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Default 'Proletarianism', or 'Untermenscheit'-a philosophical gutter creed

'Proletarianism', or 'Untermenscheit'-a philosophical gutter creed:
Disheveled derelicts wandering in idleness with a corrupt smirk plastered on their retarded faces; disproportionate features testifying to the malgenics of a corrupt parentage-asymmetrical portraits of degeneration these models of skid row parade with flea-bitten rags and their filthy carcasses as so many exemplars of societal corruption and decadence. Their cunning sneers belie their perverted minds: everything that to them possesses an order or drive, any power or difficulty of attainment or exertion is to them a vain and foolish striving. This sentiment is borne of their own weakness and feeble-mindedness, their inherent laziness and serves as a cover for their own overt inferiority.
The mocking grin of senile coruption bears testament to their resentment morality for mocking something is an attempt at demeaning and debasing that thing thereby implying their superiority through making a mockery of that which otherwise(?) would point out the beams projecting from their blind eyes. Pointing out the motes of the better type is the act of one-upmanship the petty-man has recourse to to inflate his sense of worth through stigmatization of an other- to turn the table on the master and convert him into a slave, an object of knowledge inplying eo ipso that the petty man proletarian is a knower and thereby empowering himself.
Such is the psychology of the base born and every opportunity is exploited by the hater to thumb his nose at this betters thereby getting his dopamine fix and power rush vis-a-vis the objec tof his hatred; a pathetic attempt at vanquishing an enemy.
Such a petty-minded attitude is almost unworthy of discussion as one runs the risk of debasing himself to that level. however given the commonality of this common creed, the creed of the untermensch( the 'sub' or 'under'man), a brief note is indicated by way of warning to those who don't wish to spend their lives being harried by these characters: know them for who they are and avoid contact with them to the extent that is possible.
Elements of 'the creed of the cur': bestial lust for sense gratification(in the forms of drugs, sex and various other forms of sensationalism); obsession with the accumulation of material things for the purpose of necessity and status seeking as well as the gratification of the senses as above(equipment for these purposes)- all things 'lower egoic' and all motivation ceasing at the limit of lower egoic drives: fight-flight-fornicate and all that leads thereto and orient sitself around these most material and lower vibrational states.
The analog of 'untermenscheit' is Proletarianism which is the creedo of the work slave whose sole motivation is the aquisition of 'respect' from his fellow workers of the world through his subordination of his being to that of a tool of industry, an 'animate tool' whose existence determines its essence, ie. 'working', making him a 'worker'. His identity is restricted to this function. Knowledge of anything outside of this activity of a brute nature is an unknown mystery that exceeds his comprehension-the contemplative life and that of the artist is as a foreign land never to be visited. When the workbell rings it is time for the 'worker' to idle and amuse the self-to restore energies and then leap into the hamster wheel again in a alife of tedious cyclicism.
This cycle of 9-5 life of the proletarian keeps the devil's work of violence and chaos at bay through rendering the hands of vice less idle-thus, in spite of debasement- and dehumanization(assuming the underman was ever such) a slight elevation in social utility is had. Of course it is possible that the untermensch might be elevated spiritualy though work of other kinds that do not have such a coarsening influence on the mind such as athletics, military trainng and other more developmental forms of employment but the social planners are often apathetic in their regard for the destiny's of their charges and would rather create more hamsters to run in their wheels of industry than create a cadre of elites who might-through their sublimated drives-threaten their position in the hierarchy. Holding down the base born in the mire of their socio-economic and concomitant mental condition serves as the dysgenic means of maintaining a class hierarchy admission into which is a birth right and not a result of willful striving. Creating such a static social system of entropy is a recipe for degeneration and 'untermenscheit' itself- which in turn leads to systemic collapse and the inevitable ascendancy of the fittest post-apocalayptica-and the cycle repeats itself-for if the liesure class is to be maintained it must be parasitical on the base which must be cultivated and bred for the purpose. Once the liesure class becomes decadent thorugh its own indolence the system then falls apart into chaos and a new aristocracy/theocracy of archons comes to the fore amidst the rubble for the overthrow hierarchy.
The struggle for life continues and those at the bottom with nothing to lose cultivate(ofttimes) a more determined will than those accustomed to the liesure life whose life has ennervated their ancestors blood and left it stagnant.
'Unetrmenscheit' is present spiritually in the liesure class as a condition and sympton of its decadence; the lower class finds its ascendancy when it finds it at all in the spirituality of aristocracy. However, to atttain this state requires many conditions that it is deprived of by the social planners and which it has no comprehension of given that the system is deisgned to perpetuate a state of ignorance in its proletarian masses who otherwise might attain greatness if their superabundant will were not stifled and corrupted thorugh drugs and ignorance(t.v, etc.) instead of sublimated through proper development.

see for more 'White Writes'---philosophical writings and practical guidance for the WN movement

communism, marxism, philosophy, proletarianism, untermensch


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