The Method of Undetermined Coefficients
Jews in Government
Women for the Home, Men for the World
The Crusade to Clean Up Space is a Corporate Boondoggle
Karma and the Golden Rule Are Not Laws of Nature
Good Sense and Selection
Epistemological Discrimination
The Difference Between All and "Not All" Can Be Small
A Moral Defect in Most Women
The Wisdom of Castrating Slaves
Barack Obama Is a Disgusting Traitor
How Capitalism Corrupted Medicine
Diversity at the University
The Lost Ancient Patrimony of the White Race
Capitalism's Other Losses
Sarah Marshak
Blacks are Monsters
How to Predict Where a Planet Will Be
Economic Propaganda
Determining an orbit from two positions and the included angle
The Genesis and Purpose of Love
The Rise of Technics and the Decay of Culture
The Relative Moral Worth of the Individual and the Race
Fiction from the Brenda Lynn Jones series.
When War Is Morally Right
Planet Physical Parameters
Jewish Influx Is the End of Freedom
Democracy, Demographics, and Urban Failure
SCIENTIFIC CAVEMAN, Vol. 12, No. 5, 21 Mammoth 24946 BC
Gary Harrington's Persecution by the State of Oregon
The Exponential Function vs. A Homosexual World
How Martha Stewart Was Railroaded into Prison
A Reply to Hemant Mehta on Exclusion for Leadership in Religious or Racial Organizations
What We Are
Test Score Fraud in the Atlanta Public Schools
Zionists Corrupt the Greek Government
Wikipedia's Talk Page on "Anti-Semitic Canard"
Jew After Jew After Jew After Jew


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