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Old August 1st, 2018 #1
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Location: Bremen ,Germany
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Angry Black History Month

. . should be abolished . .

That may be an offense for "all dem brothas 'n sistahs witin da African-American commun'ty" but . . what a pack of lies . . .

Hannibal was black ?

Beethoven was black ?

Now, I'm not American yet I have heard about that stuff during my many years communicating with American racialists. .

Thank god we in Germany are not exposed to similar stuff. .

It's all a Bolshevik enterprise to "lift up people of colour" if you ask me . .

Now , there might have been some 'coloureds' who have made a contribution , yet 'Blak Histree Munff' . . .

By the way , why isn't there a 'European-American history month' to begin with ?

What's next ?

Asian-American history month ?

. . .

Especially the tale about 'African-Americans' being 'loyal' to the USA from the beginning . .

You , know , serving in war etc . .



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