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Marvin Thelsen48
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Marvin Thelsen48
Default Privacy Concern

I am trying to clean up my internet identity and achieve more privacy. There is a thread that I made a post in under my real name and it keeps popping up on Google when you Google me. It is here:

Although I have changed my username, my real name is quoted in the 2nd post in that thread, and that's what Google is latching on to. While I understand that the thread cannot be deleted (even though I wish it could be), can the user name being quoted in that post please be changed to Marvin_Thelsen48, or can the quoted portion be deleted, or can that post be deleted since the user who made it has been banned? In order to avoid having to return to this problem again, can you please just make that thread not be searchable by Google? I stand by my words, I just want to be able to maintain net neutrality.

Thank you.

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