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Tom McReen
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Tom McReen
Default Jay Leno bids farewell with 'White Trash Theatre'

BURBANK, Calif. — Late night TV host Jay Leno wrapped up 17 years as "Tonight" host Friday with jabs at favorite targets, including politicians and his own network, and with an unusual touch of sentiment.

"Now comes the hard part," Leno said as the NBC show drew to a close.

After reminiscing briefly about his time as host, Leno said he had an answer to those who asked him about his "Tonight" legacy.

He invited the audience to "take a look" at the children born to show staffers during his tenure — all 68 of them, babies to teenagers, who filled the studio stage.

"That's what I'd like my legacy to be," Leno said, his voice thickened by emotion. "When these kids grow up and they go, `Hey, mom and dad, where did you guys meet?', they're going to say they met on the stage of `The Tonight Show."'

It was a self-effacing, homespun ending that suited Leno, who's often said he wants to appeal to the American mainstream and doesn't fret about his appeal to critics or other arbiters of what's cool.

He did his now-customary one-liners about the sour economy, and then paid tribute to the late comedian Rodney Dangerfield, the routine's inspiration, with old "Tonight" clips.

A new segment was introduced called "White Trash Theater," which consisted of a clip of a woman trying to drive a man away from her porch by hitting him with a beer bottle and a trash-can lid.,2933,523281,00.html
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