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Default Eureka: New whites-only town in the Northern Cape

Kimberley- Forget about Orania - a new “whites-only” settlement is rising in the Northern Cape and its founder is promising a free 1 000 square metre piece of land to any (white) South African who wants to help “fight against the uprooting of the white race”.

The settlement, named “Eureka”, is situated outside Garies in the Northern Cape. Its founder, Adriaan Alettus Nieuwoudt, describes himself as the official co-ordinator of the Eureka Movement of South Africa.

Eureka is described as a “security town” where people can “securely retire, live and work with their own schools, shops and medical services in their own mother language (Afrikaans) and rural culture”.

According to Nieuwoudt, he bought the piece of land (now known as Eureka) “with his own money, during 2016”. He promised on Tuesday to donate a 1 000 square metre plot in Eureka to “each member of the uprooted white race who registered with the Eureka movement”.

“This plot will stay reserved in your name till the end of days. Whether you use it or not, it remains your own place in the land of your birth and is transferable to your heirs. When you start building on the plot, you have to carry building costs, but until then we cost each other nothing,” a statement by Nieuwoudt reads.

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The reason why Eureka is founded is because Orania isn't 'whites-only' . Orania is pro-Afrikaner.{Marcel Bas}.
The JEWs Plan Is to Exterminate the White People – What Fricking Part Don't YOU Get?


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