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Default Horny tokoloshe tormented him for two years

GOXITINI Mboweni says a horny tokoloshe tormented him for two years.

He said every night the tokoloshe used to come to his bed and make love to him all night long.

But his ancestors visited him in his dream and gave him the secret to stopping the tokoloshe.

The 39-year-old from Makuleke Village outside Malamulele in Limpopo told Daily Sun: “I was a sex slave to the horny tokoloshe for too long. I’m happy my ancestors told me how to stop the heartless creature.

“They told me I should go to the bush when I wake up the next morning. They said there, I would find a dead tortoise under a tree and must remove the shell and put it under my pillow every night.”

Goxitini said he followed their instructions. “When I woke up the next morning, I was led to the bush by the spirits of my ancestors. To my surprise, when I arrived in the bush, I found the dead tortoise under a tree. I used a knife to remove the shell as instructed and put it under my pillow.

“Since that day, I said goodbye to the suffering. The tokoloshe has never set her foot in my bedroom again.”

Goxitini said the tokoloshe tormented him from 2017 until last year and told Daily Sun he was told to use the shell as protection against evil spirits.

“My ancestors told me to use it every time I visit other villages. They said I should tie it around my back and hide it under a shirt or T-shirt. They said it would work as a protection device.”

Asked if anyone knew about the shell he carries, he said: “I kept it to myself but decided to share it with Daily Sun.”

Traditional healer N’waxitlhagoma Maluleke (66) said: “Goxitini has a strong calling as a sangoma. All he needs is a strong sangoma who can thwasa him to become one of us in the village.
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